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Thank you from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I hope this email reaches ur eyes to read these words which only aim is to express all my THANK YOUs for writting in such clear and determined way what I have been feeling for long time. You did not miss a detail! I loved it. The fans re escheduling their lives just to go to the gig, the hard work and sacrificed made for us to save enough money for the tickets because the economical situation here does not help us, all the tears of happiness when we heard the news, all the tears of sadness when we started hearing the bad news. I learnt from your site that MelB said it HERSELF in an interview!!! omg.. how chicken from them, how dissapointing is their attitude. I'm hurt. They made my childhood so happy and now they just turn their backs to me in their expensive cars and fancy clothes. Sad.

Thank YOU for that post in your site. Honestly, it was pure pleasure to read that finally someone was expressing in a public place that reaches houses worldwide what we are feeling. =)


thank you for your suport with the spice girls shows canceled
Hi im from brazil, and i literally change my life because the date for buenos aires show. I now they just cancelled all shows. Sorry, about my english, i just wanna thankyou for your suport.

[Sender wishes to remain anonymous]
Vianopolis, Go, Brazil

A Letter of Support
Hey there!

As a longtime Spice Girls fan and SpiceNews reader from Australia, I just want to say good on you for standing up for those of us who've been shafted by the apparent news that the group will not be touring a number of countries announced at the initial reunion press conference last year.

Ever since the sudden end of the group following 'Forever', I had remained optimistic about a brief reunion. Often, I would suggest to friends that the girls may one day reform for a Greatest Hits, a pair of new tracks and a final, one night only farewell concert. Little did I know this premonition would turn out to be almost completely spot on. In fact, if this was all the fans were given, I would have been more than happy.

What I find offensive - or 'deplorable', as you put it so perfectly - is that they would announce far more ambitious plans to take the tour globally, without concrete plans and continually delay further announcements as they add shows across North America and the UK. For the most part, they appeared to behave as if the faraway countries they had planned to visit did not even exist. When the Spice Girls management felt some pressure, they had the audacity to send emails - only a month ago - asking fans in Australia how many tickets they would like. Like a foolish donkey with a carrot, I kept my faith and have been delaying plans for a holiday overseas in case of an announcement that may never come.

As a music fan of 20 years, I have never seen such audacious disrespect for fans and - honestly - this will leave a bad taste in my mouth for years to come. For those of us who have supported the girls both as a group and individually for all these years, the legacy has been tainted forever and I'm beginning to regret having ever bothered with them.

While I have always enjoyed reading your site and appreciate it being the only good source for Spice Girls news, I think your decision to cease supporting the group is the right one and I applaud that.


Re: Spice Girls Fuck Over South Africa, Argentina, China, And Australia
Hello guys,

Thank you for the update regarding this news. I'm from Brazil and was waiting for them to annouce it, clicking every single day on that damn Buenos Aires link at the official site. I've saved money (well, that's not a bad thing at all... lol) but I've screwed up vacation plans and still other plans I had, to go to Buenos Aires, wich is a preatty expensive travel for me.

But what I wanted to say is, that like today, I remember the day you've closed the with Victoria's quote about the SG future. It was a sad day, but nonetheless, they haven't made any promises, so, I was sad, but still, I had my feet on the ground and wouldn't be left down for that. But today, gosh, its bitter. I even have no words on that. Even when Geri left, that didnt let me down. But when you have scheduled a date on a 7 month basis and nothing happens, that goes far beyond annoying.

I just wanna say thank you for the good work all these years, it was pretty fun and exciting to read your news and rumours alerts! And thank you for supporting us fans who didn't have the chance to see the girls. I know the tour is not over yet, and hope is the last thing that fades away, but I can say that not only me, but a lot of fans are tired of waiting, so, if they won't tour these countries, too bad for them. If they do, I'll be very happy, but still, I wanna have a serious talk with the girls... :P And sorry for opening up my heart, you must be getting a lot of these kind of emails, but its just something I need to say for someone who'll understand.

and lets keep us fans together!


spice girls tour - from Asia here
Hi there!

I read your last news entry and i totally feel the same way as you.

I have been a fan since 1996 and they inspired me in so many ways. I really agree to what they stand for and I have been waiting all these years for this reunion to happen and it really happened.

I really feel gutted right now because they seem to be ignoring the "world" dates and just concentrating on America. I am very sure that most of the US fans are just there to see them like kids seeing lions and tigers at a zoo and not really knowing the true story behind the group.

I have been waiting for the HK date to be announced since I live here in the Philippines and I am in panic now of going to the US to watch them in Madison Square Garden but to be honest, their image has already been tainted in my mind because of this. I think they should already address this issue asap because it is just respect to the fans who have been waiting all these time.

Maybe the reason is that they don't like to go around the world because of their kids but they should have considered that already before announcing to everyone that they will tour the world. They wouldn't be in the pedestal if it weren't for us true fans who believed in the Spice adventure. It would be such a bad ending for them if the dates are truly cancelled.

Stan B.

From Argentina
Joz, I'm Mariano from Argentina. I've just read your last post, and men, I appreciate this kind of support soooo much. You don't know what it's been for us in this part of the world. If they knew they were not coming, they should at least have the decency to announce that with time, cause some of us could have had the oportunity (with some effort) to see them in the USA. It's really really disrespectful. We've been waiting for 6 months and they can't even make an announcement, we're constantly trying to read between lines, begging for information. It's so frustrating. And you know what? The worst thing about this is that they have stolen my childhood dream in many ways, not only I won't be able to see them, but the group that I respected and admired so much troughout all these years couldn't care less about fans like me outside the USA/UK. It's so sad...

just a message
hey, just writing to you in reply to you messge on your site about the spice girls not coming to Australia. i just wanted to say i agree 100% with you and what you wrote on the site. i live in Australia an was totally thrilled they where coming here, we missed out on the first world tour and alot of people including me were so happy that we would finally be able to see them in person, something we have never got to experience because they have never been to australia before. so when they said they where coming they where originally suppose to come out here to sydney on january the 17th but then that date got replanned and now for months we all have been waiting and checking the site to see when they where coming. And now where being told that they might not even make it and other say ther not even coming. i dont get it they should have started making dates out here and all the other places they promised to visit insted of returning back to America after there UK leg of the tour. My point is that its a very big let down if they dont make it out here becausing there is alot of die hard fans here waiting to see them for the first time and the very last time all together.
Anyways i just thought i might email you and tell you i agree with what your saying 100%

fingers crossed that mel b was wrong and they will come out here!

[Sender wishes to remain anonymous]

No Subject

I want to say that I totally agree with your comments on the 31 January and I wholly support them.

I have been a huge spice girls fan from day 1, and even I am disgusted at this. I was lucky enough to see them in London, but I feel robbed and lied to, this was never about the fans and I feel like I was a complete sucker for believing it!!!!

I have had a wicked time following your website, and I thank you for that. Spice Girls are long gone as far as I am concerned.


Rory Goldsbrough

Leicester, UK

No Subject
I totally support you because I'm from Chile and I saved over $800 since August last year to go to Argentina and now I'm screwed and have no concert to go... I even turned down a vacation to New York City in December to save money for them... sucks.. I can't even listen to their music now without getting mad!!

THIS is the thing that absolutely proves that all their "it's not about the money, but the fans" thing is CRAP.

Grertings from Chile,

Can you help?
Do you know anyway of contacting the spice girls by any chance.

I am from Australia and obviously one of the groups of people who got shafted, and I would like to know where I can tell them what I think.

I am not sure where you are from, but you did do a good Job and I hope you got to see them.

It makes me feel so upset coz I never got to see them the first time around coz they cancelled there Aussie plans and here they go again.

Sorry shouldn't bitch at you its not your fault.

Hope you can help


[Sender wishes to remain anonymous]

Angry - I totally agree
I'm brazilian and 100% agree with everything you said.
Sadly, they lied to their fans just to put a lot more money on their asses. What a shame.
I love this girls since 1998 and I can't believe they're giving their backs to the rest of the world.
Fuck the Spice Girls.

Jr. [former Spice Girls fan aka Liar Girls]

i am sad
hi joz
i am ------ from syria
Today I got really very frustrated when I heard that Spice Girls cancelled their tour. I cancelled my vacation in order to save money and to see their show in south africa for Spice Girls. Sadly I built dreams and plans for a band that doesn't respect their fans,and lie on them. We all were cheated by those selfish Spice Girls that care only about money. I'm sory for myself and my dreams.