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--Tuesday, December 17 1999 at 12.39AM
No 97 till Y2K
1997 news won't be up until maybe February 2000 due to time constraints. No guarentees even on that date, however it could be up before then any day as well. Basically whenever I have time to do it.

--Tuesday, December 14 1999 at 1.02AM
Hello again, just dropping a note to say that I'm getting more and more busy as we get closer to Christmas, so SpiceNews MIGHT slow down a little bit sometimes. I'm still going to try and should be able to update it every day, but if you see any days missed such as was the case yesterday and Saturday, it's because I'm getting busy with different Christmas related things. I'd love to decorate the site and everything to give it a Christmasy feel and look but it won't happen due to time constraints. I'm just trying to keep up with the news as it is! Thanks for your understanding and party on in the final days of the millennium! :)

--Wednesday, December 8 1999 at 1.03AM
Yahoo! has been added as a 'News Source' under Yahoo!'s Full Coverage Spice Girls Watch! Cool. Anyone coming from that source however is only seeing the main news page, as for some reason Yahoo! decided just to link to that instead of the base site. So if any of you are not seeing a frame on the left, then click here to get the full SpiceNews.

WOW, the media is really overplaying this stupid Smash Hits poll that put Spice Girls as the worst group of the year. Looks like the media is back at trying to bring down the Spice Girls... and that can only mean one thing, Spice Girls are back!!! I'm also liking the low Story Leaders count so far this month, meaning that most stories posted are about the Spice Girls as a group, which is great!

--Friday, November 19 1999 at 3.29AM
Links Page

--Wednesday, November 17 1999 at 1.42AM
Alright, Seventeen Online has been pissing me among others off due to their lack of posting a transcript from their Melanie C webchat. Send an email to asking/pleading/demanding that they post a transcript from their Melanie C webchat. It's been over a week since the chat took place and they promised a transcript "soon after". This is not soon after, and it's not that hard to post a transcript. Let's get on their asses about it.

--Sunday, November 7 1999 at 3.57AM
Exactly One Month Later
  • Obtained 1997 News
  • Over 100,000 dynamic hits!
Well, finally updated the solo projects page and links page. Sorry it took so long, I've been busy though. Oh, I've decided to scrap the Spice Babies page. Why? Well, I don't think it fits the site well. This is a Spice Girls news site, and while they are direct descendants of the Spice Girls, they are not THE Spice Girls. Plus it's kind of an invasion of privacy I think. So I'm just going to keep it directly to Spice Girls and leave their families out of this. That page will be up for a week longer if you want to take the photos or something. Yeah finally got a hold of 1997 news with permission from The Spice Station! This is one of the original Spice Girls websites that ever existed. It's where I used to go to check the news way back in the day, hehe. Either way, if you haven't been to it, go right now, it's still a very awesome site! Either way, I should have the 1997 archive up before the new millenium(maybe).

And yay, we broke the 100,000 dynamic visitors mark sometime last week! Well, I know a lot of them are actually not dynamic but the same people hitting the page again and again, but still, over 100,000 visitors with only logging the same person once per day. Cool, thanks everyone!

Northern Star album is da bomb of course. I am totally impressed by it's quality alone from my obvious Spice Girls bias. Every single track is great. Everytime I listen to it(which is a lot) I think to myself "Wow, I can't believe how good this album is!" Melanie C is an excellent musical artist on her own and this album proves it.

If anyone is sitting around wanting to make a Spice Girls website but thinking "blahhhhhhhh, there are already a million of them, I can't even think of anything dynamic." Well, here is something that I always wanted to see. I was actually going to do this but I didn't and won't ever have the time to: A website that contains only pictures taken of the Spice Girls by fans. It could be entitled "Snaps From The Public" or something. And it would be totally legal with the pics and everything because they are collected from people who took them themselves, so no worrying about the copyright ever as long as the people send them in to you. You could collect them from people just hitting the site and sending you their pics if they have them. Somebody please make a site like this! It would add so many new pictures of Spice Girls to the internet that have never been seen before by many many people. Speaking of such things...

Here are some more scans from the Los Angeles Melanie C concert, thanks RoSaNne:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

--Saturday, October 9 1999 at 3.24AM
When Things Go Right!
Alright, I finally got done scanning all my pics in. First of all a huge shout out to everyone that was at the Melanie C concert right along with me throughout all those hours of waiting and enjoyment & all the cool new people I met! This means RoSaNne, RoSaNne's friends(I don't know all your names), Erin, Violet(who IS Sporty Spice from 2 years back!), the two chicks on the SUV trip after the show, Val, Sam with the buffalo boots, everyone! No love to the three little 5 year old girls who were trying to push their way to the front row, pfff, told ya it wouldn't happen, although they aren't reading this anyway! Oh yeah, I'd also like to thank Melanie C!!! For being so cool, for taking her pic with me, for having a quick chatter, and for that performance, wicked!!! The whole story of how everything happened is in the previous post below. Alright now the pics!!

First of all, the early crew(true-fans)!
You Guys Rule!!!

SpiceNews & SpiceZone together! Q) Who can Out-Spice this duo!?!?
A) Nobody!

SpiceNews & SpiceZone together, now you know you're in trouble!!

Ahhh, did I mention that I met Melanie C???

Did I also mention that my scanner ate my eyes??  I love you Mel!

Ahhhh, now that was da bomb! Bonus Pic!! - Here is a picture of Melanie C getting a beanie gopher with a note and a small figurine giraffe from my friend RoSaNne! Mel loves it! Melanie C is truly a very wonderful and kind person. Best luck to ya Mel!!! Come back soon!!! ...Getting off this high will take some time!

Melanie C Concert Pics I Took
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

--Saturday, October 9 1999 at 1.12AM
Life Is Peachy
YYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to meet Melanie C!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, Thursday was definitely one of the best days of my life!!!!! I'll post pics soon, but for now, here's the story from A to Z...

The Arrival / The Meeting

I got there late, like 2pm, but luckily there were only like 7 other people there so far, including my friend RoSaNne(Running Spice) and Erin from Either way we just sat and waited around for a while. After a little bit we decided to go back behind the theater to check out the back entrance where we suspected Mel would be going in from. So we went back there and talked to the security guard for a bit and he made us leave after a few minutes. So we went back out front and did nothing for a while more. Just about an hour later we decided to go and check what was going on in the back. We were pretty much expecting to get kicked out by the security guard right away. I asked him what time Mel got there, since we had already heard some music from inside the theater. He said she hadn't arrived. We were just chattering with him a little bit hoping for something, we really didn't know what. So again after a few minutes of chatter he suddenly said "OK guys i need you to walk need to get out of here." We didn't move at first. Then he was like "Go back" and pointed the way out where we came from. So we all moved to the other side of the wall and really really slowly started making our way back. Then this van started coming up the alley. A white van with tinted windows. Erin noticed it before me and grabbed my arm and said "Oh my god, look!! It's her it's her, it's gotta be her, oh my god..." And excitement started pumping through everyone's veins! The atmosphere of everyone in the alley had changed. The security people got quiet and were probably thinking "oh no, what are we gonna do with these people back here" and some of the assembly crew also got excited. As the van stopped Erin put her face to the back of it and cupped her hands over her eyes to see in. We all knew it was her just by the atmosphere and all bunched up by the door. The adrenaline was pumping. Then the side door opened and three people got out, and then there she was, Melanie C!!!!! We all went crazy. We were all yelling for her to sign our stuff and that we loved her, etc etc. And just as she got out she saw us and said "Helloooo...... I'm late for an interview.." in a really sad tone. But it didn't matter, she knew we were serious fans. So she stopped for us. And we were all over her already anyway and just hugging her and putting our arms around her. It was very very cool because there was only about 7 of us back there in total, the other 20 or so peolpe stayed out front! Almost all of us got our picture with her!! I did! And she signed a lot of stuff. Of course i hadn't brought anything for her to sign. I mean i had my Q Magazine but i left it in the front of the theater in our line because I really didn't expect anything back there. THANK GOD i had my camera. Rosanne got both of her Goin' Down singles signed, and then gave her a small stuffed giraffe(it was funny), and a letter. Then i told her that we really are her biggest fans in the world, which we truly are I mean come on! And she seemed really touched when i said it and said "Awwww, thank you, you're wonderfull." Melanie C is so nice and kind! Ahhhhhhh, it was great. What a great feeling. Melanie C is awesome looking! She was wearnig her white "California" top cut off that is seen in some pics. And you could see her Angel tatoo and everything. She was fabulous. I love her!!! So then we went back to the front and everyone else that didn't go back was hella jealous hehe!

The Show

Then the show came. It was a packed theater. I had front row of course so it was a great view, about 10-12 feet from her. She wore different attire then what she arrived in. She wore a black shirt with a picture of a chinese type dragon on it, and army pants that were rolled up at the top of her shins. She looked like a total rock chick. She came out everyone went crazy. I mean crazy crazy. My hearing was going just from the loudness of the crowd and not only the loud music. The crowd was quite good. Mostly older teens and 20-somethings, and very few little girls. Her performance was excellent. She is an excellent performer and beautiful singer. After she did her first song she said "LA!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!! My second home!!! I love it here!!!!" Everybody went crazy of course. Everybody in the theater loved all her songs. She DID do "Anarchy In The UK" with the dude from the Sex Pistols. I knew what they were doing so i was shouting "Anarchy!!!" when she introduced him and he looked at me and shook his head in a positive like "hell yeah" manner. Melanie was making eye contact with the audience most of the time. If she wasn't making eye contact then she was en captivated in her own songs with her eyes closed. She looked at me from the corner of her eyes a few times when she opened them at chorus parts of Ga Ga. That was awesome. Melanie was brilliant. The crowd was so crazy that she couldn't even believe it. At the end of one of her songs she just like dropped her jaw as she looked at the rest of her band out of amazement of how much we loved her. I mean the loudness at the 8th song in was just as loud as when she first got on stage. She complimented us for being awesome after the first few songs, and then again 5 or so songs later she said "Wow, well, aren't you guys wicked!!!!" or something to that extent. I loved when she would look at me and i would just give her such a look of approval and love, it was great. She knew we loved her!!! I loved and went crazy to her fast songs(Goin' Down, Ga Ga, Anarchy.. etc etc etc) but i also loved at the end when she did accoustic Closer, what a beautiful song. I can go on and on, but i don't know if anyone is even reading this far! Those are all the major details.

I think Melanie C will really be extremely successful as a solo artist and I will never forget October 7th, 1999.

--Thursday, October 7 1999 at 1.11AM
Well, today is the big day of Melanie C's concert here in Los Angeles. I'm psyched!!! When I wake I will be off to the line! Or perhaps to create a line?? Either way I'm hoping to get a really good position in the show. is gonna be there as well. Should be fun! I'll comment on how it was when I return!

--Friday, October 1 1999 at 2.22AM
Wow, it's been a month since i've updated this page! Probably because there hasn't been any new site news :P Anyway, there are some things i'd like to comment on/make known...
  1. I've finally updated my homepage to a presentable state. It has been around since '96, but it also wasn't updated since '96! So I finally redid it. So if you want to know more about Jozzy Spice for some reason then go here to see my homepage!

  2. Yes I have tickets for Mel C's LA concert and I'll be there! Can't wait! If you're going as well, holla @ me!

  3. My goal for was to average 500 hits/day. We are just about there! Coolness! It's gone over 500 a couple times, but it's still leveled out in the mid 400's right now. We are also coming up on 100,000 dynamic hits!

  4. I definitely did not expect Melanie C to break the record for most stories by a Spice Girl in one month, but she did it for September! The previous record was Victoria in July with 59 stories(with her wedding and all..), Mel took over the top spot by only 1 story! Thats right, Melanie C had 60 stories last month, thats 10 times as many as the next closest Spice Girl, which was MelG, with 6! Damn, i should've changed the name of the site to SportyNews for September. A solo album/tour will do that I guess. I expect she will dominate the stories for the next few months.

  5. I have finished reading the book "Spiced Up" by Muff Fitzgerald. I have to say that this is an extremely good book. It is not for the light Spice Fan. Any non-hardcore fan would get bored reading it after a few chapters. It's not so much a story about the Spice Girls, but rather a story about their PR, Muff Fitzgerald. Well, Muff did write the book, so it's just a biography of his time while being their PR. Which is excellent! Because it is a different point of view on Spice World. This book does go on a bit too much about The Sun and The Mirror, their competitiveness and Muff's never ending battle with each of them. However, that's not his fault, because thats how it was. It's like watching a movie starring Muff Fitzgerald and co-starring Spice Girls. You'd still watch it right!? Either way, this book is extremely informative and has tons of info you never knew about the girls. It takes you through the good times and the bad times. After reading this book I definitely have a new founded respect for PR's. Muff has very warm feelings for the Spice Girls as well, which is really nice. He actually personally cared about them outside of the job. A very good book from a very good man. Hard-Core fans: READ THIS BOOK! If anyone has a means of getting word to him, please tell him thank you for writing this wonderfull & honest book and being a good and real person. He is undoubtedly an intriquate part of the Spice Girls history. Thank You to Muff Fitzgerald.

  6. Yeah, the reason the site wasn't updated for a couple days a couple weeks ago was due to a hardware upgrade. aka a new 13GB hard drive for myself. Usually a simple procedure, but my old 5GB hard drive refused to be a slave under it! So i had to work out some crazy ide routing with hard drive's and cdroms until all hardware was happy. Of course i had to buy another ide cable because the one was too short for my new configuration, etc etc etc...

  7. For the 1% of the readers who play 3D Shooters: I have to admit that Unreal Tournament is pretty damn good. I didn't expect it to be a serious competitor for Quake 3, but it definitely is. The graphics might not be much better then Quake 2's, but the game is just damn fun! I got a bit worried when i realized i played more UT then Q3 over a 3 day period(me being a quake-loyalle). I'm sure when the retails come out, I'll still play a lot more Q3, but UT will also be there. Hats off to Epic..

  8. Oh, and guess what, The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails is the #1 album in the nation right now! I had this album the day it came out of course as I have been waiting a good couple years for it. I have to say that Trent Reznor has pulled it off again. What an awesome album. Consisting of some great heavy tracks, as well as some great solo songs with ingenius piano manipulation on them. And to put out an album like this in this day in age of music is really an accomplishment in itself. Wonderfull job Trent!
Yes, thats one months worth of commentary(to the one reader who is still reading this). I'll try to break it down over time a bit more in future posts isntead of saving everything for one post.

--Wednesday, September 1 1999 at 12.15AM
It's also accessible by going to "Tour Dates" under the main page's picture and then going to "Melanie C Tour Dates Here". I'll have to call the Mayan Theater soon for info about the LA show!

--Thursday, August 11 1999 at 12.06AM
I will take this place to make this short random comment: I believe that some people feel intimidated by being, rather then I worry that some people think that just because i paid $70 for a domain name that this site is some sort of major commercially organized business house or something, where in reality it's just me, another huge Spice Girls fan running a site that used to be at an address like mentioned above ( but i decided to dish out a little dough, a little more then a cost of a video game to get a domain to make it more fun for everybody and easy to remember. Basically i'm just trying to say that i am community friendly, not some "untouchable" site. I don't know if anybody even knows what i mean if you don't then just don't worry about it, it's just me rambling again :P

--Tuesday, August 10 1999 at 1.54AM
I realized that it was pretty stupid not to have tour dates on this site so i put them up(in the current running stories area, and yes you will notice the goodbye video download page is back as a filler), along with what i could find of every single concert the Spice Girls ever performed. There is plenty of room on that list for errors, i mean in concerts of the past, the december 1999 concerts are accurate of course. So if you find any errors, please email me and i'll correct them. Thanks.

--Wednesday, August 4 1999 at 1.34AM
I updated the links, as well as most of the current running stories. No contact has been acquired yet with the dude who owned "Spice Station" for possibility of older news archives on this site :(

Incase you are wondering what happened to the Goodbye Video download page, i took it off the running stories because i like to have an odd # of stories there all the time because it formats better that way, therefor the Goodbye Video Download page is just a filler that comes in and out. It's still available though, so if you ever need it, come to this page and you'll find it HERE. I thought about putting it in the archives, but it doesn't seem right, i mean it's just a video download link, not an archive of any sort of news or news event.

Just realized that soon it will be a year that Mel G is married, wow does time ever fly.

All four Spice Girls in London at the same time, hasn't happened in quite a while, and it can only mean one thing....THATS RIGHT BABY!! - ALBUM 3!!! As you probably know it's set to start recording this month. And i guess MelC is already starting work on it. Wow does that girl work a lot! I'm glad she's so into doing it, or does she just want to get it out of the way? Either way i hope a lot of good magic happens in that studio for the next one or two months as the album is recorded.

--Friday, July 30 1999 at 5.33PM
The problem that resulted in the lack of news updates for four days was a medical one that could have been very serious, but turned out not to be thank god! Thank you to all those who were concerned. So I'm still on the east coast, had to fly here to get the problem checked out because trying to get proper medical care with insurance that is out of state is ridiculously difficult. Either way, tomorrow I am flying back to the west coast and hope to resume life normally again! There really shouldn't be any notice of news disruption as I switch coasts again. Oh yeah, I am aware that the Spice Tracking is out dated, it's because i can't really update it from this computer because i don't have a good photo program on it.

Other comments I'm going to make include one about the Melanie C Q Magazine interview. I love how honest this interview is. I wonder if Virgin Records will be pissed. I'm concerned with whether her changing her look now seemingly purposely for her album launch is fake or not. She's not the type of girl to be fake I know, but her now suddenly liking clothing that she used to hate and changing her look suddenly seems a bit too coincidental. Eh, i don't know, i'll have to actually see an interview with her to check it out! Hopefully she is still the same Mel as far as personality goes. Either way it also kind of concerns me that her attitude towards the music of the Spice Girls is not so positive as it used to be, and that there is such frequent arguments within the group still now. Either way I hope they can continue their radically different solo careers and style of music but always still come together as Spice Girls to make pop music. In theory, since they each are sharpening their individual musical skills by doing solo work, when they get back together to record the music should be even better because they are all successfull solo artists as well, aka any future Spice Girls albums should be da bomb. But who knows, perhaps their individual styles will cause conflict, perhaps not, we will see, hopefully it will only improve Spice Girls music as a whole.

Also have to mention that I purchased the Natalie Imbruglia album FINALLY a few weeks ago after eye-ing it for about a year and have to say that it's pretty good. "Smoke" is my favorite song off the album.

--Thursday, July 22 1999 at 11.49PM
  • Declared Additional Mission
Two things..

1.) I updated the about page yesterday adding "Site Mission" information. When I was doing it I realized that this site can really have another important mission besides only having the latest Spice Girls news. I was recently looking at the archives section and toyed around with the idea of adding 1997 & 1996 news(which was before this site existed), essentially making a complete database of Spice Girls news from the beginning of their existance. This would detail the entire history of the Spice Girls and would probably be the largest archive of Spice Girls news available in the world. It may sound a bit ridiculous as to how I would go back and retrieve a year and a half worth of detailed news. Well it is quite possible if I get assistance from the correct people. In the original first generation of Spice Girls web sites(which are almost all dead by now which is really unfortunate), a few of them had very good news sections. I can think of one in particular that had an outstanding news section and was around from I believe 1996, but ceased to be updated after '97, and now no longer exists whatsoever. I am speaking of "The Spice Station", the original one mind you, before the official US Spice Girls Homepage even existed to use the same name. Either way I am trying to contact the webmaster of that brilliant site to see if he might allow me to use his news. I would of course probably reformat it to fit the format, but I would of course credit him for it. I think this is a great idea and it gives me a rush to think that could be the largest archive of Spice Girls news in the world! The site would at this point have to exist forever. A search feature is also something that would have to be implemented which I knew I would need a long time ago, but probably won't be implemented anytime soon.

2.) I have a medical problem right now that I need to deal with which may slow down the news flow here, but I will do my best to keep it updated as much as I can.

--Saturday, July 10 1999 at 6.36PM
  • Redid the title jpg, should look cleaner now.
...and what is up with that haircut of MelC's, ugh, yuk! I miss the old Melanie!!! Also, that hat of Emma's at the wedding...what is that!?

--Tuesday, July 6 1999 at 8.50PM
  • Style Sheeted the entire site to add hover-color for IE browsers.
Well, that wedding run of stories was quite ridiculous in the amount of them. The most Victoria had without any other girl having any was 25 to 0 against Melanie G. As of this writing she is 30 stories ahead of the next closes girl, which is Emma, with 3 stories! Craziness. The wedding stories are still coming in of course.

--Sunday, July 4 1999 at 4.35PM
I noticed that my old isp still has some files for my webspace even after the account was disabled. So i just linked to the goodbye video there! Congradulations to Victoria on her wedding! Happy 4th of July!

--Saturday, July 3 1999 at 10.22PM
Phew...oh my god, i thought the amount of Victoria news would be tremendous about now, but this is absolutely ridiculous. 25 stories in 3 days!?

--Friday, July 2 1999 at 10.27PM
  • Fixed font face problem in 4th gen & earlier browsers.
  • Fixed #link problem in netscape.
I guess only ie5 users have also been seeing the different font for the current running stories. Fixed that. Also, i guess i did my #links wrong so netscape couldn't handle them. Fixed that too. Apologies to all netscape users, nobody wrote in to report that error though! Damn, all this Victoria wedding news is making me nervous for her! Yeah my prediction was accurate, Victoria is plummetting(sp?) all the other girls in # of stories. As of this writing she's killing Emma 13 to 3, and Mel G still has 0! Wow, i'd like to declare that all the Victoria wedding news is officially kicking my ass.

--Thursday, July 1 1999 at 12.55AM
  • Spice Tracking Is Now Activated (Please Be Patient While It Loads)
  • Added Castle graphic to Victoria's Wedding Page
  • Added NoFrames compatability (finally)
  • Changed font style for current running news stories
  • Changed font style for Story Leaders
  • Fixed Spice Tracking browser compatability issue
  • Fixed news page graphics for resolutions higher then 1024x768
  • Updated Links
  • Made misc html optimizations
Alright, so the Spice Tracking was indeed working on Monday, however only IE5 users could enjoy it. There was a browser compatability issue with using onmouseover that i didn't realize existed. I HATE BROWSER COMPATABILITY PROBLEMS! God, it's the most annoying thing ever. Anyway, got it fixed so now everyone should be able to enjoy Spice Tracking, even third generation browsers. Please be patient as it does take some 15 or so seconds to load up. Email me if you are having any problems with the Spice Tracking at this point, don't forget to state which browser/OS you are using. Yeah i know it's not that great of a feature, but i think it's at least a little bit cute, and way overhyped on this page just because of it's delay. Things tend to somehow get overhyped in this world if they are delayed i've noticed. Ok, so i added no frames support only to find out that lynx now has frames navigation! Oh well, is still better with noframes support then trying to work with the frames in lynx. That is the coolest little web browser though. I do feel that i have very good support now for text based browsers and frameless browsers. What else...fonts yeah...oh yeah, finally updated the links! Apologies that i basically missed a month of doing it. They are all updated now with a few sites gone and a few new sites :) Ok, now that the Spice Tracking is up, it's all good.

For all intent purposes i am done expanding this web site. Sure there will be little things here and there, probably some more running stories will develop. But everything i wanted with it i have done. Now we'll just ride on the news! Speaking of the news, i can already feel the Victoria tidal wave of news coming, it already started today actually! The wedding news is going to kick my ass. I can just see a million posts about it!

I like the "Current Story Leaders" feature. It was interesting to watch it last month, and i did not expect the final result to be what it was! Melanie G beat all the other girls by more then 10 stories! I guess thats what happens when you release a single. Thats when all the stories started coming in! She was doing rather bad in that section in the first half of the month if i remember correctly. I thought that Victoria would be on top with wedding news, but she ended up tied for last place! Craziness. My prediction is that this month she will be on top, i can almost guarentee it. It will be interesting in the first few days of July to just see her # of stories multiply. It could get very interesting, like Victoria with over 10 and some Spice Girls with 0? I don't know if it will be that extreme but we'll see. The final results for June's Story leaders are up on the June archived page at the bottom. This is how it will work from now on with the story leader summaries.

I do have to say that i like "Sophisticated Lady" a lot! Oh my god, i think Melanie B is getting wayyy too much heat for "Word Up" only being at #12 in the mid week charts. Who cares! Like #12 is that bad!? I can't believe people and especially the media expects that the first solo singles of the Spice Girls are supposed to enter the charts at #1, wow cut them some slack pah-lease!! "Oh no Word Up might come in at #11, it didn't make the top 10, it's a failiure, a flop, ahaha" - Come on, what a bunch of BS & Malarkey. Well, i think i'm done rambling for now, was that long enough for ya?

--Monday, June 28 1999 at 12.18PM
Good news! The Spice Tracking feature will finally be up today! And i mean it! I finally got the javascripting that i wanted working thanks to the help of someone. If you are that someone(you know who you are), i forgot your credit information!!! Please email me with the credit information so i can give you credit for helping me with it!

--Sunday, June 20 1999 at 8.33AM
Alright, i'm up and running in my new Place here in LA. So i went to the Big Daddy premiere to see if i could catch a glimpse or better of MelC, but no such luck. I arrived late(bad planning, bad LA traffic) so i didn't see her, she must have already been in by that time, she is a very punctual girl. I hear she got another haircut though, even shorter above her shoulders? Who knows if i'll ever be able to find that girl. *sigh* Either way, i did see a bunch of other stars such as Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, and other SNL people..and Tori Spelling decided to use the public entrance for some reason so she had to come off the red carpet and go through the public area on the side that only me and a couple other people were. She was like 2 feet away from me. She looks better in real life then on TV i think. Of course i think she looks pretty bad on TV. Yes, now about this Spice Tracking system i'm trying to implement that is way over's over due because i am still learning about the type of JavaScripting i am trying to implement on it. It should be pretty cool when it's done though.

--Friday, June 18 1999 at 1.45AM
Yeah i went to the big daddy premiere today, didn't see melc, will comment more on it later. I don't have much time now because i need to be moved out of my current location by tomorrow... Therefor you might not see any news updates for a couple days until i get settled into my new place, although net access should be available right when i move in. Will update from the new place.

--Tuesday, June 15 1999 at 9.18PM
I gotta say, today was a good day. Among other fantastic developments, get this!: I am watching the Spice Girls In America: A Tour Story documentary, an encoded version off the internet and what else do i see but myself in it!!!! Thats right, I am in the tour documentary!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! This is so awesome, i am now immortalized in Spice Girls history by being in one of their vids!!! When i saw myself, i almost exploded, i started jumping around, and ran out of the house, and over to the next city, and back. Thats how excited i was! I mean, it's just great. It's in the part of the documentary where the girls are in New York, and they are getting ready to leave the David Letterman show. When they show the outside people waiting, i am the person right in the front there in the Nike shirt! Check out the screenshot below! I don't look much like this now though, but it's still so cool! I can't wait until i can get the actual video of it to watch it in more detail! The craziest thing about it is that when the girls come out, except for Emma, which came out last a little bit later which they don't show, the other girls are only passing by and are only there for like 2 or 3 seconds. Yet, when i was there it seemed like so much longer then that! Infact, i wrote a journal of that event when i got home, and i have 10 pages of text, just leading upto and about that 3 seconds of spice, plus emma, which was out for probably maybe almost 10 seconds waving to people. Anyways, love it!

--Sunday, June 13 1999 at 3.45AM
Wow, today was like one of the most significant Spice Girls news days that there has been for quite some time, with the announcement of Emma's solo album, and a first hear of MelC's GaGa song! I ended up not getting tickets for the KROQ thing yesterday. Ok, today i will be working on the Spice Tracking page, it's taking so long because i want it to be cool. I just read someone's grief story that it took them 12 submissions and an extremely long time to get their site listed in Yahoo!, oh no :( It used to only take two weeks i remember, who knows when this site will be added. New links will hopefully also be taken care of this weekend! Oh yeah, this day is also the first time this month that Victoria has been knocked out of the top spot for news posts by Melanie C! It should be a close running for the rest of the month by all the girls.

--Saturday, June 12 1999 at 8.00AM
Well as of today i'm done with all my finals and school for the summer! Didn't have time to update on Friday because of doing final school projects and whatnot. Opinion about the Melanie G breast implant rumor: the bigger the better, hah! No really i didn't think she needed it at all, if it even happened at all. With me and the Spice Girls it's like this: MelC, Emma, and Victoria are like my sisters, and then Melanie G i just lust over. Don't ask me why, it just is that way. yeah when i say "later this weekend" basically you can expect it to actually be next weekend. I am referring to the TrackHers which are overdue now, oh yeah as well as the new links, i'll try to get it all done this weekend. Well, KROQ is having their annual weenie roast and i'm debating if i should get tickets for it. It's a ton of awesome bands, but tix are like $50 a pop! Hmm..oh yeah, what is with this Spice Girls bashing on Geri's cd that i am hearing about!? I am no fan of Geri Halliwell and i don't know where she gets the nerve to bash Spice Girls if that is truly the case. I just realized today that there is a It's not as impressive as one website i saw some time ago that had like over 1000 pix of each girl, but it's still something.

--Thursday, June 10 1999 at 1.23AM
The premiere on Tuesday turned out to be rubbish for me(i like to use brit terms hehe). It was rubbish because it was gated off completely from the public with massive security, so i didn't see anything! That sucks. Some of the lesser stars, like commercial stars, arrived through the public entrance, but nobody big. GOD, i hate it when i know Spice Girls are within a half mile radius of me and i just can't get to them, argh!! For anybody that doesn't know, which is probably everybody, the closest i ever got to them was like 3 feet away when they were leaving David Letterman last summer, it was great, but it was so loud that they couldn't distinguish my voice from the rest of the crowd, and they were only passing by to their van, but they did wave and stuff so it was still cool. The only good thing that came out of that Universal City visit was that i got the Star Profile Spice Girls documentary CD(which makes the total now of 39 Spice Girls CDs), which comes with a 100 page booklet. It's alright, the audio cd is just miscellaneous interviews i have already heard and some comments from "Super Spice Fans" here in the US and Australia, god knows how they chose those particular guys.

Oh, and about that new Melanie C look, i personally prefer the more traditional MelC. This new one looks like she's been in Los Angeles for just a little bit too long if you know what i mean! God, she's been here for 2 months and i have not been able to find & meet her. You ask me "Why!? What is wrong with you, oh my god, what kind of Spice Girls fan are you, she's in the same city as you and you haven't even found her!?!?" Well, first of all the city is ridiculously huge and spread out. Primarily however i haven't really had time to try to locate her because of more important personal matters that require attention, such as housing, employment, school, etc. AKA things that would leave me on the street if i didn't attend to. Maybe in this last month of her presence i will be able to pull something off?

--Saturday, June 05 1999 at 4.40AM
Well finally did that long overdue Victoria Wedding Page - even though it really will only live for a little more then a month since her wedding is coming up so blazingly fast. This means that things are almost complete as far as web page expansion goes for a good amount of time probably. I still need to add the TrackHers to the sub stories. Note that now i say TrackHer instead of Tracker just because i think it's cute and it makes sense! I just knew that the Story Leaders heading in the toolbar wouldn't fit right with netscape before even trying it, argh! Will have to fix that yet. Sigh, still didn't update the links for the month, will hopefully do it sometime this weekend. Overall i'm finding this site is growing in popularity much slower then i anticipated. I suppose some of it has to do with webcrawler and Yahoo! not yet adding me to their databases yet for some reason. I will resubmit the link to them if i'm not in by Monday. Right now almost all of my search engine hits are coming solely from AltaVista.

--Thursday, June 03 1999 at 12.21AM
  • Fixed Archives Month Listing so no scrolling
  • Added Story Leaders in toolbar
Yep, decided to make things a bit more exciting around here by adding the Story Leaders section in the toolbar which shows which Spice Girl is leading in this months story posts. I expect it will be Victoria winning for the months to come as her wedding is coming and whatnot. I know I am running behind on adding new links if there are any to add, will go through them in the next few days.

--Friday, May 21 1999 at 9.23PM
Saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace twice at this point which attributed to lack of updates on Wednesday. My reaction? The movie is absolutely fabulous. I hear that a lot of newspapers are giving it bad reviews, well they must be idiots or something. Episode 1 is just as great as the original 4, 5, and 6! It's absolutely fantastic, I can't wait for episodes 2 and 3! has popped up in Altavista and Infoseek now which is pretty cool. Just finished reading The Spice Girls by Anna Louise Golden. I've been reading it on and off for about a year. It is an excellent book and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it as it reveals much info and many interesting facts about the Spice Girls' early days. Unfortunately it only goes up until almost halfway of 1997, probably because it's a 1997 book! I look forward to reading the book by their former PR manager next(don't remember the exact title off the top of my head and don't feel like digging it out of my Spice Bin right now to find out).

--Sunday, May 16 1999 at 9.23AM
Well, E3 is over, wow, what an awesome event it was! Too much coolness to even begin to talk about here! /me got his pic taken with Laura Croft tho! hehe. So many cool upcoming games, Team Fortress 2, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, NBA on NBC, etc etc etc!! Dreamcast looks to be the next superior console system. There is always the stupid stuff of course, like the Wu-Tang Clan game??? Whoever thought of that. Anyway, once again too much to talk about here. As far as goes, i think i'm done making banners for a while, uploaded 3 more banners which once again can be found on the Banners & Buttons page. The big advertising scheme of '99 is under way - among other things i submitted the site to all the search engines, hopefully more hits will start coming in the next month or so. Yeah i finally switched over to using MelG instead of MelB. The reason i didn't do it earlier is because i like MelB more then MelG, and she seemed to not care whichever she was referred to as, but now it seems she is pushing to be called MelG, so i guess i have to accustom. That wedding page is still non-existant, perhaps later today??

--Thursday, May 13 1999 at 12.36AM
Made 2 new animated banners the other night, and 1 non-animated. Check them out on the Buttons & Banners Page. Also I made a wallpaper out of an Emma picture last weekend, here that is at the appropriate resolutions:

Whew, well it was a long night last night as I camped out for Star Wars Episode 1 tickets(thats why there was no update for those couple of days)! 11 hours in line, it payed off so far though, I got the May 19th, 12:01am showing! Also, Q3Test was released on Monday night. I don't know, I don't think that much of it right now. E3 kicks off tomorrow, what a busy week! New idea for the site that I will be adding along with that wedding page which is overdue by now is a Spice Tracker Page. You know how you once in a while see "MelC Tracker" or something like that as a headline. Well this page will just be a page telling where each Spice Girl is at the moment, and what they are doing.

--Saturday, May 8 1999 at 7.30AM
Was up all night creating those 5 new buttons, well alright and playing Quake2! You can check out the new buttons on the Buttons & Banners page. Whew, i think i'm done making buttons for a while, i still need to make a couple more banners though. I changed the button on the toolbar to a new one i made, i don't know which one is the best one yet though so i might be rotating them over the next few days. This is all building up for the campaign advertizing festival i am going to start soon for the site. The Files page seems to not really be worth doing the more i think about it/start getting things together for it, there just aren't enough files, at least not anti-spice ones. I mean all i can think of is the carmageddon & wolfenstein Spice patches, and the Ginger Spice Quake skin(which ruled), and winamp skins. Well there are a few more litte things, mirc scripts etc, i don't know, maybe i'll put it together in the end maybe i won't, we'll see. Q3Test for Win32 is due out Sunday in case anyone didn't know/cares. Oh my god, Star Wars is coming, tickets on sale this wednesday, i gotta pull off getting opening night tix! Well, gotta get some sleep...

--Thursday, May 6 1999
  • Moved site to
  • Added new email accounts
  • Created a Banner
  • Created a Button
  • Created Button & Banner page
Alright, the surprise went off a little early, today! It was of course the move of the site to!!! Some of you probably already knew this as there were clues leaking out all over the site because I did some webpages referring to the site as but bleeping out the text in white(i think i even forgot to bleep it at all for the first day the about page was up!). This is very exciting for me as it's my first registered domain. I created two new email accounts, one for news and one for personal emails to me. So if you have any Spice Girls news, send it to, and my new personal email account here is Also, since nobody made me a button like i asked!(i didn't really expect anyone to though) ..I had to make one myself. You'll notice it as a new thing at the bottom of the toolbar on the left. I don't know, i don't think the colors match very well with the rest of the site, but i'm not really good at graphics either, so it's there for now, until i make a better one or someone else does! Also i made a Buttons & Banner page to hold these buttons & banners incase anyone wants to advertise on their own site(please do!). Yes, i am trying to blow this site up to a much much larger audience so any help is appreciated. The banner once again is made by me, and i'm not that good at it, so if someone else wants to make them for me they can and i'll give them credit in the alt tag once again. More buttons & banners in the next few days. I am also working on a Victoria Wedding page to be added as one of the small running stories on the main page.

Other Misc Ramblings: In other news I purchased the latest Fatboy Slim album entitled "You've Come A Long Way Baby" recently and I must comment that it is pretty good, especially for someone who doesn't normally listen to electronic music! Also, i'm dying for the Q3Test to come out for Win32. I'd have the linux version but there are no linux glide drivers for my Voodoo 3, argh!

--Saturday, May 1 1999
Check out all the new pages because they are awesome. I am thinking about implimenting a Files page that would have not necessarily audio or video, but rather just a bunch of other Spice Girls related files such as game patches, WinAmp skins, programs, screen savers, windows themes, etc etc. Thats not really anything to do with Spice News, but i still think it would be a nice addition.

I need help in the following fields if at all possible from anybody:

  1. The exact release date of the "When You're Gone" single.
  2. The exact date when Emma sang "Tonight's The Night" live with Rod Stewart.
  3. Perhaps some sort of white tone, newspaper style image that i could use for the site background.
  4. If anybody is good at high quality GIF Animation and has extra time on their hands, i need an animated button for the website. I know this is asking a lot for free, but if you do it i'll credit you in the alt tag of the button. The button needs to be standard button size such as the temporary button sized SPICE graphic i have at the top of the toolbar on the left. If anyone is interested please email me before you start doing it because there are a few more details i would like to discuss privately.
Be ready for that major surprise! It should happen around Friday!

--Friday, April 30 1999
If this page existed before today, it would have a lot on it! Well, not really that much, but enough to make it look somewhat full. Even though it's supposed to only be Site News, it's also going to be little place to ramble if i feel like it :P Either way, I am in the middle of refurnishing the site. If you have been checking the site from it's original days you know it used to look really crappy - but still had the most up to date news! What i have done so far starting this month is redone the look, which meant the introduction of graphics(ooohhH, graphics!), adding frames, creating the archives section so the old news is much more accessible(which i think is important), creating a links page, and of course all the little current running news stories' links on the main news page. I still am working on an about page and the FAQ page will be working once i start getting some FAQ! This site currently has a small fan base, approx 100 diff people/day, i plan to blow it up quite a bit :o ready for a major surprise!