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Sunday People - Showbiz Section - May 2001

Black Text = Christine Davies from Sunday People
Blue Text = Emma Bunton

She's the sugary Spice who took the world by storm as part of the famous five. But now, as Emma Bunton tells CHRISTINE DAVIES, she's all grown up with a sexy new image...

Do you enjoy your raunchy new video look?

I love it - I call it my Southern country strumpet look! It was great fun dressing up so sexily, but don't be fooled by the smiles and sunshine on the video - I was freezing. We filmed the video in California, but it was ice cold that day. My flimsy summer dress wasn't the most practical choice. In between takes my mum kept rushing over and throwing a jacket on me to warm me up. I was actually quite proud that I managed to look so relaxed in the finished thing - it took real acting! The agony us women have to suffer in the name of looking good!

The video wasn't too raunchy. I'm not being overtly sexy by strutting about in this tiny outfit, throwing myself at guys in a nightclub. I didn't think that was really me, somehow!

What's your latest single about?

I'm asking men why they take so long to ask you out on a date. When I wrote the song, I was reminiscing about how guys acted towards me when I was younger, and realised they always dithered about saying they had the hots for me. I don't understand why so many young men are nervous about approaching girls, letting them know they fancy them. Slow tactics drive me crazy.

So men who fancy you had better be quick?

That's right! I'm with Jade, singer from the R & B group, Damage, but if I wasn't and someone wanted to ask me out, I'd rather they were forward about it. I think women are much better at the whole asking out thing. They get straight to the point. I immediately say what I mean.

Are you planning to marry?

For the moment, we're taking it slowly, enjoying one another's company and doing the usual romantic, dating stuff such as going to the cinema, eating out. We're having a fun time, and don't want to do the heavy "let's get engaged/married" thing just yet. But who knows about the future? Let's face it, my pal Victoria is one of the best advertisements there is for married life. I love Victoria and David Beckham. They've got to be the most glamorous couple around, but they're just down to earth and they can laugh at themselves. Take the hilarious Ali G interview they did for Comic Relief. That proved what a great sense of humour they have. They're not stuck-up at all. They're relaxed, natural and love to laugh. Victoria is very witty.

What makes you nervous?

Plenty! I've been used to having the other Spice Girls around, but now it's just little old me - and that's daunting! Writing the tracks and the melodies for my new album was terrifying. Having to get people to listen and wait for their reaction is very scary indeed. Those long seconds while you wait for them to say what they think seem to stretch out into hours - it's agony!

What's your favourite song on the album?

High On Love, because it's the most personal track. I wrote it for my mum to show her how much I love her. Recently, I moved out from home and so the song is about how I know that she's there with me constantly even though I'm not sleeping under the same roof. I'm extremely close to my mum and want her to know that she's a wonderful mother. I wouldn't change her for the world.

Have the other Spice Girls helped?

They've been there when I needed them with their opinions and advice, which is just what friends are for. While recording my album, I was constantly calling them and making them listen to my stuff down the phone, so I could get their honest feedback. Thankfully, they liked it. In fact, when Mel C heard some of my songs, she started screaming down the phone!

Would you rather have a Number 1 hit or true love?

No contest. Love is far more important than a hit record. Love wins every time!

How do you like to relax?

I like to laze around at home. I'm not the sort to go to endless showbiz parties. I do go out to premieres now and then, but I'd much rather sit at home, watch TV and scoff a tasty, thin-crust pizza! I also like to go for a quiet drink with my closest friends, chat and have a giggle. I'm just an ordinary girl at heart. OK, I'm part of a very successful girl group, but I go through the same ups and downs that every other woman goes through. I suffer with PMS, cry, laugh, love my mum and need my girlie friends. I'm capable of having my heart broken the same as anyone else.

If you were invisible for the day, what would you most like to do?

Surprisingly, it's not that difficult to lead a normal life when I want to. I can still go to Sainsbury's and do my shopping. I just put on a baseball cap and people don't pay as much attention to me. I do get fans coming up sometimes, but I sign the autographs and get on with shopping. So if I were invisible, I'd do something naughty and really silly like going into a male changing room and watching the guys getting undressed!

What's the best thing about being famous?

The biggest perk for me is now I can give back to my mum and dad. When I was younger they really struggled so they could send me to stage school. They've been so supportive and I'm so grateful to them. That's why it's wonderful to do nice things for them now.

What advice would you give anyone wanting stardom?

Make sure you have as much control as you can. Don't be talked into anything you don't want to do. If you do get a record deal, have as much fun as possible and enjoy every moment. Also, try to stay grounded. Never think you're better than anyone else just because you're a star.

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