Emma Bunton TOTP Chat - 11/11/99

Black Text = Fans
Blue Text = Emma Bunton
Genady asks: "Emma, do you intend to release a solo album in the near future?"

"I do intend to bring out my own album, but I'm gonna take my time with it so it'll be 2001. It'll have Tin Tin Out on it I hope and I'm gonna work with them again."

Meena Devi asks: "Emma, do you think you will be staying with pop or trying out different sounds?"

"I'd like to try out different sounds but I'm a big pop fan - I like music that makes me smile."

Angela asks: "Why did you chose to do this particular song?"

"Actually it was Tin Tin Out that came out with the idea and they sent me a track - I was really flattered to be asked. I loved the original song. It was nice to stick with the original sound as it was such a classic track."

Vicky Arg asks: "Emma, would you like to sing with Natalie Appleton?"

"Yeah we sing all the time when we go out. Maybe - Nick and Nat are great friends of mine."

Lela asks: "Did you like the new look of Melanie C?"

"Yeah I do like it, although I must admit I do like her long dark hair. We all like a change. Mine might go spikey."

Aussie Spice asks: "Emma, when can we expect a new single from the Spice Girls?"

The album will be out in the middle of next year. We still have to choose a single. It's the same direction, but working with American producers our vocals have improved 100 percent."

bonkers about u asks: "Are you in love with any one at the moment?"

"It's a secret."

chris asks: "Do you or your record company have any plans to release a recording of that sexy song you sung with Rod Stewart on TV about 18 months ago?"

"I'm glad someone remembered that. I loved doing that track - it won't be a single but it was one of my favourite tracks. People say to me 'you're just doing a cover' but I think of it more as tribute."

Jane asks: "What's the difference between group success and solo success?"

"I actually miss the girls when they're not there. That's the real difference."

Boofus Babe asks: "What is your best party trick?"

"My best trick is that I can tap dance. I can do a timestep with a wing."

manolis_varnas asks: "Emma, did you always want to be a singer and in what age did you start singing?"

"I've always wanted to be a singer and when I was younger I used to make my own radio shows where I'd present things and sing - and even do the adverts."

RACHAEL says: "Hi Emma - I'm Rachael from Wigan. I love your new song. I was wondering if you're going to break away from the Spice Girls?"

"Hi Rachael from Wigan. No, I'm not gonna be breaking from the girls because I enjoy being with my pals too much."

Minna asks: "Emma, do you ever become friends with fans?"

"Yeah - I've got a fan friend right next to me now (our TOTP quiz winner). All my fans are my friends."

guest119 asks: "Where are you going for Christmas?"

"I'm gonna go to my new flat in London. I'm having my mum round for Christmas dinner but I'm not cooking. I might order it in."

Ailsa lloyd asks: "If you decided to change your image what type of 'Spice' would you become?"

"That's really hard to answer: I grow up slowly and I don't drastically change my image."

WELSH BOYO asks: "Emma, do you have a horse?"

"No, I don't have a horse. I've got two dogs though."

"Thank you to everyone who's been supporting me and the Spice Girls. Have a great Christmas - and remember to come to our Christmas gigs at Earl's Court and Manchester."

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