MelC C3 WebChat - 8/24/99

zoobie: What's the difference between working in a band and working as a solo artist?

melanie c: It's more nerve wracking when your on your own, but at least when you go wrong you dont have to apologise to three other people. But I have my band on stage too, so they help me out.

adele: u seem to be really enjoying yourself on stage rocking out - is this what you dreamt of?

melanie c: I love being on stage with The Spice Girls but they know sometimes that I really want to rock out so I have the best of both worlds.

moira: love the vid for the single - it's like the next Song2 (blur)!!! was this in your mind when you wrote it?

melanie c: Blur are quite a heavy influence of mine so I find that comparison very flattering. And in fact I call Goin Down song 3.

grace: all the other spicers have bought huge houses - have you?

melanie c: I've got a rather large flat thank you very much. No land, I'm a city girl.

jules: Who's your favourite DJ? Where's your favourite club?

melanie c: Doctor Fox, I used to really like Rat Pack, I used to love Camden Palais!

mr agreeable: You've said you're Spice Women now. Are you worried of disappointing your younger fans by 'growing up'?

melanie c: We really dont want to dissappoint our young fans but you cant stop yourself from growing up.

sinead: Tell us about the album - what the songs are about and that! PS. Well Done with the new look and sound - I think it's ace!

melanie c: Thank you very much, I'm really excited about the album, it's quite diverse as well as the rock stuff you've heard there is more acoustic stuff, pop, R&B and a guest rap from Left Eye from TLC.

zoo: you're a fan of madonna and courtney love, aren't you. have you met them? what are they like if you have?

melanie c: I've been lucky enough to meet both Madonna and Courtney. Courtney is crazy and Madonna is very interesting and makes you feel very at ease in her company.

susanna: do the other girls support your new direction? has it surprised them?

melanie c: The girls aren't really surprised because they know me better than anybody and they're my biggest fans.

jean: you're back in the studio now with the other Spicey's! how is it? how are the songs developing? what can we expect?????

melanie c: We've got some great new tracks. It's still very Poppy and fun but we're a bit better at singing now after our world tour!

tony: are you mates with the spice girls or has fame proved to be a strain?

melanie c: All the pressures of fame have made us closer and only strengthened our friendship.

craig: what's best? writing songs, recording songs, performing songs or being in a video?

melanie c: Being an artist is excellent because when you get bored with doing one thing it's time to do the next. So I enjoy all of these things but singing live on stage is the bollox!!

tania: What do you miss most about 'normal' life now that you're famous as a pop star twice over?

melanie c: I still try to lead quite a normal life but I suppose it would be nice to have a little more time to go down to the pub with my mates.

Taigh: Where does the aggression for your solo music come from?

melanie c: I think that everybody has alot of different sorts of emotions inside of them and there are alot of things in the world that really piss me off.

peach melba: For the next Spice album are you all going to do more of it yourselves now that at least two of you have learnt even more ropes in the studio so to speak?

melanie c: We've co-written both Spice Girls albums as we will with the third. In the future we would like to learn more production skills but as yet we are still novices.

alex: you went from being the quietest to almost a scary Spice - what has been going on in your mind? is it a confidence thing? do you feel more like the 'real' you now than ever?

melanie c: This is just another part of me. Everybody gets angry sometimes.

envelope: what were the red hot chilli peppers like to work with??? and you did stuff with the Beastie Boys (i love them!!!) - give us the lo-down!!!!

melanie c: I havent worked with either of these but I have worked with Rick Rubin who has produced both of these artists and he's a fantastic guy.

Emma: Without meaning to sound like a stupid question I really want to know, if you liked indie music so much, why you sing with The Spice Girls who're full-on pop?

melanie c: I like all different types of music, Indie just happens to be my favourite.

Angie Hung: I read recently that you like "bolshie" blokes. What does bolshie mean?

melanie c: Gobshites!

louise: do you still find yourself waking up in the morning and being amazed that you're so famous?

melanie c: Yeah, most mornings I have to pinch myself, do you reckon you could ever believe to be lucky enough to be a Spice Girl?

abbey: why don't you like skirts?

melanie c: Coz\ I've got well dodgy legs!

Kelly: Hiya Melanie!! Are you planning on doing duets with anyone beside Bryan Adams?

melanie c: I'd love to sing with Madonna one day.

Angie Hung: Congrats on your V99 gig!!! You've got a lot of guts to perform in front of a crowd that probably formed its own opinions before you even got on stage. Anyway, did you get a kick out of proving that you've got what it takes???

melanie c: I didn't realise what I'd let myself in for but I had the time of my life - Thank you.

Gabby: Do you believe in Ghosts?

melanie c: Yes.

stevon blanc: I was just wondering who is your all time favorite soccer player right now that exist and why?

melanie c: Kenny Dalglish. When I was growing up Liverpool used to win everything and he was my hero.

Jane: Do you plan your day or week or you do what you want to?

melanie c: I am so busy I have to plan things months in advance but sometimes I change things too when I'm too knackered and I need a day off.

Amy Yu: So how was your time in L.A.?

melanie c: I had a great time in LA but it was work work work getting the album finished.

john: What's your favourite book? And what are you reading just now?

melanie c: I've never really been a big reader, I listen to music alot.

Anguson: What exercises do you do to define your deltoids?

melanie c: I do alot of strength training, lots of lateral raises.

Amy: Did you cry at Victoria's wedding?

melanie c: Yes, we all did, even David!

Brandie: How do you feel about being looked up to by so many of today's young girls and does that ever affect your actions?

melanie c: I am very aware that people listen to what we say and do but I'd never compromise my personality, I never mean to offend.

hyperspice -/- jw: Is it true that you'll be doing the theme song of the next james bond movie?? and will that be your next single

melanie c: No, I don't know where that rumour came from.

sneercat: Is there a man in your life, Melanie?

melanie c: There might be!

Angel: When is your solo single coming out in the U.S?

melanie c: Sometime in October.

jO: wassUP melanie?! i just haVE 2 know... what is your vocal range? how many octaves can u hit??? u seem to go even higher than emma in some songs! :o) ur da bombz gurl.. ToRonTo wILL be waItin foR u!

melanie c: Thank you so much. I think I've got two and half octaves but I'm not sure.

Sebastian Nye: whatever you do will be great, but what do you feel you can accomplish with a solo album that you couldn't with the other girls?

melanie c: I just wanted to explore avenues that the other girls aren't that interested in. As for accomplishments, I don't know.

Aussie Spice: Where were you when you heard about the death of Bob Herbert?

melanie c: I was in Abbey Road Studios with the other girls and we were all devastated.

gerald: You've reinvented yourself for your solo career. So what happens to Sporty Spice - will she be back?

melanie c: I'm still Sporty Spice through and through, and I've only had my hair cut!

clints_sportygirl: Hey Melanie! How many pairs of sneakers do you actually have?

melanie c: I've lost count. I collect them and I reckon I must be up to 200.

ROXANA ESCOTO: Is that rumor right, that says that you are hangigng out with ANTHONY KEIDIS ( RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS)? He is so handsome and you¥d be the perfect couple I swear!!

melanie c: Anthony is a really good friend of mine and hopefully I'll see him at Reading this weekend.

Melissa Ng: Do you still insist people call you Melanie and not Mel?

melanie c: I've never insisted to be called Melanie, I just prefer it.

Aussie Spice: If you hadn't of made it in the music world, what would you be doing now?

melanie c: I've never wanted to do anything else. Maybe a dancer if I was good enough.

Daniel Murray: What has been the worst moment of your career ?

melanie c: I've enjoyed every step of my career but Geri leaving was quite sad.

SEV: When are ya gonna go out on the road ....true rock 'n' roll style!

melanie c: My first gig is at The Royal Court, Liverpool on the 27th September and then I go around the world and end up in the London Astoria on the 1st November.

Erika Bertu: What are your main influences (type of music/artists)in this new album?

melanie c: Blur, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Garbage, The Beatles to name but a few!

MEL'S SOUL MATE: Was Madonna's ever changing public personna an influential factor in your recent image change?

melanie c: I really admire the way Madonna is constantly changing but mine was more of an accident.

jimbo: Hi Melanie, have you got a regular band that you've pulled together for the new tracks?

melanie c: The band I performed with at V99 are my permanent band.

julie.b: is bryan adams as nice looking in real life?

melanie c: Bryan is lovely and a very special person too.

Hannah Lynn: Where are you right now?

melanie c: In Virgin Records in London.

lucy: did you go to zoe ball's wedding?

melanie c: Unfortunatly I was preparing for V99 but didn't she look lovely.

chittychitty: Make Up Question!!!! What's your essential make-up accessory and what's your essential make-up tip?

melanie c: I hate make up but I couldn't live without spot cover up. Make up tip - take it off before you go to bed no matter how drunk you are!

Shazza: The songs off of your album are they written about experiences from your life?

melanie c: Yes. As all Spice Girls songs are.

‰sa: I wish I also could be so sporty as you. What motivation do you have?

melanie c: I have always been very active, it keeps me focused and makes me feel good.

Adam Paul: The new look is great, the song and video are both dead cool, do you think you have gone back to your own roots with this style of music and will it influence the next spice album because it's exellent? Thanxs Luv Adam the No Mel C fan xxx.

melanie c: Thank you very much. I am very comfortable doing this type of music and I always influence the girls to get the guitars in.

Kathryn: Now that you are doing your own thing, how does it feel to be able to go up on the stage and go nuts?

melanie c: It's really good fun and I can't believe that I'm lucky enough to be able to do it.

Rahul: The first Spice album was fantastic--it was chock-full of melodies that were pure ear-candy. Will "Spice" style prevail on the latest collaborative album? Can you drop any hints on what we'll be hearing?

melanie c: The third album is going to be more of the same but even better with new collaborations with Rodney Jerkins, Jam & Lewis and of course the old favourites Matt and Biff and Elliot Kennedy.

Jim Auman: Who's producing and writing the new album?

melanie c: WE're co-writing with the aforementioned.

Ryan McNeil: Hi Melanie! I was wondering if you are into any charity work or reccommend any charity?

melanie c: I feel very strongly about homelessness and have written a song about it on the album. I try to help as many charity's as possible, one close to my heart is cancer as I have lost alot of loved ones through this.

Anguson: I"m a sucker for kitchen gadgets what gadgets are you a sucker for?

melanie c: The kitchen's my favourite room in the house and I've got this great new milk steamer. I recommend Feng Shui.

charly: who do u think is more of a babe, david beckham or micheal owen??

melanie c: Neither.

Melissa Ng: What does it feel like to be one of the most recognised people in the world?!

melanie c: I don't know how to answer that.

Jo: I've heard you say that marrige are right for some people. Do you think they are right for you? Do you want to get married one day?

melanie c: I suppose if I met the right person I might want to get married to them but right now I'm married to my music.

Nessa Biedrzycki: Personally, I believe you are one of the greatest singers ever. Were you always a very talented singer or did you need a lot of lessons to make your voice that good?

melanie c: Thank you. I don't actually think I'm that great but I try hard to improve my voice and experience is the best training you can get.

gina: what's william orbit like? and more importantly have you met Damon from Blur (don't know why i ask, i just think he's dishy, that's all)

melanie c: William Orbit is a very sweet guy. Yes, I've met Damon and he is gorgeous isn't he, even more so in the flesh.

Jobst: Hey Melanie! I read the reviews from V99 and was very mad. I think that the reporters didn't give you a fair review, many claimed that the crowd was very quiet and still. Where you nervous at all on Stage and do you think part of their reaction had to do with the fact that they were biased or just that they didn't know the music so couldn't really be expected to sing and dance along with it? I think your music is great!

melanie c: V99 went really well. Obviously some of the crowd were cynical and all of the material is unreleased, I was pleased with the reaction overall.

Sam: Your music is so rocky and cool no - What are your favourite bands?

melanie c: Blur, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Garbage and the Spice Girls of course.

Cathleen Yoo: Now that the members of the Spice Girls working on solo careers many fans fear that the Spice Girls will be breaking up, What would you say to these fans?

melanie c: Please don't worry, Spice Girls are here to stay for as long as you want us.

CHERYL STEEL: Hi, What do the other Ladies think of you new songs?

melanie c: The other Spicey's really like my new stuff. We're all big fans of each others music. Emma's just done a new song with Tin Tin Out and Mel G has been working on solo tracks as well. They're all fab.

Jeannine: Melanie, I know how much you love Blur (Damon is soooo damn hot) that Justine is out of the picture r u thinking about making your move?

melanie c: I don't think it would be in very good taste now that he's about to become a Dad!

jennifer c: What are your feelings on Mel and Victoria being mums and married, has it made you in any way broody?

melanie c: I like being an auntie but that's about it for now!

Louise: I passed my driving test yesterday. How old were u when u passed yours and what was your first car?

melanie c: Congratulations! My first car was a fiesta.

Mog: When you work out, which are your worst exercises and which ones do you always do first?

melanie c: I always get running out of the way. Sometimes I love it but sometimes I hate it.

fred: Are you going to be attending MTV's Video Music Awards in September?

melanie c: Yes, I can't wait, it's always a good party.

Robert Himself: WHat do you think of Geri Halliwell's new entry at no1 in the uk-charts..?

melanie c: I really like geri's new single and I'm chuffed to bits that she's number one.

Natalie: Do you ever wish you would be normal again?

melanie c: I like to think that I am normal!

Eve Dollman: What was it like recording in a studio without the other 3 girls?

melanie c: At first it was scary but I soon got used to it.

charly: how much guitar have u learned, are u good?? i just got a sweat new guitar for my b-day, its flippin cool

melanie c: I'm really naughty and have let myself down, I haven't practised for ages.

Mike: About how many tracks will be on the new album? More than 10? And how many are written and recorded thus far?

melanie c: I wrote 30 songs, 12 will be on the album, the others will be used for B sides and maybe some soundtracks.

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