Melanie C BBC Radio 1 Interview - 11/26/99

Black Text = Scott Mills (BBC Radio 1)
Blue Text = Melanie C
Hello. Now I know you've been stuck in all that nasty, Christmas shopping traffic on London's Regents Street, haven't you?

Actually, I was drinking some soup so I didn't really care where I was (laughs).

Is that what you do to pass the hours? What flavour was it?

It was rather nice actually. It was cabbage, pumpkin and apple. An organic brand. It was nice, but I have minging breath now.

Let's have a smell (Mel C breathes in Scott's face). Ummmm. Pumpkin breath. You played your new single 'Northern Star' on Top Of The Pops. You chose a really good day to do that. Every single famous person in the whole world was there, with you.

It was really exciting and there were lots of things going down.

What was going down?

Oh just Prince was getting a bit stropy - he had a bit of a superstar tantrum ...

Didn't Robbie have a little bit of a go at him?

Yeah, but you know what Robbie's like, he's got such a mouth on him - but it was all fun, all fun and games, thats what we like.

Now, I know you've got a really busy schedule. You're doing 'Later With Jools' and The Spice Girls' rehearsals are on at the moment.


Probably at a secret location that we can't possibly mention.

Which was printed in the paper today, which is very nice... (laughing)

What else is going on?

What else is going on? Gosh, we haven't got time for anything else. Ummmm ... well, you know we're really concentrating on the new show and then, really, all our energies are going into completing the third Spice Girl album, thats gonna be out sometime next year.

I heard you say that you don't get much press coverage and that life's a bit boring. Is it a case of all work and no play makes Melanie a dull person?

No. Not at all, not at all. I am a workaholic and I love my job, and it's a very social job, you know, You get to meet a lots of very interesting people. So, I don't have much time for anything else, but it's not a problem.

If you had more time on your hands, what would you really want or really like to do?

I think what I miss is being at home in Liverpool. I think I would spend more time with my family and friends.

Are you one of these people who's going to have 85% of their body tattooed?

(Laughing) I don't think so. Tattoos are funny things. I think people with them all feel the same way. You get one and you tend to get a bit of an addiction and they just keep coming. I don't have any others planed, but never say never.

You're gonna have to stop soon, 'cause you're gonna look like a bus stop wall before long.

There are certain places I wouldn't get done, like I could never sit there with my bum out. I'd be too embarrassed.

Everywhere else is fine apart from that?

Yeah, except my bum you know!

Some of your songs on the new album are a bit like Alanis Morissette. Did you have anyone in mind when you recorded them?

I think that's very flattering - I think she's fantastic. I suppose I can see she gets a bit aggressive sometimes, she's quite bitter and twisted about certain things, which I think we can, especially us lady. So, yeah, there are a lot of inspirations on this album.

In you recent tour you covered a few cities, I'd like to know why Scotland or Glascow wasn't included, and why in the Spice Girls Christmas concerts it's not in there either?

I know it's not good is it. Well actually, my decendants originate from scotland, Chisholm, a very Scottish name. And I intend to be up there and touring in the spring with my solo record, so it's a place I definitly want to go to, a place I've never been, like Wales is somewhere were I really want to go as well. But I mean the reason for last time was just that I've done so few cities, it was just like crowding them all in before I had to get back really to start work with the Spice Girls. And as for those spice girls Christmas shows up there, I think that was to do with venues really. Sometimes it's difficult, things get booked up so far in advance. So sorry to you lot up there but I promise, I will be up there in March.

Cool, very good, thats a promise then good. If there could be any artist covering a Spice Girls song which artist and what cover would they do?

I would like to see The Offspring do Say You'll Be There (laughing).

Did you really say "Oh god, imagine the kids" about Geri and Chris's relationship?

I did say that but it was very much in jest, and you know I wouldn't have said it if I thought it would have offended anybody. And Geri's got a great sense of humor, and everyone knows Chris Evans has a got a sense of humor too.

How will your Indie rock image fit in with the new Spice Girls material. You're the only one thats really not up to catch with the nickname now aren't you? Or are you still Sporty?

I'm still very very sporty, you'll catch me down at the local gym most mornings.

But you've ditched all the track suits?

You know what, the only thing thats different really is my hair, I've got my hair cut, but I've not worn track suits for years, you know I think most of the public knows that.

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