-- Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 12.59AM PST
MelC 3am Interview
Looks like Mel C ended up doing a spontaneous interview with the 3am column girls from UK tabloid The Mirror in the bathroom at the recent Madonna concert(Story). In this interview it looks like Mel wants to patch up bad relations with the 3am girls and generally make good with the press to get them off of her backs. She also speaks about dealing with her personal problems and the media, rumors of splitting from Spice Girls, and a bit about her next album.

Here is a local transcript of the interview.

-- Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 12.40AM PST
MelC & Dan Make Out
-= Rumor Warning =-

Melanie C and her "friend" Dan Williams are apparently more than just that. The two have apparently been dating and word has it that they couldn't keep their hands off each other at the recent Madonna concert(Story) and afterwards.

-= Rumor Warning =-

-- Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 12.40AM PST
Emma In Ricky Martin Audience
Baby Spice Emma Bunton was one of the celebrity guests that attended this past Sunday's taping of An Audience With Ricky Martin for ITV(UK).

Thanks Spice-Birthday.

-- Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 10.14PM PST
Melanie C will be on Later With Jools Holland(UK) on Friday, December 1st.

She will also be on Regis Live(US) on Friday, December 8th.

Thanks to JOn.

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 9.54PM PST
MelC At Madonna Concert
Melanie C attended Madonna's concert in London. She went with her friend Dan of Tomcat(band which toured with her). Here are pics: Yeah she's cute in those. Please believe that part of the game.

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 9.36PM PST
MelC vs British Press
This past weekend the Sunday Mirror tabloid(UK) published a front page article stating that Mel C fighting a desperate battle against booze and anti-depressants. The tabloid claimed her friends have become worried by her heavy vodka drinking and use of Prozac-type drugs to combat her deep depression. But Mel was on BBC Radio One after the article was published and addressed these issues as well has claims that she wants out of Spice Girls. She said:

"I've had enough with the press. Recently, at the Spice Girl party I had a few too many drinks, but I've no way got a problem with alcohol and it wouldn't be vodka anyway! Everyone knows I took anti-depressants earlier this year because I was suffering from depression and that I've had an eating disorder, but I'm well now and they just seem to want to tear me apart. I have healed this year over some big personal problems and they're not making it any easier to me. I thought talking about my problems would be a good, honest thing to do, but it seems the press is destined to rip me to shreds. There's no smoke without fire. I've been struggling being in the band. But it's not as simple as just walking away. There are a lot of business links keeping me there. I don't want to be Sporty anymore, I want to be me. I'm too tired, too old and too jaded to be nice to people who are scumbags in my opinion."

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 8.10PM PST
Emma Hosts Celebrity
Emma is presenting the showbiz gossip show Celebrity(UK) all this week. The show is on every weekday at 5pm on ITV. It is also repeated the next day at 12.30pm.

Thanks Micahel Holden.

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 8.07PM PST
Friday Night Again
Spice Girls are a voting option again this week in Jukebox 1 on Friday Night. This week they are up against Dream and Chante Moore.


--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 8.02PM PST
Fish Airing
Melanie B's short film Fish(Story) will be airing on BBC Choice on December 15th.

Thanks chris.

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 7.50PM PST
MelC In Calgary
Melanie C will be doing a private performance for 107 people in Calgary Alberta, Canada. This is courtesy of radio station Power 107. You might be able to get tickets by calling the station.

She is also having an autograph signing at A&B Sound on Saturday, December 16th at 3.30pm

Thanks to Angie Hung.

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 7.50PM PST
MelC In Israel
Melanie C will be in Israel for a performance on February 19th, 2001.

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 7.31PM PST
MelC In Toronto
Melanie C will be at the MuchMusic studios in Toronto on Thursday, December 14th at 4pm EST(live) for an interview and performance. Wristbands can be obtained from MuchMusic on December 12th at 4pm EST by telephone or on their site.

She will also be on local radio station 104.5 answering questions that same day.

Thanks MarcoL.

--Wednesday, November 29, 2000 at 7.10PM PST
MelC In NY
Melanie C will be in New York on December 19th at KTU's Miracle on 34th Street 2000 event. You can still get tickets through TicketMaster.

Thanks Sabs.

--Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 1.16AM PST
For The Zillionth Time..
The official Spice Girls site has been updated with the following news:

For the zillionth time the newspapers and web pages are full with rumours that the Spice Girls are finished (yaaawwn!!!)

Well here we are, yet again, to say (deep breath):

WE'RE.......NOT.......SPLITTING........ UP..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The latest stories are based on a comment from Melanie on The Frank Skinner Show(Story). She would like to mention that it was just light hearted banter with Frank, and her comments were blown out of all proportion!!

They also have the contest winners of the T-Shirts up, which are:

  • Neil Rachura
  • Trent Arend
  • Taylor Hinds
  • Graziela Gonzago
  • Olivia (no surname)
  • Maria Fresquez
  • Jasper Brown
  • Lydia Ansell
  • Ben Foldman

--Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 1.06AM PST
Clothes Auction For Charity
The official Melanie C site has been updated with the following news:

As you all know 'If That Were Me' is out November 27th 2000 and to help raise money for the homeless charity Kandu-Arts Melanie is donating all of the royalties from this single.

If you would like to bid for Melanie's clothes go to Yahoo. Melanie is putting up the green sleeveless puffa jacket (and greeny-brown top from underneath) from the '2 Become 1' video, her trainers from Spiceworld, her Yellow submarine top from the Liverpool Royal Court gig in Liverpool(27.9.99) as well as loads more!!!The auction will end on the 6th December 2000 - good luck!
Take me there.

Melanie will be talking about the single, the charity auction and no doubt what she has been up to lately here from 4.30pm (BST) on 28th November.
Take me to the chat!.

--Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 12.57AM PST
Victoria's Tattoo
Victoria has become the final Spice Girl to get tattoo'd up. She got a tattoo of three stars on her lower back. The three stars represent herself, her husband David, and their child Brooklyn. The tatoo was done a few days ago and the design is by Louis Mollow.

Here is a picture of Victoria's new tattoo.

--Monday, November 27, 2000 at 11.51AM PST
If That Were Me Out
The final single off Melanie C's solo debut album is "If That Were Me", and it is available for purchase as of today in the UK and many parts of the world(but not the US of course, unless you get the import).

Site News: OMA Results

--Monday, November 27, 2000 at 10.44AM PST
MelC On 97
Sporty Spice Mel C talked to British magazine The Big Issue recently and admitted that it is difficult having two roles in the public eye now. She also talked about the crunch period of Spice Girls(back in 97 until they fired Simon Fuller no doubt):

"I don't want to sound ungrateful because what happened with Spice was amazing but it fucked me up, big time. There was a lot of pressure. We were so busy, I lost my life. I barely saw my family and friends, I was exhausted, I had an eating disorder and I was obsessive about training. I needed a break. I find it hard to have two roles in the public eye."

--Monday, November 27, 2000 at 10.33AM PST
My VH1 Music Awards
Just a reminder that there is still time(2 days) to vote for Spice Girls at the My VH1 Music Awards for Best UK Act if you have not done so yet.

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 8.03PM PST
Emma At The Movies
Emma was at a special advance screening of The Grinch movie for the NSPCC's Full Stop anti-child cruelty campaign last Sunday with her mother Pauline and family at the Great North Road cinema which has just been refurbished. Emma met fans, signed autographs, and told how she had been going to the Great North Road cinema since she was a child. Jackie Toomey, one of the main people behind the event, said:

"We had an absolute full house. Emma was lovely as usual. For someone who is so famous she is very easy going and the kids loved her. It was a fantastic way to mark our refurbishment."

NSPCC schools organiser June Broom said:

"This has been a great event and the children and their families have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are very grateful to everyone who came along, especially Emma Bunton who made things even more special."

Thanks to Luke Peterson.

BTW, I just gotta put this one up for you Spice Wars fans! Thanks to Stephan for this.

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 7.48PM PST
Emma Wedding Bells?
-= Rumor Warning =-

Emma Bunton is planning to get married to her boyfriend Jade Jones. The two have been together for over two years, with a break in between at one point. Jade says:

"We both hope to marry. Emma's my girl and I'm so happy with the way things are between the two of us. I know that I've found the right girl. She's definitely my baby. There have been rumours that Emma and I have got engaged. It doesn't bother me and I don't think Emma minds too much either."

Jade says that their split in their relationship was because Emma wanted to settle down but he wasn't ready. He continues:

"I wasn't ready. Yet she wanted a lot of commitment from me and I felt I couldn't give it. I loved her a lot but I was only 19. I still wanted my fun and freedom. Our relationship is such a solid one. I'm still quite a young guy, but I'm not looking for another woman or anything. It's all about grounding. We both might have lost the plot because of our music careers, but we have made sure we keep our feet firmly on the ground. With Emma, her mum Pauline is a massive, massive influence. She's given Emma a perfect grounding. Emma knows never to forget where she comes from. And it's the same thing with me. My family have drummed into me how important it is to stay level-headed. That's one of the main reasons why Emma and I have such a strong bond."

He also says that the two have adjusted to not seeing each other for long periods of time when in different parts of the world:

"We both know how to deal with that. In the past it has caused us some problems, but not now. It makes the time we spend together all the more enjoyable. When people see us out they must be able to see for themselves how happy we are, just to be in each other's company."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 7.41PM PST
MelC Buys Mom A House
Sporty Spice Mel C has purchased her mother Joan a 335,000, five bedroom house for her 50th birthday. The house is set in an acre of grounds and overlooks the Mersey and Widnes where Mel grew up.

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 7.22PM PST
If That Were Me Scans
Minna sent in some nice high quality full scans of Mel C's "If That Were Me" single(which is out this Monday). Yes insert scans were already posted, but these also include scans of the CD as well as a screen shot of the Interactive Element: Thanks Minna.

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 9.12AM PST
MelC On Homeless
Mel C talked to worldpop recently about the homeless, based on being asked about her next single "If That Were Me"(releasing this Monday), of which all proceeds will go to the Kandu Arts Chartity. Mel said:

"I've sold so many records now and I've had two number ones so I've been very lucky. This is a chance to hopefully make a difference in people's lives. Growing up in and around Liverpool and moving to London when I was 16 has made me very aware of the homelessness problem here. Travelling with the Spice Girls has made me realise that it's a huge problem all over the world as well. It's disgusting. We should all at least be able to have a roof over our heads. Myself and my friends give homeless people a spare bit of change but what's that going to help? We need to do something more constructive and help people have more pride in themselves. That's why I chose Kandu because it's about getting people back on their feet. It's about music, it's about TV so they've got something to live for as well as somewhere to live."

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 8.25AM PST
Victoria Saves Spice Girls
Wow the British Tabloids do not stop. And this one is courtesy of the 3am girls which are known to have good relations with Spice Girls(sarcasm). I almost changed Rumor Warning to Fake-Story Warning for this one..

-= Rumor Warning =-

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham has emerged as the main driving force behind a last-ditch effort to save the Spice Girls. She has had heart-to-heart talks about how the band can go on 'despite the current crisis' with primarily the two Melanies who are both becoming increasingly indifferent to the future of Spice Girls. A 'spice-insider' says:

"Victoria is the real peacemaker in the group. She is the one all the girls go to so they can talk through their problems, and she is deadly serious about saving the group. This is crunch time for the band, and Victoria has taken charge of the situation. Without her, it would be basically over. Victoria is a very determined woman. Despite the shockingly poor sales figures for their album and their disastrous reception in America, she won't let them give in. As far as she is concerned, this is not the end."

-= Rumor Warning =-

No thanks to The Mirror and the 3am bitches for wasting my time by putting out a story like this, making me have to type it up.

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 8.06AM PST
Spice Update!
Sent out on the official Spice Girls mailing list:

alright cyber spicers!!!

it's us again... sitting here on a damp english morning thinking christmassy thoughts... not long to go now!

if you live in the uk you'll probably be aware that this has been one of those are-they-splitting-up-or-not kind of weeks in the press... well take it from us -- it's just not the case! the vibe is as strong as ever... and as we're always saying, if you want spice news there's no better source than the spice girls so if you want facts not fiction, keep reading!

another big rumour from outside of spice hq seems to be the old health problems (yawn)... we're fit as fleas so please, please don't waste your time worrying (but thanx anyway if you were!)

talking of stuff we're often asked, one of the questions that comes up time after time in our interviews is 'do we worry what the press says... and which reviews mean the most to us?'... which gave us a bit of a brilliant idea!

from next week we're gonna add a reviews page on the site where you can post *your* reviews of our new album -- cos believe us it's what our fans think that really matters. we're also adding a letters page too -- so please, get thinking, get scribbling, get reviewing -- and we'll post our favourites up on the site for you to show all your mates... and the whole world!

we're gonna do the same thing on both melanies' sites -- http://www.melanie-b.com and http://www.northern-star.co.uk -- so let us know what you think, c'mon, let it all hang out!

congrats to the winners of our t shirt compo... we'll be announcing more winners and new competitions next week

and don't forget next week is marked in red on melanie c's calendar, cos her brand new gorgeous single, 'if that were me', is released in the uk! check out http://www.northern-star.co.uk for the full story

speak to you v soon -- and wherever you are, and whoever you are, take care and lots of love!!

forever yours

melanie b, emma, victoria and melanie c

x x x x x

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 7.58AM PST
Feels So Good Pushed Back
Melanie B's next single, "Feels So Good", has been pushed back to February 19th 2001, from it's original release date which was December 18th 2000.

--Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 7.45AM PST
MelC In Florida & Canada
Mel C is putting on two North American performances next month. The first is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the Voo Doo Lounge on December 6th. The second is at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on December 15th.

Thanks to Angie Hung.

--Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 4.52AM PST
MelC Cancels Jingle Ball
Melanie C has cancelled her appearance at the Sacramento Jingle Ball. Here is what it says on the 107.9 The End's website:

We hate to bring bad news, but due to exhaustion, Mel C. has been forced to cancel her commitments on the west coast, which includes taping the Jay Leno Show....and the End Jingle Ball! There are still plenty of reasons to be at this holiday seasons best concert event...

Thanks Geo.

--Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 4.45AM PST
MelC Radio Interview
-= Rumor Warning =-

Mel C called into Virgin Music Radio Canada yesterday morning for an interview. Here is a local transcript of it. If the interview is authentic then it's pretty interesting as it has an explanation for exactly why the Spice Girls lip-synced at the EMAs(not their fault or intended), cleared up Spice Fight rumors, Spice Girls tour info, as well as ballpark release dates for both Mel C's next album and a fourth Spice Girls album!

-= Rumor Warning =-

Thanks to MelG4Ever via Spice Millennium.

--Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 4.22AM PST
Holler VCD & SVCD
Spice Beats has posted a VCD format MPEG of the Spice Girls' performance on the 2000 EMA Awards(Story). Last time I checked their server was ass so if you can't get it from there, try the local SpiceNews copy below. Also daywalk3r has put up an SVCD MPEG2 of the performance so check out his site if you are interested in that(not that you can actually download it from there due to that server being assed-out as well). Thanks Char, and T@mir with his Birthday Card.

What happened to the capture I was going to make? I guess the awards didn't repeat at 10pm on Wednesday as I had read, I guess the schedule was messed up, *sigh* I've been having a bad week :( Not that it matters anyway since somebody else capped it and it's pretty good. BTW, did I ever mention that I'm a huge fan of the Holler dance?? I love that.

--Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 3.55AM PST
If That Were Me Scan
Here is a nice high quality scan of the "If That Were Me" CD1 single insert, sent in by Sunny Spice. The single is already available for purchase in Finland, and will be available in the UK on the 27th. Track Listing:

    Melanie C - If That Were Me (UK1)
  1. If That Were Me
  2. If That Were Me (Accoustic Version)
  3. When You're Gone (Live Bryan Adams & Melanie C)
  4. If That Were me (Video)
Thanks Sunny Spice.

--Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 3.51AM PST
MelC Health Concerns
-= Rumor Warning =-

While definitely not splitting up, the other Spice Girls are giving Mel C some space to sort herself out. Pals say that she has been drinking more than usual lately and has sought therapy to combat depression from media scrutiny over her weight and questioning her sexuality. A 'Spice Girls Insider' says:

"The others are very concerned about Mel C and want to make sure they are there for her. They are not angry about her outbursts, they would just like to try to help her."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Wednesday, November 22, 2000 at 1.56AM PST
MelC @ G-A-Y
Melanie C will be performing at London club G-A-Y this Saturday. Backup vocals for Mel will be provided by Madonna's two main backup singers. There is an expected 12 donation by all guests to the homeless charity Mel is working with. If you are planning on going you can print a voucher ticket for yourself from this page on the G-A-Y site.

--Wednesday, November 22, 2000 at 1.48AM PST
Spice Split Denied
The cover story on worldpop today is of Mel C denying that Spice Girls are splitting up. Mel talked to worldpop about the rumors and they have a video up with the story of her Mel saying:

"I'm really bored of having to clear up all these stories. When we released 'Wannabe' everybody thought we were a one hit wonder and here we are three albums later, nine number ones later. Yeah, we're all doing solo stuff but I hope the MTV Awards showed that we're still together, we're still very much a band. They're[tabloids] going to continue to write it but the fans know the truth."

--Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 1.45AM PST
MelC: "I've Been Luckier Since I Left [Spice Girls]"
More Spice Split Rumors all over the UK papers today. Sporty Spice Mel C was on ITV's Frank Skinner Show(UK) yesterday for an interesting interview. In the interview Mel talked about Spice Girls amid break up rumors. She was asked about her solo career and said:

"When I'm with Spice, it's like I've got a lot more to consider. You know we have got a lot of very young fans and the other girls. I don't want to upset them or say anything that could reflect on them, but now I just find it really hard to keep it all in. I really do."

Frank: "You have gone through a bit of an image change recently. You're now a bit of a hard case rock chick."

"No. I've just remembered who I am."

Then Frank started to make some joke as Mel C said:

"Actually, I've been luckier since I left..."

Frank was caught up in his own joke and didn't hear what Mel said and she continued:

"...well, since I've been doing my own thing. Ooh...glad you missed that one."

Spice Girls have issued a statement in response to claims that Mel has left the group saying:

"This is absolutely not the case and the misinterpreted quotes were no more than light hearted banter."

If you were expecting that mpeg of Holler @ EMAs, obviously it's not here. I f'd up. I thought the awards were being shown twice in a row on MTV at 8pm and again at 10pm. I was ready to capture at 8pm but I really didn't know at what point in time the girls' performance is or who they are after. So I just kept watching it(since I did actually want to watch these awards) and figured I'd find out when the performance is, and then capture it off the second showing. Of course there was no second showing, I misread a tv schedule, sorry. But it's being shown again on Wednesday at 10pm so I can try again to cap it then if somebody else doesn't release one earlier.

--Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 1.23AM PST
Spice Fights?
-= Rumor Warning =-

On the way over to the MTV EMA awards(Story), Mel sat on the opposite side of the plane from the rest of the girls. There was a fight between the girls in Stockholm, and later Mel threw down her microphone and stormed off stage to the amazement of the other girls during dress rehearsal.

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 1.23AM PST
Posh Could Have Been An Angel
Victoria reveals in Spiegel Magazine(German) that she had made it to the very end of the casting for the new Charlie's Angeles movie but was knocked off the final cast list and replaced by Lucy Liu. Victoria says:

"I got into the last selection round. Then they decided that they wanted someone with, how do you say it, a more ethnic background."

--Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 1.06AM PST
MelC's New Friend
Melanie C seems to have found a new friend in actor Sean Hughes. The two first met both Mel and Sean were contestants on Never Mind The Buzzcocks(Story). Mel called up Sean after the show and suggested that they go out for drinks. Their relationship is supposedly purely one of friendship.

--Monday, November 20, 2000 at 1.04AM PST
More Split Rumors
-= Rumor Warning =-

UK tabloid News Of The World is running a very shady article talking about how Spice Girls might split soon. Like we haven't heard this 80,000 times in the past 4 years. *yawn*, anyway the article claims that the girls discussed splitting up backstage at this years' MTV EMAs(Story), but failed to reach a final decision. The article also claims:

"there are no concrete plans for the band and there is no album or single in the pipeline."

Which in itself makes little sense as they just dropped a new album. It also claims that Virgin Records is unhappy with sales of Forever. Which again... going on two million copies world-wide in the second week of release must be extremely disappointing(sarcasm). A 'Virgin Insider' and part of the article said:

"Its a real shame. The girls have great talents and have proved it ten times over. But it seems theres a glitch and who knows how itll turn out? The girls have certainly had a look over the cliff. Whether or not they will jump remains to be seen. They spent a lot of time locked away together in Stockholm and it wasnt a cheery conversation. Mel Cs erratic behaviour in the last couple of weeks has infuriated the other girls. Lets say she was not her usual self at the Forever album launch party. And I can reveal that days after her antics a tearful Mel C made a distraught phone call to Westlifes Mark Feehily. She wept as she begged the hunky Irish singers to stay friends after she bad-mouthed them following the party. Mel said: 'Please dont believe what theyre saying about me. Theyre coming out with this and I never said any of it.' Mark told me she rang them at the swanky St Martins Hotel in London to set the record straight. He revealed: 'Mel was in tears on the phone. She apologised about branding us talentless and manufactured. There are no bad vibes or hatred between us despite what some people may say or think.'"

-= Rumor Warning =-

Typical tabloid rubbish.. ANYWAY, in the more positive light of REALITY, lets see if Spice Girls can get a sub-5 spot on TRL this week! They were #5 on Friday, it'll be interesting to see where they are this week. Again, personally I'm not a fan of this show at all, but I know the influence it can have on the US music industry. So I want every single person reading this to vote, try to vote everyday of this week! If you ever feel like you want to pay back SpiceNews for providing you news all this time, please do it by voting for Spice Girls on TRL. Call the # between 3-3.30pm EST as well as hitting the email votes! I think that this is probably a pretty significant week on that show for this video, lets try to make the best out of it. I wouldn't be endorsing it so much if I didn't think so. Thank-you for your time!

--Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 2.13AM PST
#1 Again On Much
"Holler" is the #1 video on MuchMusic for the second week in a row! This is quite an accomplishment, it's beating out everything else that is popular in the US and around the world in Canada. Let it be remembered that the Canadians are right up there at the top of the biggest Spice Fans on the planet.

--Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 8.35PM PST
EMA Press Conference
Here is a video in Windows Media format(Windows Mediyuk) of Spice Girls' MTV EMA 2000 press conference, which was on the same night as their performance there(Story):

Thanks JudgeJulez.

Site News: Why Windows Media Sucks

--Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 8.35PM PST
New Friday Night Vote
NBC's Friday Night(US) music show has a new poll up for Jukebox #1. It's Backstreet Boys vs N'Sync vs Spice Girls. This will be a hard one to win based on current popularity in the US, but go cast your vote anyway, and more importantly by phone: 1-800-JUKEPIC (1-800-585-3742).

Thanks Steve.

--Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 8.32PM PST
EMA Summary
dotmusic has a six-minute video summary of the the 2000 MTV EMA's on this page. It features a short interview q&a with Mel C at the beginning among other artists. There's also a v.short clip of Spice Girls performing.

--Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 8.17PM PST
Jingle Vote
Sacramento radio station 107.9 The End has a poll up asking who you are looking forward to seeing at this the Jingle Ball they are hosting at which Mel C will be performing(Story). So if you are attending that event, you might want to vote there.

Heh.. there are very few votes right now(186) overall for all the artists, and Mel is doing pretty badly(10 votes - 5%).. imagine if all the SpiceNews visitors were to go there and vote for Mel C, hahahah, that would be such a blatantly ridiculous lead for Mel C.

Thanks Geo.

--Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 8.05PM PST
Spice Update
From the official Spice Girls mailing list:

alright cyber spicers!!

we promised to keep you up to date with all the Spicy goings on - so here they are!

we're adding lots of new stuff for you to do and win on our website... so don't lose out-- check this out:

there's a competition to win our first ever DVD, Forever More, coming up...the DVD features the 3 vids from our album--Holler, Let Love Lead The Way and Goodbye all in scrummy quality (have you seen any DVDs yet? they're about a trillion times clearer than video, which either means our skin's gonna look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s or we'll have to wear more make-up in future, we haven't decided yet!) and we're also giving away boxsets of our first two albums, which will make fab Xmas pressies for all you Spice collectors out there, plus we'll be revealing the winners of our earlier competitions.

there's also a neat little game you can test your Spicy skills on to find out which one of us you're most like...or least like!

with Xmas fast approaching, we're getting ready to take a break, but you can always catch Victoria on the last ever TFI if you live in the UK. It's going out on 22 December and Elton John's presenting... check it out to see if Elt and Vic have anything special up their sleeves!

Emma's dropping in to An Audience with Ricky Martin on November 26....and there's a big feature on all of us on this week's CD UK. Don't worry if you don't live in the UK cos we'll get as much of it on the site before Xmas as we can.

Meanwhile Melanie C's as manic as ever--she's got loads of UK TV appearances lined up--you can catch up with them all on Melanie's own site, and don't forget she's got a mega new single out in the UK on 27 November--If That Were Me... another classic and with a great story to it!


finally, finally, we're hatching some nice little surprises for Xmas on www.spicegirlsforever.co.uk... but we're not gonna tell you right now!! so don't forget to tell your mates that if they want a Spicy Xmas too, they'll just have to join us cyber Spicers!!

speak to you v soon... and thanks for all the lovely messages - it's wonderful to be back!

love, peace and girl power

melanie c, victoria, melanie b and emma
x x x x

--Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 7.52PM PST
If That Were Me Cover
Here is a small picture of the cover of Melanie C's next single "If That Were Me", which will be released on November 27th(UK).

--Friday, November 17, 2000 at 7.23PM PST
Holler TRL Update
"Holler" was off of MTV's Total Request Live(US) top ten completely yesterday, but today came back into the chart at #5. Let's keep voting!

--Friday, November 17, 2000 at 7.23PM PST
10 Date World Tour
-= Rumor Warning =-

Spice Girls are planning a 10 date world tour for next year.

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Friday, November 17, 2000 at 7.06PM PST
Spice Girls On EMA Performance
Spice Girls spoke more later in the night about their EMA performance after the show(see below story).

Emma - "It was very nerve-racking but it is so much more fun when we do it together."

Mel C - "I am a bit gobsmacked. It all went so quickly."

Victoria - "At the end of the day if it wasn't for us being a group, we wouldn't be doing our own thing anyway. It's great. We are really proud to be up there."

Mel B - "It is only Melanie that is doing well at the moment."

Mel C - "No, shut up. We have all had hit singles."

Emma responded to the media writing them off chuckling:

"It's nine hit wonders."

Mel C was asked about her depression(Story) and said:

"A couple of things were said about me in the media, one was about weight and one was about depression. It is just a common thing depression. It is an illness, try and get the stigma away from it. It's not really anybody's business."

Mel B was asked about the need to be a healthy role model for young impressionable fans and replied:

"At the end of the day, you have got a responsibility but that shouldn't overshadow the way you are naturally. Nobody is perfect."

--Thursday, November 16, 2000 at 9.51PM PST
EMA Follow-Up
Today was the day of the MTV Europe Music Awards! Spice Girls performed "Holler" and unfortunately they lip-synced(lame), but otherwise it was v.cool. Spice Millennium has put up a RealVideo of the performance. Unfortunately the server the file is on is one of the slowest I've ever seen in my life and it took AGES to download a mere 10 megs with resuming multiple times(at least as of Thursday night), but you might want to try your luck or it might be on a different server over there by the time you read this. If the server is still ass, then try this local SpiceNews copy: (right click and select Save Target As... on the above link for those of you who didn't know and are on dialup)

A reminder that the awards will be shown on MTV(US) this Monday at 8pm. I'll try to capture an mpeg of the Spice performance and put it up here(if one doesn't show up before then).

Aside from the performance, the Spice Girls after the show talked of revolution in the music industry. Mel C said that she predicts an imminent "musical revolution", to sweep away corporate control and manufactured pop. Victoria added that the pop world should expect "musicians who change the times", stating "these times are coming to an end."

Mel C also said that Spice Girls are still considering touring next year but nothing is set in stone. She unfortunately did not win any of her three nominated catagories. Here are the catagories with winners in red:

    Best Female Artist
  • Melanie C
  • Janet Jackson
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Madonna
  • Britney Spears
    Best Song
  • Melanie C feat. Lisa 'Lefteye' Lopes - Never Be The Same Again
  • Madonna - Music
  • Sonique - It Feels So Good
  • Britney Spears - Oops!.. I Did It Again
  • Robbie Williams - Rock DJ
    Best New Act
  • Anastacia
  • Blink 182
  • Bomfunk MC's
  • Melanie C
  • Sonique
Thanks Kit.

--Thursday, November 16, 2000 at 12.05PM PST
Forever Enters US Charts
Forever has entered the US album chart at #39, selling about 34,000 copies in the US in it's first week.

If you ask me, thats pretty good. For NO SINGLE, meaning very little radio play and promotion, and the video being played on MTV the first time with only 5hrs left in the sales week, thats not bad.

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 6.45PM PST
More TRL Info
"Holler" entered the TRL countdown today for the first time at #8. Case also wrote in saying:

"You can only vote at 1-800-DIAL-MTV between 3pm and 3.30pm EST, and when you vote you must follow the voices directions. When it asks for the first three letter of the artists name, put in 7-7-4."

So please keep voting!

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 6.23PM PST
"If That Were Me" VCD
Telejunkie has encoded a VCD* of Melanie C's video "If That Were Me". You can go get it on his site. Here is a local copy also:

Melanie C - If That Were Me__shadowzone_tj-bpmvid.mpeg (46mb)

* VCD - A high quality MPEG1 in Video-CD format. Can be played back on most computers, as well as burned to a CD and played back on a television through a VCD player as well as on most DVD players.

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 6.19PM PST
Earl's Court On Singapore TV
Singapore station TC5 will be airing Spice Girls - Live at Earl's Court this Sunday, November 19th at 2pm. There will be a Spice Girls Showcase on Saturday, November 18th, at 2pm on the same channel.

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 6.15PM PST
"I Turn To You" On The Box
Melanie C's video for "I Turn To You" has been added to US music network The Box apparently just recently. It is selection #245, "Holler" is #305.

Thanks Steve.

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 6.08PM PST
Spice Days Are Numbered
-= Rumor Warning =-

Well, TheRumor.com has created a bit of hystaria by posting this article about an alleged Spice Girls split to happen soon. Mel C supposedly says:

"We're really not sure about our future at the moment. We are going to see how everything goes. We all do enjoy our Spice work but we are having a really hard time at the moment and we've gotten to a stage where we just want to be happy. We're not interested in striving to be the best anymore, we've done that and we just want to do the things that will mean something again. And if we get more fulfilment from our solo careers, then thats what we will do. There will be no Spice tour. Next year I'll be doing a solo tour. Emma and Victoria will be releasing their own albums and Mel B will be working on her follow up album. The last chance we will probably all be together on stage is at the MTV music awards(This Friday, Nov.16th). After that I don't know."

-= Rumor Warning =-

Once again, the name of the site is THERUMOR.com so I wouldn't take this too seriously at this point. How many times before has the same type of story been printed. The only part that bothers me is the quote, can they just make that up?

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 5.58PM PST
MelB's Parents On Gulzar
In the upcoming documentary Mel B - The Players Club(Story), Melanie's parents talk about their feelings toward her former husband Jimmy Gulzar. Her mother Andrea says:

"Melanie had known Jim for three months when she told me she was going to marry him. I heard a lot about him that I didn't like from the other girls. But no one could approach Melanie because she was head-over-heels in love."

When Andrea finally met Jimmy face to face she told him:

"Jim, I think you're marrying Melanie for her money, and I think you're gay. Give it a year and I will gladly be at your wedding."

Andrea says in the documentary:

"How can you know somebody when you're on tour? It's not real life. He was with the dancers, she was staying with the girls in a hotel."

Mel's father wanted to literally beat up Jimmy because he was convinced he was marrying his daughter for her money. He says:

"For the first day, all we did was walk round Oslo town centre going into shop after shop after shop. Jimmy was spending money like water. I thought, 'Where does he get all his money from? He's just a dancer.' He wasn't just spending a couple of hundred pounds, it was thousands."

Mrs. Brown adds:

"He was spending a fortune on his gay friends, buying hi-fis and things. Martin wanted to knock him out, but I said, 'That's not the answer'."

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 5.45PM PST
MelC On Working with Robbie Williams
Melanie was asked on BBC Radio 1 if she would consider working with Robbie Williams on her next album. She said:

"I really wouldn't do it because it wouldn't be right and I wouldn't want to upset my friends by doing it. I wouldn't want to upset Nicole(of All Saints). He's very rude about myself and Geri. He needs to think about what he's saying. He's not funny any more."

--Wednesday, November 16, 2000 at 1.14AM PST
worldpop Poll
worldpop did some polling of Spice Girls fans and found the following results:
    Favorite Spice Girl
  1. 45% - Mel C
  2. 26% - Victoria
  3. 16% - Mel B
  4. 13% - Emma
    Favorite Spice Single
  1. 19% - Goodbye
  2. 16% - Holler
  3. 16% - 2 Become 1
  4. 10% - Viva Forever
  5. 10% - Who Do You Think You Are
  6. 07% - Mama
  7. 07% - Stop
  8. 07% - Wannabe
  9. 03% - Spice Up Your Life
  10. 03% - Say You'll Be There
  11. 02% - Let Love Lead The Way
    Favorite Spice Video
  1. 25.0% - Say You'll Be There
  2. 19.0% - 2 Become 1
  3. 12.5% - Spice Up Your Life
  4. 12.5% - Viva Forever
  5. 12.5% - Holler
  6. 12.5% - Let Love Lead The Way
  7. 06.0% - Goodbye
    Who Should Spice Girls Collaborate With?
  1. 22% - Madonna
  2. 14% - Backstreet Boys
  3. 8% Each - Five, Westlife, All Saints, Eminem
    What Song Should Spice Girls Cover?
  1. Cindy Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  2. The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
  3. The Beatles - Lady Madonna

--Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 12.53AM PST
Forever Set For US Top 30
Forever is expected to enter the US Album Chart in the top 30. This isn't bad at all for not even having released a single in the US, and the "Holler" video only really having been played one time so far(yesterday). The album has reportedly moved around 50,000 units in the US since release. Mel C talked about the groups' decision not to promote this album as vigorously as the previous two. She said:

"When we first became successful, we were with this crazy manager who worked us to the bone. I think we've learned from mistakes in the past. We had to do what we did at the time to be as huge as we were at the time, but we've done that now, so we'd rather just sit back and enjoy the music like we wanted to do originally."

In other sales news, Forever is the current #1 in Israel, and also has sold 100,000 copies in Brazil.

--Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 1.46AM PST
Spiller VS True Steppers
In Spice-related news, Johnny L of True Steppers(who worked with Victoria on the single "Out Of Your Mind") said that he believes there may have been mis-play in Spiller's "Groovejet" taking the #1 spot over "Out Of Your Mind" in the UK Charts(Story). Johnny says in the new issue of Mixmag:

"I think there was more to that than meets the eye, because for five days sales indicated we were No 1. I smell a rat and I smell a buying team* but maybe people just went weekend shopping."

Kevin Robinson, director of Positiva Records, who released the Spiller's Groovejet single featuring vocalist Sophie Ellis-Bextor, slammed Johnny L's claims, saying:

"I find it sad and pathetic Johnny L is still bitching about losing out to our number one record some months ago. To suggest Positiva had a buying team in place, well that is just ignorant and offensive. Most people in the record industry agree the better record won."

* "Buying team" is a term for record companies sending out staff to buy copies of a record to increase sales and lift the chart position.

--Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 1.30AM PST
Spice Girls TRL Video
Spice Force has a low-quality RealVideo of the Spice Girls short introduction of "Holler" for yesterday's MTV TRL in their news section.

Thanks Alvin.

--Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 1.30AM PST
Emma on Forever's Chart Success
In an update on the official site, Emma says:

We're really really pleased that Forever has gone in the charts at such a high position, hope you're all enjoying it.

Of course we're slightly disappointed that it didn't quite make No 1 but we decided ages ago that we wouldn't do loads of promotion, instead we wanted to let the music stand for itself. The Spice Girls have been there and done the whole manic promo thing but this time we thought it was time that people made their own judgement.

All my love goes to all our fans cos you've always been so loyal, thanks for everything, we love you loads!


Thanks Bugyspice.

--Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 1.25AM PST
Mel B: The Players Club
There will be a show on this Saturday, November 18th at 9.30pm on BBC Choice(UK) called Mel B: The Players Club in which Mel opens the doors of her home, introduces viewers to her family, and shares intimate moments of her life.

Thanks Michael Holden.

--Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 1.16AM PST
Hotel Trashing Denied
A spokesman for Spice Girls replied to the story of the girls trashing a hotel room on the night of their record release party(Story). He said:

"This is absolute rubbish. The hotel would be more than happy to have the girls back again."

Thanks Jesse.

--Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 12.45AM PST
Sporty Saint
Melanie C was involved in a prank that girl group All Saints pulled at their performance at London club G.A.Y. There have been rumors in the british press of all saints breaking up, or one of them leaving. The club presenter held up a copy of one of the newspapers and said "Are there going to be three of them or four?". Three All Saints, Shaznay, Nicole, and Natalie, then came on stage. Then it was announced that "Mel" was coming out, but when she came out it was not All Saint Mel Blatt, but rather Spice Girl Mel C! Mel C said to the crowd "Hi, I'm the fourth member of All Saints." A few moments later All Saint Melanie Blatt came out and said to Sporty "Oi, you! Get off." All the girls including Mel C had allegedly been out drinking before the show and thought up this joke.

--Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 9.15PM PST
TRL Reminder
A reminder that tomorrow(Monday), "Holler" premieres on MTV TRL(US). Everyone, please vote for it! You no longer need to fill out the "Other" box, it is now a selection but is unfortunately all the way at the bottom right of the page. Remember to vote at the web site, but more importantly, call in your votes, it's toll-free!

--Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 8.21PM PST
Holler (Remix - DJ Chele, Joz)
Basically when a number of not-so-good underground remixes were showing up back when "Holler" first came out, I found one that I thought was pretty good except I really didn't like the beginning and end. This was the DJ Chele remix. So I messed with it a little bit and made one that I like more. Personally, of all the Holler remixes, including official, I think this is the best one. Once again this is basically all done by DJ Chele, I just modified the beginning and end. Here it is: This was actually done a long time ago but I just forgot about it and found it when going through some folders..

--Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 8.03PM PST
MelC worldpop Interview
There is a new cd:uk interview with Melanie C at worldpop.

Here is a local copy.

Thanks Velizar.

--Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 11.20AM PST
Forever Enters Album Charts
Forever has entered the UK album charts at #2, losing the battle with the boyband Westlife for the #1 album. Forever sold around 85,000 copies in the UK in it's first week, with Westlife selling three times more. Unofficial word has it that Forever has sold about 950,000 copies worldwide thus far, with 300,000 units moving in Canada.

Well now I have lost all respect for UK music charts in general. Before it was just the singles charts, but looks like the album charts aren't much different. There is very little integrity in these charts. I really don't understand what the mentality of the UK consumers is... "oh look what they did on tv yesterday, I have to go buy the single/album now." ?? Anyway.. whatever, who really cares about the charts in a country where Teletubbies and re-releases of songs from the 80's go to #1.

--Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 9.36AM PST
New Behind The Scenes Video
The Official Spice Girls Site has a new behind the scenes video which features clips of the girls talking about the new album from different interviews, as well as some backstage make-up action. You can find it in the See->Behind The Scenes section. It is the bottom one there titled "Right Back At Ya" since thats the music it's set to. Some people are prematurely calling "Right Back At Ya" the next single thinking that this is the making of that video, which it is not. It's behind the scenes from the Q Magazine photo shoot. There is no information yet on what the next single will be.

--Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 9.30AM PST
Emma VS Geri For Acting Role
-= Rumor Warning =-

Both Baby Spice Emma Bunton and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell are up for the same role in next year's West End version of The Sound of Music.

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 8.26AM PST
TFI Follow-Up
The Spice Girls presented TFI Friday(UK) yesterday as was previously reported. The girls had a good time on the show and interviewed Jerry Hall, Moloko, Moby, and French & Saunders. There was a blooper at the end of the show however when the girls were supposed to drive off from the Channel 4 studio with guest Ted Rogers, but the car stalled on Emma!

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 8.21AM PST
Victoria Orders Cuts
Victoria has asked that several scenes be cut out of an upcoming ITV(UK) special about her husband David Beckham. She has asked for some scenes to be cut because they make David look "thick", because some portray her as an uncaring mother - there are too many scenes of David alone with their son Brooklyn, and an interview scene with David's parents doesn't show their true character.

This documentary is being worked on by Ian Denyer, the same director who did the Spice Girls' 1998 Tour Story documentary.

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 8.16AM PST
MelC & Liam Meet Again
Melanie C and Liam Gallagher were both on hand at girl group All Saints' recording session for today's edition of Later With Jools Holland(UK). Liam's girlfriend is Nicole Appleton of the group and Mel C is a long-time friend of the group. The two had notorious fights both personally and in the media in the past, but yesterday there were no signs of any bad feelings between Liam and Mel.

Perhaps the Saints talked some sense into him.

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 8.12AM PST
Official Newsletter
Sent out on the Spice Girls mailing list:

Alright cyber spicers!! How ya doing?

In our time together we've had loads of highs and spills and thrills but this has definitely got to rate as one of our most exciting weeks ever. Forever has finally been released all over the world and we're dying to know what you all think of it.

Have you got yours yet? If you haven't you can grab a listen on our brand new 100% Spicetastic website - click the 'hear' section now!!


We can't tell you how good it feels to be back together firing on all cylinders and hanging out and performing as a band again.

If you have already been to our new website, what do you make of the special 'behind-the-scenes' movies?

Other people are always sticking cameras in our faces but it's much more fun when we do it to each other with our own secret cameras. That way you lot get to see what 'really' goes on when we're making our videos or doing press photoshoots. As you'll see we have a right old laugh together.

Have you sent any Spice ecards from the site yet?? They're a cool 'n Spicy way of letting your mates know you're thinking of them. Hey, you can even send them as Christmas cards - they're even eco-friendly too.. so save a tree and mail them from the Spice site.


Talking of which, we're going to be adding loads more features to the site in the run up to Christmas, so keep checking it out! (Clue: if you've got a mobile phone, you're gonna be in for a treat!)

Good luck if you've entered one of our competitions and whoever you are or wherever you are, you're never far from our thoughts.

Thanks for all your support and love...speak to you soon!!

Love peace and Girl Power

Melanie C Emma Melanie B and Victoria

x x x x x

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 8.07AM PST
MelB Site Update
Melanie B's official site has also been updated with news about her next single(featuring misspelling it almost every time):

After the fantastic release of Melanie B top ten smash "Tell Me" comes the follow up "Feel So Good" with it's Miami Bass influenced beats and party vibes. Melanie has been a very busy lady promoting all over with the release of her solo debut album "Hot" along with a whopping promotional trip in Europe.

Feel So Good was written by Melanie and produced by the dynamic duo of the decade Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who have worked with phenomenal artists like Janet Jackson and Boyz II Men to name but a few. This killer track will be hitting dance floors and decks nationwide very soon with it's infectious chorus and catchy hooks. You'll need 'RealPlayer' to listen to it - which is available by clicking here.

  1. feels so good
"Feel So Good" is in stores on 18th December 2000.

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 7.56AM PST
"If That Were Me" Accoustic
The official Melanie C site has been updated:

Melanie C returns to the musical stage with her fifth single "If That Were Me" which is the follow up to the hugely successful #1 smash "I Turn to You" and is taken from Melanie solo debut album. 2000 has been an extremely phenomenal year for Melanie with 4 top ten hits and 2 number one singles and she is set to repeat that success with her latest offering.

"If That Were Me" is a midtempo number which will pluck at your heartstrings, whilst adding sweet flavour to your musical taste buds. There's also an acoustic version which illustrates the variety in Melanie's vocals.

"If That Were Me" will be released on Monday 27th November 2000.

Here is an MP3 Conversion I made of the RealAudio.

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 7.33AM PST
Holler #1 On MuchMusic
The first Spice Girls single "Holler", from their new album Forever, has made it to #1 on the MuchMusic Video Countdown!

Congratulations girls!

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 7.30AM PST
MelC Praises Youngsters
Melanie C praised youngsters from Chippenham and Corsham at her concert this past Sunday. The 50 youngsters collected cash for the homeless and work with the homeless project No Place Home, to which Mel is donating all the proceeds of her next single "If That Were Me". At the concert, Mel said to the kids:

"You have all been brilliant. I hope the single is the best one yet and it makes loads of money for the charity."

Mel will also be donating from ticket sales for her Astoria gig on November 27th. Virgin Records is also giving the project 23,000.

Here is a picture of MelC with the kids from the charity.

--Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 7.21AM PST
AIDS Charity At Mel B's
Melanie B is hosting a celebrity AIDS charity party at her mansion on December 9th. The event is for Blackliners, a charity which provides sexual health and HIV support to people of African, Asian, and Caribbean origin in Britain. Mel is expecting 400 guests, which will each pay 375 to get into the party. She is setting up a tropical theme at her mansion for the event. On arrival, guests will walk through a sandy, jungle-themed tunnel buzzing with an exotic animal soundtrack as they are led through to a beach area. The heat in the house will be up to 80F, and palm trees and sand will be put in.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 4.29PM PST
Victoria & True Steppers To Work Together Again
Victoria, Dane, and True Steppers will be re-uniting again next year to work on a track called "Tantrum". True Steppers originally wrote the song with singer Pink in mind, but have now offered it to Victoria. True Stepper Andy Lysandrou said:

"It was going to be for Pink, but there were scheduling problems, so we offered it to Victoria. She loves it and she wants it. So it's a matter of whether we do it for the album, or release it as a single."

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 4.21PM PST
MelC Apologizes
Melanie C has apologized for any misinterpretation of her comments on Monday night(Story):

"There's been some rubbish in the papers, for a change, and I just want to apologise to anybody who found the pictures of me offensive, but I'm sick of the papers. There is no battle between the Spice Girls and Westlife, In fact, I've just been speaking to Brian. We weren't exactly laughing about it, we were moaning about it. We always call each other to tell each other if we didn't say stuff. So don't believe what you read. But I am sorry, I was out of order. But it was aimed at the paparazzi and the papers."

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 4.16PM PST
MTV Select Video
Blazin' Bad Zula has posted video of Melanie B on MTV Select from the other day. They are significantly low quality though :( Oh well, go there and get them. Here are local copies as well: Thanks Blazin' Bad Zula and SpiceBeats.com.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 1.24AM PST
Spice Girls vs. Westlife
Well it's really getting to the point of verbal attacks back and forth from the two camps as their albums battle for the top spot this week. First the Westlife comments:

When asked about their thoughts on the girls' comments about the 3am tabloid girls showing up at the Forever album release party(Mel C said "Who the fuck let them in here? I'm not doing anything with the fucking papers. They can just all fuck off out of here." And Mel B said: "What the fuck are those sluts doing in here?") Westlife said:

"They should really show some respect. If I ever get like that, then that's when I know it's time to give all this up. I can't believe they said that to you. It was Mel B wasn't it? She has a big gob and doesn't know when to keep it shut. They're just jealous because you 3am girls have more class."

"Actually the last Spice Girls album hasn't done a thing in America and this one isn't even getting touched."

"They're nothing since Geri left and I'm going to take great satisfaction in beating them to a pulp. Victoria is a media freak, and Melanie B is a bitch."

Spice Comments:

Westlife have also said that Spice Girls are sitting on their asses instead of promoting their album, to which Emma replied:

"We've been working very hard and I've been actually a little bit upset because I've always thought we've got on really really well. Now they've started being a bit horrible. We've been just as busy, and we do as much as we can. We love our music and just hope our fans enjoy it. We don't want to push it in their faces, if they want to buy it then they can buy it. I was a little bit upset. I was thinking, 'Oh, I thought they were my friends.' If you actually look back, I can assure you that the Spice Girls never slagged anyone off on our way. I think they're great boys. I've never had anything against them. But, at the end of the day, people do what they think is right to achieve what they want to achieve."

Mel C at launch party after loosening up with a few drinks:

"Hyped-up shit. Westlife are a bunch of bollocks. A useless bunch of talentless tossers and they don't deserve to be in the charts, let alone number one. I think it's fucking disgusting that bands like A1, Steps, and Westlife get to number one. It's all crap, marketed rubbish. Their album should be called Never Mind The Ballads. They can't sing live like we can and I can't wait until they all disappear. We don't care if they beat us to number one, they probably will, it sums up how shitty music is at the moment. They try to be these smiling, angelic Irish boys and they make me sick. They have no personality, it's all dull, dull, dull. They'll never be as successful as us."

Here is a picture of Mel C giving the salute to the media!

Hell yeah!

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 1.17AM PST
Emma Gives Award
Emma presented a People Of The Year award yesterday to 13-year-old Josie Russell, who fought back to health after a hammer attack killed her mother and sister in 1996. Josie said:

"I've been looking forward to seeing Emma. She is my favourite Spice Girl."

Josie joined more than a dozen people chosen for the award by the charity RADAR.

Here is a picture of Emma with Josie.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 1.04AM PST
dotmusic Spice Interview P2
Part two of the dotmusic video interview with the Spice Girls is up on this dotmusic page.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 12.59AM PST
MelB On Select MTV
Melanie B hosted MTV Select(UK) yesterday and said that:
  • "Feels So Good" was shot last week in LA. It was supposed to be shot in the desert but they shot it in a big round house.
  • She is thinking about touring next year.
  • Spice Girls will perform Holler in the EMA 2000, and will wear leather. They will practice it next week.
Thanks SpiceHoller.com

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 12.54AM PST
Daywalk3r has put out an SVCD of Spice Girls performing Holler at Top of The Pops.

Thanks Odai.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 12.35AM PST
Battle Of The Bands
RollingStone.com has a "Battle Of The Bands" poll up on the top right corner of it's main page with Spice Girls vs. Beatie Boys. Currently, Beatie Boys have 79% of the vote(3648), while Spice Girls have 21%(986). You might want to head over and vote, since maybe they are testing the waters for Spice coverage with the new album.

Thanks ryan.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 12.32AM PST
http://www.foreverspice.co.uk is also a URL that goes to the new official Spice Girls homepage, as well as the previously known http://www.spicegirlsforever.co.uk.

Thanks Mark.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 12.27AM PST
More on Launch Party
Here is a picture of the Spice Girls from their Forever launch party the other night(Story). The girls apparently had quite a wild party at the Sanderson Hotel in London's West End after the lauch party. Expensive carpets were stained, heavy furniture moved around, and even a limited edition 5,000 marble table was smashed! The hotel said:

"The place looked like a bomb had hit it and the staff were disgusted. Extremely expensive property was wrecked. The entourage must all smoke like trains because the ashtrays were full to overflowing and there was ash scattered all over the floor. The legs of a marble table had been smashed off and all the furniture was moved."

The girls may have to pay 6,500 in damages to the hotel.

--Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 12.13AM PST
TFI Reminder
A reminder that Spice Girls will be hosting tomorrow's TFI Friday(UK) on Channel 4 at 6pm!

If anybody can get a good quality vidcap of this to me so i can post it, please email me.

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 1.36AM PST
Forever Is Out In US
As of today, Forever is available for purchase in North America, making it now available in stores in most of the world. GO GET THAT ALBUM!!

"At the tone, the time will be twelve o'clock am, pacific standard time." - It is v.cool to finally have the actual retail cd of the third Spice Girls album in my hands!! What a great album I must say once again, three years in the waiting and it's still all worth while! Spice Girls are unreal. I love it. Great job girls!!

Also I tagged the TRL vote request onto this story even though we know that MTV is premiering "Holler" next Monday, but let's keep voting just to make sure MTV knows there is still high demand for it, so call them and vote on the site! DO IT!

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 1.33AM PST
Official Site Update
The Official Spice Girls Site has been updated. It now features a regular site, and a flashy one which is pretty cool. It also has updated info in the news section about the ranking of the Holler/LLLTW single around the world.

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 1.30AM PST
Earl's Court On NZ TV
Spice Girls - Live at Earl's Court will be on TV2 in New Zealand on Thursday, November 9th at 7.30pm.

Thanks Chris in NZ.

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 1.23AM PST
Forever Launch Party
The Forever launch party took place last night at the trendy Red Cube club in London's Leicester Square. All went as typical album release party. Victoria wore a fluorescent green top and micro sequinned miniskirt. Mel B wore blue-tinted glasses, a silver top and jeans. Mel C donned a T-shirt and trousers. Emma wore a tight revealing leather beige suit.

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 1.23AM PST
Early Album War Story
-= Rumor Warning =-

In yesterday's first day early sales in England, Westlife's album Coast to Coast was supposedly outselling Forever by a ratio of almost 2:1. This may be influenced by a large campaign of signings and whatnot that Westlife had been doing all day.

I rumor warning'd this one up because this is based on no official information but rather some accounts from a handfull of record store people who were asked.

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 1.20AM PST
More Forever Reviews
Thanks to Luke Peterson.

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 1.17AM PST
MelC at Sacramento Jingle Ball
Melanie C is supposedly one of the performers at the Jingle Ball for Sacramento radio station 107.9 The End. The event takes place at Arco Arena on December 3rd.

--Tuesday, November 7, 2000 at 12.54AM PST
SpiceWeek On worldpop
worldpop is having a spice week where all week they have different spicey things going on. Currently, they have a video interview with Victoria up in which she discusses among other things that three of the songs on Forever are about one night stands.

--Monday, November 6, 2000 at 12.41AM PST
It's Out!!!
The day has finally arrived. Today is November 6th, the year 2000. The Spice Girls' first album in three years - FOREVER - is officially available world-wide for purchase at all retail outlets(except North America). GO GET THAT ALBUM!!!

--Monday, November 6, 2000 at 12.37AM PST
dotmusic Interview
dotmusic has an interview with Spice Girls posted in streaming RealVideo format. It's a short but enjoyable interview about being back together and choosing the first single. The site promises to have part two up later today.

Thanks to Angie Hung.

--Monday, November 6, 2000 at 12.34AM PST
Sex Toys
-= Rumor Warning =-

Mel B held an all-girl Spice-Orgy last night at her mansion in Buckinghamshire. Haha, well (maybe)not quite. Actually what happened was all the Spice Girls and their female friends along with an Ann Summers representative were invited to Scary's house and the Ann Summers rep produced sex toys, baby doll nighties, and peephole bras and urged the girls to try everything out! And the shiny metallic gift she bought for Victoria still takes pride of place in her bathroom in her Cheshire penthouse flat. But this time Mel wanted all the girls to join in the fun, see the whole range of sex toys and try them for size. 'A friend of the girls' said:

"Posh was interested in some new lingerie, in particular a rather racy red baby doll number. Mel B loved the toys even though she didn't know what to do with some of them. Emma took an interest in some of the rude-shaped confectionery and Mel C went for the love lotions and potions."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Monday, November 6, 2000 at 12.22AM PST
No More Spice For Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams has written a song for Baby Spice Emma Bunton's solo album, but says he's done working with Spice Girls, and especially wants to avoid Victoria. He says:

"Two's enough. Baby's a sweet girl and I was inspired to write her the song after Mel introduced us, but there's no chance I'll be working with Victoria."

Many of us will see this as a GOOD thing.

--Monday, November 6, 2000 at 12.14AM PST
Victoria Attends Another Celeb Party
Victoria attended an Elton John hosted celebrity bash on Saturday night at London's Ivy restaurant.

Here is a picture of Victoria arriving.

--Sunday, November 5, 2000 at 11.00PM PST
Westlife Continues Bashing
For more comedy, I'm posting what Westlife(a boyband in the UK who is putting out their album tomorrow along with Spice Girls) has said just this past weekend about the "album war":

"We're not scared of the Spice Girls. They're over. They're nothing without Geri. If she was still in the band we would worry. She WAS the Spice Girls. We've heard the Spice album and it's not very good at all. I'm not just saying that. I think it's rubbish. Oxygen and the No1 double A-side are good, but the rest are terrible. Best of luck to the girls, but they're gonna lose. There is no doubt that we will beat them and they will be number two and that's that. They know it's over. The Spice Girls are gone. Only Mel C has been successful solo-wise. But I'd love Victoria to do well."


--Sunday, November 5, 2000 at 10.07PM PST
Forever Reviews
A barrage of Forever reviews have come out this weekend before the album's release. Here are links to some: Thanks to Luke Peterson.

--Sunday, November 5, 2000 at 9.39PM PST
Spice Vids
SpiceBeats has put up some new Spice Girls videos. They have:
  • Mel B & Mel C at TMF Awards in RealVideo & Windows Media
  • "Let Love Lead The Way" on Top Of The Pops in RealVideo
  • "Let Love Lead The Way" on The National Lottery in MPEG <- Props!
Thanks http://listen.to/spicebeats & http://come.to/spice-birthday.

--Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 5.55AM PST
Mel B Opens Leeds Hospital Lab
Melanie B has apparently been spending time in Los Angeles filming the video for her next single "Feels So Good", which will be released on December 11th(UK). She returned home to Leeds however to help open St James's University Hospital's new screening laboratory which cost 500,000 to build. Mel herself was born in this hospital. She said:

"It's really great to be back home in Leeds, to be a part of something as amazing as this. I have a trace of sickle-cell anaemia myself and I know how important it is to check for these things at an early age."

--Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 5.41AM PST
MelC To Play Belfast
Melanie C has signed a deal to yesterday that will bring her to Belfast, Ireland in the new year! She will be playing at Waterfront Hall down on Laganside on Sunday, January 28th. Tickets are on sale now!! Call your local ticket office for info.

--Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 5.26AM PST
MelB On Releasing Holler
In a recent Interview about the Holler single going to number one(Story), Mel B said:

"We all had a different view as to what song we were going to release first and then we all decided Holler and then a few of us, I know I got a bit of cold feet about it. I'll never forget making the phone call to Emma saying 'Emma come on what do you think it's down to you, do we go with this song or this song?' and she went 'Oh No' and then she went no it has to be Holler and we were all like 'Yes, lets just go for it and if anything goes wrong we'll just blame Emma!'"

--Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 5.18AM PST
Q Magazine Rip
Kathryn of mailing list Spice Odyssey has put up a nice scans and the article from the popular December issue of Q Magazine with Spice Girls on the cover. Go Check it out on her site! Here are local copies of it as well:

--Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 4.30AM PST
Forever Scans
Many thanks to Claudio & Giorgio from Italy for sending in complete scans of the entire Forever album including insert! The CD is allegedly already available for purchase there as well as in a few other countries in Europe and South America. Here are the scans: Also Schnickers has some scans from the album which focus more on the individual girls' pictures on his site if you are interested in higher res of the girls by themselves.

--Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 4.30AM PST
Correction - Official Site
Woops! I guess the old URL(http://c3.vmg.co.uk/spicegirls/nowspice) doesn't work for the new site for some reason. I had this linking to the new site, where really you have to go to http://www.spicegirlsforever.co.uk

Thanks to everyone who write in about it.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 4.28PM PST
Holler TRL Premiere Date Set
Looks like MTV(US) will finally be premiering the "Holler" video on TRL! On the official US Virgin Records site it says:

On Monday, November 13th, the SPICE GIRLS 'Holler' video will air on MTV's Total Request Live, which will kick off a very big promo week for MTV, called "Spankin' New Week."

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 3.35PM PST
New Official Site Design
The new Spice Girls official site is up! Check it out, it looks pretty cool. It's got some nice quality pictures, wallpapers, interesting bio pages, and you can even win some cool stuff!

Thanks MikeMGMVE.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 2.50PM PST
If That Were Me Video Online!
The video for Mel C's fifth single "If That Were Me" premiered on MTV Select(EU) yesterday! It is now playing on MTV and also on The Box:UK and is selection #155 on that. The video is also online at this site(greek?) Here is the direct link to the video(at the time of this writing the site was v.slow and the video would only load 30 seconds after 5 minutes of waiting).

Thanks MikeMGMVE.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.59AM PST
True Steppers On Victoria
True Steppers, who worked with Victoria on the single "Out Of Your Mind" which made it to #2 in the UK Singles Charts, have talked about Victoria. They take the blame for her Meningitis run-in saying:

"It was out fault that Posh got sick. We just pushed her far too hard. We were all desperate for the track to do well, so we worked her to the bone."

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.55AM PST
Forever's Back Cover
Here is a really small picture of the back cover of Forever that SpiceBeats sent in.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.53AM PST
Live At Wembly DVD
Apparently there is a DVD coming out of the old Spice Girls live at wembly video release. It is supposedly due for release on November 21st in Region 1. Here is the link to it at cdnow's Spice Girls video page. The funny error there is that it says it is from 1989! So if you are really trying to impress someone that Spice Girls have been around for really long, show them that page.

Thanks ~stacy~.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.43AM PST
Dotmusic Forever Run-Down
dotmusic has a short track-by-track review of Forever online.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.37AM PST
More On Forever More DVD
This page at DVDStreet has more information as well as a picture of the Forever More DVD, which apparently just features the videos for "Holler", "Let Love Lead The Way", and "Goodbye"?

Thanks Michael Holden.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.41AM PST
If That Were Me Video
The video for Melanie C's fifth single(charity) "If That Were Me" from her album Northern Star has been playing in Bulgaria on music channel MN since last Saturday, and almost every hour. The video will also be premiering on MTV Brazil on November 8th.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.37AM PST
Vote Spice
You can head over to BBC Radio 1's Most Wanted and vote for Spice Girls' "Holler" if you'd like again this week ;) The girls won last week and right now they are up over Westlife by 2%.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.33AM PST
Forever Commercial On MTV
Many people have written in about the commercial that is running on MTV. There is indeed a commercial for the new Spice Girls album, Forever, running on MTV(US). The commercial shows clips of "Holler" and "Let Love Lead The Way" and says the album will be available on November 7th at K-Mart.

Why the hell would anyone run to K-Mart of all the choices to buy it??

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.29AM PST
MelC On Lesbian Fans, Etc.
In a recent interview Mel C talked about lesbian fans as well as other things. She said:

"It is true that I have many fans in these circles. It is a bit weird as I am not lesbian myself. The spotlights are always trained on your private life as a famous person, that is the hardest part. I am 26 and in one of the biggest pop bands in England in the last few years. That has to strengthen you. Yes, I had problems but I am not ashamed of my depression. I am still happy with the Spice Girls and cannot imagine myself without the others. But in a group you have to make compromises. I have many more possibilities when working solo. I can put what I want to onto the record."

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.22AM PST
RealEnhanced Forever
The American version of the Spice Girls new CD, Forever, which will be released on November 7th, is as previously reported going to be enhanced. It has been now revealed that the enhanced part will feature both videos "Holler" and "Let Love Lead The Way" in high quality RealVideo. RealNetworks Inc. says:

"The Spice Girls, with their great sound, good looks and worldwide reach, are a natural fit for the global consumers of RealPlayer, and we knew that our technology could help the Spice Girls give a special gift to their fans. This is a win-win for both of our companies, and for anyone who loves the Spice Girls."

This enhanced CD version will be available on November 7th in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Looks like this is another case where money overcomes what would be a better thing to do. I'm sure most people would much more enjoy MPEG1, or even MPEG2 format videos instead of RealMedia ones because of the quality, system requirement, and platform openness. I'm sure Virgin/Spice Girls got some money out of this from RealNetworks. And I guess it's more important to get money and lower quality video rather than no money and a higher quality product. This is obviously a way RealNetworks is trying to get on everybody's computer. RealNetworks really has lost all of my respect at this point.. but I guess it's kind of hard for a company to just say "we're obsolete, we give up."

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 1.08AM PST
New MelC Video Interview
There is a new video interview with Melanie C by a fan of hers(Melissa Ng) up at the Mel C site. Here is a direct link to the video.

Thanks to Zila.

--Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 12.13AM PST
More On Q Magazine
The just released December issue of Q Magazine is become quickly famous for the amount of content they get out of Spice Girls in the interview.

Here is a scan of the cover(the colors are messed up) sent in by Michael Holden.

First Melanie C admits in it that she has an eating disorder(Story), and now Victoria talks about how she is viewed by the public and media. In the interview, Victoria says:

"In most people's minds, I think I'm Queen of England. That is so not me. Being perfectly honest, when me and David look at Posh and Becks in the paper we think, 'Bloody hate those two'. Because that isn't what we're like at all. They see me as miserable and up my own arse. They think I don't really care about anything except Prada and Gucci, that I boss David about and tell him what to wear. David would never do anything he didn't want to. People think that he's some kind of an idiot and Posh Spice says to him, 'Oh, put on this skirt David. It'll look really great'. He's really not like that. He's got a personality, he's a good-looking bloke. He's got the body to wear whatever he wants to wear and look amazing in it. And he loves it! If he didn't love it, he wouldn't dress like that. It's nothing to do with me. I'm messy, David has a go at me because of that. But I say that's because I'm artistic. He's just so neat and tidy. Every night he'll lay out his clothes for the next day. Even if he's just going training he'll lay out his jeans, matching T-shirt, and matching trainers. I just jump out of bed in the morning and plough through the piles and piles of clothes. Then it's a case of finding something that doesn't have to go to the dry cleaners. I think my messiness must be my most annoying habit."