Part 2 - Moving On: Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown
In the second part of our exclusive two-part interview, speaks to Mel B about her new beau, her tough-as-nails attorney, and whether her daughter Angel will ever meet her famous father.

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Melanie Brown and her new beau Stephen Belafonte.

Click here to read Part 1 and to check out photos of Melanie Brown Did you try to resolve this issue without lawyers?

MEL B: Oh yeah, oh yeah. I've waited and put in personal calls to Eddie's lawyer and said, "Look, this needs to be sorted out," and I've had no response other than, 'Yes, Ms. Brown, we'll pass the message on" or "Yes, Ms. Brown, he knows that he needs to be responsible." Wasn't he the one who asked for the DNA test?

MEL B: Yes, he was the one who said that he wanted the test, but when it came down to it I had to force him to take it because he went into complete denial and wouldn't even show up for a meeting about it. I nearly took him to court to get the paternity test because he wouldn't do it. It's really crazy, but it is what it is. But the one thing you can't get away from is your responsibility. I don't care if you're from the 'hood or at the top of your game in Hollywood, you have to be responsible. Angel is absolutely adorable. What sort of things is she doing already at 3 months?

MEL B: She's pulling her pacifier in and out of her mouth, which is pretty advanced. This week her hair has grown long enough to put a tiny li'l pigtail on her. It's gorgeous. Ironically, Angel was born on Eddie's birthday, April 3.

MEL B: She was born ten days early, and I was like, "No way am I gonna give birth on his birthday." Obviously it's a sign. So the way it worked out, she decided that at midnight on his birthday I was going to dilate from three centimeters to ten. She was born 11 minutes into his birthday on April 3. ...It is like Angel was saying, "Every time it's your birthday, it's my birthday." I actually giggled when I realized she'd be born on the same day as Eddie. I said, "Angel, you are funny!" So is Angel a good baby? Does she sleep through the night?

MEL B: Oh, she is so good. Her current routine is to go to sleep at 10 in the evening and wake up for a 6 o'clock feed. She has six feeds during the day, every three hours. If she doesn't get that bottle on time every three hours, it's over. She starts screaming and won't stop. She was born weighing five pounds so she's a hungry baby. If you could ask Eddie for anything, what would you want?

MEL B: Honestly, I don't want anything from him. I'm happy if he's happy. I have two beautiful, healthy children and I mean that. It's more about Angel and her relationship with her father. My kids are much too precious, and every child deserves to know that they have a mum and a dad, otherwise there's something missing psychologically. I'm not about to put my daughter through that. What would you tell Angel about her father?

MEL B: I only have good things to say about him. I'm not one of those moms who is bitter. I only have nice things to say about Eddie, and that's all she would want to hear anyway. Are you optimistic that he will be involved in Angel's life?

MEL B: Yes, he has to be. He is with all his other kids and he's a great dad. Why should this beautiful baby be any different? If you ran into Eddie, what would you say to him?

MEL B: I'd say, "Here, meet your baby. She's beautiful. We did a good job."

Click here to read Part 1 and to check out photos of Melanie Brown

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