Our 2-year affair with Mel B


Elizabeth (l) and Christa (SM) Elizabeth (l) and Christa (SM)

Spice Girl Mel B had a kinky two-year fling with TWO women lovers - who today reveal the singer's bizarre sex life and say they fear for her fragile state of mind.

Melanie Brown started a lesbian affair with mother-of-two Christa Parker after meeting her at the gates of the school in America where their children are pupils.

And after sharing Mel's bed, blonde Christa introduced her to her friend Elizabeth Rodriguez, a sex-toy saleswoman who then joined them for drink-fuelled threesomes.

Christa, 35, continued having sex with Mel until she was eight months pregnant.

Now she and Elizabeth, 26, say they fear for Mel's well-being after her whirlwind marriage to film producer Stephen Belafonte two months ago.

The sudden wedding came after the 32-year-old Spice Girl was dumped by comedian Eddie Murphy, father of her baby daughter Angel.

Mel and the other Spice Girls recently reformed in a blaze of publicity and a world tour beginning in December is set to net them millions. But Christa and Elizabeth are afraid Scary Spice is on the verge of a breakdown.

"Mel is a wonderful person, but she is in a terrible place right now," said Christa. "Everyone is very worried about her - she is very down and very lonely. And we worry about why she had the wedding." Christa said she and Elizabeth were regularly invited to Mel's Los Angeles home for drink and sex sessions.

Christa said: "I think the reason she is so promiscuous is that she craves intimacy. It's like she never gets enough of it and that's why she's craves sex so much.

"She craves intimacy with whoever she can find it. Mel is very clingy. She needs constant attention and companionship. Her lifestyle can be pretty out of control, but she tries to keep it under control because of her daughter Phoenix."

Christa first met Mel when her son Stone, now eight, and Phoenix - Mel's daughter from her failed first marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar - began attending the same Hollywood school in 2003.

The two women hit it off immediately, and Christa was soon attending all-night parties at Mel's home. She said: "No one would go home until the early hours."

Christa says that at the time Mel B was in a long-term lesbian relationship with film producer Christine Crokos, who she was once pictured kissing in the street.

At the time, Mel said: "People call me lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual, but I know who's in my bed and that's it ... I have a huge libido and a great sex life."

Christa's relationship with the Spice Girl first became sexual in August, 2005 after Mel's affair with Christine had fizzled out. By then, Mel was also dating a casting director called Bryan - one of a series of disastrous relationships with men.

Christa says Mel B and Bryan had been arguing. She said: "There was lots of drink but Bryan was still mad with Mel for jumping in a pool naked a few nights earlier, so he left early. She persuaded me to stay over and said I should sleep in her bed. The next thing I know she is naked while I was wearing sweatpants and a top. We lay in bed and talked for a while. Then she said, 'I'm feeling horny.' I answered, 'Oh really? Well, I'm tired.' She's like, 'Do you want to have sex?' And I'm like, 'OK'

"I had only had sex with a woman once before, when I was at high school. But I was so drunk I thought, 'What the hell' and we made love for an hour. Mel was obviously very experienced with women. She is a great kisser."

Christa says that after that encounter, Mel acted like nothing had happened. But a month later she made it clear she wanted sex with her again.

Christa had by then mentioned her friend Elizabeth Rodriguez, who had started a business selling sex toys.

Elizabeth said: "Christa told me she was at Mel B's house and that she wanted me to come over. When I got there, Mel was in her underwear and walking round lighting candles. She and Christa had already drunk a couple of bottles of wine. I had brought a packet of cigarettes for Mel and when I arrived she slipped some money in my handbag as a thank you."

Elizabeth went on: "Mel asked me how I got into the sex-toy business. I told her it was when I discovered a cream called Pure Satisfaction, which you rub on your body.

"Mel asked me to show her how it worked in the bathroom. I was very shy at first, but then she convinced me to give her a demonstration."

Soon Mel began kissing Elizabeth, who says: "I had never been with a girl before and felt awkward. But I didn't stop her." The three women headed to Mel's bedroom, which has a lap-dancing pole installed, and were soon naked in bed together.

"Christa was lying on the floor and Mel got on top of her," said Elizabeth. "I was lying on the bed and couldn't see what was going on. But I could guess from the noises they were making love.

"The next thing I knew Mel and Christa both got on the bed. I was wearing a skirt and Mel came over to me and asked me if I wouldn't feel more comfortable taking it off.

"I said, 'OK'. Then she started rubbing my leg, all the way up and just kept on going." Christa added: "Mel's like that. She's kind of like the man in the bedroom and loves taking control." Elizabeth said: "In no time at all we were all naked. We all ended up having sex together that night."

From then on, they say, the three would routinely end up having sex after drinking sessions. Christa said: "Mel and I were very good friends. We saw each other almost every day and would have sex at least a couple of times a week."

Christa slept with Mel even when she was dating men, but the affair was interrupted in May 2006, when Mel began her passionate romance with Murphy.

Christa said: "When she was seeing Eddie, she stopped calling me so often. But once that ended she was back on the phone to me every day." Christa knew the singer had hit finally rock bottom when in March this year, she called her at 3am and demanded she join her at the Beverly Hills hotel.

The two made love even though Mel B was already eight months pregnant with Angel.

Since her marriage to Belafonte, Christa's contact with Mel has been limited to weekly phone calls which have left her with grave concerns for the singer.

Christa said: "Mel is so vulnerable. I'm very worried about her. I hope she's happy and she made a mistake. I just don't want to see her hurt."

'She wed Steve just to get back at Eddie'

Christa fears Mel's rejection by superstar Eddie Murphy has sent her into the arms of new husband Stephen Belafonte.

Murphy dumped Mel in October last year following a series of rows after a five-month relationship.

By then the Spice Girl was already pregnant with daughter Angel, now four months old.

But as recently as April, Christa says, Mel was still declaring undying love for Murphy, who is now engaged to film producer Tracey Edmonds.

Then Mel stunned everyone by marrying convicted wife-beater Belafonte in secret in June.

"Mel was still head over heels in love with Eddie Murphy in April, yet she marries Stephen in June. Why?" Christa says. And she added: "Stephen is a pompous jerk. He exudes slime. You think he's the nicest guy, but he's not.

"It's like you've got this girl who is very rich but also very vulnerable and he is preying on that."

Belafonte was convicted of assaulting his common-law wife Nicole Contreras in 2003 in a drunken frenzy.

Christa said: "Mel's marriage was like a big f*** you to Eddie.

"She says he's made mistakes, but they're in the past. But you look at what it says on his police report - 'violence to spouse'.

"I hope he has changed, but I don't think he has.

"She deserves better. But this whole thing is a result of what Eddie did to her."

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