OK! Spice Girls Interview - 6/08/00

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So girls, it has been 18 months since your last album release. Why so long?

Melanie B: Well, we all said from the beginning that we would venture into solo material and with Victoria and I expecting at the end of our world tour, it seemed a great opportunity for a break.

Emma: Yes, I dont think we expected the break to be this big, but we have been working hard on some fantastic new tracks with great writers and producers. We are all really pleased.

Yes, can you tell us about the new album and the kind of sound we can be expecting from it?

Melanie C: The new album has about 15 new tracks and our previous single 'Goodbye'. We have realy matured in our sound and the album shows this.

Victoria: Yes, and I sing more on this album that the other two!!

[The girls all laugh]

Emma: We have spent a lot more time on this album than the previus two and I think it has helped us improve our performance and sound.

Whats the album called?

Melanie B: Thats for us to know and you to find out!

Victoria: No, we do have a name but we are going to wait until the album launch party to tell the world.

Melanie C: So, you are just going to have to wait that bit longer. Sorry!

Are you releasing a track from the album before the album is released?

Spice Girls: YES!

Emma: Its one of my favorites from the album, 'Let Love Lead The Way'

Victoria: Its a new style ballad with an RnB feel to it. I love it!

Melanie B: Yes and Victoria likes to kiss David when its playing!

[The girls laugh]

Melanie C: We have shot the video and its very futuristic with a twist of romance to it.

Emma: The video took three days to film in London, but we all had a laugh.

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