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Melanie C cd:uk Interview - 11/10/00

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With two solo tours and a solo spot headlining Wembley Arena under her belt, Mel C's become quite the touring pro! When we caught up with her backstage at cd:uk she couldn't wait to tell us how much she's enjoyed hitting the stage on her own.

How much have you enjoyed the tour?

Loads. Every single night the reaction has been fantastic. Last year when I took my album on the road nobody had heard any of the songs so it was quite weird although it did go down really well. But this time there have been two No 1s and everybody knows all the words to the songs so it's been really cool. I've had more experience and I've been rehearsing a lot more so it's I feel more of a pro and not such a baby!

What kind of audiences are you attracting nowadays?

The audiences have varied quite a lot. Mainly it's been twenty-somethings but there have been a few shows in places where the Spice Girls haven't been where there have been lots of younger fans. As you're going on at the beginning of the shows, you can tell by the pitch of the shouting how old the audience is. If it's all blokes, it's like 'urrrgh' but if it's all kids it's like 'eeee'!

Have you had lots of friends coming to see the shows?

Yes, some of the Spice Girls came to the London dates and Mel B's family were in the audience when I was in Bradford. My mum came to the first night and then she was at Manchester as well. She was supposed to some to Liverpool but of course it was cancelled and she came for the London shows. She couldn't come to every single show, she's a busy woman!

What would be your ideal audience?

I enjoy the mix actually. I like having an older crowd because I can really be myself and not have to worry too much about my language. But then again when the younger ones are in, it's a different reaction again. I like being a bit of a chameleon. As for ideal guests, I'd love Madonna to come but she might be a bit busy with her baby!

You've already got another tour booked for January. Don't you fancy some time off?

I am looking forward to my Christmas holiday! I'm like everyone, I think the grass is always greener. Recently I've thought, 'Oh, I really miss being able to just go out and not worry about my voice or being tired,' but now that the tour's stopped I really miss it! I like to think ahead and plan things out. It's really nice to have some shows to look forward to but it means I can't go too crazy at Christmas.

You started the tour with a broken foot, how did it hold up throughout the dates?

The foot was recovering fantastically well, but it did get quite sore before the London shows because I was jumping around a lot so maybe I was doing a bit more than I should have done. Recently I've been doing my old Holler jiggy with the Spice Girls so my foot's had to be alright otherwise Scary would have slapped me about. Ha ha ha!

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