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--Saturday, May 18 2013 at 3.17AM - [Joz]
  • Removed banner ad!
There will probably never be another ad here even if site becomes popular again somehow. I don't like them, never have. Hopefully you never saw it due to your use of an ad block browser extension. It was there to finance the site when it had traffic, and (this was Google AdSense) there was a balance of $82 in there forever, growing pathetically slowly. They only cash you out at every $100, but I didn't realize that they'll cash you out with anything over $10 if you CLOSE your AdSense account. So I closed it. The site is now clean of any pollution :-)

--Friday, February 24 2012 at 4.56PM - [Joz]
New Webhost, Complete Site Uploaded
SpiceNews has moved from the gone-to-crap CWI Hosting to the very cool Dreamhost! This new hosting plan also has unlimited storage so the site is up in its entirety for the first time in over 10 years. Yes, that means all pictures ever, all audio ever, all video ever. No guarentees on all links working quite yet, however, so browse at your own risk. Dreamhost is also much faster so the site should be more speedy. On top of all that, Dreamhost runs carbon neutral so SpiceNews is now a green site! I've added a button indicating such to the bottom of the main page.

Leading up to this move was SpiceNews consolidation. I had quite a mess, with different versions of the website backed up on various CDs, DVDs, and computers. I took what was about 7 different versions of SpiceNews, along with the online site, and merged it all into one thing, so the master version of SpiceNews is all together now in one place as it should be, and synced to online. Basically, shit is in proper order now. Unfortunately, this consolidation did not uncover some lost pictures from the earlier days of SpiceNews, for which I'll create a more detailed post in the future.

The site has also transitioned at this point to being presented as a Spice Girls news/history archive. The main page is now an introduction, featuring one of 36 random Spice Girls pictures!

There's not going to be a lot of active work on the site, but it should slowly improve over the coming years. There's many things on the to-do list: The site needs to go on a file diet, uploading the 1997 news archives (yes, they have been found!), various fixes, and essentially a potential re-write of the website code, including switching to a database system, etc.

The old email addresses are also gone (spammed-out), so there is new contact information on the email page.

That is all, hope you have a great 2012!

--Sunday, February 10 2007 at 6.07PM - [Joz]
About: Added EmilyStrange
  • Added EmilyStrange (my beautiful girlfriend) to the about page, as she posted about 15 or so SpiceNews stories this past fall/early winter.

--Thursday, September 6 2007 at 4.36AM - [Joz]
New Logo
So the logo contest ended a bit over a week ago. Congratulations to Charmaine Chan, as she is the winner! However, the third place (second place really?) logo by Roberto Corona Contreras, who works for Virtual Image Project Productions, will be the official SpiceNews logo during the Spice Girls' reunion. Char's logo will become the official logo after the reunion ends. Thanks again to everybody who sent in a logo!

--Sunday, August 12 2007 at 2.40PM - [Joz]
Logo Contest Results
As they are revealed:

1st Place - Charmaine Chan -

2nd Place - Charmaine Chan/Martin Angulo:

3rd Place - Roberto Corona Contreras -

4th Place - philip:

5th Place - Fighter:

6th Place - Kane:

7th Place - Jeremy Juarez -

8th Place - Lucio Martin Tirao:

9th Place - Lucio Martin Tirao:

10th Place - Andres:

11th Place - Omar:

12th Place - Trey Walls -

13th Place - Lucio Martin Tirao:

14th Place - Lucio Martin Tirao:

15th Place - Ben:

16th Place - Steven:

17th Place - Carlos (Carly G):

18th Place - Ben:

--Friday, August 10 2007 at 12.40AM - [Joz]
Logo Result Show Started
Finally got a chance to rank the logos and the logo contest fun referred to in the post below has begun! If you hold your mouse over the logo you will get its rank and author information. There will be a new logo each day until we get to the winning logo. Thanks to all those who submitted logos, look out for yours!

--Monday, July 30 2007 at 1.26AM - [Joz]
Logo Contest Fun
So the logo contest has officially closed. There have been a total of 23 entries. I've decided to do something fun with the logo contest since people have expressed interest in seeing all the submissions. The fun thing is: everybody is a winner! Well, sort of. Each submitted entry will be the SpiceNews logo for one day, counting down to the winning logo. They will get progressively better. I don't think it will be a full 23 logos going up, as some people entered multiple logos which are very similar, and there were one or two that didn't even come close to the proper dimensions. It will probably be about 20 different logos. So, this should be fun for everybody, and the new logo will be unveiled in about 20 days. I'll start running the entered logos in the next day or two, be on the lookout - though they'll be hard to miss!

--Thursday, July 19 2007 at 10.53PM - [Joz]
New Logo Deadline
I forgot to set a logo deadline and there have been some questions as to when that is. The deadline for submitting a logo is Friday, July 27th.

--Wednesday, July 11 2007 at 5.04AM - [Joz]
New Logo Needed
Since Spice Girls are back, and as the good ol' original 5, the site logo needs an updatin'. I've got four girls up there right now that is no good. I've been planning to update it regardless of any reunion as Spice Girls were known as a 5 girl group.

I need your help! I have been unable to contact Chelly Palisoc, the author of the current logo, so as before, a logo contest shall be run! Whoever wins gets their name (or whatever they want) in the alt tag of the image (what will show up if you mouse over it in Internet Explorer for example), as well as the prestige of being the one responsible for the SpiceNews logo ;-) Now, don't get *too* excited about freedom of design, because I'm not redesigning the site, I like the way it looks, frankly. So what I'm looking for is a logo with the same color scheme as the current one, except with 5 girls instead of 4. Here are the requirements:

  • Must include all 5 Spice Girls
  • No blonde Victoria
  • Classic Spice Girls are fine, though more modern ones are ok too. I might request you do one for the reunion and one classic one for the future actually :P
  • Must be of the same color scheme as the current logo, or have a blue haze, or fit into the site design (any of these)
  • Doesn't have to have that dot in between Spice and News, don't really know what that is there for in the first place.
  • Must be the same dimentions (486x116), and keep it under 50kb. Well, unless you can prove to me that making it wider still looks good.
So, other than that, do what you want and email it to me!

--Wednesday, July 11 2007 at 5.04AM - [Joz]
The Return Of SpiceNews
Well well well, Spice Girls are back! Thats pretty crazy/unexpected (for me at least!) Yeah, sorry I know I said I'd make some commentary on this "soon" when they just got back together, but I was sick last week/have been busy with other stuff. So.. pretty crazy stuff. I've definitely moved on from my obsession with the girls. I'm still a fan, but not a fanatic like I used to be. I mean damn, that was 10 years ago already when they were at their height! But I am certainly interested in keeping this site as the most detailed historical archive of the Spice Girls. I mean, if it did not get updated with their reunion stuff, the whole thing would become pretty invalid wouldn't it?

So, you can bet your bottom dollar that this site will have the latest news one way or another as I am dedicated to that cause. I also hope to implement some new technology into the site, like RSS and finally getting around to using a database system/adding the all important search feature.

It's pretty cool to see the Spice Girls back together again, and is totally nostalgic to be updating SpiceNews again. Welcome back everybody to the site, and welcome back Spice Girls!

--Friday, March 22 2001 at 2.07AM - [SpiceNews Team]
End Of New Posts
It is in most of our opinions that the Spice Girls have ended. Perhaps quite a bit of time ago (early 2001?). We never wanted to stop posting news regarding any of the girls until we had some solid word from them (or at least one of them) that the group has no plans for the future. This word arrived two weeks ago with Victoria's statement regarding Spice Girls - "We don't see a future, don't think we're going to make any more music." That says it all. There's no "official announcement" to really wait for, since the Spice Girls never split up, they just simply ended. Should the Spice Girls become active once again at some point in the next few years, though we do not anticipate this happening, we would start posting news here again.

It's been a great 4 years and 3 months of The entire SpiceNews team would like to deeply thank all of you, the visitors, that came and read the news, and shared your love for the Spice Girls with us. SpiceNews wouldn't be anything without you. We feel as though we have a connection with all of you and it's sad that this ride has come to an end, but it'll always be a great memory. And of course a big thanks to Spice Girls for all the great times, we'll never forget you.

Today marks the end of updates to SpiceNews, but the site will continue to live on as the biggest and most detailed archive of Spice Girls news in the world. If you are interested in continuing to follow the solo careers and lives of Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell, a new project has been started for this purpose by the current SpiceNews team + new talent -

--Monday, March 18 2002 at 7.48PM - [Joz]
Site Updates
The site renovation is done!! Haha, yes this refers to the site renovation that started in the year 2000 but never got totally finished. Only minor stuff was still left to do. Anyway, you probably noticed that now the main menu has highlighted mouse-overs, there is actual indication as to what page you are on - in the form of the page you are on being highlighted in the main menu, and any sub-links you are on being bolded and black (Solo Projects, Site News, etc). The about page has also been redone, and the links are going through being updated currently (there are hundreds of backlogged links to go through). Some 1997 news has also been posted. Here is a detailed log of the changes over the past couple weeks:
  • Added highlighted mouse-overs to main menu.
  • Page you are on is now highlighted in main menu.
  • Sub page you are on (Solo Projects, Site News, etc) is also now shown in bolded black text.
  • Removed "Spice Tracking"; resized sub-menu accordingly.
  • Unified sub-menu "Spice Chat, Solo Projects, etc" so all pages have the same order. Except for old interview pages perhaps.
  • Remade About page. Now features profiles of each SpiceNews team member past & present; updated history section.
  • Updated submit news, email, faq, archives, and linking pages' information.
  • Fixed linking page's html to be compliant with rest of site.
  • Uploaded Jan-March of 1997 news. (was already SpiceNews-formatted in 1999, never uploaded for some reason) These are quite possibly not finalized versions, especially that January :/ They are however 100% ported from what Spice-Station had.

--Saturday, November 10 2001 at 3.12PM - [Joz]
What Kind of News Do You Want!?
We've had a lot of inner-SpiceNews-team discussion lately about the type of news that should be posted on SpiceNews. Lately we've been posting significant and more important stories, not so much rumors and stories of little importance (like Victoria gets a new refridgerator for example). Basically the discussion is whether SpiceNews should only post news that is most likely true and interesting, or should we post every little tiny detail about Spice Girls that happens? We're interested in what you think, please submit your vote to the right.

Update [4.10pm]: If you voted using the Booth, please re-submit your vote using the new poll to the right. The freevote booth was easily hackable or malfunctioning or something. Sorry for the incovenience (and annoying banners), and thanks for voting!

What Kind of News?
How much news should SpiceNews post?

Post only news that is most likely true and interesting.
Post every little tiny bit of news like "Victoria gets a new fridge"

Current Results

--Thursday, October 25 2001 at 4.06PM - [Schnickers]
Spice War?!
On Monday, a group of people from Victoria's official message board declared a "Spice War" against the tabloids, especially The Sun and Worldpop, after reading yet another of the break up stories. Since then, we got loads of emails requesting to mention the "Spice War" on the site. But we will NOT support this kind of thing for the following reasons:

  1. It's not Spice News. That's why we wouldn't report about it in the first place.
  2. The SpiceWar-website encourages fans to send emails to The Sun. Until now, they are said to have sent 5000 emails which I would simply call flooding their mailbox - poor people at The Sun HQ who have to sort all this junk out. There is no way SpiceNews could support this.
  3. It makes no sense (at least in my opinion)
About the last point: the tabloids are only doing their job. Way back in 1996 it was thanks to the tabloids that the world got to know the Spice Girls. If it wasn't for the papers, they would be nobodys! So I'm thankful for The Sun that they put the girls where they were 4 years ago. Now The Sun doesn't do that because they are such friendly folks, but they sell papers with stories on the stars they helped creating. So they simply can't be all positive 24/7 since nobody wants to know that the Spice Girls live in peace but simply don't do anything. It's the bad news which sell so I don't blame it on the papers that they take advantage of it and print these bad news. These people are only doing their job, I will not believe what they write, I might not support their methods of getting stories but I respect what they do since they did more for the Spice Girls than most of you could imagine. In times where Bob The Builder makes it #1 etc it's obvious that it's all about promotion and press so newspapers have a big influence on sales, so without them they wouldn't have had all those #1's in a row. They build you up so they can tear you down- that's how the business works and it's pointless to complain about it, it's part of your job as a celebrity.

So I strongly advise people to get over their naive views, you can't change the showbiz with a few emails! Furthermore, it only takes the Spice Girls to come back to prove them wrong...

--Friday, June 7 2001 at 10.40PM - [Schnickers]
Geri News? No!
Joz is gone, so we get a lot of emails asking if we wouldn't want to change our No-Geri-News-Policy. The answer is simple: NO!

First of all I'd like to say that I have nothing against Geri, I like her stuff (Scream If You Wanna Go Faster has some decent tracks on, like Feels Like Sex & SIYWGF which have both grown on me very much). But it's not a question of being bitter that she left or "pretending she never was a Spice Girl".

The purpose of is to provide people with news of the group Spice Girls. As we all know, Geri left the group so she is no longer a part of it. Now since there is no group news to report, we have no other choice than concentrating on the Spice Girls' solo work, but Geri is NOT a Spice Girl anymore, so there is no good reason for posting news about her - doing so would be pretending she never left. You will never see what Michelle Stephenson is currently doing either (which we would have to report if we were posting about ex-spices as well). So I hope you guys will understand it now, or at least accept it :)

--Tuesday, April 24 2001 at 10.18PM - [Schnickers]
Open Spice: Angie Hung
Joz is gone, so we have added somebody in order to maintain full Spice-coverage. Her name is Angie Hung. We have a girl on the team!? How did we let that happen?? *shuffling through paperwork* There go your conspiracy theories of SpiceNews being a guy-only thing! Angie is from Canada, is pretty well known in the Spice Community, and is really good with news. You've probably seen her name a couple hundred times by now in the "Thanks" credits at the bottom of various stories. She is active on many mailing lists and message boards as far as conversations/theories/debates go, and digging up/posting every last ounce of Spice Girls news she can find. She also scans pictures once in a while that are new to the net, and is very into the spice scene. Additionally, she has created one or two Spice/Mel C sites. Her homepage is

Please give her a nice welcome! Angie can be reached at

--Saturday, April 21 2001 at 3.33PM
Joz Retires
I never thought I wouldn't be updating this site, I always thought I'd be on it until the very end. I even envisioned what it would be like to put up the final post, if Spice Girls ever ended. But Spice Girls have not ended, even though it seems like that sometimes. If you've been paying attention to who has been posting the news lately you will have noticed that there has been very little from me. Reason being is that I've really lost interest in all this lately. No, I haven't lost interest in Spice Girls, I love those girls, and forever will. The thing is that I love Spice Girls, but the solo careers are not that exciting for me. What I love is the girls together, not what they do alone. Like when I go to see a Mel C concert, it's because 90% of my interest in her is because she is a Spice Girl, and that is so exclusive! Spice Girls aren't doing anything lately together, and doesn't look like they will too soon. I think it was something that subconciously hit me back when that whole melc-split rumor was going on when she said she had no plans to work with Spice Girls in the future. From that point on I have just not really been caring much about the day-to-day activities of the individual girls. But I didn't even notice it so much until a month later.

So I decided to stop doing this because I don't really get enjoyment out of it anymore, I simply do not care about non-Spice Girls activity all that much. I figured "ok, I'll keep posting while I do the 96 & 97 archives and then I'll be done with it", but as you can see I can barely bring myself to update the site once a week even. So instead of kidding myself, I'm just going to stop updating it now. It's kind of sad, to not be updating this site, but I'm just not caring about solo much at all like I said. There's lots of other stuff I want to do in my life and if I see updating this site as a task instead of a hobby it becomes something that is less likely to happen.

What Now?
This doesn't mean an end to SpiceNews. I didn't start this site, and I don't feel like I have the right to end it. It was my site for three years, but has not been solely mine for the past few months. The other four people(three now, one new person to be announced soon) updating the site will continue to do so. I might even get back into the scene if Spice Girls start doing stuff! But for now I'm through with this. I still pay for the site/web space and would like to continue to do so, because I feel most comfortable trusting myself at keeping it online until the end of time. I still plan to do the 1996 & 1997 news, and I think that WILL actually be up sometime this year, that'll be my closure. And I might touch up a few things to finish off that site renovation that started half a year ago. As far as the commanding role of the site however, I'm handing that over to Schnickers. So he'll be the new SpiceNews head guy.

Goodbye my friends.
I gained solo ownership of this site back in 1998 when it was a single text page and had about 100 visitors/day. Since then I have done my best job to post all Spice Girls news, and upgrade the quality of the site and you guys all came and watched, to the point of 3000+ visitors/day. It's been a hell of a ride, and very much fun. I'd like to thank all you Spice Girls fans for being my audience and helping the site grow, by telling your friends about it, and being fans of the site. And especially I'd like to give a warm thank-you to the people who have been visiting this site since wayyyy back then in 98, out of the hundred-or-so that visited each day, if any of you still do to this day. Thanks to everyone who sent in Spice Girls news, whether it was posted or not. Thanks for all the positive feedback and encouragement, it was all very appreciated. Thanks to Anna-Karin and the original #SpiceGirls Undernet for starting this site. And thanks most of all to the Spice Girls. All FIVE of you originals. When I think of Spice Girls I think of the good old days of 1997, young energetic girls creating mayhem, having fun, taking everybody along with them for the ride, and giving all you had to give. Although my dream of meeting you never came true, you still have had a huge impact on the world, the music industry, me, and many people's lives, honestly much more than you could probably imagine. You girls still rock, and keep on doing your stuff!

I'm passing the torch onto the people who are on this site now. I think this site has grown from a small idea to a very good, cool, and exciting project. The last thing I'd want to happen is for the site to fall apart without me, and I'm pretty sure it won't happen with the people who are working on it. These are good people who work hard in the Spice Community giving you everything, for nothing. Please give them the same kindness and respect you have given me over the years.

And it's still Spice Girls till I die, just not solo-Spice-Girls-News-posting till I die, I will never not be a huge fan of Spice Girls. Smiling, dancing, everything is free, all you need is positivty. Viva Forever, Spice Girls Forever. Goodbye.


--Friday, April 20 2001 at 10.31PM
We Have Webspace!
Thanks to Schnickers, he is able to provide some webspace for SpiceNews so now we will be able to host local copies of new multimedia once again, which should stay up until something new comes along to replace it(like we used to do). We don't have enough space to host all our old files yet, but at least we can post local copies of new media again! Thanks Schnickers! We've actually had this available for almost a month as you may have noticed local downloads, just didn't post this news here until now.

--Thursday, March 15 2001 at 7.07PM
Open Spice: Mike & Schnickers
New SpiceNews additions! Two new people have been added to the SpiceNews team. They are:

Schnickers: 17 years old, in Germany. His experience includes him being the guy behind (which was shut down thanks to some lame German laws and Virgin-Germany being tight-asses, aka sucking), the short-lived (which was an authorized German port of SpiceNews), as well as encoding a number of videos and audio, sending in news to SpiceNews regularly, currently running, #SpiceChat Operator, and just genenrally hanging around the Spice Community. He can be contacted at

Mike: aka MikeMGMVE - 18 years old, in Los Angeles, California. His experience includes him being the man behind the former website NowSpice, currently(or at the end of) running, contributions to, and basically part of Spice Viva Forever, always quick to post lyrics to new Spice songs probably before most of you have even heard them(like a couple hours after it hits the net!), #SpiceChat Operator, and part of a few Spice Girls mailing lists and forums. He can be contacted at

So welcome these two new guys to the team!

Oh yeah, and Char is NOT a part of SpiceNews, that was a little joke Char tried to pull on me via Mike. It was actually posted by Mike. Nice try Char!

--Saturday, February 17 2001 at 4.22AM
Thanks Australia
Tom McIlroy has sent me a free "Let Love Lead The Way" Australian collector's edition single on behalf of all Australian fans as a thank-you to! So thank-you very much to Tom and all the nice people in Australia for this, it was really nice of you :-)

--Saturday, February 17 2001 at 4.22AM
New Logo
And the winner of our Design-A-Logo contest is... *drum roll*... Chelly Palisoc from California!! Pretty tight logo huh? The girl knows what is up with graphic design. It's the type of logo I've wanted ever since the beginning of this site redesign! So a big thanks to Chelly for making this wonderful logo! And thanks to everyone else who entered. There were 28 submissions in all, but this logo really blew everything else out of the water! I was pretty sure this would be the winner already a month ago. There were some interesting others, and I'll take some of those and be cutting them up into banner advert size for SpiceNews banners that people can use! But thanks again to Chelly for the awesome logo. She can be reached at, not that you won't be seeing her name & email everytime you load the website(if you are on dial-up), or hold your mouse over the logo!

--Tuesday, February 13 2001 at 3.41PM
Archives Reconfigured
The archives page is now y2k1 compatible. I had to redesign the layout as it was starting to get quite cluttered with years/months in the top frame, not to mention that it was still in the old SpiceNews format(oi!). Anyway, it's all up-to date now.

--Monday, January 22 2001 at 2.01AM
Selling Out
Well you might have noticed the banner ads. I hate banner ads more than most people. The reason I put them up is to generate revenue in order to upgrade our server and disk space.. so we could actually have files when they come out.. like when a new Spice video comes out we wouldn't have a problem putting up a local MPEG copy of it on our fast server. Because as you might be aware, right now there are no local copies of anything due to lack of server space. All voluntary server space no longer exists and nobody has donated any new legitimate space. Even if we had our own server space on the SpiceNews server, we wouldn't be able to afford the transfer costs / server hit of offereing larger files to download.

So the banners are up in an attempt to self-finance Yes it is sad, three years commercial-free, and now this. But hey, do you want hastle-free fast access to new audio and video or don't you? Any revenue generated from the advertisements will go straight to the website. This is still just an experiment as I have no idea how much revenue will be generated, hopefully enough to upgrade the server and cover monthly costs, and if more, then it will be set aside to keep site maintainance going in the future. And if you see an advertisement that might interest you, go ahead and click it, it only helps :) Well, we hope that the banner ads are not too much of a burden on your eyes, but I just want to say again that they are not there for trying to milk money out of the site, but rather for improving the site itself.


--Friday, January 19 2001 at 1.13PM
Open Spice: Introducing Luke Peterson
This site originally was updated by a team of between 5-10 people. After I gained complete control over it, it was down to just me updating it. Thats how it has been for the past two years. As we go into the fourth year of SpiceNews, things are starting to come around full circle. I've decided to move SpiceNews into a more open format, with multiple people updating the site...

"Oh my god, Joz is over the Spice Girls!"

"Joz doesn't like the Spice Girls anymore, he hates them!"

"Joz hates the Spice Girls now, and he doesn't want to do anymore! It's all over!!!"

Hahah, no, none of that is true. I told you people from day one, S-P-I-C-E till I die! I wasn't kidding. The purpose of multiple updaters is simply that I myself do not have to worry as much about when I last updated the site. It's not cool to be frequently thinking "wait, when did I last update SpiceNews!? Oh no, it hasn't been more than a day has it!?" It takes some of the workload off of me, and best for you guys, it gives you more updates.

So I'd like to introduce Luke Peterson. Not that he needs much of an introduction for any of you people who are on some Spice mailing lists. For those of you who are not familiar with him: He has been sending any Spice Girls news he finds to multiple mailing lists for a number of years. He's the perfect person to contribute to this site, and he has kindly accepted the offer.

So check that little poster ID tag at the end of the date on the news stories, and where you often see [Joz], you might start seeing [LukeP]. Speaking of the date.. Luke is in Australia, so his posts will be tagged with the time & date being in AEST format. This means "Australian Eastern Standard Time". Mine are in PST - which is US "Pacific Standard Time". This can cause news stories from me posted later then Luke, but dated in the past as compared to his, since Australia is nearly a full day ahead of California. Why not both just use the same date format? Bah, we don't feel like recalculating our times to each others or GMT each time we update. Yes this is another reason to use an automated script, but we're not using any at this point so thats how it's going to be for now.

So give Luke a warm welcome! He can be reached at

--Friday, January 12 2001 at 2.31AM
It's pretty obvious that the site's re-design completion isn't quite getting there. This is for a number of reasons. But it should still happen, I don't know how much will change from what is there now though, not too much probably. But one thing that has been too long in the making is a new logo for this site. You see, the current "SpiceNews" logo in the version 2 Spice font was decided as being only temp.

I am not a graphic artist and the person who was supposed to do it hasn't done it. So lets have kind of a contest. Anybody who thinks they can design a new high quality SpiceNews logo can give it a try. The best one will be the new logo for the site, and the runner ups will be posted here on the site news page. The new logo must be 468x116, GIF or JPEG, and keep it under 30k please. I'd like something that blends in nicely with the current site design, something definitely Spicey, just something good.. It definitely has to say "SpiceNews", could use the current version 3 logo style, but SMALL(you know how it appears on the cd's & merchandise these days, that JPEG is only scanned large for sampling purposes), or you could think of something of your own...

Just a really cool, high quality, impressive looking logo. What will you get for this? I'll arrange a meeting with the Spice Girls for you! Just kidding, don't really think I can manage that.. There really is no prize, I can add your name and/or a URL/email address to the "alt" tag of the image, so when it is loading up your name is always at the top of SpiceNews!(hey-hey!) But I definitely think it would be cool to have a great quality logo voluntarily made for free by a SpiceNews fan. Lets give this "contest" until the 16th of February, thats the deadline ;) Just email your logo to me at with the topic "SPICENEWS LOGO: <Your Name>"

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