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Linking To SpiceNews Files
Don't do it! Do not put any direct links to any files on the SpiceNews servers! This means audio(WAV, MP3, RealAudio), video(RealVideo, MPEG, Quicktime, AVI, ASF), and images(JPEG, GIF). Please link to the main site( but not the files on the site. You are free to download the files and upload them on your own server space, and distribute them like crazy otherwise(thats the purpose of the Internet), but don't leech off ours. Montly fees are paid for this site to be banner free and lightning fast. The amount of data that gets transfered from SpiceNews is the SpiceNews team's responsibility. If we go over a certain limit, we get charged more $$$. So please be courteous and upload the files on your own server and do not leech us :) Thanks.

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