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Exclusive Interview With Victoria Beckham

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Blue Text = Victoria Beckham

Exclusive Interview With Victoria Beckham

Can you tell us about your new web site?
My new website is very, very, exciting because you actually travel around Beckingham Palace. The graphics are fantastic and there's something in there for everybody. There are kids games for the children in Brooklyn's room as well as interviews with my make-up artist, my hairdresser, choreographer and the guy who helps make my costumes. There are bits and pieces on Manchester United and a little interview with David and lots of little personal photographs. It's really exciting, as I've had a lot of input and I've helped design everything. I looked at lots of different sites on the Internet and I wanted to make mine very different and up-to-date in today's computer technology.

And all your own ideas?
I wanted to be really hands-on with the look of the site and what I wanted on it. The guys who have worked on it have been really enthusiastic and they're just doing a brilliant job. Everybody is really excited about what they've done.

You have talked about the different sections within the site so does that mean that a lot of people are going to be involved in the site rather than it just being Victoria Beckham...
I think that people are really interested in how I do my hair and the clothes I wear and how my make up artist Karin does my make-up. The people I work with are really talented and they've got a lot to say. They always get asked to do interviews but they never usually do, so for the first time this is official.

Will you be coming back to the site to update it once it has gone live?
Definitely, I want to be really involved. There are going to be lots of competitions with lots of great things to win. We're hopefully going to sort out a few Manchester United tickets - if I can persuade David to give me some - plus little costumes that I've worn and maybe a bit of make up.You know, lots of girly stuff but then some stuff for the boys too!

What is your favourite section of the site?
It would have to be Brooklyn's room, which is really cute, and you can play games there. You can open up his wardrobe and his clothes are hanging up and his books all lined up. I really like that room!

Is your real home like the online Beckingham Palace?
It's surprisingly similar. When the guys designed it, they just went away and designed it how they thought it would be, but they're actually not far off. They've got the thrones right (laughter).

It's quite a tongue in cheek thing to call it??
It's totally tongue-in-cheek! I mean, there's a royal bathroom and the thrones are there obviously. That's a part of my personality that some people get and find quite funny and some people don't get and say, 'Who does she think she is?' It's all good fun and there's enough people out there who poke fun, so I thought I may as well poke fun myself and entertain people at the same time.

Is there going to be a big event to launch the single and the website?
On the 24th July I'm going to be answering questions at a live webchat. There's going to be a competition to come along and sit in on it too. I'm really looking forward to it because so much hard work has gone into this site and for the first time people are actually going to be able to see it. One of the first people in line to get it up on the computer will be my mum. She's really excited about it and keeps asking me what it's like.

There's going to be a bulletin board on the site but will you be going onto that to answer questions? Will you be going online to talk to people?
Yes, definitely. I will probably go onto the site every now and then to answer questions and chat to people. That's the good thing about having an official website. There are obviously lots of rumours that go into the press and I personally very rarely stand up and say what's actually happened. People think they know you but in actual fact they don't, so it's going to be good for the first time for me to clear up some of those rumours about David, Brooklyn and me. I've also got my book coming out in September which is very good and a very interesting read, so for the first time again I have been able to talk openly about certain things and how things really are.

So as well as the music it is going to be a total lifestyle site too - It'll be like everything you wanted to know about Victoria Beckham?
For a long time I almost tried to hide that, but people are very interested in David and Brooklyn. I think it is great that the fans want to see a little picture of Brooklyn so I thought, what better way to do it than on my official site where I can control what goes out. David has just seen the site for the first time and he was like, 'Wow that's amazing'. It's very cool.

I heard a rumour that Phil Neville and some of the other players from Manchester United would be getting involved - is that true?
I don't know, but at some point I am sure I can persuade some of the other players to do a little interview or something next season. A lot of them are really nice guys and I'm sure if I take them out and give them a few drinks and get the camcorder out to ask them a few questions, it will be fine. (laughter).

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