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Emma Bunton Ninemsn Chat Transcript - May 15 2001

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Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton (a.k.a. Baby Spice) is celebrating the release of her debut album, A Girl Like Me. Emma joined us on May 15, 2001 to answers your questions about life as a Spice Girl and her highly successful solo projects.

Host ninemsn says: ninemsn presents a Live Interview with Emma Bunton! Emma (a.k.a. Baby Spice) is celebrating the release of her debut album, A Girl Like Me. Ask your questions about life as a Spice Girl and her highly successful solo projects.

Host ninemsn says: Emma has beaten off stiff competition in debuting at number one on the UK singles chart. The single, 'What Took You So Long?' beat out two of the UK's highest selling artists of recent times in Hear'Say (the UK's own TV Popstars) and Shaggy.

Host ninemsn says: Welcome Emma! Thanks so much for coming to chat with us tonight!

Emma Bunton says: A massive hello to all the people out there who have logged on. I hope you enjoyed the single, and enjoy the album, its called A Girl Like Me... it's great fun!

Host ninemsn says: We have lots of excited people with lots of questions for you! We'll get straight to them!

Andrew says: Emma do you know tour dates for Australia yet?

Emma Bunton says: Well I'm trying to get out there as soon as possible, at the moment because of the single and the album it's quite made here, I've been working lots in England and Europe. But, as soon as I'm invited I'll be over.

Raven says: Emma, being a part of the Spice Girls, how do you think your audience will now see you? Will they see you as you or more as Baby Spice? Will you be creating more of an individual image or will you continue with what people know and like?

Emma Bunton says: I've always been as natural as possible and everything you see and hear is totally from my heart and soul and that's A Girl Like Me.

dawsons_chick says: Emma, do u like being a solo artist better than in a band?

Emma Bunton says: Ooooh no! they are both very important to me!

Geri-Halliwell-Wannabe says: Emma, how old were you when you got your music contract?

Emma Bunton says: I was 18 when I first got my music contract and I had very good people around me, like my family who support me a lot.

bizarre says: Emma, Do you find a solo career harder than being in a group?

Emma Bunton says: Ummm ... I find it more nerve wracking! But I'm able to be very creative when writing my album... but I always have great fun with the girls as well.

EMMA_ROCKS2001 says: Hi Emma firstly I just want to say YOU ROCK! Do you and the other girls (in the band ) keep in touch with Geri?

Emma Bunton says: We haven't seen her for a long time, but so much time has passed everything is cool now!

Scooby says: Who in the music industry has had the biggest influence on you?

Emma Bunton says: There's been lots... but I think Motown music is something I have been brought up with ... so Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross, and more recently Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston.

ebonyeyes says: Emma, will spice girls be bringing out any new albums?

Emma Bunton says: Of course! we love working together, but we have to give each other space as women to try other things.

bg says: Emma, Of your time with the spice girls, is there anything in particular that stands out in your mind as being "the best moment"?

Emma Bunton says:I think one of the best moments was when we did Wembley Stadium which was one of the biggest shows we did. At the time Victoria and Mel B were pregnant, and we were all together on stage in front of thousands of people.

mr_button says: Emma, what went through your mind when your album went #1 in the world?

Emma Bunton says:To be in the charts is an amazing feeling. Lets just hope my album, A Girl Like Me, hits number one too!

Host ninemsn says: Emma, we have lots of kids here tonight ... and a question quite a few are asking is .....

Bort says: Emma, is Scary Spice really all that spooky?

Emma Bunton says: *laughs* she's not at all! She can also be very sensitive ... I love her to bits!

Host ninemsn says: There ya go guys!

SpiceFan2001 says: Emma: What's your next single?

Emma Bunton says: Awww ... I can't tell you that at the moment ... because on my it's a competition to see who can guess what my next single is going to be!

Emma Bunton says: So what do YOU all think it should be?

bubbles says: Emma, who inspired you to start singing?

Emma Bunton says: Probably Madonna, and again just having music in the house all the time.

Host ninemsn says: Do you write your own songs, or are they written for you?

Emma Bunton says: No, I write my own songs. Lyrically, it's kind of like a dairy for me... and I write about all different emotions that we all go through in our life.

little_witch_1 says: How long have you been singing?

Emma Bunton says: Well, I went to stage school, and started singing at about 11 ... But I believe everyone can sing!

Scooby says: Emma, What would you be doing if you didn't make it in the music business?

Emma Bunton says: I've been doing a lot of TV presenting in England as well, so I'd probably have a go at that, but music is my first love -- so I'm going to have to make it work!

Host ninemsn says: *laughs* I like this next one ...

goldcoastguy_28 says: Emma, how could u ever stand up in those platform boots !!

Emma Bunton says: *laughs* with good balance!! But I have fallen over a few times!

Host ninemsn says: Great question goldcoastguy! ;-)

kleah says: What advice can u give someone wanting to get into the music industry?

Emma Bunton says: To make sure you do exactly the music you want too, and to try and write as much as possible. Coz it's best when a song comes from YOUR heart.

emma_luvs_jade says: Emma, you are my idol! Do you think you play a big influence in young girls lives?

Emma Bunton says: I realise I have a responsibility, but I'm also a girl learning and growing -- and I believe we all have too learn from our own mistakes.

Host ninemsn says: How old are you Emma?

Emma Bunton says:I 'm 25!

Fishy says: Are you trying to steer clear of the "Baby Spice" image and sort of "grow up" or do you like you nickname?

Emma Bunton says: Not at all, Baby Spice is part of me! I think naturally I'm growing ... but there is a kid in everyone.

Anna says: If you had the opportunity to write a song about your personal hero/mentor, who would it be and what type of song would you write?

Emma Bunton says: I've already done this! On the album there is a song for my mum! It's a beautiful song and I wrote this because my mum is my idol!

winglefingers says: Has any one ever thrown there old undies to you up on stage?

Emma Bunton says: *laughs* No I just get lots of teddy bears!

Erin says: If you could invite 5 people to dinner, who would they be?

Emma Bunton says: Elvis Presley, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Princess Diana!

Host ninemsn says: sounds like a fun dinner party!

Emma Bunton says: yup, exactly!

Crazyspice17 says: Emma, have you ever been to Kenya? that's where i'm from and all my friends feel neglected because no one ever tours there!

Emma Bunton says: Well I'm going to try to go around all of the world. So hopefully I'll see you in Kenya!

Hober says: Hi Emma, is it as difficult as people make out to get started in music? How did you find the right management?

Emma Bunton says:It is very difficult, but you have to believe in yourself, and have a strong family and friend around you to help. We now manage ourselves, but there are some great managers out there.

groovygal_kylie says: Do you surf the net and check out your websites?

Emma Bunton says: Not really ... I don't really get the time to surf the net. But I think I might try and get a computer when I get a bit more time.

Ash says: Emma, what's your favourite television show?

Emma Bunton says:I was a big fan of Big Brother when it was on here and I also loved Blind Date.

Tapanga says: Emma, Have you ever met anyone famous and didn't know what to say to them?

Emma Bunton says: Yes, when I met Stevie Wonder. He is a big idol of mine! I was lost for words and so was Mel C, we were both holding hands -- it was very weird!

Host ninemsn says: Have you done lots of travelling?

Emma Bunton says: I've been able to travel a lot! It's been amazing, because when I was younger we couldn't afford to go away, so for me now, being able to travel it's been an amazing experience!

Host ninemsn says: What's your favourite place that you've been to?

Emma Bunton says: That's a hard question ... I think one of my favourites would have to be the Bahamas, because it's very hot and very good food! But I'd like to say that I had the best lobster in Australia.

naavme says: Hi Emma, what do you think your life would be like if it wasn't for the Spice Girls?

Emma Bunton says: Well I'd like to think I'd still be entertaining. Maybe I'd be a pub singer!

Herbie_99 says: Emma, what do you love most about your career?

Emma Bunton says: I love the fact that I can buy my family things, that we couldn't afford before ... and entertaining all my fans!

little_miss says: Hi, Emma love your new album, some of the songs are sooo touching!! How do you feel about inspiring so many people to chase their dreams after the success you have achieved!!!

Emma Bunton says: That is so amazing! I'm so pleased that you love the album and that is brings up emotions in you! And I'm pleased that I can inspire people to grow and learn in music -- Everybody needs to dream!

Host ninemsn says: That was the final question for tonight. Thank you Emma, for coming to chat with us and answering our questions! We had lots of fun! On behalf of everyone, we wish you all the best for the future.

Emma Bunton says: A massive thank you to everyone who has logged in... A BIG kiss to you all. I'll see you all very soon. I hope that you enjoy the album. Love you all!

Host ninemsn says: This concludes our Live Chat with Emma Bunton, 15 May, 2001 Produced by in Sydney, Australia.

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