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A quick chat with Melanie B (April/2001)

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Catch up on Raw Spice, Popstars and that new single, Lullaby.

First things first, did you watch Raw Spice?

Yeah, yeah. I did watch that and really laugh. I looked about eight with really big eyes and eyelashes, really innocent. What I really liked out of everything was it just showed how close we were. Everyone says "Well, they weren't that close when they started" and it's like Yes, we were! We still are. And it shows you the dedication that we all had, even then.

Just noticed: you've taken out your tongue piercing!

I took it out about a month ago because my hole had got too big. I could pull the whole piercing out and re-pierce it so I'm just letting it close up a bit. I'll put a smaller one in cause it had a really big ball in it.

What's been happening recently?

I've been away in Morocco having a holiday and doing my video. Mad country! All the women walk round with just their eyes showing, it's a bit freaky, but it's an amazing place for culture and religion. You're just like "Whoah!" It's weird 'cause it's got deserts and weird beaches and camels roaming about. I was there with my dad, Phoenix and my sister.

Tell us about the video.

Really plain and simple. The song's all about Phoenix when she was born, so I've got little clips of Phoenix in it. I was a bit dubious about putting her in it but then I thought, "Well, the song's about her, she might as well be in it." It's just a simple, really chilled song. It's just me walking around the streets of Morocco and then I get home to my beach house - it's great. It's a bit more toned down than my other stuff.

What else is going on?

I don't just do music, which obviously is my first and foremost thing, but I've got my own show coming out, I'm doing a documentary on black magic and voodoo. I've got my fingers in all sorts of pies.

What do you think of the pop stuff that's out there at the moment?

I don't pay that much interest. I think pop music's fantastic and it's brilliant but the kind of music I listen to is different. I'm more of a garagey, r'n'b, jungley kind of person. Even though I love dancing to pop music, if I was to go home and rave it up, I wouldn't listen to that.

Did you watch Popstars?

I watched the end thing and I just thought, "Well, they all seem as if they're having fun". With this kind of thing you have to be emotionally prepared for it and you're never truly emotionally prepared for what's going to happen in life anyway but to be thrown into this kind of lifestyle you have to have good friends and good family around you that are solid and are going to go, "Right, you're home, put on the washing on and make your bed". Hopefully they've got that. I just think, "Good luck to you and I hope you stay sane." It's easy to lose yourself.

Shall we ask you that classic question about the Spice Girls...?

No, we're not breaking up! It seems to have gone mad again with people asking that question, which I don't understand. We're doing our solo thing so people think, 'Ooh, that's it now!' They forget that we're all really good friends, we manage ourselves and we have a fantastic office together so that's not going to stop.

Who gives you the best support from the group?

There's none of them that are best or worst. If one of us says they want to go off and do something for a few months it's like, "Yes, fine, go off and do it, good luck". We know each other so well, so we think whatever you want to do, you do.

What long-term plans are there with the Spice Girls?

This year we're all doing our own stuff and the next year we'll probably regroup and maybe do a few gigs, maybe start writing another album towards the end of next year. It's not set in stone at the moment but one thing's for sure, we're not splitting up and we are going to do more stuff together.

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