- Friday, September 29, 2000 at 1.11AM PDT

Holler TRL Premiere?


Spice Girls' new video for "Holler" will make it's US premiere on MTV's Total Request Live next week, possibly on Tuesday, October 3rd.


- Friday, September 29, 2000 at 12.48AM PDT

Holler/LLLTW Single Track List

    Spice Girls - Holler/LLLTW CD1(UK)
  1. Holler (Radio Edit)
  2. Let Love Lead The Way (Radio Edit)
  3. Holler (MAW Remix)
  4. Holler (Video Interactive Element)
    Spice Girls - Holler/LLLTW CD2(UK)
  1. Let Love Lead The Way (Radio Edit)
  2. Holler (Radio Edit)
  3. Holler (MAW Tribal Vocal)
  4. Behind-the-scenes interactive element (4x30 second clips)
  5. Let Love Lead The Way (Video Interactive Element)
CD2 comes with 4 postcards, one of each girl.

Thanks Norman Hayes.

- Friday, September 29, 2000 at 12.21AM PDT

MelB Hot30 Interview

A cool Spice Fan (and faithfull SpiceNews reader! hehe) named Säm got to interview Melanie B over the phone for an Australian radio show called Hot30.com on 2dayfm. You can listen to the interview on their site, or here is a local copy of it: I might be able to get a longer version of the interview from the man himself, he also tells me that Mel gave him a 100% guarentee that Spice Girls will definitely tour before and during next summer and WILL be touring Asia and Australia.

Thanks Säm!!

- Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11.44PM PDT

AOL Chat Time

The Spice Girls AOL Chat will take place on October 4th at 7:00pm.

- Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11.38PM PDT

Vote Spice

CD:UK has a vote on their official site to determine people's choice for which video is best. The winning video will be played on Saturday. Currently Spice Girls are behind Robbie Williams so go there and change that!

Thanks Joel.

- Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11.33PM PDT


The domain SpiceGirlsForever.co.uk can now be used to access the official Spice Girls homepage.

Thanks Simply Spice.

Bah, I really like c3.vmg.co.uk/spicegirls/nowspice more, because it's unique, not a www.whatever.com address like you'd expect for such a major group.

- Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11.27PM PDT

Victoria TrackHer

Victoria attended the Elle Style Awards on Tuesday night. She recieved an award for being voted the star with the Most Stylish Look by the magazine's readers. Here is a picture of Victoria from the awards show - You can kind of see her new hair style(Story).

Thanks Michael Holden.

- Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11.13PM PDT

Spice Girls On National Lottery

Spice Girls will be performing on the National Lottery Show(UK) on Saturday, October 7th. If you would like tickets to this event there may still be some available by calling (020) 8576 1227.

Thanks Matt Shepherd.

- Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11.07PM PDT

Emma Finishing Up Album

In an interview on BBC Radio 1, Melanie B said:

"Mel's great. She's on tour, Emma's finishing off her album and I'm doing madness promotion. We're all fine, honest!"

She also concluded the Loaded drama(Story), saying:

"They wrote me a letter of apology so I've forgiven them. Nothing can be done about it, it's already printed"

- Wednesday, September 27, 2000 at 12.46AM PDT

Correct Tell Me Track Listing

    Melanie B - Tell Me CD1(UK)
  1. Tell Me (Radio Edit)
  2. Tell Me (Soul Central Remix)
  3. Tell Me (Silk's House Workout 7-inch Remix)
  4. Tell Me (Interactive Video)
    Melanie B - Tell Me CD2(UK)
  1. Tell Me (Album Version)
  2. Tell Me (Untouchables Remix)
  3. Tell Me (NDB Remix)

- Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 4.20PM PDT

Spice Girls Individual WebChats

Spice Girls will each be doing an individual webchat on the official Spice Girls homepage - one girl every Wednesday, all through October! You can submit questions for Mel B at the site now. Here are the dates for each girl's chat, remember these are all Wednesdays:
  1. Mel B - October 4th
  2. Mel C - October 11th
  3. Emma - October 16th
  4. Victoria - October 25th
Thats a pretty cool idea. I'm off to Virgin Megastore/Tower Records to see if they have imported the MelB singles since they usually have imports here the day after they come out in the UK. If they do have it, you know what to expect in a few hours <g>

- Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 4.05PM PDT

MelC Webcast

worldpop's Melanie C site(which is pretty good, you can get ringtones and sms messages sent to your nokia phone and whatnot) is going to be webcasting live Melanie's show at London's Shepherds Bush Empire this sunday. Melanie B is also going to be attending this concert(not performing, just attending).

- Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 3.30PM PDT

Holler Video In America

Spice Girls' video for their new single "Holler" is now can be seen in the US for those who get The Box music network. It is selection #305 on there and was just added yesterday afternoon.

Thanks Steve and KaiouSei.

- Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 3.30PM PDT

Victoria In Studio?

Contrary to other reports(Story), there are reports that Victoria is much better now after her Viral Meningitis infection(Story) and went into the studio to do some recording last Friday, and will be there for a while.

- Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 3.27PM PDT

worldpop MelB Interview

worldpop has a video interview up with Melanie B! Here is the link to it. In the interview she talks about being a solo artist and a bit about Geri. A local copy will be up here later this week.

- Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 3.15PM PDT

Hot: Track by Track

worldpop has a track-by-track rundown of Hot by none other than Melanie B. Here is a local copy of it.

- Monday, September 25, 2000 at X.XXAM PDT

Tell Me Out

Melanie B's first single off her upcoming album Hot is released today in the UK.

- Monday, September 25, 2000 at 1.15AM PDT

Victoria Still Not Well

Victoria has still not overcome her Viral Meningitis(Story) :( She was still scheduled to attend a fasion show yesterday and perhaps even model at it as she did once before(Story), but Victoria pulled out of it because she was not feeling well. Victoria's mother was at the show and said:

"Victoria is still feeling unwell, otherwise she would be here. It comes and goes but it's more serious than people thought."

A "pal" said:

"Victoria's not 100%. She has good and bad days. She gets light-headed and feels a bit faint. She just has to rest a lot."

Victoria was also hit with a bad flu this month to make matters worse.

- Monday, September 25, 2000 at 1.05AM PDT

Lakeside Spice


Victoria & David Beckham are planning a move to a secluded three to four-bed property near Windermere in the Lake District. This new home is expected to take over their £500,000 Cheshire penthouse apartment they use when David's commitments keep him away from Hertfordshire. The couple decided to leave their two bedroom state of the art flat near Alderly Edge after security scares and disputes with neighbors.


- Monday, September 25, 2000 at 12.13AM PDT

Hot Tracklisting

ImportCD.com reports the track listing for Melanie B's upcoming album Hot as being:
  1. Feels So Good
  2. Tell Me
  3. Hell No
  4. Lullaby
  5. Hotter
  6. Step Inside
  7. ABC 123
  8. I Believe
  9. I Want You Back (Radio Edit)
  10. Pack Your Shit
  11. Feel Me Now
Thanks Norman Hayes.

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 11.12PM PDT

MelB & C @ PepsiPop

Spice Girls Melanie B and Melanie C will be performing their solo stuff at PepsiPop - a concert event held in the Netherlands on Ocober 21st. Other artists scheduled to be there include Kylie Minogue, Five, Westlife, Billie Piper, Vengaboys, Girl Thing, Graig David, Samantha Mumba, and Stephen Gately.

Thanks Sven.

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 11.09PM PDT

US Holler Sightings

...or "hearings" to be more accurate. Several people have written in saying they have heard "Holler" on some stations in Florida and Northern California.

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 10.44PM PDT

Another Holler Wallpaper

Natawa sent over another Holler wallpaper she made. It's pretty hot, check it out.

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 10.38PM PDT

More Holler #1 News

"Holler" has made it to #1 in the Italian MTV TRL as well as on Brazilian MTV.

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 10.36PM PDT

ITTY On US Club Charts

Melanie C's song "I Turn To You" appears this week on Billboard Magazine's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart at #48, just ahead of Madonna's "Music".

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 10.30PM PDT

Christmas Chart Poll

Yahoo! Music UK has a poll up asking who you think will be the Christmas #1 single this year. One of the options is of course Spice Girls ;)

Thanks bi_chu.

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 10.25PM PDT

Spice Girls Forever Interview

The new issue of Insider Spice(the fanclub newsletter) has an interview with the girls about their upcoming album Forever. Here is a local transcript of the interview. This interview reveals that "Goodbye" WILL be on the new album, as well as the title of a new track, "Weekend Love", and corrects the title of another song on the album to "Tell Me Why" instead of "Why" as we previously thought.

- Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 9.30PM PDT

MelB: Underwear Thief

Scary Spice Melanie B admitted that she had gotten in trouble with the law as a 12 year old in a new interview in Q Magazine. When asked if she was ever in trouble with the law Mel says:

"Yes, for nicking underwear from BhS when I was about 12. I got off with a caution. I did it with my partner-in-crime and she's still my best friend to this day. We didn't really want the underwear. We were just daring each other. I was hyperactive, naughty, but clever at the same time. I had a loud laugh, so I got blamed for everything. I used to get put in the 'Naughty Corner'."

She also talks about her fiery side:

"If I'm provoked, I will punch people, but I never throw the first punch. A couple of months ago I had a fight with a girl because she pulled my hair for no reason(Story). So I twatted her. It was in a club in Leeds. I'm a Leeds lass from a council estate, I look after myself."

- Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 6.46PM PDT

MelC Tour Update

There are new entries in the Melanie C Tour Video Diaries at worldpop. The three new clips are described as: In one of the above video segments Melanie talks about how her supporting band Tomcat managed to trash her hotel room after going out drinking! Melanie said:

"It's the first time we've actually socialised together so it was fun, but I paid for it the day after! We had a bit of an accident in the hotel room. The hotel was very sweet about it though! They trashed my room! Yesterday they sent me some flowers to apologise but I'm not going to let them off, they're not going to get away with it that easily."

- Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 6.15PM PDT

New Victoria Hair

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham was spotted at the end of the week sporting a new £1,000 hairdo beneath a bandanna. The new hairstyle is a Pocahontas-style look, which involved adding multi-coloured extensions made human hairimported from Russia. Hairdresser Feleny Georghio spent four hours creating the dramatic Red Indian style at Victoria's parents' home in Goff's Oak, Herts. He said:

"The last time she had her hair extended it was just to the shoulder. But now she has gone for the Pocahontas look and it is much longer with lots of different colours. It's a complete transformation. She looks lovely. The extensions have been done with real human hair which is imported from Russia. Russian hair is her favorite. There are lots of different colors. She looks absolutely lovely. She has had it done for the new Spice Girls album."

Here is a picture of Victoria with the bandanna on.

- Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 5.18PM PDT

MelC Tour Status

The official Melanie C homepage has been updated with new info concerning the Fergus illness(Story):

Good news indeed guys....

the lovely Fergus is on the mend and the show in Cardiff will DEFINITELY go ahead as planned. The tour goes on!

See you there!!

- Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 5.00PM PDT

LLLTW Is About Geri

Spice Girls' new song "Let Love Lead The Way", part of the double a-side single along with "Holler" is actually about Geri. The girls recorded the song after watching Geri's fly-on-the-wall documentary in early 1999. If you listen to the lyrics after knowing this, it makes perfect sense.

- Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 7.17AM PDT

MelB To Sue Loaded

Scary Spice Melanie B is threatening to sue Loaded Magazine(UK) over her cover picture on this month's issue(Story). Mel reveals this on Sky 1's Smash Hits(UK) TV show which will be shown this Saturday. She claims she wore a bikini that was airbrushed out to show that she is only covered by some bees, and if Loaded doesn't print an apology she will sue them. Mel says:

"Loaded have airbrushed my bikini out and I am suing them. I've got picture approval and I don't like it. It's not a good look so they're getting it."

A spokesman for Melanie B commented soon after:

"We've been assured Mel will be getting an apology."

- Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 7.08AM PDT

Tell Me Track Listing

HMV has the details on Melanie B's single "Tell Me", which is to be released September 25th. Here are the track listings:

    Melanie B - Tell Me CD1(UK)
  1. Tell Me (Radio Edit)
  2. Tell Me (Eddie F Remix)
  3. Tell Me (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Remix)
  4. Tell Me (Interactive Video)
    Melanie B - Tell Me CD2(UK)
  1. Tell Me (Album Version)
  2. Tell Me (Norris Da Bomb Remix)
  3. Tell Me (Eddie F UpTempo Mix)
Thanks Joel.

- Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 6.57AM PDT

Spice Girls AOL Chat

According to the Virgin Records America website Spice Girls will be having a live chat on October 4th on AOL!

Thanks Case.

This reminds me of the original AOL chat they had back in 97!

- Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 6.52AM PDT

2000 MTV Europe Music Awards

It's getting close to that time of the year again, for the MTV EMA's. You can vote for selecting the nominees(Victoria & Mel C) at this link.

Thanks Philip.

- Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 6.47AM PDT

MelC Tour Diary

The Melanie C Tour Video Diaries page is up at worldpop. There are three streaming RealVideos up there at the moment described as: ..although the videos weren't working when I tried it :(

Thanks to Angie Hung.

- Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 6.43AM PDT

Holler Brazil Video Premiere

Spice Girls' video for "Holler" will be making it's Brazillian premiere on MTV Brazil today.

- Wednesday, September 20, 2000 at 8.23AM PDT

Holler #1 On MTV Select

Spice Girls' video for their new song "Holler" has entered the MTV Select video chart at #1! This is the European equivelent to the US MTV TRL. Very few videos(any?) in the past have hit the #1 spot on their first appearance on the show. The show's presenters were even in shock themselves. Spice Girls put Madonna in the #2 spot and Britney Spears up to #3. If you would like to vote for the video to continue to keep it at the top spot, follow this link!

Thanks Paulo.

Thats some serious stuff!!

- Wednesday, September 20, 2000 at 8.00AM PDT

Liverpool & Bristol MelC Gigs Postponed

There have been two new posts made on the official Melanie C site's news section. Here they are, the latest one is first:

Re-scheduled dates:

Well here they are, the new dates for the postponed shows are as follows:

Liverpool, Royal Court - Saturday 10th February Bristol, Colston Hall - Sunday 11th February

Sorry it's such a long wait, Melanie's gutted too - hope you understand!

Obviously your current tickets will still be vaid - SO DON'T LOSE EM!!! If for any reason you can't make these dates, please contact the box office where you bought the tickets.

Liverpool and Bristol gigs postponed (19 & 20 September)

We're really sorry to have to tell you this but Melanie's gig tonight at the Royal Court in Liverpool and tomorrow's gig at Colston Hall in Bristol have been postponed.

Musical director and drummer, Fergus Gerrand, has been taken ill very suddenly and will not be able to perform for the next two days. It's not thought to be too serious but he's had to stay in hospital just to make sure.

The plan is to re-schedule the shows, not cancel them, but new dates have not been decided yet. The minute we know we will post it here.

As things stand, Thursday's gig in Cardiff will go ahead as planned, we'll confirm this as soon as we know how Fergus is doing.

Sorry again guys!

Oh we almost forgot...happy birthday Fergus - nice present!!!

- Tuesday, September 19, 2000 at 12.51AM PDT

Hot Cover Pic

Here is the cover picture(not the exact cover) for Melanie B's upcoming album Hot. It appears that the cover posted here a few weeks ago(Story) was accurate! And yah, she's wearing a chain-mail bikini!

pffffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, woof woof woof, hot hot hot xxxxxx dr00l!!!!

- Tuesday, September 19, 2000 at 12.14AM PDT

Holler Wallpaper

A person named Natawa made a pretty cool wallpaper based on the Holler video and sent it to me. I like it(it's my new wallpaper), and I thought others might like it as well, so here it is.

Thanks Natawa!

- Tuesday, September 19, 2000 at 12.09AM PDT

Holler Promos

Here are a couple scans of the Holler promos that most radio stations in the world apart from in the United States have: It looks like Virgin hasn't released a promo to US radio stations nor have they given the video to MTV yet, thats why you aren't seeing it on MTV or hearing it on the radio in the US. At least thats my best guess.

- Monday, September 18, 2000 at 12.41AM PDT

Even Better LLLTW Radio Rip

Spice Malaysia posted an updated version of it's radio rip minutes after posting the one I mirrored below. This one is even better quality. It's now an excellent quality radio rip! So if you downloaded the one in the previous story(now pulled), replace that with this one. Get it from Spice Malaysia or this local copy: Many thanks Kit.
About Linking SpiceNews Files

- Sunday, September 17, 2000 at 11.40AM PDT

Better LLLTW Radio Rip, Holler MPEG

Spice Malaysia has a new radio rip of "Let Love Lead The Way" up, this time in MP3 format. This one is significantly better quality than the previous, and very good quality for a radio rip, get it! So here is a local copy of that and also a standard issue MPEG of the Holler Video by popular demand(replacing the previous DivX file): Thanks Kit.
About Linking SpiceNews Files

- Sunday, September 17, 2000 at 10.40AM PDT

Victoria & MelB TrackHers

Victoria and Melanie B were in Oslo last night at the Hit Awards. Each of them performed their singles, "Out Of Your Mind" and "Tell Me". Victoria and Dane Bowers also presented an award for best hit, won by Britney Spears.

Thanks Petter.

- Sunday, September 17, 2000 at 10.38AM PDT

Spice Girls #1 In Argentina

Spice Girls have made it to #1 of the hot 100 with "Holler" on Argentina radio station Cadena 100

- Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 6.31AM PDT

Forever Album Cover

Looks like Brazil gets another exclusive. Virgin Records Brazil has posted on their official website the alleged album cover for Forever, the new Spice Girls album. Here is a picture of it. I mean I guess it's the same for all International versions, but I don't know... something just doesn't seem right about it, at least to me..

Thanks Jr

It just doesn't seem right at all... it's like why would they have short hair Victoria if she's long hair now and in the new video... I mean yeah the photo shoot could have been a long time ago but I don't think it's that big of a deal to reshoot it to match the way she looks now... plus MelC just looks weird on it to me. What happened to the new Spice logo as well?? And it seems too plain... I don't know just the whole thing doesn't seem right. I would think it was a fake cover, but it's right there on the official Virgin Brazil site.. so I guess thats it.... right?

- Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 6.26AM PDT

Holler #1 In Malaysia

Well the Spice Girls' new track "Holler" has hit the top spot yesterday on HITZ FM, Malaysia's primary pop music station(I think)! It beat out Madonna's "Music" for the top spot.

Thanks Faithullah & Teng Wei Sheng.

- Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 6.11AM PDT

Stephen Gately & Emma Duet

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately restated that he is or at least wants to do a duet song with Emma Bunton. The singer has a dotmusic chat coming up and asked to take a sneak preview at the questions that have been submitted for him. One of them asks about the duet which he announced back in July(Story). Stephen said:

"I wrote a song with a duet in mind, a lovely song, we'll have to wait and see. She got a copy just yesterday so I don't know whether she's listened to it. She'll probably give me a call today. See what she thinks."

- Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 6.04AM PDT

Tomcat On MelC

Tomcat is the opening act for the current Mel C tour incase you forgot.. and on the official Tomcat site in the diaries section, they write some things about Melanie C worth mentioning:

As Mark probably already mentioned we were spraying a bottle of champagne around after the first gig in Derby. We were all really soaked and there was hardly anything left to drink! To cap it all though Mel C came in to say well down and had a drink with us. well, she hopped in!

Her show was brilliant - she is a total pro - as her foot is broken and she has just started a national tour! Cole and Melanie compared tattoos and we even saw Mel's Calvin Klein thong!

The crowd really got into our thing, there was loads of energy and vibe there. It was the same for Middlesborough, everyone really getting into Tomcat - we thought that they wouldn't care as we are just the support act but it's been a fantastic week!

It was a bit different at Newcastle though as everyone was sitting down - there were really polite and were clapping, well they were getting into it as well but... well, they were all seated! That night we had a bit of an impromptu party with Melanie C and all of her crew and musicians. In fact we had a bit of a BIG party!

Then we had a day off.

And what did we do?

We went to the Metrocentre in Newcastle and bought a football for £4. I did the best volley ever with my right foot(and I'm left footed!) but after it flew wide of the field and hit the bus stop - so we legged it!

We have blown all our money on room service (that didn't take long!) - we are having a right laugh though as I am sharing with Cole and Dan and mark are sharing together in twin rooms.

We are busy racing around in our A-Team style van (but without the red stripe) a lot of the time. We sit in the back in our 70s airline style seats watching the TV - we are in the middle of watching the Star Wars trilogy at the moment (the Death Star is about to be blown up). We have to kick the door to get out! It's cool though - mind you you should see Melanie C's tourbus ! Now THAT is cool!

Thanks to Zila.

- Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 5:58AM PDT

Kelis added to MelC Bill

Melanie C's official site has been updated with news that Hip Hop artist Kelis has been added to the support line up for Wembly Arena:

Kelis has been added to the support line up for the Wembley Arena gig on November 5 as well as Tomcat. Tickets are still available for this show.

Call 0208 795 9519, 0207 403 3331, 0207 734 8932, 0207 344 4444
0115 912 9000 (24hr CC hotline)
Tickets cost £17.50 (subject to a booking fee).

- Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 5:52AM PDT

Jimmy A Friend Of Spice Girls?

Former husband of Melanie B Jimmy Gulzar claims that he is still good friends with all the Spice Girls except his ex-wife Mel B. Jimmy says:

"I'm great friends with all the girls, even Geri, but Mel, not a word. It's gone that far."

- Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 5:50AM PDT

Hot Pushed Back

Scary Spice Melanie B's solo debut album Hot's release date has been pushed back one week to October 9th. This is allegedly because she doesn't want to go up in chart competition against the new Radiohead album Kid A, which will be released on October 2nd.

- Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 1:02PM PDT

Let Love Lead The Way Radio Rip!

Last time it was Brazil, this time it's Malaysia's radio station HITZ FM that, to the best of knowledge, has been first to play "Let Love Lead The Way", the second half of the Spice Girls' next double a-side single. And Spice@kit.bitlounge.com has the first rip! Like the file's author says, "the quality ain't that good, but it's better than nothing." It sure is.. so go get it there, and I also have local copies. Here is the original RealAudio and I have converted to MP3 as well(in which I chopped off the DJ talking..):

Thanks Kit.

- Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 11.22AM PDT

Holler SVCD

ViSioN has put out a really high quality SVCD format version of the Spice Girls' new "Holler" video. It's 80 megs, high res, available from his site, go get it!

I'm not localizing this one because of current server space limitations with the phuck-it server being phucked, and I don't know if I'd archive an SVCD over a standard MPEG anyway, just because mpeg's lower file size & very low system requirements vs svcd's higher quality & easier dvd writability are an issue of debate in my head. Either way, enjoy the high quality video!

Thanks Johnny.

- Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 11.17AM PDT

New Stockholm MelC Tickets Released

Nicklas wrote in saying:

The Stockholm Mel C concert has been moved from 'Arenan' to 'Globens Annex', because of the huge interest in tickets. And because there where 1200 fresh tickets to be sold. That was 2 days ago, but there are still tickets left. Intresting fact: Arenan could take 800 people, Annexet takes 2000 people.

So I'd guess this is authentic, if you want tickets call the Annexet for info.

- Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 1.21AM PDT

MelC Meets Honored Kids

Melanie C surprised 15 children who were at The Star Annual Awards at The Hilton Hotel in Sheffield, UK. The kids were named South Yorkshire's SuperKids. They recieved awards for various achievements: academic, courage, caring, and triumphs over adversity. Melanie C met up with the kids. She said:

"I'm not supposed to be here but I was staying at the hotel and heard there were some really special children here who'd done some very brave things. It would be silly not to come down and say hello and congratulations to them."

Mel was in Sheffield for a concert at The City Hall last night as part of her tour.

- Thursday, September 14, 2000 at 1.10AM PDT

MelB TrackHer

Melanie B was on GMTV(UK) this morning for an interview. In the interview she says that her breasts are real and denies reports of having any sort of surgery up there(Story). At the end of the interview Eamonn Holmes asked her if she wanted to interview John Prescott to which Mel responded "Who's he then?" (He's the Deputy Prime Minister)

Probably like you, I didn't know who he was either! Then again I don't live in England..

- Wednesday, September 13, 2000 at 3.49PM PDT

Westlife Declare War On Spice Girls

An Irish Boy Band(one of the millions) called Westlife has declared war on the Spice Girls by planning the release of their new album the same day as the girls' third album Forever(Nov 6th). Being popular in the UK, their intentions are clear: to dethrone the Spice Girls by beating them to the #1 spot in the album charts. Westlife have vowed to move their album release date if Spice Girls change theirs. Westlife member Kian Egan said: "We're really going for it with this album. Pop bands don't come much bigger than the Spice Girls so we're going to take them on to see who's really Number One."

pffffffffffffffffff ahahahahahahah

- Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 4.44PM PDT

Better Quality Holler Video

I video captured the MuchMusic video premiere of Holler encoded it, and here it is!...


I did it in DivX format since I'm having problems making standard issue mpegs on my current system configuration with audio and video capture seperate at the same time. It's alright(the video result), DivX is mpeg4 essentially, so it's still pretty good. Although I captured using the low-motion codec and in some of the faster more busy scenes in the video it tends to drop a few frames, it's not too bad though.


It's better than the RealVideo.. But I don't have much video capture/encoding experience so this is definitely not going to be the best version of the video to be released. BTW, if you don't have the DivX video decoder, Windows Media Player *I expect* will download it automatically for you, if not then get it here. Also, this video is on another server of mine(since the phuck-it server is down for the time being) and I don't know how well it's going to handle a lot of traffic, or how long i'll keep it up there. (I know, what a mess!) I'll also be sharing it on Scour Exchange and Gnutella so you should be able to find it there. Anyways enough babble, here's the vid, enjoy!:

Spice Girls - Holler (DivX)-SN.avi (32MB)

About Linking SpiceNews Files

I'm kind of surprised that I'm the first person to put out a high quality version of the video(or at least attempt at one). Oh well I suppose other versions made by pro encoders will be out soon enough.

- Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 11.22AM PDT


A new song title off the Spice Girls' third album, Forever, has been revealed. It's a song called "Why". At MuchMusic headquarters in Canada yesterday, a handfull of reporters got to hear three tracks off the album: Holler, Let Love Lead The Way, and Why. Why is a ballad and features a rare lead vocal turn from Victoria!

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 2.22PM PDT

Local Holler RealVideo

If you, like me, are quickly over the idea of being forced to watch streaming video, then you'll be happy that Char over at her new Spice Site - Spice Viva Forever - has a 150kbps RealVideo version encoded from a UK television premiere to download. It's still only realvideo quality, but it's certainly better than having to watch the streaming version each time. There's still a posibility that I might have a high quality version of the vid up today or tomorrow. Anyway, here is a local copy:

Spice Girls - Holler.rm

Thanks Char.

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.42AM PDT

Holler Video!

As promised, the official Spice Girls website has been updated with all sorts of "Holler" media! They have the full song up there(40kbps RealAudio), the full video(28, 56, and 128k RealVideo streams), and they even have a making of video up there!(28, 56, and 128k RealVideo streams). The making of video is different from the Brazilian one(Story). This one is a lot better, it's awesome! Check it all out at the official site, or below are direct links to the streaming video files. I haven't been able to rip these videos off the streaming servers unfortunately. Look for the possibility of a higher quality Holler video on SpiceNews soon since MuchMusic among other stations are premiering the video tomorrow, and rips are possible. The site also has a message from the girls intertwined between all the media links:

Hi everyone!!!!!! Holler is our first Spice single for nearly 2 years! (Can you believe it?! - Well I guess we have all been quite busy!) It's a double A-Side with 'Let Love Lead the Way' (we love both just as much as each other and couldn't decide which to release - so we released them together!!) It's out on October 23rd but get this, you can hear it HERE, NOW!!!!!!! So what are you reading this for, press play and see what you think?! We hope you have as much fun with it as we did making it!

But what's this....we've got the new VIDEO as well. Oh yes - we're back alright!!

But that's not all 'cos when we were making the Holler video we had the crew from the C3 website following us around with their cameras. We reckon they've got just about everything that went on behind the scenes Do you want to see it?!

You won't be able to get the single anywhere else on the net so you know where to come in future, dontcha! We've got so much going on over the forthcoming months and you can get it all here, on OUR site.

Thanks for staying with us. We love you all.
Love, peace and Girlpower.
Melanie C, Melanie B, Victoria, Emma.

What is that comment about not being able to get the single anywhere else on the net!? hah, it's all over the net, I mean come on. Anyway, SPICE GIRLS are back in the house!!!

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.39AM PDT

Upcoming Spice Girls TV

From the official site. All UK of course:

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.36AM PDT

MelB On Making Out With Other Spice Girls

In October's issue of Loaded Magazine(Story), Melanie B talks about when she got her tongue pierced. Just hours after having it done, her tongue swelled to twice its usual size and she couldn't eat or talk for a week. Soon after it recovered however she got busy making out with the rest of the girls, each one of them! Mel says:

"I wanted to know what it felt like to have a snog with a pierced tongue. The girls all said it felt alright."

But she wouldn't reveal who was the best kiss:

"They were all good, they all blended into one. I couldn't say anyone stood out."

In the interview she also talks about one night stands:

"I've generally had long relationships. You know your way around your partner's body. I suppose it's different on a one night stand, but they aren't remotely in my head now. Done that, been there, bored with it."

She also talks about farting:

"Farting is part of everyday life. I wouldn't go out of my way to hold one in. Not that you have to fart in someone's face. Go somewhere quiet, or let rip and blame the dog."

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.36AM PDT

MelC Movie?


Melanie C, along with Gail Porter, and Patsy Kensit will be asked to star in Britain's first ever Bruce Lee style martial arts movie under the working title Razor. The movie will feature glamorous British women performing a variety of kung fu stunts.


- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.33AM PDT

MelB TrackHer

Scary Spice Melanie B was at Legoland theme park a couple days ago in Windsor, Berks with daughter Phoenix Chi. Mel had her hair in a ponytail.

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.24AM PDT

Holler #1 In Brazil

It never takes our girls very long <g> Already they are #1 in Brazil hitting the top spot in the Jovem Pan radio chart show.

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.22AM PDT

Virgin USA To Relaunch MelC Campaign

Virgin America co-president Ray Cooper says:

"We have a remix for 'I Turn To You,' and we think we've got a shot at clubs and a shot at rhythmic radio. We're going to kick off that campaign and then lead that into the new Spice Girls record. With these British artists, you have to have a structure to get you there, you can't just come out with great records."

What the f is this guy talking about you can't just come out with great records and building structures, well i guess he's kind of right - You can't just come out with great records, you have to release singles.

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.08AM PDT

Victoria To Visit Faith Healer


Whens he was diagnosed with a strain of viral meningitis(Story), Victoria was told that if she did not have a full rest, she would not have a full recovery and could be ill for a year. Victorai has already had acupuncture sessions and consulted a Chinese herbalist in London over her various health problems. Now she is considering seeing a faith healer. A "family friend" says:

"Victoria has been knocked sideways by her illness and is willing to try anything. She's desperate to get back to work and to be able to look after Brooklyn properly. She thought she was getting better last week and went up to Manchester with David but that just left her exhausted again. She used to be very sceptical about alternative medicine. She and David cracked jokes about it when there was all that fuss about Eileen Drewery and Glenn Hoddle. But over the last year she has learnt a lot more about it. She's had acupuncture and seen a Chinese herbalist about her skin problems."


- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.08AM PDT

Racism Against MelB

She kept it quiet and out of public knowledge, but Melanie B now admits that while living in her £2.5 million country mansion in the tiny village of Little Marlow in Buckinghamshire she was a victim of racism. Mel recieved more then a dozen letters with threats and insults. Mel said: "We were the only black people in the area. At first, I got hate mail, saying 'Get back to Brixton' and all that. I was more angry than upset." Other letters had messages like "Get out of our village or else, you black bitch." This is the house she lived in while married to Jimmy Gulzar, where they also wed. Melanie contacted police to investigate but no one was ever charged in connection with the threats. A "close friend" of Mel's said:

"Mel was extremely saddened by the reaction she got from certain sections of her new community. Coming from a mixed-race background, she has faced ignorance all her life, but she was shocked at the blind hatred she encountered in this picturesque village, it was hardly inner-city Leeds. She was so angry, especially as she had gone out of her way to show the villagers that, despite her pop star lifestyle, she was just a normal person. What annoyed her most of all was that no one would say these things to her face. Everyone knows Mel is plain-speaking and expects the same from other people. Mel is settled in Marlow now, she gets on with the villagers and bears no grudges."

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 1.08AM PDT

Airport Thief

Remember when Victoria's baggage was lost at Heathrow airport(Story) and then some of it found in a dumpster?(Story) Well now a man named Mark Oliver(20) from Stanwell, Middlesex who works at the airport handling primarily the trash has been arrested and charged with theft after Victoria's jackets and shirts valued at £1,080 were allegedly found at his house. The accused Mark Oliver said:

"I am innocent. I have been charged with something I didn't do."

- Monday, September 11, 2000 at 12.54AM PDT

Beckhingham Palace

Victoria recently talked about her and husband David's new mansion that is still under construction in Hertfordshire. She said:

"It's an old house and I've themed every room. It's really camp. I've got an Audrey Hepburn bathroom which is very romantic, with wooden floors and black and white tiles and an old-fashioned bath and pictures everywhere of Audrey Hepburn. I'm completely obsessed with her. At the other end of the corridor there's a room like a tart's boudoir, with leopard print everywhere and a mirrored ceiling. Then there's our bedroom which is quite virginal and white, with a big four-poster, old oak bed."

"The hallway is completely camp, with bright red walls, a huge great big tacky chandelier and big thick, velvet curtains. There's a swimming pool area, the kitchen's baby blue and the lounge has a very modern, quite hottish vibe, with big sofas, wooden floors and great big rugs."

"David's got a really cool snooker room for the boys, black and gold, with big plasma TVs, and I've got a gym which I'll probably never actually go in. The garden is very romantic. I want lots of bushes in the shape of hearts. I live in a complete fairy tale with things like that."

She also talked about how she and husband David spend a lot of time apart. She works in London and lives with her parents in nearby Goff's Oak. David spends the football season at his apartment in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

"It's very hard, I miss him so much when he's not there. He bought me a teddy bear and I always take that to bed with me. I speak to him for about an hour before I go to sleep. He is the one person in the world who I would never be unfaithful to, ever. I'm never, ever tempted. I never look at anybody and think, 'What if?' As far as I'm concerned, he is the only good-looking man on the planet. People do say, 'Do you still find him good looking?' I can honestly, honestly say that I have never seen anybody better looking. But maybe that's because I'm so in love with him. We speak about 15 times a day and we never put the phone down without saying, 'I love you'." We are really close and what irritates me is when people say David is thick. I call it lazy journalism, people just going with the flow, not wanting to dig any deeper. There's a big difference between being thick or dumb and being incredibly shy."

Has she got any more enthused about football over the years?

"Not particularly. In actual fact, rather than looking at how they do as a team, what interests me is how David does as an individual. I do get nervous for him. Sometimes I don't look because I think it would be better luck for him if I don't. For all the important things, like taking a corner, I don't look because I think it's luck."

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 7.11AM PDT

Holler CD Rip MP3!

Thats right! My guess is it's a rip from inside one of the Brazil stations, or it could just be an advance rip from anywhere within Virgin or any stations that were sent the promo(most likely). Anyway, it's dope, cd-rip, cd-version, 192kbps MP3, here is a local copy, get it while it lasts, I don't know how long I'll keep it up:

Spice Girls - Holler.mp3

Thanks Casemusic, they put it out first as far as I know.

OK, that was one of the most serious updates ever(meaning amount of posts for one day in the last few hours), although I think it was also one of the best updates ever because of all the new content. Some of it was catch-up work from my return still last week, but I think I have everything pretty much up to date now, except for a few interviews I still want to post, those should be up sometime this week. Enjoy Holler! And don't forget that the video comes out tomorrow, i'll try to have a local copy up somehow even though the phuck-it server is down for the time being..

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 6.54AM PDT

Spice Message About Holler

From the official mailing list:

hi everyone!!

Whatever you're doing next Monday (Sept 11th), make sure you get yourselves to a PC cos that's where you'll find our brand new single 'Holler' on our website! You'll also be able to see our new video, plus a totally exclusive behind-the-scenes film of what life's been like for us in the run-up to the third Spice album!

So check it out before you go to school or work! It will be online from 8.10am UK time (synchronise watches--very precise aren't we??) at


If you're outside the UK, that's 7.10 am GMT, which is 3.10 am in New York (yawn), 3.10 pm in Malaysia, and 6.10 pm in Sydney.

Don't worry if you can't get online that fast, cos you'll be able to check it all out anytime between Monday and 23 October-- the release date!

So when will you get the other new tune from the single, 'Let Love Lead The Way'? Well 6 October is the hot date-so stick it in your diary now...plus there's billions of other things happening.

If you're in the UK, you'll be able to catch up with more behind-the-scenes Spicy shenanigans on SMTV/CD:UK on 23 September as well as on the Lottery where we'll be singing and chatting (our first live telly show together for ages--so watch out, we'll be largin it to the max!). Not only that but it's Spice Girls Day at MTV on 13 Oct (and again on 23 Oct), then, if you haven't already had enough of our mugs, we'll also be singing Let Love Lead The Way on SMTV/CD:UK on 21 Oct !

After such a long break, it's wonderful to be working as one group all over again. And we're really, really excited about the album! We reckon the tracks represent our best performances--and we mean e-v-e-r so we hope it's just as good for you--cos you've been with us all the way!

As a big thank you, we'll be heaping loads more exlcusive stuff onto our website in the next few weeks--so stand by for another Spice Alert very soon.

In the meantime, don't miss next Monday to check out the single---and a huge 'hi!' and hug to all of you from all of us...but especially Victoria who wants to say a massive thanks to everyone who's sent messages while she's been ill. She's feeling a trillion per cent better after taking a rest so please don't worry--you can't get rid of her that easily!!

loads of love, peace and Girl Power

melanie b, melanie c, victoria and emma

x x x x

Spice Girls are back in the house!!! OH YEAH, it's really starting to hit me now as the new material is getting released, and they are popping up all over the place, magazine covers, music video releases for group and solo, new SPICE GIRLS MATERIAL, how long have we waited for this!?!? Now it's time to enjoy the ride up to the album release and beyond! I love it, Spice Forever! Recognize Game!!

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 6.41AM PDT

MelB Video Interviews

Two of them! One at dotmusic, and the other at virgin.net They are about her album mostly, plus Spice Girls and her breakup with Jimmy Gulzar and the media coverage/rumors that have come from it. Just go watch them already! I'll try to have local transcripts up in the next few days.

Thanks to Angie Hung.

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 6.22AM PDT

Holler Video Stills

Here are some screen shots from the "Holler" Video, captured from the Making Of(see below) to hold us over until tomorrow's video!

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 6.22AM PDT

Making Of Holler Local Copy

So bi_chu wrote in and told me that the file can indeed be downloaded(Story) as it's available on their http server as well as their pnm server(weird) as i didn't notice myself. Even odder is the fact that the video only does play at 1.5fps, even though the stats of the video say it was encoded at 15. So it's actually a small file size, framey file. Never-the-less it gives you some behind the scenes insight and Holler Video footage:

Spice Girls - Making Of Holler.rm

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 6.09AM PDT

Victoria Elle Cover

Time to declare magazine-festival! Victoria is on the cover of the October issue of Elle Magazine(UK)! God she's looking HOT with that long hair again!! Thanks once again to the excellent SpicePix.com

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 6.04AM PDT

MelB Touch Cover

Melanie B is also on the cover of the latest issue of Touch Magazine(UK)! Here are pics from that one: Thanks again to SpicePix.com

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 6.01AM PDT

MelB Loaded Cover

Melanie B is on the cover of the October issue of Loaded Magazine(UK)! It's quite a hot cover, check it out: Thanks to SpicePix.com

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 5.41AM PDT

Hot Cover?

Here is a picture of what is allegedly the cover of Melanie B's upcoming solo debut album Hot, due to be released on October 2nd(UK).

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 4.42AM PDT

Tell Me Cover

Here is a picture of the cover of one of the "Tell Me" singles, Melanie B's next single to be released the 18th of this month(UK).

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 4.36AM PDT

Making Of Holler Video

The Brazilian Virgin Music site has a video that is behind the scenes in the making of the video for "Holler", the new Spice Girls video! It's encoded at 15 frames per second but I only get like 1.5 when watching it and unfortunately it's in streaming RealVideo on a greedy pnm server that I haven't been able to get around and be able to actually download :( Here's a direct link to the video. Good luck in your viewing frame rates...

Can anyone tell me what is up with all the Brazilian exclusives/first dibs!?

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 4.25AM PDT

MelC Marie Claire Cover

Melanie C is on the cover of Marie Claire magazine(UK) this month, featuring extensive eye-shadow. Here is a cover scan as well as scans of some pictures from inside. Look for the local transcript to be up on this site soon.

Thanks Michael.

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 4.15AM PDT

MelB Phoenix Tattoo Pic

Here is a recent picture of Melanie B where you can see her new Phoenix tattoo(Story). Here is a closer zoom of it.

Thanks Andrew.

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 4.07AM PDT

MelC On Tour

There is a message posted from Melanie C on her official site. It says:

Goin' Down well!

Hi everyone,
I've done two gigs from my solo tour so far, here's how it's been going...

The first night in Derby was absolutely brilliant, it went really really well. The band and I were so nervous but we still enjoyed it and luckily it turned out great. With the first gig under my belt, the second gig in Middlesborough last night was just the best show I've ever done in my life. It was so much fun. The crowd were so receptive, jumping up and down and singing and the set just flew. It's about an hour and a half long and all of a sudden I looked down at the set list and it was the end!

'I Turn To You' seems to be the big crowd-pleaser at the moment, everybody jumps up and down and clap their hands. When I sing the line "I turn to you" they all turn and point at me!! It's mad!

Tomcat, the support, are brilliant. I was watching them yesterday in their soundcheck and they're really good fun and so entertaining. Their single's out soon and they've been getting quite a lot of airplay on MTV and The Box. Last night the crowd were actually singing the single along with them and they got a really good reception! It's our first day off tomorrow so we're going to have a drink and get to know each other a little better.

The foot's getting better everyday. I was a little bit nervous because I'm probably doing a little more than I should be and I'm supposed to be resting it, but when I get on stage I get a bit carried away and start jumping around and stuff, but I'm still hopping mostly. I'm starting a new trend of hopping and moshing on one foot! I shout to everyone to "HOP" and they do! Everyday I wake up and think "oh no it's gonna be really sore" but its getting better all the time.

I think the main difference between this tour and the last is that people know all the songs now. On the other tour, the album had only been out a few days, it still went really well but now people are singing along and they get all excited when 'Suddenly Monday' starts or 'Be The One'. I've also seen people from America, Holland and Germany..it's great!

Anyway, I can't wait to see as many of you as possible, as always there's still a few secret bits which I always love to stick in, but you'll have to come see them for yourself!!

Loads of love

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 4.02AM PDT

MelC On Brad Pitt

Melanie C was asked what she thought of the movie Snatch after attending the premiere(Story). Melanie said:

"Everyone is getting really excited about Brad aren't they? He's a beautiful and handsome man and very talented but he just doesn't do it for me. You know I've got bad taste in men, I went out with J from Five for God's sake!"

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 3.59AM PDT

MelC's First Night

Melanie C had her first performance of her current concert tour at Derby last week. Despite her broken foot, about which she said "Everyone's saying I've broken my toe. I haven't, I've broken my fucking foot.", she was still jumping around all over stage performing to her max. She performed "Angel On My Shoulder" and "I Want You Back" for the first time ever in concert. At one point Melanie was reduced to tears because of the audience's overwhelming reaction.

Sounds like a good start to a good tour, I just hope she lets her foot heal.

- Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 3.37AM PDT

Jimmy's Side Of The Story

Basically here's the follow up to the current Jimmy Gulzar/Mel B drama with the boob job and whatnot. Mel B admitted adultery in divorce documents, she was indeed having an affair with Max Beesley while still with Jimmy and sites that as well as lack of sex as reasons for divorce. Melanie told The Mirror(UK) tabloid:

"My friends did try and warn me not to take things so fast, and in hindsight it's easy to see I made a mistake. Marrying someone I'd only just met on tour was not the smartest thing I've ever done. When the relationship broke down it was a complete nightmare. We both really wanted to be a proper happy family but it seemed destined not to work. There was a lot of pain and even with my friends and family around me I often felt isolated and alone. But you have to find the inner strength to carry on. Somehow I did it but it nearly killed me. What I'm basically saying is that he didn't love me and to be honest I now don't give a shit any more. It's a sad situation but that's the reality."

Soon after Jimmy gave a week-long exclusive to rival tabloid The Sun(UK). Here is a local transcript of the whole week's articles all blended together in one long Jimmy story. Jimmy doesn't hold back anything and says many things that make Mel look bad. It's a very interesting read if you haven't read it yet, and a good topic of debate as to whether it is probably true or not. In his story Jimmy tells of how Mel got two breast implant operations among much much more. Melanie's reaction to Jimmy's story when asked has been:

"My breasts are real. Do you want to have a feel? What can I say about Jimmy apart from that he's earned his living by selling a story."

The two are scheduled for court hearings later this month about their divorce and will also battle out a financial settlement.

- Thursday, September 7, 2000 at 12.53PM PDT

Holler Video Premiere

It seems that most radio stations around the world have been given permission to start playing "Holler" on September 11th. The video will also debut on MuchMusic(CAN) on September 12th at noon!

Again, anyone who can encode this video as it debuts and can send it to me so we can have it up here right away, email me.

- Thursday, September 7, 2000 at 12.53PM PDT

Holler Radio Rip

Somebody did a half assed radio rip of the new Spice Girls song "Holler" from Brazil radio station Jovem Pan, the only station on the planet that is playing it(Infact you can hear the "Jovem Pan" station tag over the song once in a while). The radio rip is 3 parts of the song clipped together instead of the whole thing :| 100% has what seems to be the most original file in wav format. I've taken it, amplified it, balanced volume levels, reduced hiss(it was quiet, and had A LOT of hiss), basically tried my best to clean it up, mp3'd it, and I think it sounds significantly better then the original file. Here it is:

Spice Girls - Holler (Jovem Pam Fragmented Radio Rip, SN-fixed).mp3 [2.33]

About Linking SpiceNews Files

- Thursday, September 7, 2000 at 1.13AM PDT

Brooklyn Meningitis Scare

Brooklyn Beckham, Victoria's son was rushed to the hospital in fears that he had picked up the same illness as his mother. Of course it would be much much more devestating if a baby had viral meningitis. He was rushed to the hospital after being tearfull and distressed for a period of time. Doctors however concluded that he did not have any form of meningitis but rather a heavy dose of the flu. The Beckham's are on high alert of the virus as Victoria's niece, Liberty, just a little older than Brooklyn, had come down with meningitis four months ago. Victoria's sister Louise spoke of the incident:

"She came out in an awful rash and her skin almost looked as if something were moving under it. I did the glass test on her rash but it didn't go, so I realised it was meningitis. I had to run out in the street and find the nearest taxi rank and ask one of the drivers to take us to hospital. What was meant to be a short holiday ended up being a three-week stay as we had to make sure she got over the meningitis. Every parent has got to be vigilant about the symptoms of meningitis. But after what happened to Liberty I know that my sister was always on alert."

- Thursday, September 7, 2000 at 1.03AM PDT

MelB On Swearing

Melanie B talked about the swearing included on her upcoming album Hot, which is to be released on October 2nd(UK). She said:

"I've used a few swear words which I know was not very good but at the time I was feeling very angry, I want to be able to sing with conviction so I write from the heart."

- Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 1.07AM PDT

MelC On Spice Girls Tour

Sporty Spice Melanie C talked about the new upcoming Spice Girls album Forever and possible touring:

"The new album is nearly finished, so the first thing we need to do is get out there and see what the reaction is like. We should be touring by next summer at the very latest."

When asked if a future tour would be kicked off in Ireland like the previous she said:

"It would be great to do that again, we all love Ireland. There's a real possibility we could do it again. We love doing our own thing, but I wouldn't swop my place in the group for the world. I love being in The Spice Girls."

Yes i know i said that i'd post more details about the melb boob job/jimmy divorce drama but i haven't had time yet. The post up now is basically it though. BTW, this is Joz back up in the hizouse... I've actually been back updating the site for the last couple days, gotta say a big thanks to Weazel for keeping the site going for the two weeks i couldn't. Since my return however i've been catching up with any extra news i've had in my inbox over the past two weeks plus the new stuff, so bare with me, i've almost got it all up.

- Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 12.53AM PDT

Posh & Becks Argue


Victoria & David Beckham have had their first major row recently. David has reportedly angry with Victoria for spending so much time away from home promoting her single "Out Of Your Mind". The couple had made a schedule of when they would spend time together and with Brooklyn, but as we all know Victoria went into overdrive promoting her single, devoting virtually 100% of her time to it. David apparently got mad, they argued, mobile phones have been turned off between the two.


- Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 12.57AM PDT

Book Drama Resolved

Although it was posted on this site last week(
Story), here is a more detailed follow-up to the court case about Posh And Becks: A Marriage, the Michael O'Mara published, Andrew Morton authored book based on information provided by former caretaker & bodyguard Mark Niblett(Story):

The Beckhams have dropped the case against the publisher Mchael O'Mara to prevent the book from publication after coming to a settlement with biographer Andrew Morton and his publishers. Details of the agreement remain confidential. O'Mara said:

"This is a major league triumph for us. You've got to realise what the Beckhams have given up. They've guaranteed not to sue us for libel or defamation. This means a long drawn-out case of libel and defamation which could go on for years has been eliminated. I've spoken to Andrew and he's cock-a-hoop. But he's too busy finishing the last chapter of the book to celebrate."

The The 224-page book will be released and is due out in October. O'Mara continued:

"Those 200 words[that had to be removed in the agreement] I couldn't give a damn about. What they complained about wasn't exactly private things. They are not objecting to things which happen in the kitchen or the bedroom, but are objecting to what has been written about their business life, how they deal with the media and other things people wouldn't normally call that private."

Holding a mock-up of the biography, which has pictures of the Beckhams on its cover, he insisted: "The book is as powerful as it was. We are sure we have got a bestseller. It should make some dough. I don't think Andrew will feel any of his important stories have been removed. It was the way certain things were described more than anything else. We are not allowed to discuss what has been taken out. The only thing I can say is that what has been removed I do not give a damn about."

The Beckhams released an official statement about the situation:

"David and Victoria Beckham are satisfied they have achieved their objective in their action to prevent disclosures about their private life by their former bodyguard Mark Niblett. Contrary to reports in the press this has been their sole purpose and not to prevent publication of Andrew Morton's book. A sensible compromise has been reached with Andrew Morton and his publishers, clarifying which matters they are and aren't entitled to publish."

A seperate case, pressing legal action again Mr Niblett for breach of confidentiality is still continuing however.

- Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 12.42AM PDT

Spice Documentary

ITV(UK) will be showing a "before they were famous" type documentary on Spice Girls as a Christmas treat! The program cost the channel $450,000 and shows two years (1993-1995) in the lives of girls before they were famous. It's quite possible that they may be using the previously unreleased video footage that was the target of recent court cases(Story)

This could be really good stuff. 0-day encoder volunteers email me.

- Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 12.35AM PDT

Victoria Welcomes Linda

Victoria Beckham plans to show supermodel Linda Evangelista the delights of Manchester designer boutiques. Linda is the girlfriend of new Manchester United goalie Fabien Barthez. Victoria got her phone number through husband David, who as most know also plays for the same team. Victoria said:

"When I heard Linda was going to be in Manchester I was like 'Oh my God'. I am such a big fan, she has always been my favourite supermodel. I am going to get her down the Trafford Centre, and go and have lunch in Pizza Express. When I first came here no-one rang me and asked me out. All of the wives and girlfriends are really nice, I don't know, maybe it was because I was a Spice Girl but no-one invited me out. I think they were a bit shy, but I was really lonely."

This story came out before Victoria got ill.(Story)

- Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 12.25AM PDT

New MelB Tattoo

While she doesn't get them as often as one other Spice Girl we know, Scary Spice Melanie B has added a tattoo to her collection. It's a Phoenix tattoo in honor of her 18 month old daughter.

- Wednesday, September 6, 2000 at 12.16AM PDT

MelC Contest Follow-Up

The official Spice Girls website has a follow up to the "Weekend Of A Lifetime" with Melanie C competition(Story). Go here for the follow up story and a little quicktime flick.

- Tuesday, September 5, 2000 at 1.20AM PDT

MelB Boob Job Scandal

In official court divorce papers Melanie B claimed one of the reasons for her divorce from husband Jimmy Gulzar was a lack of sex in the marriage. Mel claims that she even purchased Viagra for Jimmy at one point. After this became public, Jimmy came out and did an interview with The Sun in which he officially says that Melanie B DID have not one, but two boob jobs done in Los Angeles, while lying to him about them until after they were finished, because she knew he opposed them. After she had them done he says that their marriage went down from there because he refused to have sex with her. He refused to have sex with her because he was tired of her lies, and was unhappy with her. From there on, their marriage was downhill. Melanie has now come out in her own defense and denies that she has ever had any boob jobs ever. It's all drama, look for more detailed articles about this to replace this one later today on the site, plus much more SpiceNews..

- Tuesday, September 5, 2000 at 1.14AM PDT

Victoria Out For A Month

Doctor's have ordered Victoria to stay in bed at home for one full month to make a full recovery from her Viral Meningitis(Story). They informed her that if she is not cautious now and does not have a full rest and recovery, then it could be months before she is completely fit again.

- Monday, September 4, 2000 at 1.15AM PDT

SpiceWorld Album Saves A Life!

Christopher Price, a young nine year old Spice Girls fan was in a coma for six weeks on the brink of death after being knocked down by a car near his home. Doctors said that his injuries were unsurvivable. His family tried everything to bring him back, and started playing his favorite album - SpiceWorld on non-stop repeat for him. Christopher's mother Jane recalls:

"We played the CD over and over to Christopher during the six weeks he was unconscious. The words seemed to relate to Christopher's situation, especially Viva Forever. Part of the lyric is about life slipping through your fingers. Eventually, he started to come round, against all the odds. It was amazing. The doctors had told us that his injuries were unsurvivable. But he defied the odds and pulled through. I can't think of anything else to explain it apart from the music."

Christopher met Victoria at her cd signing a bit ago at the Virgin Megastore in Cardiff, Wales. The family told Victoria what had happened and Victoria was amazed. She said:

"I don't believe it. I think it's wonderful and Christopher is so brave."

He got two kisses from Victoria, here is a picture.

- Monday, September 4, 2000 at 12.22AM PDT

Official Spice Message

This was sent out on the official Spice Girls mailing list(you can sign up on the official site) on August 26th. Here is the message:

hi everyone!

we've got LOADS of news for you!!

first off, big thanks to all of you who entered our 'guess the album title' competition... if you check out the site now you'll find the answer... and you'll discover whether you're one of the 10 winners who'll get their mitts on signed copies of our album on the day of release!

congrats to the winners--and don't worry everyone else cos we've got loads of new competitions up our sleeves

we're also planning some webchats in the run up to the album... we'll let you know the minute we've got dates

melanie b's kicking off the spice chat season with her very own webcast interview in september...when she'll be joined by the uber cool trevor nelson and melanie c's also planning a webcast from her uk tour this autumn... and--stick this in your diaries right now, we'll be playing you a track off our new single on the 11th of september, with another song following on the 9th of october this'll be an online exclusive so don't forget to listen in y'all.

hope you're all well... and look forward to hearing from you at the webchats (and hope you like the songs!)

take care

love peace and girl power!

melanie b, melanie c, emma and victoria

x x x x

- Monday, September 4, 2000 at 12.10AM PDT

MelB Loses Pals

Melanie B has lost a pack of friends she used to have when married to Jimmy Gulzar. The pack which consists of Kate Moss, Meg Mathews, and Davinia Taylor have stayed friends with Jimmy after the two split. Anybody who is a friend of Jimmy's is not a friend of Mel's.

- Monday, September 4, 2000 at 12.03AM PDT

MelC TrackHer

Melanie C attended the London premiere of the movie Snatch last week with Guy Oseary, the co-owner of Madonna's record label Maverick. The relationship between the two is limited to friendship.

Here is a picture of the two at the premiere.

- Sunday, September 3, 2000 at 11.40PM PDT

MelC Interview

There was an interview with Melanie C recently in Australia's HiT Entertainment Guide in Melbourne's Herald Sun. Here is a local copy of that. An interesting read covering a number of topics..

Thanks to Luke Peterson.

- Sunday, September 3, 2000 at 11.25PM PDT

Victoria Back On Catwalk?


Rumor has it that Victoria has been talking to her designer pal Maria Grachvogel about modelling her latest stuff during British Fashion Week at the end of September.


- Sunday, September 3, 2000 at 11.21PM PDT

MelB On Solo Album

Scary Spice Melanie B talked about her upcoming solo album Hot recently and the details of two tracks. She confirmed that "Pack Your Shit" is about her former husband Jimmy Gulzar. A sample line out of the song is

"You said you loved me every time you fucked me, how could you do this to me?"

She also described the recording of "Feel Me Now":

"I got a bit tipsy and layed down on the floor. They put the microphones next to me and I just started talking... cheekiness!!!"

- Sunday, September 3, 2000 at 11.12PM PDT

Leather Spice

Here is a picture of the girls from a recent promotional photo-shoot where they all wore figure hugging black leather outfits.

- Sunday, September 3, 2000 at 1.22AM PDT

Viral Meningitis

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham has come down with Viral Meningitis. Victoria was with Dane Bowers in Germany doing promotional work for their single "Out Of Your Mind" when she had to pull out of the promotional tour. She had severe migraines, worse than any she has ever had. When she finally got back home she was checked out by her doctor and diagnosed with Viral Meningitis. Meningitis is an inflammation of membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Luckily Victoria's form of meningitis is not dangerous and requires no treatment. The condition should clear up after two weeks of rest. The condition was undoubtedly brought on by all the stress Victoria has been putting on her mind and body over the past few weeks with her over the top promotion for her single as well as court battles over a book. Victoria is ironically one of the biggest patrons of the Meningitis Research Foundation. A spokeswoman for that charity said:

"Victoria has seen a neurologist and she has been told she has got viral meningitis. We are talking to her and her family and she is at home resting. We never thought we would be giving help and advice to our own patron."

- Friday, September 1, 2000 at 11:15AM PDT

Radio Play?

Just recieved an email from a Spicenews reader in Brazil, he's stating that his local radio station is playing Holler, and after first posting this I have gotten a few more emails confirming this. So my question is why are we here in the U.S. playing it???

- Friday, September 1, 2000 at 10:50AM PDT

Mel C #1

Well reports are coming in from all over the world, no really they are... I've gotten emails from different people in about 7 different countries stating that Mel C has hit number 1. Way to go Mel!

September Story Summary
Mel B - 28
Mel C - 21
Victoria - 18
Emma - 2
Total Stories - 115