Emma Bunton Music Capial Q&A - 11/16/99

Regular Text = Music Capital
Hand Written Text = Emma Bunton
What are your thoughts on the media hyped chart battle between you and Geri?

Your image has changed since the early days of the Spice Girls. What would you choose as your new Spice name?

You've sung with Ronan Keating and now Tin Tin Out. Is there anyone else that you would love to work with?

Can you give us a sneaky peek of what to expect from the new Spice Girls album?

Will we be hearing any new material or will you be singing all the hits at your December live dates?

I hear you've recently moved home. Will you having Christmas at yours this year or will you be going back to your Mum's?

And finally one I know all the boys want to know - do you have a special man in your life at the moment?

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