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Whatís your favourite song on the album and why?

Mel C: I think Goodbye is a special favorite because itís already been a hit and it was released about the time Geri left us, so itís quite a special song. I really like the new style that weíve worked on, especially with Rodney Jerkins and everybody at Darkchild. I like that modern R&B sound. Holler is a good dance track and Let Love Lead The Way is a really good ballad. Thatís why weíre going to release them both on the first single.

Emma: Oxygen is probably one of my favorite tracks. When you listen to this song it kind of takes you to another place. Itís just an amazing track and Iíd really like everyone to sit and listen to it, because there are lots of harmonies and secret bits, which you may miss first time. Itís very uplifting, yet sad at the same time. Itís just very emotional.

Victoria: Mine is If You Wanna Have Some Fun, because itís got such an old school kind of swing beat, and also because itís been written by Jam and Lewis, who Iíve always been big fans of. Theyíve done everything with Janet Jackson.

Mel B: Itís so hard to choose. I really like Weekend Love, a song about a relationship between a boy and a girl which goes against stereotype. Basically, itís the boy thatís looking for it to turn into something bigger, but the girl just says sorry, "a weekend love is all it was."

Why did you come up with the title Forever?

Mel B: Lots of reasons really. At our shows the fans have always come along with banners saying "Spice Girls Forever" and one of our books was called Forever Spice. Even if the band wasnít around in ten years time, we hope that no one would ever forget the Spice Girls, because weíll never forget as long as we live. Weíll always be Spice Girls at heart and our songs will go on forever.

Mel C: Also, at the end of Viva Forever, when I start singing my ad libs, I sing "Viva Forever, Iíll be waiting". But when we sing it live, I always sing "Spice Girls forever". Itís just kind of been a fan thing for ages!

What were the other options you came up with?

Mel C: I wasnít aware of any other names going round. I thought it should be called Forever.

Victoria: A lot of people seemed to think it would be called Third Time Around. Not sure where that came from!

Are there any lyrics from the new songs that you particularly like?

Mel C: There are loads really. Because the albumís a bit more mature, a lot of the songs are quite sexually-orientated and Iím not a big fan of explicit lyrics, really. I get embarrassed easily! There are some lovely lyrics in Tell Me Why, itís got a lot of emotion in it. And, of course, Let Love Lead The Way, we all need something to help us and love should be able to conquer all. Itís just a story about all of use feeling let down by all the devastation in the world.

Emma: I love "If You Wanna Have Some Fun" because itís very old-school and very cheeky. The chorus goes, "If you wanna have some fun, track me down and get my number, you could be the one," then later it goes, "wink, wink, nudge, nudge". Itís brilliant!!!

A lot of people say the album has a much more mature sound, would you agree?

Mel C: I think itís more mature in the way that itís the year 2000 now and music has changed, so itís a lot more modern and has a more fashionable sound. Still, the topics we sing about are quite girly, because when weíre together we act like weíre a lot younger! The singing is much better because weíve had a lot more experience in doing vocals.

Emma: Weíre a little bit more grown up because everyone gets older, but thereís definitely a lot of the kid in us. We still like to make up silly rhymes and stuff. A lot of our fans are very young and we wanted to appeal to them as well, do we didnít want to make the album sound too old. On the other hand, our vocals have really moved on and weíve worked very hard on them.

Victoria: Yeah, definitely. Itís much stronger, vocally and lyrically. But thatís natural. Weíre older, two of us have had babies and got married, weíve done a huge world tour and weíve been managing ourselves, loads of stuff really.

Mel B: Itís also because weíve worked with Rodney Jerkins quite a lot. Heís done some great stuff with Destinyís Child and gives the album a real R&B flavor, while the four of us give it that pop element.

Do you think it will sell as many as the previous albums?

Mel C: No. I think it would be ridiculous even to entertain the thought that we could re-live our former success. At the time, it was a phenomenon, and phenomena donít happen that often. It should sell well, though, because itís a good album. Weíve also got really good fans that are so supportive of all our solo stuff as well as the band, even though we havenít released anything for a really long time.

Why has the Spice album taken so long to come out?

Emma: Because weíve been working really hard on it and taking our time! The other two albums were made so quickly that we almost didnít have time to think. I hope when you listen to Forever you really appreciate it and enjoy it. I really love it. I play it all the time, in my car and at home. In fact, I got into trouble the other day because I had it on too loud and the security guy downstairs told me off!

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