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Melanie C Virgin Music Radio Canada Interview - 11/21/00

Black Text = Virgin Radio
Blue Text = Melanie C

Hey! Its 7.46am and look at this we've got Sporty Spice on the phone!

Hey! How are ya?

Melanie its been a while since we chatted to you, since then you've preformed with your mates at the MTV EMA's, and been in the papers a lot over in England.

Oh blimey, those papers are bullshit.

So can you clarify some of the things said? For instance you were quoted that the MTV EMA's was the final performance for the girls, and you supposedly blew up at rehearsals.

(Laughing) Did I? Well first of all I was way misquoted! I said that it was the probably last performance of THE YEAR(yelling).

Oh, I see and the rehearsals?

There needs to be some clarification on that as well. It was pouring rain and we were delayed 4 hours on the expressway in our bus, then we were forced to actually practice at the venue at 3pm, five hours before the show. By that time we're usually having a snooze or getting prepared for the show. And at the rehearsals someone forgot to bring the right instrumental tape, so then we had to practice lip-syncing to the record because there was no way we could sing live, we had no band, no back up tape, nothing. So me and Emma both walked off in anger.

You have every right to be.

Another thing... the press can cuss all they want but for fucking sakes, we're not splitting up! Spice Girls are indeed Forever, and the nobody can stop that.

So Melanie, is there a Spice Tour on the Way?

Yeah, you can expect us on the road in late 2001/2002. We really want to do a world extravaganza, but the shows are going to be a lot different then our old ones. We're going to have more solo stuff and its going to be a lot funkier and modern.

So when will these dates be announced?

Well we're still working on the dates because we need to plan it around our solo releases and the kids. You can probably expect them in the Spring or late Winter.. we hope.

So are you planning to do another solo record?

Well I've been writing a bit with the girls, Matt and Biff, and Jam and Lewis, but I don't think I'll get around to recording it till next summer or 2002.

Writing with the girls, can you give us a taste?

Well, the way it's going the album is going to be modern pop/r&b and some rockish tunes to it. Yeah Melanie and Emma wrote me a song called "Friends Always". It's a great ballad, and hopefully it will appear on the album.

Does that mean the girls will be appearing on your album?

Well yes and no. Hopefully in writing, but I doubt there will be any duets. Because its sort of like 'why not put it on the next Spice album?'

Mel cut to the chase. Is there going to be another Spice album?

Yeah, but it might take a while. Because if we go on tour, after we usually take a break then we'll head into the studio's... hopefully, but I don't think you'll see it for another two years, a studio album that is.

Ohhh, so is there a live album in the plan?

Well it would be neat wouldn't it? We've had live tracks on our singles before, but we'll see.

Mel, how are you guys feeling about the album sales?

Well we're a bit surprised in Canada that we got that many sales in a week. Over here it's a bit disappointing, but we didn't really promo enough. But I think once we hit the roads they will sell more, especially in North America.

Mel thanks for phoning in and chatting with us. Give the girls a hello from us.

Thank you! Well I'm heading over to the Office right now for a meeting so I'll say hello! Love ya Canada!

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