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UKMC BOX: Good Evening and welcome to AOL Live. Tonight we are joined by ...
UKMC BOX: Victoria Beckham. More famously known as the artist formally ...
UKMC BOX: known as Posh Spice.
UKMC BOX: GVictoria joins us this evening to talk about her solo career and ...
UKMC BOX: her new single "Not Such an Innocent Girl, which will be in all ...
UKMC BOX: good record shops around the country on the 17th September.
UKMC BOX: The person who asks the best question this evening will win the ...
UKMC BOX: chance to meet Victoria. This will be judged by Victoria ...
UKMC BOX: herself!
UKMC BOX: So why not see if you can come up with the best question by ...
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UKMC BOX: Good Evening Victoria Beckham and welcome to AOL Live this evening
UKMC5: nextq
UKMC BOX: Before we take the questions for our members this evening would you like
UKMC BOX: to open us up with a few opening comments?
UKMC BOX: Sorry folks getting a tad a head of myself there
UKMC BOX: Victoria will be with us shortly in the meantime please remember that your questions
UKMC BOX: come in on a first come, first served basis
UKMC BOX: and the person who sends in the best question
UKMC BOX: is in for a chance of meeting Victoria in person
UKMC BOX: The winner of the competition will be decided by Victoria herself
OnlineHost: To send your question to the guest,
OnlineHost: click on the "Ask the Guest a Question"
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OnlineHost: option.
UKMC BOX: Good evening and Welcome to AOL Live Victoria - It's a pleasure having you
UKMC BOX: here this evening
UKMC BOX: Before we open up tonight with questions from our audience
UKMC BOX: would you like to say a few opening comments?
VictoriaB Live: A big hi to all my fans, I'm very exicted about all the questions
VictoriaB Live: that you have to ask
VictoriaB Live: I hope you've got lots of good ones for me
UKMC 4: ElleW71 asks...
Question: the press seem to get things so wrong about you, what is the one thing
Question: you would like us to know about you that we don't already??
VictoriaB Live: I think that with my book and also my album that is due out very
VictoriaB Live: soon, people will see that I have a sense of humour
VictoriaB Live: The press do paint a picture of you, you do get the wrong
VictoriaB Live: impression
VictoriaB Live: so people are going to get to see the real me very soon
UKMC 4: Rainbowist88 would like to know...
Question: What is the most emotional song you have every written? Thanks!
VictoriaB Live: There are two actually, would have to be IOU, written for Davie
VictoriaB Live: David. Because he's been the backbone through the whole
VictoriaB Live: album
VictoriaB Live: and also Every Part of Me, which I wrote for Brooklyn
VictoriaB Live: The two are lovely ballads

VictoriaB Live: that are on my album, Victoria Beckham
VictoriaB Live: out on 1st October.
UKMC 2: SINEY87 asks...
Question: Hi Victoria
i was wondering if David could buy you one present, what
Question: would you ask for?

VictoriaB Live: We often get each other little presents, that don't cost a lot

VictoriaB Live: of money
VictoriaB Live: Little cards, and little surprises.
VictoriaB Live: That kind of thing
UKMC 4: Craig maclennan2 wonders...
Question: how much fun was the ali g interview and what was the best
Question: question he asked ?
VictoriaB Live: The Ali G interview was really good fun
VictoriaB Live: and the best part of it was that apparently our interview
VictoriaB Live: raised over one million pounds for charity
VictoriaB Live: But Ali G is very funny
VictoriaB Live: and we had a great time
UKMC 2: ElleW71 asks....
Question: what was the inspiration for your new video???
VictoriaB Live: I worked very closely with director Jake Nava
VictoriaB Live: I wanted there to be lots of dancing
VictoriaB Live: computer graphics, and great costumes
VictoriaB Live: people do have preconceptions of me
VictoriaB Live: so the video goes hand in hand with the song
UKMC 4: MaidOfBondStreet would like to know about David's shower habits ...
Question: Does David ever sing in the shower and does he have a good
Question: voice, is a Posh and Becks duet something to look forward to in
Question: the future? :)
VictoriaB Live: That will never happen

VictoriaB Live: David does sing in the shower and he does sing when he's

VictoriaB Live: driving the car, but that's as far as his vocal talents go
UKMC 2: Scottishbabe123 asks...
Question: how does brooklyn fit into your life with u beeing so busy??
VictoriaB Live: Brooklyn comes to work with me nearly every day
eve times u thought u wernt goin 2 make it
VictoriaB Live: He was there throughout the recording of the whole album
VictoriaB Live: and David and Brooklyn will always be the most important

VictoriaB Live: part of my life
UKMC 4: Sassysonic1978 asks...
Question: do u believe in fate for example if u hadnt been a spice girl do
Question: u think u would have still met and married david
VictoriaB Live: That's an interesting question
VictoriaB Live: I'd like to think so. But who knows
UKMC 2: Hannah160387 asks...

Question: Hiya Victoria, Your website is great and i want to know did you
Question: have any say as to what it looked like or did the designer do it
Question: all?

VictoriaB Live: Thank you. I had a lot of input with my site
VictoriaB Live: It's very important to me as it's the one opportunity
VictoriaB Live: I get to communicate with my fans

VictoriaB Live: the designers did a great job of inventing Beckingham Palace

UKMC 2: GemmaJade asks...
Question: Hello Victoria,
Out of all the gigs you have done with the Spice
Question: Girls what has been the most exciting?
VictoriaB Live: Travelling to so many countries was amazing
VictoriaB Live: Touring America was a big highlight
VictoriaB Live: And also Europe
VictoriaB Live: but Wembly Stadium was something that I never even dreamt
VictoriaB Live: would happen to me
UKMC 4: MSAL104 has a curious question...
Question: What would you say is the thing you see on the way home from being away
Question: that gives you that 'home at last' feelimg?
VictoriaB Live: Heathrow
VictoriaB Live: This usually tells me that I'm home
VictoriaB Live: But my family usually there to meet me
UKMC 4: Loulou124 asks...
Question: Good evening my daughter amber would like to know what is your
Question: husbands worst habit that really gets on your nerves.
VictoriaB Live: He doesn't really have any bad habits
UKMC 4: ROYKAPS asks...
Question: Where did the ideas for the design of your new panther logo come from

VictoriaB Live: I designed that with two great designers
VictoriaB Live: I wanted something that people could associate with me
VictoriaB Live: I could put in on my clothes, have backdrops, and it's a really
VictoriaB Live: cool design, I'm really happy with it
UKMC 2: Rob Barron asks...
Question: Victoria, you and David are excellent role models for teenagers . Are
Question: you conscious of being role models and is there anything you would
Question: not do because of this?

I wish you all the best with the new
Question: single :o)
Rob Barron, Poole
VictoriaB Live: I'd like to think I'm a good role model
VictoriaB Live: I'm a good mum, good wife, I work hard
VictoriaB Live: And I realise lots of children look up to me, as well as my own
VictoriaB Live: son
UKMCLive: nextq
VictoriaB Live: So I do the best I can to be a good role model for children
UKMC 4: Jasper D1 asks...
Question: victoria you're amazing!!Ive foiund you so talented since you were in
Question: spice must have worked so hard to get here,with all your
Question: dance training, does it get to you when the press say you cant sing or
Question: dance when you clearly can?
VictoriaB Live: That one has to be a competition winner!
VictoriaB Live: It's nice to actually hear somebody say such nice things
VictoriaB Live: because yes, the press do often like to put a negative spiel
VictoriaB Live: on things
VictoriaB Live: it does upset me, and my family
VictoriaB Live: but hopefully with my new album, it will prove that I can
VictoriaB Live: write good songs and also sing very well
VictoriaB Live: I've done lots of live shows with the Spice Girls to prove
VictoriaB Live: that I can sing
VictoriaB Live: but at some point I will do more live work
UKMC 2: Buddy9vf asks...
Question: Do you want Brooklyn to be a footballer or a singer?
VictoriaB Live: Whatever he's happy doing
VictoriaB Live: But he is amazing at football
VictoriaB Live: So we'll just have to wait and see, got a few years to think
VictoriaB Live: about that one
UKMC 2: WBr2364014 asks...
Question: what did you think to your husbands hair and which style did you like
Question: the best.
Question: from leanne
VictoriaB Live: I love his hair
VictoriaB Live: I think the style he's got at the moment is the best
VictoriaB Live: sort of a shaved head but with a line shaved into it
VictoriaB Live: and Brooklyn has the same hairstyle
VictoriaB Live: Eyebrow styling is all the rage these days, it's not just hair
VictoriaB Live: hair
UKMC 4: TwoGothsUK has a deadly serious question...
Question: Have you been tempted to try any death metal on your new album?
VictoriaB Live: No.
VictoriaB Live: But I do wear a bandana
VictoriaB Live: That's as far as I took it, the bandana
VictoriaB Live: But I'm open to influences
UKMC 2: SarahLFC96 asks...
Question: Hiya Victoria..if u could manage a football team for the day made up
Question: of popstars who would be ur starting 11?
VictoriaB Live: I don't know who I'd pick
VictoriaB Live: Isn't it strange how all footballers want to be popstars
VictoriaB Live: and all popstars want to be footballers??!!
UKMC 4: Steve 15187 asks...
Question: Hey Victoria, I think You are great, how do you feel over geri's
Question: sucsess?
from stephan,
VictoriaB Live: I think Geri's doing very well

VictoriaB Live: And I'm proud of her like I'm proud of all of the Spice Girls
UKMC 2: CH1RO asks....
Question: Whats the most memorable moment in your life?
VictoriaB Live: Without a doubt, the most memorable moment would be
VictoriaB Live: giving birth and also my wedding day which was fantastic
UKMC 2: RICHARD asks...
VictoriaB Live: Touring for me would be an absolute dream come true,
VictoriaB Live: But I don't know who my fans are, how many of them there
VictoriaB Live: are, or where they are
VictoriaB Live: So if the demand is there and enough people buy the record
VictoriaB Live: I would love to come to as many countries and tour as possible
VictoriaB Live: Fingers crossed!
UKMC 4: KittenKrazy95683 has a trying one...
Question: was there any one moment when you regretted joining th Spice
Question: Girls?
VictoriaB Live: No.
VictoriaB Live: Not at all. I've had the most amazing time with the Spice Girls.
UKMC 4: MEPR23 understands the pressure you're under...
Question: Victoria, how many times are you asked to explain the offside rule?
VictoriaB Live: So many times I can't even tell you
VictoriaB Live: And I still don't know
UKMC 2: Kathleenthow asks...
Question: How do you relax with such a busy lifestyle?
VictoriaB Live: Whenever I'm not working, all my free time I'm with Brooklyn
VictoriaB Live: and David
VictoriaB Live: so just doing pretty normal things
VictoriaB Live: watching telly, going to the supermarket, going to the park
VictoriaB Live: watching DVDs, stuff like that
UKMC 4: ALAN306 is a footy fan...
Question: Hi Victoria, How did you feel on Saturday when David lead England to the
Question: 5-1 win over Germany???
VictoriaB Live: I'm so proud of David.
VictoriaB Live: Myself and Brooklyn had a little celebration on our own
VictoriaB Live: and I just can't say anything, I'm just so, so proud of him
UKMC 2: Js01268 asks...
Question: hi victoria. who is brookyln more like you or David? i like ya new hair
Question: bye the way!! and i saw u in concert a few yrs ago! very .cool
VictoriaB Live: Thank you very much.
VictoriaB Live: He does look very much like David, but he has my nose

VictoriaB Live: He's sporty like David, thank goodness and not like me
VictoriaB Live: And what's lovely about him is he's a really affectionate little
VictoriaB Live: boy.
VictoriaB Live: He gets that from the two of us
UKMC 4: WizardShineLtd wonders...
Question: If you had the choice do you think you would retire gracefully
Question: and be anonymous? Do you miss your anonimity?
VictoriaB Live: I love writing songs, and performing songs to my fans
VictoriaB Live: I do have a private life, that is private, just to me, DAvid
VictoriaB Live: and Brooklyn and my family, at home in my new house
VictoriaB Live: Fame can be taken away from you as quickly as it can be
VictoriaB Live: given to you
VictoriaB Live: so I appreciate every moment while I have it
UKMC 2: Robbo8148 asks...
Question: Hi Victoria! Who was your childhood idol and what have they done (if
Question: anything) to inspire your pop career?
VictoriaB Live: I'm a big, big fan of Janet Jacketson
VictoriaB Live: Jackson
VictoriaB Live: She inspires me with her amazing performances.
VictoriaB Live: I love her music and her style
UKMC 4: LizaAshlee would like to know...
Question: Hi Victoria, Good luck with your new single!!
my question is:
if a
Question: statue was going to be made of you. where in the world would you like
Question: it to be put and why?
VictoriaB Live: Thank you very much
VictoriaB Live: I suppose in London because that's where I'm from
VictoriaB Live: but I'd be pretty amazed if they'd put a statue of me anywhere!!
UKMC 4: Ultimatewannabee asks...
Question: before you joined the spice girls and all this incredible stuff
Question: happened to you, what was your biggest achievement? what were
Question: you most proud of?
VictoriaB Live: My biggest achievement was winning dancing competitions
VictoriaB Live: and singing competitions, that kind of thing
VictoriaB Live: I was always a hard worker
UKMC 4: Hannah160387 asks...
Question: Hiya, Are the spice girls going to release anymore songs or albums
Question: soon or are you all concentrating on your solo careers at the
Question: moment???
VictoriaB Live: We're all concentrating on solo careers
VictoriaB Live: at the moment, but you never know what lies in the future
UKMC 4: Kylie Kirsty would like to know...
Question: how did u come up with the song not such an innocent girl?
VictoriaB Live: Steve Kipner and Andrew Frampton wrote this song
VictoriaB Live: and asked me to sing it
UKMC5: +mine
VictoriaB Live: I did, and I loved it and thought what a fantastic first single
VictoriaB Live: I like the concept
VictoriaB Live: and I think it's an amazing pop song

VictoriaB Live: Too Much, Something Kind of Funny and Nothing
VictoriaB Live: Love Thing
UKMC 4: Imnottelling7559 would like to know...

VictoriaB Live: I dont' know, that's a diffcult one
VictoriaB Live: Something a little bit different I think
UKMC 4: Peace4eva would like to know...
Question: Hi, how does it feel to be famous and do you ever find it hard and
Question: wish you were just a normal person?
from rebecca!
VictoriaB Live: Like I said before, I do have a private life
VictoriaB Live: So no, I'm glad being me
UKMC 2: Yesac35 in the States wants to know...
Question: Hi Victoria! I met you in New York at Z100 when you and Emma were doing
Question: promotion. I wanted to know if you had any plans to release you solo
Question: album here.
VictoriaB Live: I would love to
VictoriaB Live: A lot of the producers and co-writers on my album
VictoriaB Live: are American and they are very keen along with my record
VictoriaB Live: label to release my music in America
UKMC5: +mine
VictoriaB Live: so hopefully next year
VictoriaB Live: I'll be spending more time in the States
UKMC 4: MelShellChisholm (!) asks...
Question: Hey Victoria,

If the song "fame" with the line "i'm gonna
Question: learn how to fly" has never been sung what would you have
Question: called your autobiography? Best of luck with the single, love,
Question: peace and GIRL POWER
Shelley Mullen
VictoriaB Live: I don't know, I like Learning to Fly as a title because
VictoriaB Live: it's very vulnerable and when you read the book you'll

VictoriaB Live: understand why I chose this title
UKMC 2: Analklaw asks....
Question: If you could live in your own fairy tale.. what would it be like?
VictoriaB Live: I think I'm living a fairy tale
UKMC 2: Gabybennett022 asks...
Question: IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER! I really wanna win but i never win
Question: anything! Im 12 and im Gaby Bennet from Surrey! Anyway my
Question: question is whats your favorite costume/outfit you've ever worn
Question: in a video or at your concert
VictoriaB Live: Congratulations you've won your first ever prize!!
VictoriaB Live: I'll send you a signed CD!
VictoriaB Live: I've worn lots of great costumes
VictoriaB Live: but the costumes in my new video are fantastic
VictoriaB Live: I designed them with D&G
VictoriaB Live: So they're my favourites at the moment
UKMC 2: WiseQuaffy asks..
Question: Victoria, do your mates call you vicky? If not, what do they call you?
VictoriaB Live: I haven't got any mates
VictoriaB Live: Only joking!
VictoriaB Live: My friends just call me Victoria
VictoriaB Live: But I'll answer to most things
VictoriaB Live: and there are a few exceptions!
UKMC 4: Sexybraduk asks...
Question: what is your favourite type of sweet and if u described yourself as a
Question: sweet what would u be.......sweet, sour, soft on the inside,
Question: colourful?

VictoriaB Live: I think I'd be a cola bottle
VictoriaB Live: judging by my outfit this evening
UKMC 2: AshlyWltrs asks...
Question: Do you plan to stay in Alderley Edge or move somewhere else?
VictoriaB Live: I live in Alderly Edge and also we have a house in London
VictoriaB Live: so I go between the two
VictoriaB Live: but David spends most of his time in Alderley Edge
VictoriaB Live: because of playing for Manchester United
UKMC 4: KITkATHwrd needs some advice...
Question: victoria i am a very shy and do not have many close friends were you
Question: like me at your age and if so how did you become so confident? i
Question: would love to have the same attitude as you as long as you hav e
Question: family thats all that matters ok thanx luv katiexxx
VictoriaB Live: It can be really hard but you have to be strong and stick
VictoriaB Live: to what you believe in
VictoriaB Live: don't just do what everybody else does and say what everybody
VictoriaB Live: else says
VictoriaB Live: work hard in whatever you want to do
VictoriaB Live: and I'm proof that if you do that you can achieve almost
VictoriaB Live: anything
VictoriaB Live: good luck.
VictoriaB Live: Good luck and lots of love
UKMC 4: Mad Pixie2 asks about that jewellry...
Question: Hi Victoria! First of all can i say i think you are absolutely
Question: beautiful! The question i wanted to ask you though was, as a role
Question: model to young girls, do you worry about them wanting to copy you? (I.
Question: E. The recent lip ring incident)
VictoriaB Live: When I wore the lip ring I was on stage being the bad Victoria
VictoriaB Live: I was dressed in character with long fake hair
VictoriaB Live: a fake tattoo, biker leather clothing and bright red eye makeup
VictoriaB Live: the lip ring was an accessory as part of my character
VictoriaB Live: but I'm not telling anybody to go and get pierced
VictoriaB Live: it's proof that you can fake it and it can still look good
VictoriaB Live: but do not get pierced, please
UKMC 2: Ultimatewannabee asks ...
Question: before you joined the spice girls and all this incredible stuff
Question: happened to you, what was your biggest achievement? what were
Question: you most proud of?
UKMC 4: Zuko 163270095 asks...
Question: Victoria, i was wondering how has Brooklyn been reacting from the
Question: fame and attention you and David get through your everyday
Question: lifestyles?
UKMC 2: oops.. old question!
VictoriaB Live: It's something that he's had from day one, so at the moment
VictoriaB Live: he probably doesn't realise that it's not normal
VictoriaB Live: but hopefully if we bring him up in the right way he'll be
VictoriaB Live: able to cope
UKMC 4: AndreWrght would like to know your inspiration...
Question: who do you look towards for your fashion inspirations

VictoriaB Live: I take bits and pieces from everybody
VictoriaB Live: there's lots of amazing designers
VictoriaB Live: but then also some fantastic high street shops
VictoriaB Live: I love mix and matching
VictoriaB Live: but I also love customising things myself
UKMC 2: Analklaw asks...
Question: what would you do if you could be invisable for a day?
VictoriaB Live: Probably something pretty normal like to to the seaside,
VictoriaB Live: go to the fun fair, that kind of thing with Brooklyn
UKMC 4: TorPoshSpiceFan gets back to the album...
VictoriaB Live: and David
Question: What is your favourite track on your album?
VictoriaB Live: That's a hard one, there's so many that have really personal
VictoriaB Live: feelings behind them
VictoriaB Live: but I would say my favourite track on the album
VictoriaB Live: is That Kind of Girl which is a lovely ballad, very soulful
VictoriaB Live: and heartfelt
UKMC 2: Silurehunter asks...
Question: hi Victoria off all the stories written about you and David(good
Question: and bad) which one made you laugh the most and why? thanks xxx
VictoriaB Live: Every day there are so many amusing stories
VictoriaB Live: it would be hard to pick one
UKMC 4: Monkeyapproach needs more entertainment...
Question: will u tell us your fave joke?
VictoriaB Live: I know I've got personality but I'm not that good
VictoriaB Live: I'm not very good on the spot with jokes!
UKMC 2: Gareth Steven asks...
Question: wot was the last film u took brooklyn 2 see?
VictoriaB Live: Cats & Dogs
VictoriaB Live: and he really liked it
VictoriaB Live: He loves going to the cinema, but he especially loves going
VictoriaB Live: to the theatre
UKMC 4: Another question...
Question: What is the funnest part of making and promoting you album?

VictoriaB Live: The funnest part is that I take Brooklyn and my Mum with me
VictoriaB Live: so we always have good fun when we're working
UKMC 2: GreenDay123100 asks...
VictoriaB Live: The best room in my house is probably my bedroom
VictoriaB Live: because I've got a big comfy bed
VictoriaB Live: and a nice big television for when I'm relaxing
UKMC 4: BLewis2240 would like to know...
Question: Are you going to make any more movies?
VictoriaB Live: I dont' know, if the right part came along, maybe
VictoriaB Live: but at the moment I'm just concentrating on my music
UKMC 4: JMedievalmaiden aks about your sense of humour...
Question: What makes you laugh?
VictoriaB Live: I laugh at lots of things
VictoriaB Live: I've got quite a dry sense of humour
VictoriaB Live: it's not hard to make me laugh
UKMC 2: MillyVP is back in the shower...
Question: Victoria, would you do any cover versions of your favourite songs? If
Question: so....what do you sing in the shower?! Camilla xx
VictoriaB Live: I'm not again doing a cover, maybe at some point in the future
VictoriaB Live: I would, but nothing I can think of at the moment
UKMC 4: Ed the curryking has an interesting one...
Question: Did you agree straight away when people started to call you
Question: posh spice?
VictoriaB Live: Yeah I think that our character names were really good fun
VictoriaB Live: and I'm really proud to be Posh Spice
UKMC 2: Flipsround asks...
Question: Hi Victoria! I was wondering if you have any nicknames for Brooklyn?
Question: Love, Doyle
VictoriaB Live: Not really
UKMC 4: Hibs asks...
Question: Hi Victoria, just wondering if you weren't a singer, what do you think you
Question: would be doing career-wise now?
VictoriaB Live: If I wasn't a singer I'd like to be doing something in fashion
VictoriaB Live: or I'd like to be a dancer
UKMC 2: Lawson123456 asks...
Question: what would be your speacialist subject on mastermind?
VictoriaB Live: It would probably be music, or performing arts, or theatre
UKMC 4: Shlerma would like to know...
Question: i just wanted to know, y u wrote your autobiography in your mid twenties
Question: if you are at the height of your career, both as a singer and a style
Question: icon!?

VictoriaB Live: I decided to write my autobiography now because, for me
VictoriaB Live: personally, the time felt right
VictoriaB Live: I've had lots to write about and I can answer lots of questions
VictoriaB Live: that people want answered
VictoriaB Live: so what a great time to do it
VictoriaB Live: I have to say I am very nervous and I hope you will like it
UKMC 4: Hamed1221382737 wonders...
Question: hi vicky which is your fav part of your body and least fav part
Question: and r your feet ticklish
VictoriaB Live: I think all women have bits of their body they're not keen on
VictoriaB Live: I'd love to have really nice long hair
VictoriaB Live: and I wish my fingernails were real
VictoriaB Live: my feet are very ticklish
VictoriaB Live: so are my arms
UKMC 4: Itsirdavid asks...
Question: Do blondes have more fun? Also did you find that peole talked slower
Question: to you as a blonde? (that's what happened to me)

VictoriaB Live: I didn't have much fun because getting your roots done
VictoriaB Live: is a bit of a pain
VictoriaB Live: so I don't know if that rumour is true
Question: hi wot is urs and brooklyns fav kids program
VictoriaB Live: Have to be the Tweenies and Brooklyn loves Thomas the
VictoriaB Live: Tank Engine
VictoriaB Live: and he loved the Stuart Little film
UKMC 4: THa9678787 is getting a bit nosy...
Question: hello victoria, what was davids first words when he phoned saturday
Question: night
VictoriaB Live: Can I just say hi to this person
VictoriaB Live: I can't remember exactly but we always have really
VictoriaB Live: long conversations, we talk to hours and hours
UKMC 2: Markhchild asks...
Question: If David continues to captain england and as some now expect England
Question: go on to win the world cup,and we continue to have the populist pm
Question: Tony Blair,there is a strong possibility that David will become Sir
Question: David.....How does the title of Lady Victoria sound to you and would
Question: you enjoyit.....???by the way i did enjoy your show with sir elton
Question: you obviously feel comfortable with knights

VictoriaB Live: It sounds damn good
VictoriaB Live: That would be fantastic, I could live with that!
UKMC 4: Hannah160387 asks...
Question: Hiya, If you could ask your fans 1 question what would it be????
Luv Hannah

P.S i like ya top
VictoriaB Live: Thank you very much
VictoriaB Live: It's good but I'm having a bit of a problem with it, it's
VictoriaB Live: got lots of slits inthe arms
VictoriaB Live: I think my main question to my fans would be
VictoriaB Live: do you like my record?
VictoriaB Live: because I'm very nervous about it
VictoriaB Live: as it's my first single
VictoriaB Live: and I hope that you're all looking forward to my album
UKMC 2: STEPLEE asks....
Question: If you were to take yourself and oyu family back to a certain period of
Question: time . Which one would it be and why? luv emma
VictoriaB Live: It would probably be the 80s so I could relive those shouldpads
VictoriaB Live: with conviction and I'd love to see David in a Don Johnson
VictoriaB Live: suit
UKMC 4: JoanneCairns66 asks...
Question: Do you find it hard juggling being a mum, your career and being a
Question: footballers wife?
VictoriaB Live: Yes I try to be the best mum and best wife that I can
VictoriaB Live: DAvid and Brooklyn are very supportive of my music
VictoriaB Live: so it is a juggling act but I wouldn't have it any other way
VictoriaB Live: I like to be a very hands-on mum
UKMC 2: Bel0686 asks...
Question: I watched Lorraine this morning and it woz the first time i saw the
Question: bandana it looks so cool how didi u get the idea?
VictoriaB Live: Thank you.
VictoriaB Live: The bandana I wear usually when I'm peforming because
VictoriaB Live: it keeps my hair out of my face
UKMC 2: Zuko asks...
Question: Where do you see yourself in ten years time Victoria?
VictoriaB Live: Hopefully I will be a successful solo artist
VictoriaB Live: Fingers crossed.
VictoriaB Live: But at some point in the future I would like to have more

VictoriaB Live: children.
VictoriaB Live: But not just yet, I've got lots of work to do first, with my album
UKMC 4: Se7enE asks about Kylie...
Question: How do you feel about all the hype around Kylie, and do you find it hard
Question: when fans take sides ?
VictoriaB Live: I think the media like to create a lot of hype
VictoriaB Live: Kylie's great, I would never expect to sell more records than
VictoriaB Live: someone like her
VictoriaB Live: She's been around, as a solo artist, for longer than i have
VictoriaB Live: But the fans will decide whos record they want to buy
VictoriaB Live: And we'll see what happens
UKMC 2: CoburnCc asks...
Question: who did you want to win on big brother?
VictoriaB Live: I liked Brian
VictoriaB Live: but then I also really liked Helen as well
UKMC 4: Lauradams asks
Question: Does your new song reflect you as a person, do u consider yourself
Question: innocent?
VictoriaB Live: I do have a slightly innocent side, I think everyone does
VictoriaB Live: but if you listen to the lyrics there's a very good message in there
VictoriaB Live: can I also say that the B -side of not such an innocent girl
VictoriaB Live: is one of the first songs that I wrote - called In Your Dreams
UKMC 2: Hestlngl asks....
Question: if you could only give brooklyn one lesson in life to learn, what would
Question: it be?
VictoriaB Live: I don't know where I'd start, that's a difficult question
VictoriaB Live: that's a hard one to answer
VictoriaB Live: I have no idea
UKMC 4: Coolchick1988709 has an easier one...
Question: What is your favourite pair of shoes?
VictoriaB Live: Gina is my favourite shoe shop and I bought a new pair the
VictoriaB Live: other day that are metallic gree
VictoriaB Live: green, and they've my favourite shoes at the moment
Question: was it love at first sight with david
VictoriaB Live: Definitely.

VictoriaB Live: Meeting David made me believe in love at first sight
UKMC 4: MARTINIGIRL92374 would like to know...
Question: whats your best memory from the spice girls?
VictoriaB Live: Being on stage at Wembly Stadium
UKMC 4: ElleW71 asks...
Question: what is your most favourite place that you have visited?
VictoriaB Live: I've been so so many fantastic countries
VictoriaB Live: so many different places bring back memories
VictoriaB Live: so I couldnt' possible pick a favourite place, sorry
UKMC 2: Sassysonic1978 asks...
Question: which member of the tweenies is brooklyns favourite
VictoriaB Live: Jake is Brooklyn's favourite Tweenies character
VictoriaB Live: but he loves Doodles the Dog
UKMC 2: MooreGEMINI asks....
Question: would you like david to move from MU.
VictoriaB Live: No, both David and myself are very happy in Manchester
VictoriaB Live: it's the best club in the world
UKMC 2: ROBERTSG55 asks...
Question: ho is the best person u have eva worked wiv
Question: what perfume do you wear?
VictoriaB Live: I wear Creed Springflowers
VictoriaB Live: which funnily enough is the same perfume Audrey Hepburn
VictoriaB Live: used to wear
VictoriaB Live: The best person I've ever worked with would be Steve Kipner
VictoriaB Live: is one of my favourite people that I've worked with
VictoriaB Live: he's an amazing songwriter and I've co-written some lovely
VictoriaB Live: songs with him
VictoriaB Live: and he's a really nice man
UKMC 4: Olim51390988 asks..

VictoriaB Live: Being in the Spice Girls is so much fun but I am enjoying
VictoriaB Live: working as a solo artist
UKMC 2: KICKASSIN2K asks....
Question: Who is your most hated football player (I know this, but i thought
Question: id still ask!) I hate him too! GO VICKY GO VICKY!
VictoriaB Live: I don't know enough footballers to know who my least
VictoriaB Live: favourite is
VictoriaB Live: but maybe that person is reading my mind
VictoriaB Live: Only joking.
UKMC 4: CharliFC has the final question...
Question: have you always wanted to be famous? and if yes did you do anything
Question: before you joined the Spice Girls?
VictoriaB Live: I always wanted to be famous and I was a dancer before I met
VictoriaB Live: the Spice Girls
VictoriaB Live: OK, I'm going now. Thank you for all your questions
VictoriaB Live: I hope you like the single which is out on 17th September

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