--Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 5:01pm AEST - [LukeP]
Mel B Not Worried by Criticism
Mel B has told Austrian press agency APA that she does not feel any pressure after bad reviews she received for her debut album, 'Hot'.

"I don't feel any pressure because I love my job. And anyway I can't expect everyone to like my work."
Talking about the Spice Girls, she says:

"We will work as the Spice Girls again. We are great friends and help to manage each other's careers. If we don't see each other for a while then we just phone each other more often."
And finally, a little something on Phoenix:

"My child comes everywhere with me, we are a travelling family. I am in the lucky situation of being able to take my daughter to work with me."

--Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 4:51pm AEST - [LukeP]
Emma In FHM
Emma has made an appearance in FHM (UK version), which just happens to be the May edition and believe it or not, also happens to be in stores now (at least in the UK).

Here are a couple of pics from the magazine:

--Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 9:41pm AEST - [LukeP]
Emma's Album - Track By Track
Emma has given UK paper, The Sun a track-by-track review of her debut album, A Girl Like Me.

Here's the details:


My latest single and I love the guitar in it. I had a fantastic time making the video in the desert in California and I wanted the sound to have a country feel.


One of the first songs I wrote and it's about Jade. I wanted to get across how it feels when you fall for someone. Musically, it's quite guitary and I love it so much I would like it to be my next single.


I wrote this when I was in New York and it's about how you miss your friends and family when you're away from home.


My favourite on the album and it's about my mum. I wrote it when I moved away from home and it tells of the unconditional love that a mother has for a child. It's quiet and influenced by Sade - I was listening to her stuff a lot at the time.


An up-tempo track that's meant to reflect my personality - someone who strives really hard to do their best.


Semi-acoustic with strong vocals, it's based on the experiences of friends and is about when you know a relationship has ended but the other person doesn't want to hear it.


A great dance track and I was unsure whether to include another cover on the album (the other is What I Am). I recorded it with Tin Tin Out and we included a massive gospel choir.


An R&B track about when you've been in a relationship for a long time and you want to move on to the next stage. It's like when you're at school and a boy tells you he's seeing you but he's not actually your boyfriend.


This one has a real Motown feel. I'm a huge Motown fan so this is a tribute really. The lyrics are about when you fancy some guy at school and you don't know his name but you get really dressed up and follow him around the playground.


Written for my girls - they all know who they are. It's about having a girls' night out.


NOT about Geri Halliwell, despite what people might think. This tells of the betrayal when one of your friends goes off with your boyfriend. It's based on something that happened to a friend.


I had to put this one on the album because I had such great fun recording it with Tin Tin Out.

Also, a picture that was alongside the article in The Sun - which I believe to be the cover of Emma's album - can be found here.

--Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 9:08pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Holler Karaoke
Kit is the first one to provide us with an mp3 ripped from the official Spice-Karaoke-CD (Story). You can get Holler on Kit's page or click here for a local copy (you should use that if the server is as slow as it was for me)

Thanks Kit

--Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 11.45am GMT - [Schnickers]
Raw Spice Cover
Spice*e*magazine posted a scan of the Raw Spice-Cover, so go there to see it or click here for a local copy.

Thanks Norman Hayes

--Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 11.39am AEST - [LukeP]
Emma To Make Instore Appearance
Emma will be making an instore appearance at the Virgin store in Churchill Square Shopping Centre, Brighton, UK on Thursday 5 April to sign copies of her single 'What Took You So Long?'.

--Monday, March 26, 2001 at 9.56pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Emma Rocks G.A.Y.
Emma Bunton did a good job when she performed at London's G.A.Y.-night (Story). She wore a black mini-dress with cowboy-style tassels and sung live to a backing track in front of 2000 people. After starting with an album track called "Better Be Careful", Emma did a cover of "Sunshine On a Rainy Day", Zoe's 1991 No 1 hit. Of course she couldn't leave out her 2 singles "What I Am" and "What Took You So Long", the track she ended with.

Here are 4 pics taken from the performance:

Thanks Odai!

--Monday, March 26, 2001 at 9.20pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Beckhams have the most stalkers
Not really surprising to hear: Posh and Becks are UK's most stalked stars with about 300 stalkers while other celebrities have an average of about 100 with only 2 or 3 being dangerous.

--Sunday, March 25, 2001 at 11.43am PST - [Mike]
"Merry Go Round"
Emma's b-side to her upcoming single "What Took You So Long?" has just become available on the net. The Webmaster of SpiceMP3.com has posted the track, which was encoded off the 4-track promotional single. Head to the "Official Emma Page" to download it.

You can also find the lyrics for this song at Spice Viva Forever.

--Sunday, March 25, 2001 at 11.35am PST - [Mike]
CapitalFM Radio Awards
Head to the CaptialFM Website and check the first "story" to vote in the awards. (If story is not there, click on the "On-Air" section, where the story will also be.)

You can vote for the Spice Girls for the Best Group award, and Melanie C and Mel B are up for the Best Female Vocalist award.

Thanks Chris!

--Friday, March 23, 2001 at 5.53pm PST - [Joz]
Emma Album Track List
The Virgin Records Brazil site has the track listing for Emma's solo debut album A Girl Like Me. Here's that:
  1. What Took You So Long?
  2. Take My Breath Away
  3. A World Without You
  4. High On Love
  5. A Girl Like Me
  6. Spell It O.U.T.
  7. Sunshine On A Rainy Day
  8. Been There, Done That
  9. Better Be Careful
  10. We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight
  11. She Was A Friend Of Mine
  12. What I Am
Thanks Martin!

--Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 9.28pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Melanie B Talks About Masturbation
While being in the dutch Starmaker-house, Melanie B talked to the participants of the show, one of the topics being masturbation. Here is a short mp3 of that.

Thanks Margot

--Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 9.20pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Melanie C to support Bon Jovi
Melanie C will be Bon Jovi's warm up-act at his concert in the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden. The event will take place on May 31st and will be Bon Jovi's first concert of his tour with 32 000 people watching.

Thanks Alex Bergdahl

--Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 9.10pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Another Concert Cancelled
Melanie C cancelled another concert, this time the Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach, Florida-one which was meant to be on April 18th. Again, no reason was given.

Thanks Jorge Araujo

--Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 8.59pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Raw Spice-Multimedia
It's SpiceMillennium again where you can find mp3s of songs which were broadcasted yesterday during "Raw Spice" (Story). Those mp3s include a clip of Take Me Away in a studio version as well as other unreleased tracks.

Thanks again Alex for posting the files and James for encoding them.

Aaaah, I love those. It's a shame to see those songs not being released!

--Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 8.42pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Melanie C live at Kremlin-Multimedia
SpiceMillennium posted 2 short videos of Melanie C performing Goin' Down & Never Be The Same again live at the Kremlin where she recently performed as well as a video of her press conference she did in Moscow (Story).

Thanks Alex

--Wednesday, March 21, 8.20pm PST - [Mike]
Mel B To Do Charity Concert
Radio Station Key 103 is going to be putting on a concert entitled Feel The Noise Live 2001. The date is still unknown, but Melanie will be the first act to perform.

--Wednesday, March 21, 2001 at 8.15pm PST - [Mike]
See The Melanie C - Echo Awards Interview
Someone at Dotmusic has posted an interview conducted during Melanie's recent appearance at the Echo Awards in Germany. (Story) Three different versions are available for different connections speed, all are in Windows ASX format.

Dial-Up Modem

Thanks to Angie Hung.

--Wednesday, March 21, 2001 at 7:45pm PST - [Joz]
Some MelC Tour Dates Cancelled
I can almost feel the disappointment from the fans in Florida and Georgia as they read this news that the following Melanie C tour dates have been cancelled:
  • April 16th - Atlanta, Georgia: Roxy Theatre
  • April 17th - Lake Buena Vista, Florida: House of Blues
Reasons for cancellation are unknown. For proof check out this House of Blues Florida page, and this Atlanta Concerts page. Tickets can be redeemed for your money back of course, contact the place you bought them for details.

Thanks to Angie Hung.

--Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 11:58pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C Says She Needs Real Love
During Melanie C's trip to Moscow, Russia - where she played a gig at the Kremlin - she spoke about several topics, with one being about her lovelife.

She said:

"I need real love. It's just my time hasn't come yet. I am a fatalist. There are thousands of 27 year-old girls - the same age as me - who don't even have boyfriends. And as I'm a singer who can't stay long in one place, it's even harder to concentrate on personal matters."
Regarding, her plans for a baby - if any, she said:

"I cannot say definitely. It depends. Victoria and David are a very good example for me in this sense, but at the moment I am just too independent."
Then, again onto the topic, of rumours of a split in Spice Camp:

"I am afraid I am not in the mood to discuss this now. Everybody grows. It's nature's call, and I am not an exception. When I was Sporty Spice I felt like a kid, and now I feel an adult. I can say that the atmosphere in the group has changed. Mel and Victoria are raising kids now and we cannot afford eight-month tours."
Speaking of Melanie C, Dmitri Konnov, a DJ from Russian radio station Radio Maximum, later said:

"Mel C reminded me of a school teacher from the Moscow suburbs who neglects her appearance, and who doesn't have the energy, desire or money to take care of herself. I had the terrible desire to give her a bottle of four rouble shampoo or just tell her that her hair needs washing and combing from time to time."

--Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 1:15am PST - [Joz]
Emma On Album
dotmusic has a teaser bit up for an Emma video interview they will post later this week. Emma told dotmusic that her album is a broad mixture of styles (rock, to dance and R&B), and that it features a cover of the classic party anthem "Sunshine On A Rainy Day". She also calls herself a control freak for wanting to make sure her album is just right before putting it out. She also said that the continued rumors of the Spice Girls' future are "frustrating", and says:

"Please, it's not true, we're still together."

--Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 1:08am PST - [Joz]
Raw Spice Coming Soon
A reminder that Raw Spice, featuring the previously unreleased video footage of Spice Girls living in their Maidenhead house before they made it, will be shown tomorrow on ITV(UK) at 8pm. Baby Spice Emma Bunton says of the documentary:

"I think obviously it's stuff done ages ago and we didn't know what it was so you're gonna say 'no don't show it' but I think we're going to be laughing our socks off at it. Anyone who thinks this is the beginning of our lives, I'm afraid it's not. He came and filmed us for two days. I think it'll be funny. I'm quite looking forward to it. I spoke to Mel and said 'are you gonna come over with a bottle of wine, so we might be doing that."

An extended version of Raw Spice with more than 20 minutes of extra footage will be available to buy on video and DVD starting March 26th(UK).

I can't wait to see this, surely somebody in the UK IS encoding this to RealVideo or MPEG right!?

--Monday, March 19, 2001 at 5:16pm GMT - [Schnickers]
MelB TrackHer
Scary Spice Melanie B is right now in Holland promoting her single "Feels So Good" and appeared at "Star Maker", Holland's "Popstars"-show. She was interviewed by the participants of that show and performed "Feels So Good" afterwards. The show is still to be aired, the dutch TV-Station "Veronica" will broadcast Mel B's appearance tonight, tomorow and wednesday at 18:30 CET. Here's a VERY small pic of her in the house, probably taken from Star Maker's website.

--Monday, March 19, 2001 at 5:14pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Karaoke Spice
Virgin/Emi in Malaysia released a "Karaoke Video Collection"-VCD of all Spice Girls-singles so far (in Malaysia only as it seems). Here are some scans of that: Thanks Melvin G

Sounds cool but why is this Malaysia only?! ack, imports are too expensive.. Anyways, anyone to provide mp3s of those instrumental songs?

--Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 11:39pm GMT - [Schnickers]
MelB In Paris Pix
MelB was in Paris this weekend (Story), here are 2 pics of her and Max Beesley Thanks Posh boy!

--Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 11:15pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Emma In OK! Scans
Here are scans of Emma in the latest issue of OK! Thanks Micheal Holden

--Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 7:00pm GMT - [Schnickers]
MelC on Jay Leno
She already announced it (Story), but now it's for sure. According to MTV, Melanie C will be on Jay Leno on Friday, April 6th!

Thanks Case

--Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 4:04pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Emma On CD:UK Video
JudgeJulez had a busy weekend as it seems, now he encoded a performance of Emma performing What Took You So Long on CD:UK which is up at Spice-Videos.com

Thanks Tamir & JudgeJulez

--Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 2.32pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Comic Relief-Multimedia
JudgeJulez encoded 2 real videos of Victoria and David being interviewed by Ali G for Comic Relief which can be found over at PoshNews.

There's also a short mpeg by JudgeJulez of Emma pretending to audition for a spoof version of popstars over at Spice-Videos.com

Thanks Odai, Tamir & JudgeJulez

--Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 11.21pm PST - [Joz]
MelB In Paris
Melanie B was in Paris with boyfriend Max Beesley just a couple days ago to attend designer Vivienne Westwood's fashion show.

--Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 11.15pm PST - [Joz]
Another Spice Movie?
-= Rumor Warning =-

By now known for making tough statements that seem to come out of nowhere, Scary Spice Melanie B says of Spice Girls' future:

"There's another film in the pipeline."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 11.12pm PST - [Joz]
Jordan Threatens Victoria
-= Rumor Warning =-

Glamour Model Jordan, who was last week made fun of by Victoria(Story) has struck back in response to the incident saying:

"If I see Posh I'll beat the shit out of her."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 1.00pm GMT - [Schnickers]
New Woman
Nothing important, but as it was on the girls' official site it must be mentioned I guess:

The Spice Girls and Melanie B are featured on the new "New Woman"-Album which is out since monday. The CD featuring the biggest female artists contains "Holler" and "Feels So Good". You can also take part in a competition to win a New Woman-album signed by one of the featured artists as well as a copy of "Forever" and "Hot".

Thanks Geo

--Friday, March 16, 2001 at 6.27pm PST - [Mike]
Posh & Becks Ali G Interview In MP3
You can download the interview that Victoria and David Beckham, along with comedian Ali G, did to take part of for the annual Comic Relief at Spice MP3.com. The interview is spliced into two files. Download them while they are available!

Thanks Lipehall

--Friday, March 16, 2001 at 9.30pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Echo Awards Multimedia
As promised, here are some pics of Melanie C on the Echo Awards:

I also encoded a real video of her performance which can be downloaded here

She looks pretty good again compared to last week, eh? Although I don't like that haircut. Sorry for those expecting an mpeg, but due to lack of space and time I can only provide you real video

--Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 10.21 PST - [Char]
Stick Melanie C On The Wall
Melanie C has been added to Liverpool's "Scouse House of Fame". The wall of fame contains 53 discs of all the artist from Liverpool who have achieved number one singles. So congrats to Melanie! Other acts include the recent pop group Atomic Kitten, and such other older acts like Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Ohh Ohhh OHH! It's Char's turn to update SpiceNews too! :) I'm SURE most of you know me from SVF, but I just wanna show Joz that I have power over his site too, so MUAHHAH to you Joz! You can all contact me over at char@spicenews.com so ha!

--Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 9.44 PST - [Mike]
No More Boobs For Mel B
-= Rumor Warning =-

Melanie B has had her breast implants removed at a private clinic after they had hardened and started to lose shape. She was worried over the silicone in the implants leaking into her body, and causing more damage. After her operation, she spent 3 nights recovering at London's Harley Street clinic and was discharged on February 26th.

Her scare with her breast implants are to be the next reason for Melanie's last minute withdraw from Comic Relief's Big Brother. (Story)

-= Rumor Warning =-

Hey Everyone, I'm the other new addition to SpiceNews.. Mike (and I'll just rip off Dennis here) aka MikeMGMVE. I'm here to add stuff whenever I can - interesting story for my first post, which I don't really believe.. but it works!

--Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 10.10pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Raw Spice Details
Finally we got some information about "Raw Spice", an unofficial documentation about the very early days of the Spice Girls (Story). It will show how much Victoria fancied David Beckham's teammate Ryan Giggs - pretty embarrassing as this was in 1994. Later Melanie C introduced Victoria to David, their first date was in 1997 - accompanied by Ryan and Melanie.

The programm will also include the girls' first performance ever, as well as backstage reports that show how Mel B and Geri have never really liked each other, which doesn't match their "We are best friends"-statements.

Watch ITV next Wednesday to see all this or wait for the VHS/DVD to be released on March 26th, including 20 minutes of footage not shown on TV. You can also pre-order those right here on amazon.co.uk

--Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 9.41pm GMT - [Schnickers]
Bid 4 Better World
You can help to empower women in the third world countries worldwide by bidding for a "trademark sexy top" which was given by Melanie C. The auction of little black fashion items from celebs will start tomorrow, March 15th, on this site.

--Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 9.26pm GMT - [Schnickers]
MelC TrackHer
Melanie C is right now in Berlin, Germany preparing for tomorrow's Echo-Awards she will perform at. She is nominated for best female award, although rumours already said that she won't get it.. We will know for sure in about 24 hours!

--Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 9.13pm GMT - [Schnickers]
MelC To Be In The US?
Melanie C's fan-letters-page has been updated. She talks about her tour, the other girls, other usual stuff and her plans to come to the US:

I am so excited about touring the US. I miss America so much. I used to spend so much more time there with the Spice Girls. If I Turn To You is a big hit I'll be there loads hopefully... wooohooo!! I'm hoping to do the Jay Leno in April, so watch out!

Thanks chissie!

--Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 5.30pm GMT - [Schnickers]
I Turn To You US-Scans
Here are the scans of the US release of I Turn To You (the cover is the same as UK CD 2 but look at the mistake on the back, Hex Hector Club Mix has been labeled as Radio Mix):

Thanks Odai

Wahey, my first post :) Hi everyone, this is Dennis aka Schnickers, I'll help out bringing you the latest news as soon as possible from now on!

--Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 8.18pm PST - [Joz]
Lullabye Date
The official Spice Girls site has been updated with news that Melanie B's new single "Lullabye", will be released on May 28th(UK).

--Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 8.17pm PST - [Joz]
I Turn To You US
Melanie C's "I Turn To You" single is released in the US today.

Nice timing Mel! Perhaps you'd like to wait another year though?

--Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 8.14pm PST - [Joz]
Morton Drama Continues
Victoria & David Beckham are seeking a court order against Andrew Morton, the author of the unauthorized book "Posh & Becks" released last fall(Story). As you may remember, Victoria & David dropped their legal case against the book's contents(Story), but they are still pursuing a breach of contract damages claim(Story). The Beckhams are asking for information to be released, such as his interviews with Mr. Niblett(the ex-bodyguard who the information comes from). From Mr Morton's defense team's viewpoint, the case is seen as a direct challenge to the traditional right of writers and journalists to protect their sources of information and their right to freedom of expression under the Human Rights Act.

--Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 8.03pm PST - [Joz]
Virgin To Drop MelB?
-= Rumor Warning =-

Scary Spice Melanie B may be dropped by her record label Virgin Records on her solo contract. Virgin is not very happy with the results of her solo album Hot. Mel's contract with Virgin is up for renewal this summer, and the label may cut her if her next single doesn't make it to the top five. Her next single from the album is "Lullabye", due for release in June. A source at Virgin Records says:

"It's not looking good for Mel. If the next single doesn't do well then her solo career will be over. Her previous singles haven't performed well and they can't really see a long-term solo future."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Monday, March 12, 2001 at 1.57am PST - [Joz]
MelC Paparazzi Fears
Melanie C has talked about her fears of the paparazzi, especially after this past week of her being hounded by them after she said at one point that she had no plans to work with Spice Girls in the future. Mel said:

"I've been chased by paparazzi on busy roads and they've blocked me in when I've stopped. It's really scary. We all remember what happened to Princess Diana, but it doesn't seem to have deterred anybody at all. All of the Spice Girls have had a lot of attention. Usually I'm quite lucky because they've never really taken that much interest in me. My life is a bit more private than some of the other girls. I don't really go out much. I'm not into clubbing and being seen in the trendiest hangouts. I'd rather have the quiet life."

She also cleared up her no-spice-work comments(Story) again:

"The truth of the matter is I haven't left the Spice Girls. But when I'm asked questions, I'm going to answer honestly. And at the moment we're all pursuing solo careers, and have got no plans to do any Spice Girls work in the immediate future."

She also talked about her current dating:

"I am seeing somebody at the moment but it's very early days so it's no big deal."

She wouldn't say who it was but it is rumored to be assistant film director Dan Cadan(Story).

--Monday, March 12, 2001 at 1.38am PST - [Joz]
Emma VS Wolves
Emma admits that she has a fear of large dogs and was especially worried about working with the wolves in her new video for "What Took You So Long"(Story), which was shot in the California desert. She says:

"I'm scared of big dogs and I was shaking like a leaf. The video was my idea and when I was sitting there with a wolf behind me, I was thinking I must be mad. When the trainer brought them out I thought, they can't be that bad. But they were growling and barking and I thought, please just do this shot, get this over with. Unluckily, one of the dogs liked the cream that was on my legs and started licking my thigh, I just told the director, 'Film! Film! Quick.' The trainer was still there the whole time and was sitting just out of shot, while I was lying down with it. Suddenly she said, 'Stop, I don't like the look in his eye.' That was it, I was up and out of there."

--Monday, March 12, 2001 at 12.39pm AEST - [LukeP]
Vote The Spice Girls In FHM's '100 Sexiest Women In The World 2001'!
Well, the voting for FHM's '100 Sexiest Women In The World 2001' is open, and you're able to vote for any 10 women of your choice.

Though, since this news item is appearing on a Spice Girls site, we're telling you to vote for the Spice Girls. Though you can't vote for them as a group, uh uh, you have to do them separately.

So say for example you do choose to vote for all the Spice Girls, well there aren't 10 of them, only 4 so you're also going to have to come up with six more women who you think are sexy. With Number 1 being the most sexiest, and 10 being the least sexiest.

So head on over to here, to place your votes!

Thanks Pure Melanie.

--Monday, March 12, 2001 at 12.47am AEST - [LukeP]
Mel B Turns To Clairvoyant
-= Rumor Warning =-

UK Newspaper, The Sunday Mirror reports that Mel B has been seeing a clairvoyant.

Mel has gone to see psychic medium Sally Morgan three times in two weeks to help her decide what to do, in both her public and private life.

It reports thats Mel B has discussed with Sally about her future as a Spice Girl, her failed marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar and her relationship with Geri Halliwell.

Mel B also gave her two old photographs of the Spice Girls, which included Geri. When Sally held the pictures she then relayed the "messages" she had received through them. Mel B was so impressed with it all, that she told Sally that she'd like Melanie C and Victoria to pay a visit as well.

A 'friend' of Mel B said:

"She is a very spiritual person and she genuinely believes seeing a clairvoyant can give her some direction and help her decide what she should be concentrating on at the moment. She is particularly worried about the band's future and whether she can cut it as a solo artist. She also spoke about the breakdown of her marriage to Jimmy Gulzar last year and was interested to know what the medium thought had caused their difficulties."

When Sally Morgan, was asked about her meeting with Mel B, she said:

"I have to respect my client's confidentiality. I never discuss what I talk about with anyone."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Monday, March 12, 2001 at 12.29am AEST - [LukeP]
Mp3 Available Of What Melanie C Told CD:UK
SpiceMillennium.com has an mp3 available to download of Melanie C talking to CD:UK(Story), regarding all the hullabaloo over the last couple of days.

So if you weren't able to see the most recent episode of CD:UK, and reading a transcript is not enough for you, then why not get yourself over to SpiceMillennium.com.

Once you're there head through the audio section and scroll on down until you get to 'interviews'. You should find it there.

Thanks Angie Hung.

--Sunday, March 11, 2001 at 2.54pm AEST - [LukeP]
Emma Talks About 'The End' Of The Spice Girls
spice.mp3 has got an mp3 file (of course!) of Emma's interview with Capital FM talking about "the end" of the Spice Girls.

Just head to the Emma section of the site, and then interviews and you'll find it.

Thanks LipeHall.

--Sunday, March 11, 2001 at 2.44pm AEST - [LukeP]
Update On 'Melanie C Tour Australia' Petition
Regarding the petition that was started up in the hopes that it'd have an effect, on getting Melanie C to Australia(Story), well there's been a bit of an update to the status of it.

Di, who created the petition received an e-mail back from Virgin Records.

It read:

"Diane - Thanks for your email. Great stuff..were as gutted as you are that Mel will not be touring Australia.

As you can see ive passed your email onto Mels International label Manager. I know he will make sure Melanie gets your email."

So at least there's been some progress (fingers crossed, there'll be some more!), and hopefully it'll help grab Melanie C's attention. The petition isn't fully closed yet though, and if you'd like to still help out you're still very quite welcome to! Just click here!

Again, thanks Di.

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 6.53pm PST - [Joz]
Victoria Stuck In Elevator
Victoria was stuck in an elevator between the second and third floors at her apartment block in Alderley Edge, Cheshire last Sunday. She was rescued by five firemen. Victoria says "it was really freaky."

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 6.43pm PST - [Joz]
Max Banned MelB
-= Rumor Warning =-

Melanie B's boyfriend Max Beesley forbid her to go on Celebrity Big Brother because he didn't want her sleeping in the same house as hunky comedia Richard Blackwood. Max was afraid that the two would develop a romance after they had allegedly been attracted to each other in the past(Story). This is the real reason why Mel B pulled out of the show(Story). It turns out that Richard Blackwood pulled out in the end as well. A BBC insider said:

"Having the flu was just a cover story, the real reason was that Max was unhappy about Richard being with her. But she came up with that excuse over two weeks ago, surely even the worst bout of flu doesn't last that long."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 6.38pm PST - [Joz]
Golden Posh
-= Rumor Warning =-

Victoria wants to be painted completely gold for the cover of her debut solo album. She wants to recreate the scene involving Shirley Eaton from the classic James Bond movie Goldfinger. A 'friend' of Victoria's says:

"Victoria thinks the original shots were absolutely stunning and she wants to recreate them for the album cover. Nothing is finalised yet, but she loves the idea and is determined to make it happen."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 6.22pm PST - [Joz]
MelC TMF Awards Nomination
Sporty Spice Melanie C's "I Turn To You" has been nominated for best single at the TMF Awards(Netherlands). Her competition in this category is N' Sync's "Bye Bye Bye", Anastacia's "I'm Outta Love", Bahamen's "Who Let The Dogs Out", and Destiny's Child's "Independent Women Part 1". You can vote in this category on their site.

Thanks Sven.

Phewwwwwwww, thank goodness Mel C isn't leaving Spice Girls. I actually had a bad feeling on that one for the first time out of the split rumors, same type of feeling I had when the Geri leaving rumors were going on. Ahhh, it's all good for now. Miss C needs to watch what she says, even though I'm still confused about what exactly she was talking about then in that intial interview.

--Sunday, March 11, 2001 at 12.50am AEST - [LukeP]
What Melanie C Said On CD:UK
Here's a small transcript of what was said on Melanie C's and Emma's appearance on CD:UK:

Cat Deeley: The main news story hitting all the headlines this week is about the future of the Spice Girls following the comments made by Melanie C. As you can see I am joined here by Emma, and hopefully on the phone, Melanie C. We should have the lovely Melanie C on the line. Have we got her?

Melanie C: Good morning!!

Emma and Cat Deeley: Hello! (Giggles)

CD: How are you?

MC: I loved the performance Emma, it was wicked!!

Emma: Thank you very much!!

CD: Now listen thanks for ringing up this morning, now I wanna ask you a question. Basically, it was plastered all over the papers yesterday quoting you as saying I have no plans to work with the Spice Girls in the future and haven't been happy in the band for the last 2 years?

MC: Mmm...

CD: Can you elaborate a little bit on that?

MC: (Laughing) Y'know, I love the British press. All the Spice Girls are forever asked this, I'm sure Emma can tell you too (Emma nods her head, in reply) and you know, at the moment, we're concentrating on solo stuff but no-one has left the band, I've (talking louder) NOT LEFT THE SPICE GIRLS, (the crowd all cheers) we're still together.I'm very sorry to let the media down but I'm sure our fans won't bother.

CD: So as far as you guys are concerned there is definitely a future for the Spice Girls??

MC: Of course there is!!

E: We love each other don't we babes? (more cheering from the crowd)

MC: Yeah we do! Cooor, I fancy your band a bit! (Laughing)

CD: Thank you very very much for talking to us Mel!

MC: Thank you!

CD: Are you still in bed?

MC: (Laughing) No I had to get up early and feed my cat!

E: Bye Mel, speak to ya later!! (She blows Melanie a kiss)

MC: Bye bye darling!

CD: Thanks Emma for coming on the show too!

E: Bye Melanie (She's waving bye to Melanie)

CD: Bye Mel!!

UPDATE: Seems someone has been a bit naughty. Taking credit for other people's work. Danielle B did submit the following to me, but didn't mention it came from Phoenix's post on worldpop forums. So thanks goes to Phoenix, and in future people, please give credit where credit is due.

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 11.35pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C Has Not Left The Spice Girls!
Melanie C appeared on CD:UK this morning (via the phone) and Emma was also there, making an appearance to perform 'What Took You So Long?'

Melanie C spoke to Cat Deeley, presenter of CD:UK to talk about the current situation. Both Emma and Melanie C confirmed at the same time on live television that the group was still together and that no one had left the group.

This is the latest news on the situation, which occured at 11.45am GMT today (ie, 10 March 2001).

Big thanks to Matt Shepherd for that one!

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 6.59pm AEST - [LukeP]
Even More Melanie C Reactions!
Speaking of all these recent split stories, Emma, in a radio interview last night said:

"I don't think Mel C meant to say it. She has been working very hard and was probably very tired."

While Melanie C's spokesperson (Alan Edwards, again perhaps?) has said:

"The girls have not split. They are just concentrating on their solo projects. Mel just said that as a group, they are not working on anything together at the moment. That's true, though they are still very much together. The comments she made were perfectly innocent."

While a 'source close to the band' has told The Sun:

"Mel, Victoria and Emma have been desperately trying to talk to Melanie to get to the bottom of this. They are angry and can't understand what has got into her. We all know she has been unhappy and depressed but she's always shooting her mouth off and doesn't think about what she's saying."

--Friday, March 9, 2001 at 11.16pm PST - [Joz]
Emma @ G.A.Y.
Whoa, it's not Mel C news(sorry), but Emma will be performing at London club G.A.Y. on Saturday, March 24th. Her supporting act will supposedly be Dannii Minogue.

Thanks Brian.

--Friday, March 9, 2001 at 11.06pm PST - [Joz]
More MelC Reactions..
Melanie B has commented on the current Melanie C drama and Spice split rumors saying:

"As far as I know, we haven't split up."

Mel C's mother Joan said:

"Until Melanie tells me herself that the Spice Girls have split I refuse to believe it."

You can listen to The Sun's tape of the Mel C interview in which she said her statements about not intending to do any more work with Spice Girls(Story) by calling 09015 613113 in the UK, and 1550 923 521 from Ireland. Calls cost 60p a minute (58p RoI). Here are a couple pictures of Mel this morning leaving her house(see below story for more info):

Can somebody get an MP3 rip of this interview?

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 3.27pm AEST - [LukeP]
Victoria Says 'We Are Not Splitting Up' + Melanie C's Reported Status
Victoria has spoken to UK paper The Mirror.

Speaking from her family home, she said:

"There's no way we are splitting up. I don't know exactly what Mel said, but I talk to the other two girls all the time. All three of us want to keep going with the band, I'm completely certain of that. We're definitely going to carry on. I would be the first to know if we were breaking up, and we're not."

Also, according to The Mirror, Melanie C "was in a less than Sporty mood yesterday as she left her pounds 2.5million penthouse flat near Hampstead, North London."

She also reportedly swore with rude four-letter abuse at papparazi and made a one-finger gesture as she sped off in her silver BMW M coupe.

It also reports that Melanie C seemed to be feeling the pressure while leaving home in a black tracksuit and her streaked hair uncombed. Then, while driving through the gates which guard her home, stern-faced Melanie C slammed her foot down on the accelerator and shot off at breakneck speed, telling cameramen to "fuck off".

A 'neighbour' said:

"Mel C is usually full of smiles but she didn't look very happy today. She was driving like a bat out of hell."

She was also said to be equally grumpy when she returned home six hours later, while shaking her head to questions and hiding her face with her hand. Then honking her horn loudly at waiting reporters "she sped through the security with a face like thunder", reports The Mirror.

Victoria though looked totally unphased by all the commotion. Dressed in white baseball cap and blue denim jacket, she left her home in Goffs Oak, Herts with Brooklyn for a shopping trip. Then apologising that she couldn't discuss the Spice Girls' future in more depth, as she she had to stop Brooklyn playing a game of tumbling down the stairs.

A 'record company insider' said:

"It's going to be very difficult for them to lose Mel C. Sales haven't been good for the Spice Girls recently, and it's hard to see them surviving if another member of the band goes."

Kinda scary, innit?

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 2.46pm AEST - [LukeP]
Spice Girls Fanclub Responds To Split Rumours
The (now-closed) Spice Girls Fan Club replied to an e-mail of one of it's members in which it included the following:

"And you have probably heard the rumours set off by our dear Mel C - well they are just rumours! I have just had a directive from those who must be obeyed and whilst there are no plans to do any more spicey stuff and they are concentrating purely on their solo efforts, the Spice Girls will always be a group and who knows the future could bring more "stuff" from them or they may decide not to do anything else as a group again, but this still does not mean they have split up. Spice Girls Ltd is still going strong."

Thanks Steve Cattell

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 1.23am AEST - [LukeP]
Spice Girls' Official Site Updates With Statement
The Spice Girls official site has been updated.

The update to the news section says:

SpiceHQ have given the following statement in response to the speculation in the tabloids this morning (9th March 01) :

"This is nothing new, the girls always planned to lay low as their solo projects were happening. The girls ARE still together, they are still the best of mates and Melanie C's comments have been mis-interpretated by the media. Right now, everything is right with Spice!"

Phew! Hopefully, everything is now alright in the Spice Camp! I stress the term 'Hopefully'...

--Saturday, March 10, 2001 at 1.16am AEST - [LukeP]
Spice Girls Spokesperson Reveals More
Alan Edwards, spokesperson for the Spice Girls has now followed in Melanie C's footsteps by speaking to Reuters.

He said Melanie C's interview with Reuters would lead one to "go down the road" of concluding that the show was over for the UK's biggest pop sensation since the Beatles. But, thankfully he denied the split.

"Mel C has not left the Spice Girls and the Spice Girls have not split up," he told Reuters.

He also had spoken to Victoria, regarding all the recent commotion:

"I spoke to Victoria last night -- she didn't stay awake over it."

Continuing on further, he said:

"What Mel said was correct in that there are no Spice Girls plans at the moment. I think they will sit down and take a view at the end of the year, although there is no date in the diary."

--Friday, March 9, 2001 at 2.27pm AEST - [LukeP]
Spice Girls Are Not Splitting Up
Alan Edwards, spokesman for the Spice Girls has denied rumours that the group is splitting up following claims by Melanie C that she does not intend to do any more work with the group.

Alan Edwards, said:

"Everyone wants to say it's over but it isn't, the group have still got strong ties. What she said is that we've got no plans at the moment and it's been exaggerated into the final split and it isn't the final split. As everyone knows, the Spice Girls are pursuing their own solo projects but the Spice Girls still exists. It ain't over until it's over and it ain't over."

--Friday, March 9, 2001 at 2.15pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C To Pull Out Of The Spice Girls?
Melanie C has told Reuters that she does not plan to keep working with the Spice Girls and will instead focus on her solo career.

She also told Reuters in a telephone interview that there were no plans for a new Spice Girls album.

Although she did say "I'll always be a Spice Girl" she continued on by saying:

"I don't intend to do any more work with the Spice Girls.... Really, I've not been comfortable being in the Spice Girls for probably the last two years. It doesn't really feel that natural to me anymore. I've grown up, and I just feel that I want to do things my own way and not compromise. We were such a huge phenomenon, and there's not really anywhere else to go with that. It was a question of sacrificing our lives and trying to maintain the success, or just being honest with ourselves. We've all been very honest and we all wanted to pursue solo careers."

She then spoke of remaining close to the rest of the Spices:

"We're still linked business-wise and we're still friends, but I don't really consider myself to work as a band any more."

Then speaking of 'I Turn To You' and it's current success in the USA, she said:

"I've still got a lot of fans over there. We get lots of hits on the Web site and lots of e-mails and lots of fan mail from America, so hopefully the tour's going to be a success, and hopefully we'll have some sellouts just to get this going, get people excited about the album."

Regarding her eating disorder, and depression she told Reuters that she was feeling much better, was taking mild anti-depressants and undergoing a lot of therapy. Regarding the reports which have linked her to British filmmaker Dan Cadan, she said her relationship with him was more platonic.

"He's lovely and he's a friend, but I'm away a lot and I don't really know him that well."

--Friday, March 9, 2001 at 12.27am AEST - [LukeP]
Can't Stay Tonight Mp3 Available!
SpiceMillennium.com has a CD quality mp3 of 'Can't Stay Tonight' now available for download.

For those unfamiliar with the track it was recorded in the early days of Spice, reported to be 1997, and although it was recorded a while back, Melanie C is the only Spice to be featured.

Thanks Guven.

--Friday, March 9, 2001 at 12.14am AEST - [LukeP]
Upcoming Spice Girls Special On Channel [V] Australia
Channel [V] Australia, will be screening a Spice Girls special in May. Tuesday, the 29th of May to be exact.

The full program details aren't really known at this stage, but the Mainstage section of Channel [V]'s website does say:

Tue 22 May 7.00pm *Premiere* Spice Girls (Back To Back Clips & Solo Careers Clips). 180 mins

So I suppose it's back to back clips of them, plus a bit more of something, for them to say it's a 'Premiere'. I could be wrong though of course! :)

Thanks LA for that bit of info.

Just a little reminder from me. If you're Australian and you still haven't signed the petition to get Melanie C to Australia (Shame on you!), please do so! I want to have a billion signatures on this thing (most likely, I wont but wishful thinking never hurt anybody), and if I don't then well, I'll have to cry about it. So if you don't know where to head to, then CLICK RIGHT HERE! Thankya very much! :)

--Thursday, March 8, 2001 at 1.02am PST - [Joz]
NYC Underground Party Vol.3
Melanie C's "I Turn To You" is on the NYC Underground Party Vol. 3 album.

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 11.17pm PST - [Joz]
Sims Skins
Here are Spice Girls skins for the widely popular game The Sims:

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 10.55pm PST - [Joz]
More MelC UK Tour Dates
From Melanie C's official site:

Not content with just piling on the dates for her US and Canada Tour, Melanie has made two new additions to her UK tour: Reading and Newport!

So, the complete list for tour dates in May 2001 is as follows:


6 Royal Court Liverpool (SOLD OUT)
8 Colston Hall Bristol
9 Centre Brighton
10 Pavillions Plymouth
12 Rivermead Reading (NEW) - 01189 015 000
13 Civic Hall Wolverhampton
14 Royal Centre Nottingham
16 Barbican York (SOLD OUT)
17 Apollo Manchester
18 Newport Centre Newport, Gwent (NEW) - 01633 662 662
20 Olympia Dublin
21 Waterfront Hall Belfast
22 Playhouse Edinburgh

Please contact the venue directly for ticket information, or you can order online through www.gigsandtours.com

The local Melanie C Tour Dates page has been updated to reflect the new changes.

Thanks to Angie Hung.

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 10.15pm PST - [Joz]
Learning To Fly
Victoria's upcoming autobiography(Story) will be titled Learning To Fly. It will be 120,000 words and based from her diary. It will also feature exclusive photos from her family albums. The publisher, Pengiun Books, have reportedly already recieved the first few chapters of the book from Victoria.

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 2.25am PST - [Joz]
MelC Near Bomb Scene
Melanie C's plane landed in Bangkok just ten minutes after a bomb exploded on a Thai Airways Boeing 737 at the airport. The plane burst into flames. Seven were injured and one steward was killed. It is believed that the bomb was intended as an assasination attempt on Thailand's Prime Minister. The Prime Minister however was still in the VIP lounge when the bomb exploded and was not hurt. When Mel C was told about the steward's death she said:

"I feel very sorry. My heart goes out to his family."

I'm back. I moved into my new place and thought I'd be up and running almost right away, but some difficulties came up that I had to deal with. However I see that LukeP did an very excellent job keeping the site up to date, so all is good & you probably didn't even notice that I was gone!


--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 2.11am PST - [Joz]
What Took You So Long Cover
The cover of "What Took You So Long", Emma's first single to be released on April 2nd, off her upcoming album A Girl Like Me, is up along with a chance to pre-order the single on this Amazon.co.uk page.

Here is a local copy of the cover.

Thanks :::Jessika:::

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 1.59am PST - [Joz]
News From Emma
Sent out on the official Emma mailing list(Sign-ups on her site):


I've been meaning to write for days to say a huge thank you for registering to hear my single on my brand new site at


i promised to keep you up to date with all my news, so here's a hot scoop...if you follow the link below you'll find a very special VIP section on my site--that no-one else can see! it's just for my very special fans and i'll be posting all my hottest news, videos and music there first...so make sure you bookmark it cos it'll be invisible on the site:


while we're talking...it's about time I heard from you lot...so, why don't you join me online on 2 april at 6pm for a webchat? you can send me a question right now--just click on the link below


there's also a competition to meet me at my record company to watch the webchat actually taking place...so what are you waiting for? i'd love to hook up with you!

thanks again for joining my special bunch of email pals and don't forget to keep checking the site --cos there's loads of new stuff coming soon

take care!

loads of love

x x x

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 1.53am PST - [Joz]
MelC Tour 2001 T-Shirts
They are giving away 30 Mel C 2001 Tour T-Shirts on Melanie C's official site on the Competition Page.

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 1.48am PST - [Joz]
Buy Mel's Aprilia Scooter
You can purchase the scooter Melanie C was on when the Spice Girls were endorsing Aprilia scooters, after which they lost a lawsuit with Aprilia over(Story). Either way, Mel's Aprilla scooter is for sale for 1,599 at Scooter Mania, London Road, North Cheam(England). For details you can call 020 8641 2111.

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 1.36am PST - [Joz]
Jade's Birthday
Emma was out at London's exclusive Mayfair club celebrating the birthday of her boyfriend Jade Jones. Other guests included All Saint Shaznay Lewis, Mick Hucknall, and Jemma Kidd.

Here is a picture of Emma & Jade at the party.

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 1.31am PST - [Joz]
Baby Kisses Cop
Baby Spice Emma Bunton went out the wrong exit after the Brit Awards and ended up being mobbed by fans. The police were called in to sort out the situation and Emma rewarded the sergeant with a big kiss.

Damn, I wish that was Sergeant Joz.

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 1.26am PST - [Joz]
Who Let The Dogs Out?
-= Rumor Warning =-

Yes I hate that song too, but Victoria seemed to think it was good enough to sing along with the barking sounds as British glamour-model, soon to be featured in Playboy, "Jordan" walked into the players' lounge after a Manchester United game. Victoria was at the soccer game with her friend Nicola Smith and whenever they caught Jordan's eye they would start singing the song. Jordan wasn't sure if they were just singing it or if it was targetted at her, but she found out for sure when she entered the lounge after the game and Nicola & Victoria started singing the song at the top of their lungs. 'A friend' of Jordan said:

"She couldn't believe Victoria could behave like that. It was outrageous and spiteful. She went scarlet with rage and humiliation and looked like she was just about to belt Posh. But she managed to keep her temper and stormed out of the bar and into the ladies. When she had gone, Victoria turned to Nicola and said in mock innocence: 'Oh, that's my favourite song at the moment.'"

This of course is not out of the blue. Jordan publically has stated that she blames Victoria for the breakup with her old boyfriend Dane Bowers(who worked with Victoria on the summer hit "Out Of Your Mind"). Jordan had said:

"Ever since Dane worked with Victoria he has changed. He got big-headed and would talk to me like I was a piece of rubbish."

-= Rumor Warning =-

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 1.07am PST - [Joz]
High On Love
Emma has written a song entitled "High On Love" dedicated to her mother. The song is one of the tracks on her upcoming album A Girl Like Me, which is scheduled for official release on April 16th. Emma says of her upcoming album:

"I've written a song called High On Love which I wrote for my mum. There's another track called Take My Breath Away which is also one of my favorites. I love all sorts of music so I've incorporated a little bit of R&B, lots of pop and a bit of dance. It's called A Girl Like Me because I really feel like a normal girl. I go through the same emotions as any other girl, we fall in love, we get our hearts broken, we love our mums so there's all types of different emotions on the album. Hopefully a lot of different will be able to identify with it. Unless I'm mad!"

And some explanation of her first single "What Took You So Long":

"No offence to men, but it's about how men actually take a little bit longer to find out they're in love than a woman does. It's a real feel-good track you can listen to in the car!"

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 12.57am PST - [Joz]
Brooklyn Birthday Party
The Beckhams spent the weekend celebrating their son Brooklyn's second birthday. The celebration took place near their home at the Wacky Warehouse kiddies' pub play centre in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. There was special catering, and 30-50 guests, but other than that it was a normal birthday party.

Here is a picture of the family arriving at the party. Looks like Victoria is sporting a new hairstyle?

--Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 12.48am PST - [Joz]
Victoria Cries For David
Victoria cried tears of joy as she held her son Brooklyn and watched her husband David Beckham lead out the England National soccer team recently. Victoria said:

I was so proud of David because I know how much this means to him. It's the greatest honor to captain your country. When I saw him walking out with the armband leading his team as captain of England I was just completely overwhelmed and felt the tears welling up. It was really, really emotional and I had to try hard not to burst into tears. Holding Brooklyn as his dad walked out was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I just completely filled with pride to see my husband and father of my baby leading the team. It was a very, very emotional moment for all of us. David did not think he was going to be captain because he was not told until quite late. It was all a bit of a surprise. To see them win like that was a great bonus too."

--Monday, March 5, 2001 at 11.11am AEST - [LukeP]
'I Don't Know' Mp3 Available
MUSICWORLD.nu has released mp3 files of Damage's "Since You've Been Gone" including 'I Don't Know', which features vocals from Emma (Story).

Though, Schnickers has uploaded a local copy of 'I Don't Know' available for your listening pleasure here.

Thanks - Schnickers -

--Monday, March 5, 2001 at 10.55am AEST - [LukeP]
Tell Me Why Has Been Released!
Don't get too excited, there! :)

Anyway, it seems 'Tell Me Why' by the Spice Girls (of course), has been released - in the Philippines at least.

Though it's perhaps just a radio-only song, as it's currently at Number 3 on the charts at Monster Radio RX 93.1 in Philippines.

Thanks Forever&Ever_Spice

--Monday, March 5, 2001 at 10.42am AEST - [LukeP]
New Videos Of Emma At MTV UK Available
Spice-videos.com has placed up 2 new videos of Emma.

One of her on MTV Select, for the premiere of 'What Took You So Long?', and the other is just an interview, in which she talks about the wedding of her mum, amongst other things.

Both are in Real Video format, so if you're interested in checking them out head to Spice-videos.com.

--Sunday, March 4, 2001 at 12.13am AEST - [LukeP]
Emma's 'What Took You So Long?' Promo Released To Radio
A promo copy of Emma's first solo single, 'What Took You So Long?' from her debut album 'A Girl Like Me' has been released to radio (at least in the UK).

It's tracklisting is:

  1. What Took You So Long? (Radio Edit) 3'43
  2. What Took You So Long? 3'59
  3. (Hey You) Free Up Your Mind 3'21
  4. Merry-Go Round 3'54
It's official airdate was the 26 February.

A copy has also popped on eBay, which can be found here.

Thanks Ed Neher and Christian.

--Saturday, March 3, 2001 at 12.49pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C Nominated for an 'Echo 2001' Award
Melanie C has been nominated in Germany, for an 'Echo 2001' award in the category of 'Best International Female'.

The awards will be screened on German TV channel, 'ARD' (channel 19 on ASTRA satellite system) on the 15th March.

--Saturday, March 3, 2001 at 12.38pm AEST - [LukeP]
Error In Melanie C's USA Tour Dates?
Yes, you read right. Well at least it seems so anyway.

Melanie C's official site mentions that she'll be playing at the House Of Blues in South Carolina on April 17. Yet, checking out the House Of Blues site has no mention of her appearance in South Carolina, but what it does say instead is of her appearance at the House Of Blues, in Orlando, Florida on April 17.

Matt informs us that he also called the House Of Blues in Orlando to confirm this, and yes they did confirm that Melanie C will will be at the Orlando, Florida House Of Blues on April 17th, and not South Carolina.

For further proof on this, click here. It will take you to Ticketmaster's page where you will be able to buy tickets to see Melanie C at the House Of Blues in Orlando, Florida.

Again thanks to Matt for informing us of the error.

--Saturday, March 3, 2001 at 12.00pm AEST - [LukeP]
Pictures Available Of Melanie C in Singapore
Those interested in seeing pictures (over 50 of them) and more from Melanie C's concert as well as her press conference in Singapore can check out the following URL - http://pwp.maxis.net.my/niel/mel/index.html.

Thanks Niel.

--Friday, March 2, 2001 at 11.40pm AEST - [LukeP]
Vote For The Spice Girls In MTV UK's 'Top 100 Weekend'
MTV UK are currently running a poll on the Top 100 videos in Pop.

Spice nominations include Wannabe, Holler, Never Be The Same Again by Melanie C, Feels So Good by Mel B, and Out Of Your Mind by The TrueSteppers featuring Victoria Beckham.

If you wanna vote, you gotta be quick on this one, as I think it ends this weekend. So click here to place your vote.

Thanks Poshone_Forever and SPICE GIRLS AND GERI GUIDE.

--Friday, March 2, 2001 at 11.21pm AEST - [LukeP]
Ask Emma A Question!
The official Spice Girls site at C3 has been updated with the news of an upcoming webchat with Emma, to be held sometime in April.

You can submit your questions by clicking here.


--Friday, March 2, 2001 at 12.16pm AEST - [LukeP]
MPEG Of 'What Took You So Long?' Now Available!
As I mentioned previously(Story), SpiceVideos.com would hopefully have an MPEG up of Emma's 'What Took You So Long?' video, pretty soon.

Well, they've updated and now have a 40MB MPEG file of it available to download, so go check it out if you're interested.

Thanks T@mir.

--Friday, March 2, 2001 at 11.57am AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C's Extra Dates in Canada, Confirmed!
Well, Melanie C's dates in Canada that were reported yesterday here, have been confirmed by her official website. It now reads:

The tour has just got bigger! The big '13' are now as follows:

Please contact the venue directly for ticket information.


29 Jack Singer Auditorium Calgary, Alberta, Canada
30 Francis Winspear Centre Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


01 Massey Hall New Westminster, B.C. Canada
03 Bimbo's 365 Club San Francisco, California
04 House of Blues Anaheim, California
05 Roxy Theatre Los Angeles, California
08 House of Blues Chicago, Illinois
09 The Guvernment Toronto, Ontario
10 Club Soda Montreal, Quebec, Canada
14 Irving Plaza New York
16 Roxy Theatre Atlanta, Georgia
17 House of Blues (SC) N.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
18 Carefree Theater West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

--Friday, March 2, 2001 at 11.48am AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C To Do Another Gig in Russia
As reported yesterday here, Melanie C will soon be heading to Russia. Well, news has came in that it's not just Moscow that will have the pleasure of Melanie, visiting them but she'll also be checking out St. Petersberg, this time on the 18th March.

Also, while she's sharing the bill with a number of other stars in Moscow, her appearance in St. Petersberg looks like it will be just her.

Thanks Jenya.

UPDATE: I've just been informed that her gig in St Petersberg will be at Ledovi Dvoretz (Ice Palace). Thanks again Jenya.

--Friday, March 2, 2001 at 12.13am AEST - [LukeP]
Mel B Suffering From Exhaustion
UK newspaper, The Mirror reports that Mel B has had to cancel many arrangements including her appearance on Big Brother (Story), because she says she is suffering from exhaustion.

She went to pay a visit to an exclusive London hospital last Friday after feeling run-down and didn't seem to be able to get rid the of flu which had been hanging around her for three weeks. She was then diagnosed by a consultant with exhaustion and was demanded that she took some rest - or face burn out.

Because of this she has had to cancel several appearances - many of which are mentioned on her website - as well as a trip that she was to take to Europe to promote 'Feels So Good'.

Regarding having to pull out of Big Brother, Mel said:

"I'm gutted about pulling out but I have been told to stay at home and take it easy."

A 'friend' says:

"Mel hates sitting at home doing nothing - normally she is always so full of energy. But the doctors warned that if she didn't calm down, she'd do herself serious damage."

--Thursday, March 1, 2001 at 8.32pm AEST - [LukeP]
News on Australian Spice Girls Record Releases
SpiceNews.com visitor, SpicyMatt, recently contacted Virgin Australia asking about info on Spice Girls releases in Australia and this is what they replied with:

"Mel C's new single is out this week with exclusive tracks, we just got Emma's single and everyone thinks it's gonna be massive. Will be out in April.

Mel B's killer new single "Feel So Good" just debuted at #5 in the UK and the Oz single will have have 5 exclusive mixes not available anywhere else!!!

Posh's album will be out around October."

Thanks SpicyMatt.

--Thursday, March 1, 2001 at 8.02pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C To Perform With A1 And Plus One in Singapore
Melanie C will be making a special promotional appearance alongside British Boyband A1 - who previously had taken a pop at her (Story) - and Plus One (sorry, don't know who they are!) at Ngee Ann City's Civic Plaza in Singapore on March 5 at 7:30 p.m.

Thanks ~*~MelShellE~*~

UPDATE: I've been informed by a couple of readers (thanks 'CP' and 'Andrew'!) that 'Plus One' is a Christian boy band from the USA. They aren't all that well known yet as they haven't done all that much promotion, as compared to other boy bands. I was also able to track down their official website at plusoneonline.com.

--Thursday, March 1, 2001 at 7.41pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C Adds More Dates To Canadian Tour
Although, still to be officially announced, word has spread that Melanie C has added more dates to her Canadian tour.

She will be stopping in Calgary for a show at the Jack Singer Concert Hall on Thursday, March 29. Edmonton is also pretty much locked in, although at the time the date is pretty much still unknown.

This now means that she'll be stopping by at 5 cities in Canada - Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Thanks Angie Hung and Jer.

--Thursday, March 1, 2001 at 7.14pm AEST - [LukeP]
Real Video Now Available of Emma's 'What Took You So Long?'
SpiceVideos.com has placed a copy of Emma's 'What Took You So Long?' taken from the debut of it on 'Select' on MTV UK. The file is in Real Video format, although it should soon also be available in MPEG.

Thanks JudgeJulez.

--Thursday, March 1, 2001 at 7.04pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C Nominated For Two International Dance Music Awards
The nominations have been announced for the upcoming International Dance Music Awards, and Melanie C has been nominated in two categories, 'Best New Dance Artist Solo' and 'Best Hi NRG/Euro 12-Inch'. The latter nomination being for 'I Turn To You'.

Others up for nomination for Best New Dance Artist solo are Anastacia, Sonique, and Alice Deejay. While the nominations for the category of Best Hi NRG/Euro 12-Inch are Alice Deejay for 'Better Off Alone', DJ Jurgen for 'Higher & Higher' and Ariel for 'Women in Love'.

The awards will be presented on the final day of the 16th annual Winter Music Conference, which runs from March 24-28 at the Radisson Deauville Resort - Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Thanks Tracey.

--Thursday, March 1, 2001 at 5.52pm AEST - [LukeP]
Melanie C To Do A Concert In Moscow, Russia
Russkoe Radio, in Russia has reportedly been running advertisements for a concert in Moscow, in which Melanie C will appear together with a huge number of Russian stars.

This concert is scheduled to take place on the 17th of March in Moscow's "Kremlin Hall".

Thanks Vahan.