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Here is 85 out of hundreds of replies to this statement by Victoria:

"We don't see a future, don't think we're going to make any more music. You never know, we might decide in a few years time to do a greatest hits record or to do some more shows but right now we have to establish ourselves as solo artists before that can happen."

--Dennis (aka Schnickers) from Germany
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
First of all I think the girls deserve a thank you. Since 1996 I have been following them very intensively and they really brightened 6 years of my life so far. They brought me together with AWESOME people (fellow fans I met on spicey occasions), made me talk to very interesting people online and now make up a major part of who I am today. No other band so far has had such an impact on me and I think lots of you can agree on this. I'm very thankful I saw them on Viva doing Wannabe and all the hype around them. I know how nice it felt when I put my first poster up and started collecting clippings from magazines (which I threw away afterwards since 95% of the stuff was made up).

Now we most likely reached the lowest point in Spice history, Victoria tells us that it's unlikely they come back. But still no sign of a proper goodbye, still no sign of an official "Yes, we are sorry to announce that the Spice Girls are over". Instead we heard the same half-assed promises since the release of Holler, that they'll do something "next year". And at this point where it becomes more and more obvious that there will be no "next year", I am angry. Not angry with the girls, but angry with myself. Angry for all the time I wasted hoping for something that was improbable to happen. Wasted energy defending the girls in front of friends, telling over and over again that they're just "taking a break". I won't blame them on it, it's ok if they lost interest in the group and rather do their own thing. The only thing I would have asked for and still want is the proper goodbye. They came with a huge bang, it just doesn't seem right that they fade away. I want some last concert where I think "so that was the day the Spice Girls ended". It would make it easier for me to accept that it IS over. Instead the girls just try to save their ass by acting like they would get back together once they really achieved it solo-wise. But when I listen to most of the solo-albums and look at the current situation, it's nearly impossible that they will make it. They lack the energy they had when they were together, the thing that made them unique. Now when I listen to Victoria's album for example, I think they could randomly replace her and it wouldn't make a difference (no offense Vic-Fans!!). That's a feeling I never had with any Spice Girls song, they were all so special that every cover sounded really pathetic.

The Spice Girls have always been something special, magical and it's such a shame to see them simply fade away just for the lack of interest. Do they really fear their solo careers would suffer from an official announcement that they're over? I highly doubt that, Victoria fans will remain Victoria fans, Melanie C established her very own solo-fanbase as well - I see no good reason why they still act like they would ever reunite when they don't. So dear Spice Girls: do everyone a favor and be honest with us. Don't wait until nobody will no longer believe you since THAT could spoil your solo carrers even more. Give us a proper chance to say goodbye, don't leave us waiting and desperately hoping.

Now there's nothing more left to say thank "Thank You" once again. Thank You for being the persons you are. Thank You for making me the person I am now. Thank You for making the Spice community something really special, a great mix of all different kinds of persons united by their love for the same women. You're in every breath I take!

P.S.: I would like to thank Innocent-Boy from dotmusic forums for the quote "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". It totally fits the feelings I have and kept me away from becoming bitter :)

--Vahan from Armenia
Ooooops Vic did it again.
This is not the first time that Victoria's saying something stupid in her interviews. Then rumours go in the papers and on the net for a short period, then she says that she didn't mean this or that blablabla.. Ok, this is the only way i can give hope to myself. But if we think of it seriously, everything is over for already 2 years. The girls haven't done anything to show they're still a group. It would have been right of them to make an official statement of their split just after releasing Forever. Then we could at least say that we have a farewell album or something. Now it's more difficult for them to do this, and for us to admit it. I hope, that the girls still understand how important it is for them to be in the group, to be a Spice Girl to have place in the music industry, at least that's why they must stay together. Anyway, whatever happens, whatever they decide, i'll support them as long as i can. Maybe friendship ends, maybe girl power ends but spice fan power is FOREVER!

--Tin-Gee Wong from Canada
It doesn't really phase me to find that the Spice Girls are over. They made a comment about something like not making any more albums after Forever. I always had hope though, that maybe just maybe they will be a group again. But realistically things have changed, and so have the girls. They are all too much of individuals to make music together. And that I rather not have if they are not feeling it in their hearts. I think the break up is a good thing because if they ever choose to do a Greatest Hits album or something like that, it will be because they want to, not because they are forced to. That way, they will be having fun and that has always been what the music is about. But now its more of like closure. To give up on that hope that was never to be had in the first place.
I was reading some of the comments and I agree with Em that I don't like the fact that Vic's speaking for the girls. It's actually quite careless I think. I would also like to see what the other girls are saying about this.
Anyways, there's nothing much more for me to say about the Spice Girls. Really good music came out of this and it was there for me. I will always remember them, even if they happen to disappear from the media.

Re: Victoria- No Future For Spice Girls
Well, Victoria is just a little upset that she hasn't had a number 1 hit yet, and she needed to take it out on someone. I'm sure in a week or so she'll come back and say "no, no, no...when I said that the Spice Girls don't see a future for ourselves, I meant that we are still going strong and together...we'll be together forever". Remember...Melanie C said that she was through with the Spice Girls, but then followed it right up by saying that she was still in the group. The Spice Girls just can't make up their minds and love to lead people on. For example...Melanie B said that she was gonna release her album in the US with special singles just for the US (she didn't). Mel B also very positively said that the Spice Girls were gonna release their third album by the end of 1999 (they didn't). Melanie C said that "Northern Star" and "Never Be The Same Again" were gonna be singles in the US (they weren't). Emma said that in early! 2002, she would release her album in the US, and promote herself in North America (she hasn't said anything more about it). Melanie C said she was done with the Spice Girls...and then said that she was still in the Spice Girls. There have been other misleading lies, as well. As for Victoria...we'll just have to wait and see...her comments about the group sure don't agree with Melanie C's, Emma's, and Melanie B's. The truth will be revealed.

--Lucas from Poland
Victoria said ... ?
You know what? I think Victoria's sometimes stupid! Yeah, I realy think it. I love Spice Girls and I always will, but Victoria should think before she will say something. Spice Girls gave a F**k with FOREVER - it was very good album and they could make it #1, but they wouldn't work. They thought people will buy it, becouse they were great, but it wasn't true! Why there wasn't any more singles from Forever? Is it a realy big problem to make two new videos for them? They have got enough money and it could take them not more tnan one week (for 2 videos). Thay could make some double single (Oxygene anf IYWHSF or RBAY) and ... But they didn't ...
Where are the Spice Girls from 1996, who wanted to have fun and thought about friends? Now they're thinking about money, charts, image and stuff. They should F**K it and stop thinkin' like thet. They can be cool, but they have to change their minds ... no I'm wrong, thay shouldn't change it, they should BACK!
I'm afraid I know what will be in future - next Victoria's single will be #15 and then she will say "I have a rest, I'm gonna be TV star but I'll back in next year. And in next year she won't do anthing and she will say the same and suddenly she will want bak, but plople will forget, as they forget the Spice Girls. She will release one single and it will be out of top 20 and ... it .. will ... be ... no, IT CANT BE THE END. Please, do sth, I can't - can You?

i just say, isnt what victorias saying exactly what we all knew for a long time?? all the girls are busy with their indervidual lives/careers/whatever. i dont think the spice girls will ever break up, but the possibility of them releasing new material is probably very small.
spice girls is a phenomena of our time. theye are huge, the best selling girl group of all time, nothin anyone can do can change that.

it became clear with the dissappointing sales of forever that the spices time of world dominance was over, and world dominance is what spice girls is about, being the biggest and the best. if the girls made a new album, chances are , theyre no longer flavour of the month. the album would sell well enough to make lesser mortals green with envy because ( god knows) the spice girls still have armies of fans. but the chances of still being a world phenomena after how many years out of the spotlight are slim. the girls are just protecting themselves, the spice girls were and are great. if they release further material and it does fairly well , rather than fabulously ( chances are it wouldnt do as fabulously as their previous stuff) theye would become has beens like michael jackson. the answer is to know when to stop and obviously the girls feal that that point has been reached. its evident form what all of them say about the group. i think victoria is just the most frank about it.

Stop working on the solo projects, Girls!
I've been a big fan of the Spice Girls since I was 15 and soon after I discovered them, they became my life! I can't tell you how shocked I was when I read Victoria's statement (I thought I was gonna die!); I thought that she was one of the girls who wanted to save the group from disbanding! I thought the same way about Geri before I found out about her leaving the group and when I found THAT out, I nearly died of a broken heart!

After Geri left, she did some solo work but now, she's not doing much. The others have had success as soloists but not as much as they had when they were together. As fans, we should all get Melanie C, Victoria, Melanie B, and Emma together and have a talk with them and make them realize that they are better off being together and not working solo.

In my opinion, the Spice Girls have enough potential to do more together but it seems to me that they either don't realize it or don't think the way I do. I think that they would be a stronger and more successful group if they didn't concentrate so much on solo projects.

Before I wrap this thing up, I would like to say one thing to Melanie C, Victoria, Melanie B, and Emma: stop working on the solo projects!!!!

Spice Girls Future
I think its kind of stupid to all of a sudden blame Victoria for the Spice Girls not wokring together, they've all said it. I personally dont think these comments were anything new. I dont think this changes anything, if the spice girls were ever going to get back together...they still will.

The girls should all get a chance to do the solo thing and raise their families. They've provided us with SO MUCH already, and some people (judging by a lot of the negative comments) are greedy.

I dont think boycotting their solo cds (thats not FAN POWER) is going to hurt anyone but you since you'll be missing out on the amazing music put out by 5 extraordinarily talented women.

It would have been nice to see them working as a group forever and ever but thats not realistic. Now instead of sitting around waiting for something from a group, we get numerous cds from 5 individuals. I dont think we've heard the last of the Spice Girls as a group, they've done more than even we realize for the music industry and they wont fade. I think there is just as much a chance now as there ever was for the 4 (or dare we hope 5) girls to come together to make more music, to go on tour or to just go on some talk show together. But even if they never do we're still the luckiest people in the world because they've given us so much already.

Girl Power
I've been a fan of the Spice Girls since I was nine years old. Today 2 months from turning 15. I can tell you what a ride this has been and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I think that since I live in America, I have not been able to be that devoted fan I once was. But I still respect them and read up on them.

They were the first band that I was a big fan of. I loved them, I couldn't stop learning new things about them. When Geri left I was shocked and I kinda wondered how they would go on. And they did, but it was weird. When Geri left, they kinda changed. The reason why so many people liked them was because they were all different and weren't affraid to be different.

You had that one member that you could relate to in some sorta way. And they wore crazy outfits and shoes. But then when Geri left, it kinda went down. They were growing up and I didn't like it.

But anyways moving on, I think the whole Vicky comment, I wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be. I knew the day would come and it wouldn't be something they would just brush off their shoulders.

But they still can't forget about Spice, because the Spice Girls made them who they are. They can't forget that. They can't leave that little part behind them. Maybe they wanted to get out of the Spice Girl image, but Spice made them and you can't knock that.

I wish them all the best with what they do and I hope that they don't regret anything that they decided doing. I hope in the future maybe they can all come together for a little tour and I mean ALL including Geri.

But untill that happends...girl power.

-- -kS-
Victoria's not-so shocking statements
I always say actions speak louder than words.

Example: The girls say, "This album is gonna rock!!" Result: We get third-rate leftover r&b/pop a la "Forever"

The girls are notorious for telling tall tales. At some point well before "Forever"'s release, they told us of this kick-ass album that would have little duets as well as solo and group things. Obviously that album metamorphosed into "Forever." And because Emma, Mel B, Mel C, and Vic are always telling us they're going to come and promote in the US doesn't mean it's going to happen. As a matter of fact, the most solo promo the US saw were a few shitty live appearances from Mel C and then she quickly flew back to London to release "If That Were Me." Oh yeah, and her 7 or 8 House of Blues concerts. Then not another single.

And in the spirit of "actions speaking louder than words," I decided the Spice Girls broke up shortly after their December 1999 Earl's Court performance. Or possibly after their March 2000 Brits appearance. Because the next time we saw them promote "Forever" material was when they mimed at the EMAs and used some half-assed comment to justify their miming (their "tape" wasn't working... pssh!)

So in short, no, Victoria's comments aren't shocking at all. Anyone who can see the subtext (or just the text in Mel C's case) of what the girls say should know that there is no immediate future for the girls. And rather than waiting around for the next Spice single, they should find something a bit more constructive to do. As for me, let's just say there's a new idol in my life (read: Tori Amos...)

You know, for a while now I've strongly believed that the Spice Girls would indeed come back. But now, after reading Victoria's sudden comment (which, by the way, will live in Spice history as the most infamous ever), I am not so sure. What happened to the girls' friendship. Wasn't it immortal? Are these the same Spice Girls that little over six years ago oozed happiness and made us happy by proclaiming their long-lasting friendship? Didn't the clearly state in Wannabe that "friendship never ends"? I am not mad at the Spice Girls, but I will admit that my love for them has somewhat faded (albeit only a minuscule fraction). Victoria's recent statement has shattered any hopes and dreams I had for the group. The chances of me finally attending a Spice Girls concert or buying their new album at a store are minimal, almost nonexistent. I feel betrayed in a way, for now I know that their girl-powered messages my not have been heartfelt. I could write more, but true Spice fans know how I feel, and probably feel the same way. Hopefully Victoria didn't mean what she said, but I believe she did. And if she did mean it..what am I to do? I am just a fan, and apparently the girls' egos have become their main priority...the fans can wait... ..but not forever.

Has anyone realised that this sort of hype - a frenzy by your own fans - is perfect just before a huge comeback? Especially in the current times where the internet is so powerful?

I think that the Spice Girls have ended this chapter. We need to let go and be happy with the solo careers. But given time, It would seem that a perfect build up for a comeback in about three years is forming.

They are doing a very well job in sheltering the Spice Girls as a group form the Spice backlash, which, yawn, is still on-going. At the same time they are still in keeping with their fans via solo projects.

Put the Spice Girls to rest for now as this statement seems to be saying. And then one day, out of the blue, when you hear a wicked tuen on the radio, smile because you realise the Spice Girls are back. Viva Forever!

--Ben from Belgium
The Spice Future
I've been a huge Spice Girl fan since 1996. The only reason that the 3rd album didn't reach number 1, was because they obviously didn't do enough promotion towards it (What a lot of people forget is that they DID reach number 2, which is also very good). If the Spice Girls finally decided to quite, then I hope they don't SPLIT UP, but I hope they stop in style, like 5ive - with a number 1. My favourite Spice Girl would be Mel C, but I think that she thinks she can't both manage the Spice Girls and keep her solo career going, if you look at all the credits given to each track on the "Forever" album, than you'll see that the entire group wrote every song, except for Mel C, she did'nt help writing: Tell Me Why, Get Down With Me and Time Goes By. I think she was to busy doing here solo stuff (which I love). In an interview with Frank Skinner Mel C once mentioned that she had left the Spice Girls "for a while", and then she said, "Glad you didn' catch that" and luckely he didn't. Mel B once had an Inteview with MTV Select in the UK, where she said that she thought that the Spice Girls album was ..., which we didn't get to hear because she was laughing so much, than she said the Spice girls Album was great (trying to erase what she had said). And now Victoria says this, although we already knew that the Spice Girls weren't planning anything for in the near future. The only Spice Girl that still believes in the group, I think, is Emma, she's always hopefull in the future. In a lot of interviews she says that they haven't planned anything for this year, but she also says that they might do a tour next year, where the Spice Girls would sing solo-songs as well as Spice Girl songs (which I think would be great).

What I found very strange a few months ago is that they stopped the Spice Girls Official Fan Club because they could reach more fans through the Internet with there official site. Well, what's up with that? it hardly ever gets updated. Only the Solo-sites get updated, I think should take over the officia Spice Girl site, now that would be cool wouldn't it?

I think the Spice Girls should release a "BEST OF" album, with some previously unreleased tracks on it, like "WOMAN" which, I'm sure, everyone loves. Even if the Spice Girls DO decide to stop, I'll still love each and every one of them and I'll also follow every solo career as it goes. At the end of the day, as far as we know, they are still friends which I think is the meaning of "SPICE GIRLS FOREVER". No mather what, I'll stay a fan FOREVER.

--Hannah Denger from Germany
I wasn't very shocked when I read Victoria's comment the first time. But by thinking about it, I got very, very sad.
Okay, they often said something like that, but not so finally, so hurting. It's in a way okay that the girls are going their own way, every girl on her own.
And it's not that I don't like their solo-projects. But the transitoriness is what hurts me so much
. I remember the good old times when the five or at least four girls spices up our planet. No one could have stopped them.
They were spreading optimism, fun and just LIFE! Everything seemed so easy for them, although I surely know it wasn't (remember Vic's and Geri's biographies!).
But it's making me so sad, because I can't get the "good-old-times" back. Where Sporty was Sporty and Girl Power all i believed in. The girlsī, the SPICE GIRLS, were such a long time in my head. They were there. And that is what gave me hope and what helped me so much. They were always there. Our Spice girls. You can't get them back. Never ever. Not as the Spice Girls they once have been. it's for me very hard, because there "top-time" was when I was just a girl 13/14 and now? Now I'm older, and I kow that you can't reach everything in life, that you can't get everything. That there are so many sad things. And when I was younger everything seemed easier, and the Spicies seemed "easy" , too. Have fun, live your dreams and all that.
Well, I don't know if it would be so much better, if the girls start now again as a group. In my opinion, they should have never stopped it, made that long break. You can't get all your fans back. But I'm still a fan and I have the good-old-times in my heart. As we all have. Live them up youself. Keep what the Spice girls teached and told you. Never forget it. And never forget THE LEGENDARY SPICE GIRLS.
They are a part of my past. And I think they are a part of the past of all other fans out there. I will never lose this part.

Victoria's statement
I think this is just a publicity stunt to boost her record sales. First she told Virgin she was pregnant to avoid being dropped, 2nd was the big crash, and now shes saying the Spice Girls have no future! Whats up with that? Maybe after Virgin gives her the chop she'll rethink her future with the Spice Girls. This is just my oppinon though! I hope she gets her head straight soon!

All Spiced out..... NEVER!
Well, after sitting here and thinking about what I have to say about this, I have finally decided to give my two sense. I see that some people are not believing the statement, others are not surprised, and some are blaming Victoria, even going as far as calling her very rude names. Personally, I am not at all surprised by this statement at all. I was, and still am a huge fan of the Spice Girls, but I have always thought realistically when it came down to their future after Geri left. No matter how hard I wanted to believe that they would overcome all the negativity and hardships they had to face after Geri left, I knew that it was the end of what we knew as 'SPICE'.
I don't know why some people are upset with Victoria, we really have no way of knowing how long ago this decision was made. It could have been made after the failure of 'Forever', but the girls were not sure how, or even when they should break this news to their fans. They may have decided to hold back on that for one of two reason. One, they may have felt that it would be a rash decision, and just what if, they did have the chance of doing well, they would never know. Or two, they didn't release it back then because that would have been what people expected them to do. People would have then criticized them for giving up to easily. It was bad enough that we had to wait as long as we did for 'Forever'. Maybe that was why they gave it that title, because that's what it felt like waiting for that cd.
I really do not understand why some fans are so upset at this. We all knew that this was going to happen someday, it just happened sooner, and more abrupt, than most of us wanted or expected. I know that it is hard when your favorite band of all time calls it quits, but you have to give the girls credit for trying. And give them the respect that they deserve for going out with their heads held high. I am sure that they thought long and hard about this decision before anyone was to talk about it. And I am glad that I heard it from Victoria and not Mel B or Emma, or Mel C for that matter. She has always been straight forward to us, she has never really said 'it is certain that....'. She has always pretty much said 'we are not sure, right now.....'. Each of the girls wanted to focus on their solo careers and see how they could do on their own.
Which brings on another topic, their independent success vs. the Spice Girls success. I have always felt that if the girls didn't fair well independently after a few months, and then used the Spice Girls as a fallback or safety net, people would be criticizing them for that as well. If they got back together after failing solo careers, people would think they are just trying to hold onto what's not their anymore, and they would look silly in that attempt, as well as foolish. I am glad that things took the path that they did. We got to see what each of the girls can do individually after the Spice Girls. They each knew that they wanted to venture out into the world of a solo artist, and if the Spice Girls would have stayed together, they all would have failed miserably and their solo careers would have never have been able to have the fair chance they deserved. In my opinion, they played it smart.
You have to be positive about this, although there are no plans for the girls to work together anytime soon, we still have the Spice Girls out there. They still have their solo careers, and no matter what happens with that, they are still in the publics eye. And just like Victoria said, who knows, maybe a few years down the line they will release a greatest hits album, so technically they are not officially through. And maybe Victoria was just really tired of having to lie or deceive the fans by letting them hold onto this false sense of hope that the girls would be back within a year or so, when she knew that it was not going to happen anytime soon. Think about it, how would you feel if every interview you went on, you were questioned about whether Spice would get back together. After 2 or 3 years of it, it can really grow on your nerves.
Give Victoria a break, she didn't do anything wrong. And I don't think that this statements release has anything to do with her anger at her solo career, like others say. Victoria herself has even said in interviews that she never expects to be # 1 because she is a new artist, and new artists have to prove themselves. And regardless of that, her solo career still did pretty well in my eyes, yes, NOT like the Spice Girls, but that is not the Spice Girls, that is Victoria Beckham. All the girls have done well for themselves, and have always fought for what they believed in and wanted out of their careers. And for that, I am proud to say that I am a Spice Girls fan, and a Geri Haliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Victoria Beckham fan. And as long as they release music, whether it be as a whole or separate, I will always be there appreciating it.

opinion of me myself and spice on victoria beckham
I don't know any more than anyone else, but the more i think about, the more it seems to me that they had it all planned to the last detail:they would work on soloprojects for a while, then there would be that time when they promised and predicted more spicework, sucking up the Spicefans to keep them supporting their solowork if you like, while behind the scenes Spice had split up and only working on their solostuff. And then when the soloprojects have had a middle good lift-off there would be the Spice-no-no. I remember reading her on Spicenews, picturing her in her Gucci or Prada outfit, giving an interview on Reuters, looking really "ow dolly"posh-I-m-the-wife-of-thé-David-Beckham-and-I-have-lots-of-cash, saying how Spice has no future, Spice has no plans. Blah blah blah And i thought, you might fool Reuters but you can't fool the fans. We knew what you were going to do.
In other interviews they acted like Spice had split. Perhaps they thought we were mindreaders and they could fool us. We didn't expect this. Why they did this I can relate to, but the WAY they did it, I'm sorry but it isn't respectfull to the fans who made them. They let me extremely down. I had a lot in faith in Spice, I trusted them and loved them to bits, they were my world to escape from the cruel real world. I feel really really gutted. The way i see it now, it that Spice was and is fake. I, YOU, the most loyal fans, made them. Not Simon Fuller, not Geri Halliwell, WE did. I think we didn't get a lot of respect back from then. I see them now all signing up with Simon Fuller, cause he has the power and relations to make them big, betraying Spice and Girl Power once more.
What Geri Halliwell did to the Spice Girls, they now did to the fans. The Spice Girls have left us completely in the lurch.

(victoria: read your book again and you know a fraction what we feel like)

--Nicole from Australia
Victoria's comment is not really a shock to me. Wasn't what she said, sort of obvious to everyone else? I think I have realised the Spice Girls would never really make a "come back" ever since "Forever" was a failure. The Spice Girls themselves didn't really make a valid attempt with the third album, publicity wise anyway. I really think their hearts weren't in it.
The girls have all grown up now, and i think they are barely regonisable as a group anymore, they rarely even talk to one another. The girls themselves have changed and i don't think they will ever want to jump back into their sporty, posh or baby costume etc. do u know what i mean? Without this i don't think they'll ever be able to get the fan base that they would want, these days. Most fans have moved on tot he next craze. Don't get me wrong I still like them, but i think we should just accept that their solo careers are the path they have chosen, i think the Spice Girls as a group have "exhausted" themselves, there isn't really anywhere for the group to go.
Lastly i think they owe it to their remaining fans to tell us straight out, all together what's going on, they shouldn't keep us guessing for years and years like they have been.

My opinion on Victoria's comment
I think that deep down we all knew they weren't going to be a band anymore. For almost 3 years they haven't done anything and when asked if they'd be coming back they'd say things like, "At the end of the year" or "Sometime next year". If they had any plans at all they would have told us what they were and at least have scheduled the event.

I think it's sad that they're not coming back. They could have at least given a group announcement and told us they weren't a badn anymore. It's sad it has come to this and that they don't have the heart to tell us together, or have any respect for us, the fans. The ones who bought they're products and basically paid for their mansions, cars, and their kids clothes.

At least Victoria cared enough to pull the plug, and tell us once and for all instead of leading us on anymore. God bless, Victoria.

Oh Yee Of Little SPICE . . .
So here we ALL are again in a tissy about the misplaced comments of a SPICEgirl. I really really don't understand what the Girls are thinking. They must really dislike each other now I think because they can't seem to get any further away from each other lately. when's the last time any one has actually seen 2 or more of them in the same place? Which is sad because I don't wanna see a picture of just one spice I wanna see all 4, or even better, 5!
I think everything went downhill when Geri left. Like her or not she was the SOUL of the group. She added just that 1 extra thing that made the group what it was. She wasn't the best dancer or singer but she was like the spokesman( woman! ) for the group and she was just too damn fun to watch perform. She left and then the fans got to see a kind of ugly bitter side to the group and it lessened their appeal greatly I'd say. While Geri has yet to say a single bad word about the other 4 they feel free to gladly bash her at will for whatever reason. I am more then certain that they must have treated her a bit badly at times and picked on her ( which is shown a bit in Muff Fitzgerald's book about the group if u read it ).
The charm of the orignial 5 was that they were these utterly normal free spirtied crazy zany girls who were just like u and me and still made it big and we all got to take part in their adventure. But fame and money changed all that and they got too high fashion and glossy and boring. I think that all the problems that now exist with the group publicly have been laid out here by the other writers: their bland solo careers, too long a wait for 3rd album, lack of directon for all 5, lack of good material for fans, lack of contact with fans ( as of late ), lack of caring for fans. They basicly just don't seem to give a care about what their actual fans who have stuck by them would like from them anymore. If any SPICE is reading take note : WE ARE FED UP WITH YOUR SOLO CRAP. WE ARE SPICE GIRLS FANS AND NOT FANS OF YOUR SOLO CRAP. STICK TO WHAT MAKES YOU GREAT AND STOP TRYING TO BE CREDABLE! JUST BE YOURSELVES.
but don't get me totally wrong here kids, I am still a huge spice fan and supportor. I tend to like Geri more then the other 4 NOW and think she will always be the most successful solo of the 5. Vic could be could but she needs better material. More slow piano ballads to match her more sultry voice. Mel B just needs to go crazy and do a mad undergroud hip hop record, work with Missy again maybe. Emma is just too bland now I think. Her new partnering with Simon Fuller will launch emma is the right direction. I think Mel C knows what shes doing. Ultimately I'd like all of them to work together again but I don't see that happening.
So anyways, if they're gonna break up I believe they'll relase a statement and I think it WILL come this year. let's hope i'm not right though.

I just want you to note that Victoria has always been the less interested and negative about being together as a group again...Have you heard any of the other girls saying something like that?...I think the answer is NO...I think that she's the less talented on the group and has changed a lot since she became "Queen of England"...and this may be a lil' sarcastic but I have to say it "I WOULDNT MIND IF VICTORIA LEAVES THE GROUP"...

Maybe we could have geri back for a while?... I know I'm just dreaming, and I know it's likely it's over, but I think the other girls are still interested on coming back...

I'm really surprised by how frank Victoria was but at the same time I can't help but not be surprised. At the same time I'm gutted that it (seems) to be over for the group. I was 15 when the Spice Girls first appeared on the scene with Wannabe. I can remember the first time I saw Wannabe, I was hooked instantly, I was drawn to them. They were new, they were hip, they were sexy down to earth girls who had a vibe. I loved them.

I'm 20 now and my love for the girls still remains, well my love for Geri deminished a bit. But as I can see it the girls that I see now seem so different from the girls in the Wannebe video or Say You'll Be There, Mama, Who Do you Think You are etc. I've always hoped the girls would come back with a new album. When Forever came out I was really surprised that they didn't promote it at all. Mel C definitely didn't look like she wanted to be part of it. I knew something was wrong then and I knew that if we ever saw another Spice project again, it wouldn't be for a long time and would probably be a Greatest Hits cd.

At first they were taking a break to try solo success, but that was announced right after the Wembley Stadium concert in 98 and thats years ago now. I think they've left it too late to come back because the music scene has moved on a bit and their fans are all older and whilst still love them have moved on also.

Forever was their best album and its a shame it all ended the way it did or seems to have.

But if they never make another record. I have loads of great memories of them and the music. When I think back to my teenage years I will the first thing I will think of is school and Spice Girls!

I'll still support them, Mel C is a true talent, Emma has a great pop album and Victoria has done herself proud. But if they're going to/have split up then they should at least tell the fans and say their goodbyes or whatever.

Victoria's right
I do think a lot of you are really selfish! I mean Melanie C told these kind of things, or if I'm being totally honest she said even ruder ones. Some might think Mel is a goddess but that's no reason to talk about Victoria the way some of you do!
She's got a life! She's got her solo work to do and her family to cope with, which is a really hard duty. It's been obvious for the last three days that the group is over, and the two Mels started the solo things even if you blame Victoria for the splitting of the group. It's disgusting that if the other three says something it's OK but if it's said by Victoria she's called a bitch. Even if I would have been her Ihad quit the group after the first album, she was in the background and if she wanted to say something the others (especially Geri) didn't let her. I remember in One Hour Of Girl Power they were in Hong Kong on an open bus and she wanted to say something and started saying it but Geri didn't let her finish.
She's got the right to fulfill her dreams.
I'm just so happy about the solo stuff she releases! It's my favourite out of the solos.
And I'm happy that Mel is releasing her album this year, and that Emma and Mel B are writing their second album.

--Sam Bennett
victoria comment
hi, to be honest i think they have LIED to us all along, forever was just an attempt to shut us up, i loved forever and i still do, i think it is one of there best and it could of been huge, people resent westlife now for having the number 1 album, but the fact is, they workd hard for it and promoted it, if the spice girls had bothered with it, the album would of been huge, so now there opinion is that the fans don't care and no body is interested anymore in the biggest girl group ever. but that is just there excuse, there not interested in the group anymore but wouldn't admit it,

i hate to say it but i just wish they would bring out a statement to officially split up and let us get over it, we haven't realy had the spice girls since christmas 1999 when they toured, i am just glad i got to see them then.

the thing hat bugs me though is, there must be a reason for the staying together, if there wasn't then they would of done it ages ago, there's something holding them together and i would love to know what

i think we should all respect victoria's honesty! she knows what she is saying, but maybe she is angry, maybe she is confussed, maybe she is upset! who knows? the only four people that do know are the spice girls! and until they say as a group 'the spice girls are no more' then as far as i am concerned they still are! although personally i cant see them ever working together again, not while emma is with simon fuller, either the rest of the girls will go back to him, from 'being victoria beckham' i got the feeling she regrets it- and may possibly be planning a similar move, no disresepct to the girls, but he may be the driving force that gets them to do a new album/ tour whatever! who knows? whatever the girls do, i know they will do it in their own unique style! dont ever doubt them till the very end- they have taught us that! but they have to tell us- they cant leave us hanging on! spice girls forever? who knows! but we have had 3 classic albms out of them, they will always be there :)

--Amro from Egypt
I am not surprised!
Hi guys,actully I'am not surprised! I knew that one of them was going to say this.The fact is the Spice Girls has been the best group around till they released their 2nd album "Spice World" which made them earn alot of no.1s but after Geri's leaving it was over, they lost alot of fans plus that each one of them started singing solo but at the end we can say that they all failed they all got droped by Virgin records one by one only Melanie C who i can tell I believe she was the only one who was able to make it with her album "Northern Star".As for Emma she almost done it and I was surprised when she got droped by virgin.As for Melanie B and Victoria Beckham i can tell you that their albums "Hot", "Not Such An Innocent Girl" sucks!they do have like 2 or 3 cool songs each but its not enough to release an album.As for our old spice Geri she did it with her 1st album "Schizophonic" but the second one she didnt care to do alot of premotions 4 it, plus that she doesnt appear on the spot light enough to be popular.after waiting from the year 1998 till 2000 to see a proper spice album i couldn't find it "Forever" was a big surprise for the fans but wasnt able to make it coz the fans has been waiting so long for the spicegirls and at the end the they only appear on the spot light for only 2 month!and then it was over for "Forever".I used to be a big spice fan but day by day i started loosing intrests in them especially when I went to the UK last summer and saw all the spice stuff "albums,merchandise" costed like 1 pound each and thats a big proof that nobody cares for them anymore,and i looked so stupid couse i used to believe in them that everyone started making fun of me and kept on saying they are over....but at the end they were right!sorry to say that but its the trueth its over for the SPICE GIRLS its better if we could just remember the good old days when they were popular as for now "i suggest Victoria and Melanie B to stay at home countinue their life as mothers no more spice they are getting old for it" and for Emma i give her another chance couse i feel she can make it "good luck emma with your new manager Simon" as for the real popstar Melanie C go on i support you you rules!and for Geri "open your shell and come out dont keep on hiding or you will be forgotten".

b4 i say bye here are some basic reasons why the spice are over:

1-They left the only manager who was able to make them a world wide band "Simon"
2-Geri's leaving ofcourse
3-Melanie B and Victoria getting married very early for a popstar
4-Victoria keeps on having babies Brooklyn,and the upcoming one i dunno his/her name yet.
5-Alot of bands where created after geri left the spice girls and they are now on their way to release their 4th album, 5th album not still in their 3rd while they came up ages ago!


--Quentin from Dayton, Ohio (USA)
I don't know what to think.....
All I can say is I'm not surprised, after 'Forever' didn't release anymore singles...the press chose to jump on them. The singles 'Tell Me Why', If U Wanna Have Some Fun', and 'Weekend Love'...would have made the album sell quicker. Not to mention the album is littered w/ so many lush ballads that would be huge.

I respect Victoria's chosen career as well as the other solo projects. The only thing that hurts the fans that have stayed w/ that they won't tell us 'yay' or 'nae'. I live in the States, in the Midwest...and it has been difficult to aquire much of the solo work. But I have done so....only in hope that this would show the Girls that they do have fans.

I really think they have just lost faith in themselves as a group. It seems that Melanie C and Victoria are ready to let go, while Emma Melanie B have shown that they wouldn't be where they are now if it wasn't for the Spice Girls. What the four need to do, is sit down...plan a 'Greatest Hits' and do at least one new track. Give a decent press conference and say it is over. Or...get in the studio and work on a new album, or a 'Live' album. They have the resources.

I just need something to go on.
They owe the fans that much.

I don't understand the fuss..
Really, I'm surprised by the way everyone's reacted to this. I mean, it's not like it's something we haven't heard before. Melanie's said it, and the others have both said that 'there are no plans for the future' at some point. Victoria's statement is practically the same thing, but everyone's acting really surprised. Others are saying how much they hate Victoria. Why?

Although I didn't realise at the time, the Spice Girls were pretty much over as a group when Geri left, and the best thing for them to have done would have been to split after Wembley. I would have been really disappointed if they had done it, but at least they'd have gone out with a bang.

Anyone who isn't a Spice fan would probably react to today's news with 'I thought they'd already split up!'. The same would happen if they had an official press release. We all know that their hearts are in their solo careers. We don't need an official statement.

Personally, I'd rather they stuck to solo work, which I really like (with the possible exception of Victoria's album), than spent a few weeks/months making another group album which they didn't care about (like 'Forever').

I can't wait to hear their next solo albums, and I'd be annoyed if they did regroup, as it would get in the way of their individual plans.

If you really love the Girls, then you should want them to be happy. And making a group album would certainly not do that.

victoria's statement
it's almost scary, when you read other people's comments. "i'm not surprised...", "this isn't a big surprise...". a year ago, when the hype from what Mel C said was going round, everybody was so scared. that was probably because forever hadn't been out for even a year and all of a sudden the Spice Girls could end. now when Tor says something like that there is a bit of panic, but deep down, everyone knows this is coming. the Girls themselves do little to discourage the rumours. "we're not splitting up, i just haven't talked to any of the others in over a month. we'll do a project together in the near future." but the 'near future' never comes. before their solo careers, they were all for the new album. i remember watching the live at wembly stadium video when it came out, and i think it was Emma that said something like "the new album is the main thing right now." that was a great time, watching the Spice Girls move on without Geri. waiting for the new album. and waiting. and waiting. finally when it came out, you could see them talking about their solo careers more and more. it was almost like the third album was to say "i told you so" to all the people who thought that they broke up. now its all about everyone's album. perhaps Victoria simply feels comfortable where she is right now, with her own career and everything. i just wish someone could let them know that they could never have the success alone that they had as a group. they should know that there's strength in numbers. they need to look at the rings on their fingers and see that each of them are 1 of 5. if they still wear those, that is. its a sad time now. a year ago, none of their fans would be talking this way. everyone would have positive views on the future of the Girls. what happened?

Victoria's latestr comments.
I can't believe this!!!! It's not a surprise why everyone can't stand her when all she thinks about is her self!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but really, I'm a huge fan of the Spice Girls, and I really do love Victoria so much, but she keeps thinking that all it takes is really hard work to succeed and she's been working harder than ever. But I think that by now she's stupid if she can't realize the mistake she's making. Let me tell ya all loud and clear THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IN SOME CASES IS NOT ABOUT HARD WORK AT ALL! I'm only 14 and I leraned that in music class. Like I said, I really do love Victoria, but everytime I read an intervie with Vitoria in it(and I mean EVERYTIME) And it's always got negativity towards the Spice Girls! I remember that one time she said that what's the point of the Spice Girls ever doin' something if the media can't even realise the impact they had on the world!! That's just pure bullshit! I'm really sorry Vucky if U can't remember when U won the OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO MUSIC award with your use-to be friends, the Spice Girls in 2000, but that was it!! Every time I would read really nice comments from Emma and the two Mels about the Spice Girls then I feel happier then ever, but then Victoria just stikes back like some whitch saying enough negativity about the Spice Girls to make up for all the coments that U would hear from Emma and the two Mels!!! I'M REALLY JUST SO SICK AND TIRED OF THIS !!!!!!!! I'M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW, AND IT'S ESPECIALLY @ U VICTORIA! I'M TERRIBLY SORRY IF U FORGOT TO THINK ABOUT U'R FANS BUT U DON'T EVEN REALISE THE SHIT THAT WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH BECAUSE OF U! Please Victoria, stop it, u'r seroiusly making me lose the love I have for you, and the hope I have for the Spice Girls.I feel so terrible, and let down. It was women's day just a few days ago, and U and the Spice Girls could have @ least done something together for the day and represent some true GIRL POWER! Just for the goodness and true Spicyness of it all. Or are U already "a proper and mature adult woman" who thinks that having a true personality, attitude, Girl Power, and the Spice Girls is just a buch of childish rubbish! U'r really hurting me as a fan, and I'm sure many other fans.

the future of the spice girls
It's been awhile now that the Spice Girls were unofficially through as a group; now it seems sorta official.

But it's still really vague: we just have Victoria's words here, not Emma's or the Mels'. Plus, she didn't say "it's over", she said "we'll do some more stuff (maybe not music, but at least shows) when our solo carrers are established".

So, once again, this is the usual "finished-not finished" Spice debate. For me (a French guy from Paris), I always tell (and will still tell, until the four of them say "it's over") my friends "No, the Spice are not dead as a group, they're just having a quiet moment", telling myself in the back of my mind "True or not, I don't care, I personally prefer Melanie C solo to the whole Spice Girls", but still hoping that there would be a fourth album.

All in all, here's my opinion (you can agree with it if you feel like agreeing with it): because of Geri's departure, the Spice Girls unity was uncertain. Because of "Forever" not being a huge success (almost a failure, let's say it), the Spice Girls unity was uncertain. And because of the (relative) success of their solo carreers and the lack of true Spice announcements lately, the Spice Girls unity was uncertain. So, for all these reasons, I don't think an official announce of a split would be so dramatic or painful. The Girls did it smoothly, they tried and made us think more and more that their future was solo, not group. That's why a potential announce of a separation wouldn't have the impact that, for instance, Geri's departure (right in the middle of the tour...) had.

I'm not saying the Spice Girls are over as a group, I'm not trying to put "the final nail in the coffin". I'm just saying "If (and that's a big if, everything's possible after all) the Girls really want to only have solo careers, it won't make a big difference for us now. Let's see what they have to give as solo artists".

--"League Of Fans"
THE story - you win some, you lose a lot
All of you have good points, especially about the Girls not being enthusiastic about the group for the past couple of years.

However, Victoria's announcement is nothing new. Mel C has said on several occasions that she has quit the group. (I know she claimed she was taken out of context, but there is no context where her comments would be acceptable!)

Also Victoria once said that she didn't think the group would last to the end of 2000. She was certainly right about that. Although Emma and Mel B have always said that there would be a comeback, I think it was obvious that they were stringing us along.

The first indication for me that there was a lack of cohesion in the group was in late 1999. Victoria said that 8 tracks had been recorded so far for the 3rd album. Then a couple of days later, Mel B said that the album was finished. Which was it? If you believe Vic's autobiography, neither is true. If you take a look at the album and see how late-2000 it is, you'd think that none of the tracks had been recorded in 1999.

I wish I could remember all the happy times with the Spice Girls - but I became a fan in late 1998, shortly before Goodbye was released. I had very few happy times with the Spice Girls, and certainly none in the glory days of Geri.

I remember on New Years Eve 1998, thinking "Next year will be even spicier than ever", but somehow knowing in my heart that the previous 3 months of my Spice life were going to be my best.

Farewell Spice Girls, and let's hope that my mate "3rd Album"'s plan shows the Girls that the fans are the most important part of a pop group.

"Victoria: No Future For Spice Girls "
I was very disheartened to read the "Victoria" No Future For Spice Girls" article :( I am so surprised how Victoria could just so easily say such things. Maybe it is the hormones? Who knows..but this news is awfully sad. I have a HUGE Spice Girls' discography collection and I had left an empty shelf in my CD holder for the forth album (which I was hoping would come one day)..I mean I was not thinking that it would have in quick flash or anything..but I just had high hopes for at least another album (4 Spice Girls...should equal at least 4 Albums) :( I am really very sad to read this ...I really hope that it is just hormones that are making Victoria say this.

OK, so the Spices may or may not have split up (we all know what the PRESS are like!) but why are loads of you who have already posted taking it out on Victoria? Every Spice fan I've spoken to has said they would like to know once and for all if they are still together or if they've split. Victoria has 'supposedly' given all of us the answer in saying that they won't be getting back together. If she's telling the truth (or been quoted correctly) then we should all respect her for that. Finally isn't it better to be given the bad news rather than being fed loads of cr*p which give you false hope?

What I Think...
I think all Spice Girls' fans have been in denial only because of the fact that the Spice Girls' or the remaining few of them have been fueling our hopes and dreams, still trying to keep that dying spark alight a little longer. I'm saddened by it obviously and every time I read about some splitting up rumour, I tend to say, "Oh that's rubbish. They will be together again. All this press and tabloid rumours." But it seems rather obvious how the Spice Girls themselves, treat the group. They don't have respect for that and don't seem grateful at all to what gave them their fame in the first place...Okay, I'm not generalising and saying all of them but if I really have to point it out, I might as well. Sporty aka Melanie C seems the most reluctant to come back to the group and I'm positive that the apparent rumours or misunderstood words were true. Mel C did say she did not want to work with the Spice Girls again because Victoria brings it up in her autobiography and it is quite clear there that Mel C is the one that does not want to get back together with the group and I remember when Forever came out, she said she didn't listen to that type of music. But of course, the other girls are at fault too.

I mean, they cannot split up, not after preaching that friends are forever and that they will always be together until they are really old. And because the girls have not have had a proper manager to take care of them and their interests, they let their private lives take over.

The girls want to hang on to that last string of fame ... it may be sign of gratefulness but I see it as their reassurance of something to fall back on. But then they are dragging it a little too far and Spice Girls now seem to have a stale sound to it. They should have split up when they were still "powerful" so that if they ever did make a comeback it would have been so big. Look at Forever the album. they never promoted it. Not as much and I think all the fans were duly disappointed. Why did they bother releasing it in the first place? The fans wanted to see them perform, to interact with the fans, to show their gratitude but all they did was expect us to go out and buy an album when they didn't even bother to show their face. What sort of attitude is that? ...

Yes, fine, they all had solo projects to deal with but if they knew what was important, they should have placed the group first because the group is what is bringing in the money, not themselves individually. And reading so many fans and what they wrote, I don't believe that Mel C has the most credibility. I think they all have equal amounts of credibility and potential but they all lack that special something when they are doing their individual projects. As a group they are dynamic but when you take them individually, they may be able to create mediocre hits but they will never reach where the Spice girls once were and if they choose to be third or fourth best it is their problem. I mean they gave up being the BEST to just being the fourth or fifth rank.

With the Spice Girls, ample opportunities appeared on their front doorsteps. They were able to launch solo projects, they were able to act and present ... they were able to catwalk and the press absolutely loves them. They are lucky and have ot understand that they were lucky chosen ones among so many other hopeful, hardworking girls who went to Performance Schools. Their fans have been really supportive. I'm talking for myself if I have to. But they need to address the problem, "Are they" or "ARen't they" together?

I mean Emma has gone back with simon fuller... what's with that? IS she so desperate to launch her career? Is Victoria so desperate to prove herself? Why do they want to prove themselves so much? When they don't see that special thing that they have called the Spice Girls?? They have that and they still want more. Geri was crazy to walk out of the Spice Girls. True her career may seem a little better... but she is only popular in the UK. Same as the other girls really. But with the Spice Girls they were international superstars. I think they are just crazy if they gave that up. They have so many dormant fans waiting for them but they expect their fans to support each of them individually. It won't work. That is almost cheating because they are just assuming that the fans that like the Spice Girls will like their solo efforts and buy their albums when what people liked was how they interacted and communicated and portrayed Girl Power. Individually, they seem really boring and too down to earth to be anything more than the other artistes around... Even worse, they don't have that dynamic power individually. I think, individually, they lack something and the media and support they are getting is only because they are part of the Spice Girls and they know that. That is why the group is still around.

They can never work together anymore. they are too different, in terms of music and in character. It will never be the same again unless they lose their families and their other commitments. Even then, they can't go back to what they were because what has happened can never be erased. Unless they change how they present the group, then it will be good.

For now, Spice Girls seem as good as gone yet in me there is a very big spark of hope that they will come back bigger than ever. And yet the other side that doubts the future of the Spice Girls. We'll just have to wait and see. We're quite good at it now. We've been waiting anxiously for so long already.

Reuters? Maybe we must remember thatīs the same agency that only one year ago said some words from Melanie C saying she was leaving the Spice Girls... and later we knew it was false. So maybe we should wait and see if the girls make this statement official. Until that moment I wonīt believe it. I mean, I know the Spice Girls arenīt the main project for the four girls, but I still believe they will release their "Greatest Hits" later this year. And maybe in a few months, if they saw they canīt be solo as good as a band, they will come together. At the end of the day, "Forever" sold 5 million without promotion, but "Northern star" did 3 million after a huge promotion and three tours. And the other girls havenīt sold too many copies, maybe Emma (1 million worldwide). If we add the figures from the solo projects it wonīt be more than the band project. Maybe they should focus in wich theyīre better: the Spice Girls.

--Luigi from Italy
SpIcE gIrLs "A Beautiful Dream"
...The dream began with five girls who conquered the world with their energy, freedom & freshness...
they achieved a lot of success, a lot of number one, millions of album sold, broke in America, made a film and the list go on and on. The "Spice World" time is ended when Geri left the band and all the world don't know why. The "Power of five" was broke, but the other 4 girls proved that they were strong even the "One of five" had left. They made a GREAT album "Forever", but the fans whose supported they with the past 2 album had deserted them. I follow the Spice Girls until the end and on, I grew up with them & their music. They gave me a lot & I thanks them forever. I support all the solo projects, but I prefer MORE the band! I don't know why they continue with their "solo projects", because as group they have a HUGE success!!!! I think that the girls never broke their friendship bacause they always said that first of all, they're friends but I think that a come back as group is a "distant dream".
Anyway, the "Spice World" was a beautiful time, I will never forget it & I remember it with a big smile and nostalgia, too.
If the girls want to break this dream, please tell us!!!! All we fans can't stay here to think: "they split up or no?", "they'll made an album or no"? We want an official statement & whatever decision they'll made, I support them!!!! As a big fan I'd like to see the Spice Girls together again, but nothing is sure... I wish them all the best, because they deserve!
Spice Girls fans don't believe to the press, but you must listen your heart; here you'll find all the answers....
Be proud to be a Spice Girls fan!

--MacKenzie, Washington State
My thoughs on this whole supposed split
I think Victoria was way out of line for saying what she did. Isn't this the same person who slammed Melanie for supposedly giving the same statement that brought some controversy earlier?? What a hypocrite...I never have been a fan of Victoria but now she's really done it. Do we even know the other spices decision or remarks on this yet?? Shouldn't this be a statement that all four girls make and announce together?? Anyway...we should have seen this supposed split coming with all that has been going on lately. I used wish that the girls never would stop recording together until Melanie C came out with her own solo album, which I just knew deep down from the start that she would release one, she just had so much heart and soul and so much inside her we didn't know and understand quite yet, she was kinda of a mystery and I wanted to know more. When I first heard back in 98, that she had plans for a solo career I was so ecstatic and didn't even think of a split maybe coming, and honestly I did not care as long as she was making solo albums. But I was amazed with all the girls dedication to their solo projects and the group work and having two careers. I never thought it would end. But then all the rumors and animosity began to surface, I just new things would never be the same with the Spice Girls. But everything was denied no matter who said what or who did what. Lately, I've come to realize there is not future for the girls group wise...and not because of them becoming less popular...but because their hearts just do not seem to be in it anymore, which is fine. If one of them or all of them are not happy in the group anymore...then I think we can understand them going their separate ways and doing what they want to do...we can't accept them to stay in the group if they aren't happy...that would not be fair of us. To be hones,t it does not matter to me at this moment whether the girls stick together or go their own way as long as Melanie C keeps her solo career going 'cos honestly, I think she is the only one with any promise at being and continuing to be a huge least in my eyes. However, I do believe if the girls ever wanna make a come back, they totally could if they first do what they did six years ago....I don't know about all of you...but I really do not want they at this point because I prefer Melanie's solo career over the group. I will admit that the Spice years were some of the best times of my life so far and will remain some of them and I will never forget or regret what all I have done, how much fun I've had, how many tears have fallen, how crazy a fan I've become, what they've done for me, what they've shown me, what they've taught me, and so on...I will miss them...but they will live on inside me for forever...but now I am afraid we must move on and enjoy what we have got now...solo careers. I have a feeling deep inside that I will have many more fun and exciting, emotional, unforgetful and unregretful, crazy, and so on years with Melanie's career and I cannot wait. Now I'll just wait to hear from group themselves about what they're going to do.

--Miguel Angel from Lima, Peru
Spice Corrupted by Ambition
When the spice girls began they carrier, back in 1996, they didnīt imagine they would reach so far.

When they were at the top of they career they realised that there is no need to share all the faim and succes with other people you just have known because you work together.

Then they began their solo careers and it is what they are doing now. They dont care about the spice girls anymore, they want all for themselves.

What they donīt realise is that the fans are tired of this spice solo crap and when they realise that there is going to be a hundred fans left.

I think we should let them do whatever they want, but I wont support their solo anymore.

My opinion: Forever Spice
Well, I'm a true Spice Girls fan and of course I'm not very happy to hear this sort of news. But I get used to it. How many times do you hear these sort of quotes?? Very often. And so I really get used to it. It's only the press who make such a big thing of it!!

But: ok, my opinion: In the near future I don't see a future for the Girls TOGETHER, but definitely a future for them as solo-artist. And that's also very good! I don't think the Girls will NEVER work together. I'm possitive the Girls will come together and make music on one day. I'm a true believer of that. And we should all believe in that, then it will happen.

But we just have to accept the things that are going to happen, if we like it or not. And we have to realise all the things we've got, and that's: all the Girls! Not together, no, but they're still outthere, making music or whatever. You're still able to be a fan of them!! What else do you want?? They could also stop with everything in '99, but they didn't, did they?! They're still here, AND they ARE mates!! What else do you want? I know: Spice. But you can't have everything hey!? They will be back on one day. Whenever that is. I'm sure they will miss eachother after they have finished a lot of solostuff!!

PS. The Spice Girls are a legend. All the things that they've done and achieved, will be in our history, FOREVER!!

spice girls forever??? seems not.....
This has been what every spicce girls fan has been dreading....... as much as i would HATE to see them split up, i think after over a year of " we'll get back together and do a tour sometime in the next few years" and " we haven't split up, we are just doing our own thing for the next year or so" we all knew something like this would come out after a while. For the last few months in perticular the girls have been dodging the question and when they did answer the " are you spliting up" question the answers have all been vauge and un-certain. I hate saying this, but i feel like the girls have been biding their time and keeping "the spice girls" as a back up if solo careers flag, and now that they have all enjoyed some form of solo sucess, some more than others, none of them see them selves going back into the spice girls. Half of me hopes they never come out with that awful press conferance announcing an official split, but the other half wishes that they would give us the fans, something official to go on, and if they are going to split up, i think they should do the honerable thing, that they would have done backin the "girl power" days and come together to tell the fans properly, rather than each make different comments like victorias in solo interveiws. It's not fair to us, we deserve to know where we stand as spice girl fans..... I really love the spice girls and always will, i just would really like to know what form to love them in....... :(

Re: Victoria: No Future For Spice Girls
Well, I'm glad someone's finally being honest about this. I didn't believe Mel B's statement about a new album/tour at the end of this year at all, and that was confirmed when Victoria became pregnant. I think they've left things way too long to make people believe they'll do anything together again. If only all four girls could now put together a statement to confirm this it'd make matters so much easier... not only for them but for us. I think there will be a Greatest Hits at some point in the future... but it'll be just like the All Saints GH (i.e: no single, no promotion - just a rushed job). I doubt it'd sell very much - it could go to number one given the right sort of hype, but certainly no million-seller. While I'm sure the girls will remain friends, I seriously can't see any sort of reunion for some time to come. But I'm not too sad... at least we know the score now.

--Henrique from Brazil
Answer to Victoria's Statement
Well, I can tell that I am a big fan of the girls since the very begginin' and I was really really shocked with Victoria's Statement because they always taught us to be truthful to them no matter what (and we know they've been through a lot!), and I've leard the lesson...people always make fun of me tellin' me that they're over but I was always there, believin', supporttin'. Now I'm so desapointed, for the first time I am desapointed with my idols, and it much. Most because I'm feelin' like I was betrayed and then I keep thinkin' " Since when she thinks like that? When I was there to her she just...wasn't)
I definately lose my ground when I read that 'cause I could see the reality...they know (and now we know too) deep in their hearts that they're over, they were just hidin' it from the only people they shouldn't...the fans...US! And it's SO unfair with all of us who were always there to them! ...that's all...

Now Vicky...if someday you come to read this...this is for you:

We could have had it all
But you turned your back
We started with dreams
We started a team
But you weren't as true as you always seemed
You promised to love
No matter what
Yet you turned your back and walked out on me
Now tell me was it
Your plan all along????
To Try and use me, and then let go
Now where is the trust
We had between us?????????
I guess that you, never played by the rules...

When we could have stayed together
But you wanted it this way....

YOU wrote this...And I'll always love you all...always!

Friendship never ends...or does it?
Before reading Victoria's comments, I could understand why our girls wanted to take a break from recording a 4th album, even though I still disagree with them for not promoting Forever. To me, they did not look like they even wanted to promote it. When they performed on Euro MTV Awards, they didn't even look like they were enjoying themselves. It just seemed like their hearts were not in it, but when I see them in their solo careers promoting their albums, they look so happy and excited, especially Victoria. I think taking a break is what they really needed, if they ever feel that spark that they felt before then they should record another album, but I think Forever is a good album, but they just did not want to promote it. I'm sad to see it end this way if this is the case, but I would rather them end it, then record another album and not p! ut! their hearts in it to promote it. I was sad when Geri left the group, but I had faith that the group would push on and they did for a while. I think they should definitely be putting a Greatest Hits together now, it doesn't take that much effort to do that, and they could do a new photo shoot for some pictures since I would think/hope they would use a picture with Geri on the cover for the GH album cover. I'm saddened by this news, but I am not shocked based on my comments above.

victoria is a whore..negative bitch..thats my opinion ..and if the spice girls come back that will be great but with those kind of comments, i see that she(vic) doesnt care about it !

Keep the faith
I think that what Victoria said is nothing new. They have no plans at the moment, they may will, or will not come back! I've met Mel B & Emma last month, and when Mel B said "later this year", at the same day Emma said they will comeback "Sometime, but not yet though", that means that they had some plans, but a few days later Victoria annouced that she's expecting a baby, i don't hate her for that! but the plans was pushed, and there are not talks about new plans yet.

I know they will back sometime, and I've got the patient. It can take 7 years. i will wait. because i love them. And they taught me to keep the faith and still positive. They may blew some of what they taught us, the fans in the past, or it's just the tabloids who made us think so...

Everyone comes back at some point. Especially a band that it was so hard to it's members admit about future, because THEY LIKE BEING SPICE GIRLS, and after Victoria will finish 2 albums in my opinion, she won't care come back. Because now she wants to prove herself, just like Mel C wanted.

I don't care if that will take them 4 years to come back, I'll be glad for what they did untill now, and will be happy for new appears togather or new music, but i will wait. I told it also to Emma, and she said "thank you" about that I'll wait, means they will comeback at some point. and if not, be sure that you WILL SEE THEM perfoming one day togather at the Brits / MTV or something.

--Emily from FL, USA
Victoria's Comment
I cant say that I am fully shocked on the comments from Victoria today....I knew that someday we would all have to face the words that we all didn't want to here..Ive had faith in them for such a long time, especially after Geri left, but somewhere in my heart I knew that this wasn't going to go on forever...the group was too good to be true. Ive been such a huge fan for the longest time, ever since "Wannabe" but I can say that I haven't been the greatest supporter of them over the last year...Of course I follow their solo careers like everyone else...especially Melanie C...but the solo projects cant compare to the group. Truthfully, I feel let down by the girls because "Forever" was their best record yet and for them to take their time on that record and then release it and abandon us, really hurts me, but maybe that's just me. Its like they don't even care about the group anymore.! It! kills me that I havent seen a picture of all of the Girls together in one picture since the release of "Forever"...Theres something wrong there. I know that even if they were to stay together, it would never be like the phenomenon that we all experienced at the beginning. They just don't have the drive and feeling to be like that anymore, which is hard for me to comprehend at times. I understand them completely though on wanting to be recognized as individuals, but you just cant abandon something like that. And Im sure theyve lost a lot of fans over the past years, but there are still the precious few and true ones that are still hanging around and I think that we as fans deserve them to come back. And I personally feel that they shouldnt just keep telling us "maybe" because that gets our hopes up and then they'll just be breaking more and more peoples hearts by not being here later on or "sometime in the future"..They need to come straight-forward to us and tell it b! ec! ause I know I wont be waiting around for "a few more years", or as they say, for them because what if they never do show up.Ive always told all the Spice fans to keep holding on because they would never leave us behind, but it was me that ended up losing faith for a little while in the group. And I always told myself that the only way I could feel the same "happiness" about the group like I used to feel would be for something big and exciting to maybe the Girls going on tour or Emma getting married or one of the Girls being pregnant again..which ended up happening with Victoria and brought me "back" again...but then again how can I be happy when things like this get said and knowing that since shes pregnant, the Girls definetley wont come back..I dont know..Sometimes I miss the "old them" so much sometimes....but I know in my heart they'll never be like that..Its just not possible.

I dont want to come across as having an attitude where I dont like the Girls because I love them and always have,but it sucks that I have to sit here and keep hanging on every word they say and every dream I ever had of meeting them. I guess I just have to face it that my dreams of meeting them all together and seeing the Girls in concert will probably never come true....There will always be a place in my heart for them,because I just cant forget the past and go on.As everyone would say "Spice Girls Forever"

Re: Spice Girls are over
Before Vic announced that in the interview, the Spice Girls had always been a dead entity to me. I know it's hard to accept their breakup but let's think about it carefully. We never see a sense of enthusiasm or bonding between the girls now. In their early days, they were very close together and you could really feel what Girl Power really means. You feel their power of union. But everything's gone. While they are doing their solo stuffs, they keep on saying "we're together", "we're not over"...but honestly, I can't feel their Girl Power anymore. They have lost their zeal and interest to keep on going. They all want to establish their solo career with the fame of Spice Girls and they just can't get solid plans for the Spice future. With such a lack of union, what's the point of lying to all the fans that they're still "together"? From the very moment they announced plans for solo career, I knew something bad must be happening. And when I read the news, I felt nothing; not because I'm no longer their fan, but because I'm TOO disappointed.

Viva Forever
Everything is relative.
Everything falls into place.
Everything changes.

I'm sure right now, it's quite possible that the Spices are over, but we can never predict the future. I'm sure things have changed for them personally since their heyday. And I'm sure things will change again. If they never come together as a group again, I guess we'll just have to cherish the music and memories that they have left us with. However, I, for one, never say never. This chapter may be closed...but another one can be opened up. Viva forever, MelB MelC Victoria Emma and Geri.

--Laura from Argentina.
Vicky's coments
I've just read the news and i'm really, really disappointed 'cos i still had some hope... u know, after reading Emma's statements some weeks ago saying something about a new album or something like that. Besides, having "survived" after all that whole rumor thing that happened last year (remember??), i didn't see something like this coming, as all the girls told us thousand times "don't believe the media, we're still together, don't worry" and other blablas... I have to say that this has really shocked me.

I want, and i need to believe that she's said that 'cos now she's thinking too much about her baby, and maybe doesn't want to complicate her life with an other album and promoting (if they call that promoting... haha, i love them anyway!)... or maybe... maybe... that was something taken out of context... yes! Please!!!!! TELL ME IT WAS OUT OF CONTEXT!!! (not so probably, i must say, considering it's very clear what she meant...:0((((((( ).

Well, to sum up, guys, i'm not being negative but realistic (i hate it though)... i think this is it, and it is so, so hard for me to say it. Let's hope it's not true or something... or maybe she was drunk when she said it... i dunno! something!. I would reaaaaaally, reeeeally be the happiest girl in the world if tomorrow i woke up and found that the other girls, or Vicky herself said "no, it was all misunderstood", like many times, as u all know, has happend...

Whatever happens, i wanna say that i'm really glad and proud of being a fan of the Spice Girls, and i always will.

Victoria's breaking statement...
I was not surprised at all to read Victoria's comment. Every interview that any of the Spice Girls have been in (most recently it has been Victoria and maybe Emma), the one big question asked pertained to "what lies in the future for the Spice Girls." The answer always had an indefinite feeling to it. It was always either "right now, we are concentrating on our solo careers," or "the Spice Girls have no plans to make music right now, but maybe in the future." The way I see it, and I know this might sound cruel, but the girls were just buying time to think about how to let down the fans easily. Victoria, on the other hand, just threw it at us like a rock.

I see it like this. A music group is like a car. Once it comes out of the showroom, it depreciates in value. As the car gets older and more used, it depreciates more in value. This isn't true always for all bands. Some will drop their value fast, while others will lose it slowly. A music group, on a general note, will depreciate in popularity as they go on. For instance, the album Spice sold 21 million copies. The second album, Spiceworld, sold 17 million. They depreciated in popularity to the fans a bit. When Geri left the group, it was like a car that got into a terrible accident, and it left the car with little value left. The first album that the girls did without Geri, Forever, sold 4 million copies. You do the math. 21___17__Geri leaves________4. Depreciation is exactly what happened with the Spice Girls.

However, on a more positive note, I don't think that the Spice Girls have broken up yet, whether that be officially or unofficially. If they were to really break up, they would definitely make an official statement to make it truly official. It wouldn't be that one member just happens to blurt out a statement like that in the middle of an interview. Victoria's comment was bold and unexpected just like Geri's departure from the group. However, when Geri left, she also left an official statement. Also, hasn't it been known for the Spice Girls to say things during interviews at times which become utterly misconstrued? For instance, do you remember Melanie C's statement about a year ago when she said that she was "having fun doing her own thing and that she had no plans to work with the Spice Girls at the moment." Didn't that reach the news the next morning with headlines like "Mel C leaves Spice Girls," or "Sporty follows Ginger," or "And then there we! re three," etc.? The press has a tendency to jump the gun when they hear things, as I think we as people do sometimes. Who knows? Maybe Victoria was under a lot of stress and wasn't feeling in a very ambitious mood and just decided to say something she didn't mean. Maybe she didn't quite mean that the Spice Girls would NEVER work on new music ever again. Maybe she meant that in the near future, they will not be working together.

Hey, the Spices have proved us wrong many times. Once Geri left, everyone assumed that the Spice Girls would end their world tour right where they stood. But they did not end it there. Everyone assumed that the girls would never have a hit single again. But Goodbye and Holler / Let Love Lead The Way were both number ones. Everyone assumed that the Spice Girls would never come out with another album. But they came out with Forever in November 2000. Maybe they will prove wrong our assumptions again. We'll have to wait and see.

spice split
Well if it's that certain that they're not doing anymore music together, they should release an official statement saying something along the lines of: "We won't be doing any music together, and we've officially split! But we'd like to get back together to do a greatest hits album & a show (or two)."

--Emily Strange
Victoria's statement
Whoa, I am really mad at the way Victoria handles the Spice Girls. They are a group, she doesn't speak for them all. Anyway, why do they have to break up? Can't they just view the group as a collaboration at least, if not the great Spice Girls? I just think Victoria is a little cold in her comments and it's not like her album is the greatest thing I've ever heard.

--Tom from Hungary
I cried, and cried, and cried. I can't belive it... The Spice Girls ARE my life... I can't imagine my world without the Girl Power! I hope, the Girls will sucesfull again,and I will ALWAYS, and really FOREVER love them.

Re: Victoria's Statement
The Spice Girls as they were, to date, are the pop band that broke America in the 90's. Other than a few select other European groups (U2, Corrs, BBMak, Blur...etc), this is still one of the brass rings that all bands measure their worth by: Cracking into American radio and staying there! They did just that, and enraptured us for a few years.

However, Americans are very fickle and flighty when it comes to musical tastes. Fads come in and out of style. Generations fight to be recognised as unique and with that, bring new tastes in anything and everything. The pop bands that came about as a result of the Spice Girls are now fading themselves; stumbling to find what that next 'sound' is that will capture American ears. Music appears on the radio in cycles. Wait five or six more years and the pop sound will return, albeit a bit altered for modern times, to the radios of that generation.

The Spices will always be in music history. That can't ever be denied them. Multiple number 1 singles and album sales in the UK is a hefty feat in itself and has put them in the record books until the newest, faddest thing comes along and claims their crown. I believe that it won't happen for quite some time. The latest generations have become demanding and want newer, better, higher quality music in a faster timeframe. For the new artist, they can cater to that. The first album can take as long as it needs to develop. The second album needs to be planned before that first album hits the shelves because we might want that. And...if we *do* happen to like better be out in no longer than a year. The production work that goes into making an album is quite technical and it's an art that takes time to master the cuts just tweak the sound for our ears.

What the Spices missed was that timing. After Geri left, the girls finished up touring, had babies, and started solo projects. The third album was way too late for us to even consider buying. Yes...I do own fact I have two copies (gotta have that permanent car one!). Looking back, they probably see that it was a bad decision on their part. the saying goes, Hindsight is 20/20.

I truly believe that Victoria's correct in her statement. The only way that the Spices even have a chance at a comeback is to establish themselves as 'real artists' by doing their solo work, and proving themselves individually. Melanie has done it. She's working on her second album now. Mel tried it. She had limited success...but was going after a hard market to crack. Emma's album is pretty well done too. Victoria's has huge amounts of potential. She knows how to pick the songs that will get airplay in the UK. In fact, I believe a few would even make it in the U.S.

Rambling aside, I support the statement that Tor made. They do need time to work individually to establish themselves and reconnect with their own tastes. That's why we fell in love with them the first time around, they weren't carbon copies of each other. They were all unique and different. Let them each spread their wings and find themselves again. Then...they'll be back. ;-)

What I think about the Spice girls...
I haven't lost faith in them, but you just don't know which one is telling the truth. Victoria say's there is no future, Mel C doesn't want to be apart of the Spice girls anymore, Mel B wants to get back together. And then there's Emma. Is Emma in denial or something?! Emma is all talk about getting back together, putting on huge concerts with their own songs and performing together. I just don't know what to think. But in time I guess something trully official will show up.

--Elias from Los Angeles
excuse you posh
First of all, the reason that Victoria feels this way (most likely) about the future of the Spice Girls is that she thinks her solo music is the way to go, when in fact, it really isn't. She's not the best singer in the world (well neither is Britney) but the fame and her ego have really gone to her head. She thinks that she is such a great star now, and because everyone regards her as "Victoria Beckham". She's losing respect for where she came from, and she would be NO where if it weren't for the Spice Girls (same goes to the other girls, yes you Mel). The fans want Spice Girls, not 'Victoria Beckham' or 'Emma Bunton' or whatever the hell. The solo stuff was supposed to be something to keep the fans busy before the Spice Girls would get together again and release stuff as a group. I never thought it would go this far. They all have albums, and are recording MORE. Is this going somewhere? Sure they're getting top ten hits (sometimes) but that's only because they're Spice Girls, not usually because their songs are good (with the exception of Mel C). I'm really dissapointed in all of them, because if they really wanted to, they could bring Spice back to its popularity. Look at long running bands and musicians like U2, Madonna, Michael Jackosn, etc..they were huge 20 years ago, and are still coming out with material. When I think about it, the Spice Girls were really only around for about 2-3 years. Compare that to 20. But think about it, even if they DID get back together, it would only look stupid and forced upon them. I can just imagine Mel C standing next to the other girls putting on her fake smile. It wouldn't look right, and it definetely would look/sound right. They orgiinally produced 'pop' music geared towards kids. Then they came back with r&b, and everyone hated it. What's left for them to do? They can't really go back to pop, because who would they gear the music towards? Little kids? It would look silly and EMBARASSING. So even if they were to 'get back together', I wouldn't expect much. I really could say more about this subject, but I'm getting bored dissing my once-favorite pop group. I will always regard them as one of my all-time favorites. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

--Alex from Omaha, NE, USA
"Viva forever...I'll be waiting..."
now, i love Victoria and all and she's been my favorite since Geri left, and she's been my favorite solo effort, but right now i am not too happy with her. and until i see it, i don't believe it, because she says "WE don't see a future..." yet SHE is the only one saying this. Emma seemed very interested in "reconstituting" the Spices, and Mel B didn't seem all too against it, so if this is the opinion of all of them, why didn't they all say something similar? it almost seems like she is just trying to stir up controversy to get some self-publicity. and if that is the case, well, i never thought a Spice Girl would go so low. i love the Spice Girls (with Geri and post-Geri) and they will always be my favorite group ever. but i think they have lost sight of what they originally set out to do. it stopped being about the fun and started being about the "success", which is apparent by how "Forever" tried to "fit in" with everything else out there. (but i still liked "Forever"!) another thing, it seems that Victoria is the one who is so hell-bent on success. she keeps saying "WE have to establish ourselves as solo artists", yet, once again, SHE is the one trying to do so so feverishly. she should be happy with the success she HAS gotten, both with the Girls and on her own. many, many people don't even get that much. i still believe that, if the effort were made, Spice Girls could come back. but this "quest for power" crap needs to be put aside. they should try and work out the differences with Geri, and then do a real "Spice reunion", because THAT would definitely get some [good] attention/publicity. but i suppose egos blind people from seeing what good can be done if they tone down their own interests and share. but then again, what do i know?

First, lets recall when Victoria was supposivly the driving force behind the third album project. At that time it was because she hadn't had any solo success unlike the other girls. Now that the girl has 3 singles that have hit it she thinks she doesn't need the band. Well, I'd like to pick up the phone and give Miss Posh Spice a wake up call. She wouldn't have any hit singles if it wasn't for those other four girls she burst onto the music scene with. Posh is riding the wakes of the Spice Girls success. Once the glow of the Spice Girls is gone nobodys going to care about what Spice Girls are doing what anymore and that will cost alot of publicitiy. Let me give ya an example. Nobody puts on the front page of The Sun or MTV News "New Unknown Female Pop Star Is Working On A Solo Album!" but when they see a Spice Girl is doing it, its huge news! So, what I'm saying i! s the only reason anyone cares about her solo carrer is because shes a Spice Girl. And nobodys going to really give a flip about the following singles because they've already seen what shes done and its old news, and a second album would draw even less attention because she'd be old news and nobody would really care. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm bashing Victoria but this is my opinon. And also, for those of you who are saying "Well look at Geri & Melanie C". This is what I say in responce. Melanie C has GREAT music and Miss Beckham's music isn't as diverse as it could be. Its so bland bubble gum that people would eventually bore over it. And as for Geri the girl basically uses controversy to keep herself well promoted. Sorry if I've upset anyone, this is just my opinon. :)

UGH!!!!!! :|
Spice Girls : If i could give them a piece of my mind i'd feel alot better.... lets see if any of you adree with me... the spice girls egos havegot too big for their heads and think nothing of their fans because all their fans started out as spice girl fans....there is little or no people who started liking solo spice as solo spice...most of us have gone with our fav solo spice or we support them all..thats why they don't do so well in the charts is because POSH SPICE's fans bought the singles...and the same with melanie b and emma! And as most of us know Melanie C is the favourite spice girl and she also happens to be the most successful!

Do they not realise that basicaly all their fans are spice girl fans??? I mean, hello!!! And even if they were lazy and only released a GH, no one would buy it...'hmm, i already got ALL 3 spice girl albums, why do i need a greatest hits?' see what i mean!

They all have big heads and think they are better on their own, which is OBVIOUSLY not true, mel c had a #1, emma had a #1, melanie B had a #1! all solo ... melanie c only had 1 #1 from her entire album, emma has only had 1 #1 with her entire album, melanie b 1 #1 with her entire album and vic with NO #1 with 3 singles...but you know, look at the girl : spice album :#1 , all the singles from it was #1...something tells me that was a much better idea than solo spice.... they should be very thankful for Spice Girls, thats how they got to where they are...they WOULD NOT be where they are without the spice girls....

Something tells me things would be different if everyone comprimised when they were on tour with geri and gone to her breast cancer awareness or whatever it was that got her so mad and then solos would not be as important as they were and we would have a totally different view of spice than we do now...we would have a view of SPICE!

Remember all these times they have told us there were suppose to come back blah blah blah..they were suppose to come back in january to make a GH but never did, and then again last june, but nothing, nothing at all...and now mel b said at the end of the year..wel vic is having a baby in september so i highly highly highly dought it...

they got too big egos and their heads too big for their hair and they just don't know that they need eachother!

spice girls split is part of master plan
Yes they are split. And this is actually a good thing beccause it officially tells the public that there is no more Spice Girls to love or hate. I think they did this intentionally so that they can be forgotten and erase the negativity around the Spice Girls image. I think they're are pulling themselves out of the spotlight because the music scene is now over abundant with the pop music scene they reignited. In a few years when the pop music scene fades and a new scene takess over and then that scene becomes annoying then there will be a public nostalgia for pop again like there was when the Spice Girls arrived. when that happens, then they will probably do a reunion album and release a greatest hits album. In recent years there was a huge nostagia for ABBA music, their greatest hits cd has sold 25 million copies 25 years after their breakup. Kylie Minogue faced setbacks similar to what the Spice's are faccing now (getting drop by record label) but now she is back and bigger than ever (she's just gone #1 in America! ; she never did that before). In Mexico and Latin America the popular 80's pop group Menudo reunited 15 years later and topped the charts and sold miillions all over Latin America with their reunion album. So, are the Spice Girls split...yes..but are they They'll be back.

Vic's Comments
I have to say that I really am dissappointed with the Spice Girls. If they were going to end, then at least do it with a Bang like 5ive or Steps. Fading away will not keep them in people's minds in years to come, like Abba or The Beatles, which they should as they broke many records and did alot for the Music Industry. I really hope that what Victoria said isnt true as I constantly argue with people telling them that the Spice Girls are still together and WILL release something! I still hold a torch for them but it's fading fast as they are not treating their fans with respect by giving them little tid-bits of information which seems to change from one Spice to another. As the title of the previous album said 'FOREVER SPICE'!

--3rd Album
FAN power!
We thought the Spice Girls were over when they continually delayed their 3rd album. Then when they refused to do any promotion for it, we knew it.

Victoria's announcement shocked me, only because I never thought any of them (apart from Melanie "Loose lips" Chisholm) would actually say it. I thought they'd just leave us hanging on forever.

It's clear that none of us are happy about this. It's not just Victoria who wants to split the group up. All of them want to. That's why I stopped buying their solo stuff 2 years ago. I gave away my Mel C CDs.

I think it's time for the rest of us to do the same. Unfortunately Victoria's next single will do quite well because it's a duet, but still we shouldn't buy it. We should completely stop buying solo CDs. Let's show them that the fans rule. Change the phrase from "Girl Power" to "Fan Power". We'll show them once and for all that they can't mess with us.

Sorry if this seems a little extreme. I assure you it isn't. They've stopped supporting us, so let's stop supporting them!

When the spicegirls first let their appearance none to the world, the world fell in love. I cant go on thinking that they will all one day get back together and be like they used to be. When Geri left. it made the spicegirls, have less of an "edge". It wasn't our five girls anymore. We all need to face it. The spicegirls are a "no more" group. even if there is a slight chance that they will tour and make music again, it will never be the same again. We will always love their music and that will never die. only the figures of them singing on stage together will die. when they all left to do solo work, the group broke up. we all need to face that. i cant believe the girls would do this to us. i guess the only thing for us to do is remember them like they used to be. we just need to face it, its over.............

Ths Spice Girls always said they could do anything they wanted, who knows what the future holds? I only know that they are being untrue not only to girl power, but to themselves, they taught me (specially Geri) that once you set your mind onto something, you can achieve it, that mantra changed my life, made me who I am, strong, wiser, but now I see that without ginger, and without self confidence, they're nothing, they don't believe in themselves, Vic said something like "there's lots of negativity" I say "so what????" The whole philosophy they used was in your face, I can do it, Girl Power, but now, they show how weak they are, I read G's bio, it said that together they were perfect, but apart they had many flaws, it shows now, the power of 5, 1 of 5, but now I reckon that there's nothing else, time's proven itself, maybe Geri was right, maybe they should have respected her so she wouldn't have departed, they had (and still have) so much potential, it's a shame they show how week they can get to be. I guess my goddesses have fallen, I like them individually, but there's nothing like all of them combined. Shame on them, shame on us who believed in them.

--Angie from Calgary, Canada
my opinion on Victoria's comments :-)
It has been more than obvious for a long time that the SG won't do work together for quite a while.
All answers regarding their future have been vague or uncommital. Anyways, I don't want any music from them if their hearts aren't into it. So this is why this news doesn't affect me much.

--Irene from Mexico
not a big surprise
well....this statement it's not a big surprise for me....we all know for the moment that some spice work in not being planned in a near future...for many and many reason... i can't consider this as the end...well it was at the moment when they didn't want to promote FOREVER.

YES they (baby, posh, ginger, scary, sporty) were big..... they are big for us..... yeah they just want to be themselves (melanie c, melanie b, victoria, geri, and emma) and we accept it.

What i demand as a fan is a fair end for this great thing named SPICE GIRLS, not what they are doing just saying nothing or saying "maybe", what didn't they tell the true? I would like to hear from them.." To all our fans: SPICE GIRLS are over.. but what we are proud what we did in the band." I think that we deserve a fair end as great as the phenomenoum that SPICE GILRS.

And if someday they want to come back as a tour or album.....i don't want it just because they need money or their carrerers didn't work and they need to have success again.............i just want it if they want to feel the great energy, power, felling and because they missed the SPICE GIRLS.

SPICE GIRLS FOREVER::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Victoria's Quote
Ok, i hope this quote has been altered or taken out of context. Maybe the question was about the "near" future.
Well when Geri left I cried for days and i sat in the corner of my room and at school i couldn't talk to people.
When I first started reading statments about the girls breaking up, especially when Melanie C said she left, I cried alot. But today after reading Victoria's quote i was shocked but i haven't cried yet for 2 reason; 1) its not official that the spice girls are over and 2) it has kind of been "over" since forever came out.
so yes i am sad, but not surprised~

Response to Vic's statement
I think this is crazy, but inevitable; the girls have been issuing all sorts of false promises and all sorts of unsure "maybes" since the less-than-stellar performance of "Forever." I am an optimistic person, yet I began to find it hard to take their "oh, yeah, we'll do SOMETHING" statements seriously. It's not fair to the fans to say such things. However, at the same time, I believe the Spice Girls will always be "together." It won't be a messy split, or a mutual break-up, but instead they'll remain a band, and I think that in the future they'll realize they need each other and at least give us an new little song every now and then, or a greatest hits album some time in the future. They think they won't sell anymore as a group because "Forever" didn't do well...if they had promoted it more, it could've gone SO far, because it was an awesome album with loads of potential. But the truth of the matter is, as harsh as it may sound, they do not have secure! futures as solo artists. Personally, I love all of their solo work, but that may be a biased opinion because I'm such a big fan of the group. Their work doesn't sell and the public in general doesn't seem interested (except for Mel C., who racked up the fame with "Northern Star", but will this even last). The girls will realize that if they want a future in the music business bad enough, it needs to be as a group. They are known by their spice girl names and it is too hard for many to think of them any other way. I think they might have to learn the hard way that they need each other, that's just the only way they can please all the fans they once had. I will remain fans of their solo work even if they never do work together again, but I speak for many fans when I say, the best thing for everyone involved would be to do more Spice Girl stuff; that's what got them up there in the first place, and if they try to deny what they were, they'll lose it all. I think they'll figure i! t out, and I wouldn't worry too much about it. I may just be in denial and will wake up just devastated tomorrow morning, but it seems this was bound to happen sooner or later; just keep the faith that they'll figure it all out in the end. As they girls say themselves, "never give up on the good times..!"

Hi -Posh comment
It gives me a horrible feeling to think the Spice Girls may be coming to an end. This is the moment I've dread since the departure of Ex-Spice, Geri Halliwell in 1998. When I was down, their happy, spunky sense of GIRL POWER always brought me back to the top. They made me believe I'm worth everything and that just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I'm weak. They made me learn that it's important to have self-esteem and never give up on your dreams or what you believe in. When I read the comment made by Victoria on, I was devastated. These four Girls are an important part of my life. If they do decide to go their separate ways, I wish them all the best. I just hope they'll consider the fans they DO have -the fans that don't want to lose them. I'd like to say to girls -I love you Emma, Melanie B, Melanie C, Victoria. You've made an impact on my life. You've given me strength and belief in what the true meaning of GIRL POWER r! eally is. God Bless!

vic's comment
i've been a massive fan of the spice girls since the beginning and melanie c has been my favorite. from spice schizophonic...northern girl like me...(and victoria's album) hehe, i cant remember~sorry. but anyways, even when the 5 were together, you could here how the different songs reflected a different girl. geri's had the spanish rap in them, mel b's had a hip hop feel, melanie c had more of a rocky feel and emma and victoria had the pop feel. when they split (not as a group, but individually) i wasnt so much as sad but happy. as a fan, im 17 years old and i still have pictures and posters all over my room, they cover my locker and my notebooks. my friends know im into them, they dont care. the girls may not be making music, but i think its awesome that each of them is getting their face out there, even geri. its proving to all of us that not only did they bring back popular music in the form of an all girl group but they conquered the world, made truckloads of money (not like that matters, but its part of the dream of becoming famous), they made their own decisions in the music industry~something that not many artists can say they have done~and they have loyal fans. now, they are coming back as solo artists, making names for themselves and making people think, "hey, maybe the spice girls weren't so bad." the more publicity they get as solo artists, the more the spice girls get thought about. i dont mind that theyre still a group as long as their doing something. but they arent. the fact that they are still considered a group is causing more bad than good to them and i think they should just quit and continue their things so they can become stronger friends than they are now. it goes the same for not mad at her for leaving in '98. i believe every word she says in her book and i think she was better off leaving. it was a reality check for everyone and now thats she is doing so unbelievably well....its amazing!! i support her as well in whatever she does. i just wish that these tabloids would let them release statements saying whats going on so the fans can be notified as well as the public. as far as the future of the group goes, it would be better if they stayed together and made a greatest hits album. just make a decision!!!! my love to the group and all their loyal fans.

Future of Spice
Hi, I visit your site almost everyday, and the news about what Victoria said about the future of the Spice Girls really upset me. I have been a fan since the beginning. In my mind I think what the Spice Girls need is to get back together, Geri and all...well maybe Geri...because there is a bad history now between them, but I think it would be magnetic...if the energy was right, you know? If u look at Kylie Minogue's Fever album, in my opinion, the best songs on there were all written and produced by Richard Stannard. and that is the Spice Girls old producer of spice, and spice world, which are their best albums. I think if they got back together and put influences from all their albums and their own tastes, but then use Richard Stannard's new take on Kyle, and made them sorta techno dan! cey stuff, i think they would kick ass again. I mean they were so irrisistablly cheesy before. But i think if they were classy, but a little crazy still, they would make an outstanding comeback. I know that they all want to make their own mark on the world, but i think what made the spice girls great was the chemesty between all of them with all their personalities comebined. i drew a picture of what they would look like if the were back together now, and it was pretty tight. i love all of their solo stuff, but none of them has had GREAT success. I just read something about Geri Halliwell potentially working with the guy who made Kylie a superstar back then, the PWL guy or whatever. if u put great producers, and the spices writting and everything, then i think they would be one of the biggest bands again. like take britney, she has strong material and she presents it well, all they need is a good manager and some new hope. i would LOVE to see them! get back together, and i don't think Victoria should say something like that, and ruin fans hopes that they will get back. one more thing, these are the people i think the spice girls should work with...cathy dennis, rodney jerkins, that PWL guy, richard Stannard, Max Martin, maybe the neptunes, william orbit, soul shock and karlin, truesteppers, daft punk, and it would be cool if they worked with modjo too, and then i am sure they should work with more people....but they need some hit makers to make their mark again, and i believe they could do it, if they all wanted to and put their hearts into it. well thats my thoughts on their not getting back together. i hope u like my insight, and if u can write back on whether or not u agree or not. u know, alright thanx.

Spice Girls ' future...
Very Obvious that none of us wanna see the Spice Girls splitting up, I am sure 'bout that. There is a lot of rumours saying that they won't get together anymore but I'm looking forward to seeing the Spice matters again. I love Victoria but I am shocked by what she said. She was so cruel to say about that, which is really disappointing most our us,the still-being-there fans. I always am thinking that maybe the Spice Girls should have put more time staying together and spend less on solo projects. Also, remember 98', they really were the best and famous group around the world and maybe they were too fast to go solo in that time. If they have stayed together in 98', they would be more famous than ever!!!

--Matthew from California
Victoria's statement
Well I have to say that it is a bit new to hear Victoria say "not make anymore music" and a bit disappointing??? This makes me think all the way back to the beginning. I wonder what the terms were with their record label virgin, and did they have to make a different contract after she had left? I have to say that I hope the Spice Girls come together again to at least make a final studio album, and a final goodbye tour, they owe to us (being their fans) to give us a proper goodbye considering how they haven't really been very honest towards their fans. Emma said on America A Tour Story "I feel responsible, not only am I doing this for them (the fans) but me as well." or could be the other way around. Of course that was a long time ago..... Jee I'd hate to think that they are suffering through the pitfalls of fame...... you know drugs, alcohol, depression, (we already know two of them who had depression.... Mel C and Geri.) So of them also even go so far as to develope alter ego's, now I'm not saying that the spice girls are crazy as in mentally ill, but I do think they are crazy for making the decision to take a break after Geri left, that gave everybody the impression that they had broken up and time for people to look elsewhere for music in which the whole boy band craze broke out again. In a way since then, they have. Think about the title of their Third Album "Forever" which ironically "goodbye" was the last track on the album could make fans think (or at least me) that they will always be the spice girls weather it's in music or not. (meaning they still don't mind the titles Scary, Baby, Posh, and Sporty) I'm not quite sure if that fits her now maybe Punk Spice or something....... she ain't sporty now thats for sure. But it's cool I still gotta love her. Well all I can say is that maybe if the spice girls were to interact a bit more with the fans, it would show us that they are still determined to prove, not only to us but to the press, and even themselves, that they can still come together and write an album together. It would be great if each of the girls would write songs about their own individual life, or life experiences. I have to say that I liked each Spice's solo album, they were all very good; Emma's A Girl Like Me and Mel C's Northern star in my opinion were the best of all five solo records. But when the Spice Girls come together they have Chemistry. All five solo records were all missing something, and it was the vibe that they give through the power of their voices. I have to say that I am extremely disappointed to see that "Forever" didn't do well at all on the charts! If you read those lyrics in those songs, listen to the music, (by excellent producers Rodney Jerkins and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis) and hear the way they sing their songs. Their voices come together so smoothly and you can really feel that they are singing from experience. They really meant what they were saying. And they may have at one point said that they dont like singing about love songs, but that was when the group was still young most of them still teenagers, they pro bably weren't old enough to have experienced the whole love thing. And considering that 3 out of 4 of them are in relationships and them all being in their late 20's now, I'm sure they have gained a lot more experiences as they have grown in the love department. And so they would as well with them all being out on thier own and experiencing life without spice for a while. Its a crazy wild world that those 4 girls live in, they may not do all that well on their solo careers, But when they come together they kick-ass. They seem like they were really trying to make people hear their voices on Forever because it sounded more soulful than the previous two albums. Well I will close this letter off to say that I hope that this really isn't the end yet. We haven't had a proper goodbye from them, and it would be nice to see them come together every 3-4-5 years and do something weather it is just a single or an album or greatest hits. It's been a year and a half almost since Forever came out and I'm for something fresh from them. Well better not get my hopes up. BUT IF I DIDN'T KNOW BETTER, I'D SAY THAT AFTER GERI LEFT AND THE US TOUR WAS OVER, THEY CHOSE TO DO A STEADY DOWNCLIMB IN GROUP PROJECTS.
I still don't see why they didn't release another song from their third cd, that could've helped boost sales, but thats when the thought comes back maybe they've had enough Spice in their Life. I STILL LOVE THE GIRLS, AND SUPPORT THEM IN WHATEVER THEY DO. JUST PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON US!!!

girls future
the whole thing started when geri left. i'm not the biggest fan in the world but i do check up on music news quite often. shortly after geri left i read an article saying that the 4 remaining girls were going to each have a solo album. i think it's their business going their own seperate ways but they need to think on how many kids liked them and the fact that everytime the press mention a break-up between the group, the girls would attack and say no. their last album was titled forever for crying out loud. they were too successful with album sells to quit this soon. group like this should be together for @ least 10 years. yeah forever was a flop but there was no effort put in to promoting the album. if it were to have been followed by a tour, the album probably would have been a success

--VAA, Madison, WI, USA
Future of the Girls
I think it's fair to say that losing Geri was a critical blow, which is probably when most people began seriously doubting the future of the girls. I have never cared for Geri myself but she really was the most colorful of the five girls. Then, once they took so long to finish the 3rd album, and then when everyone just abandoned the album so quickly I felt very sure we'd never see the four girls together again, much less hear anything from them. I've always felt that if one or more of the girls had success they could never get back together (even for a one-off concert or photo shoot, etc.) How could they....they wouldn't be equals like they were in the old days. They couldn't be the Spice Girls in the way we all want to see them. Imagine a concert now with the four girls....most people would pay a lot of attention to Victoria and perhaps Mel C, and gloss over Emma and Mel B, which would ruin the whole idea.
We all know Victoria has gone on to become an industry unto herself, she couldn't be "toned down" or muted to become just one of the four Spice Girls anymore. And Mel C has had such success that she, too, couldn't just fall into place. Not to mention that she has physically and politically gone her own way.
By reading various interviews with the girls over the past two years you can tell they don't see each other much and don't speak much, but they always try to down-play it. Same thing for doing a concert or album together...they all keep saying 'maybe some day.' I think the girls have known in their hearts that they wouldn't be together again....too much time and too many changes have occurred. Maybe they are having a hard time coming to terms with it, too, but I get tired of hearing "maybe down the road we'll get together." That's my two-cents!

They truly meant it was forever. But forever isn't the active reality.
Success changed all of the Spice Girls, we can't blame them for that. It's a natural progretion that even if you try to stay the most down to hearth as possible will always happen. No one can stay unafected. Five girls, five minds, five lifes. It was all very exciting in the beggining and i truly believe they'll always have a special place in each others hearts but each one would eventually end up following their own way. It started with Geri's departure and we had faith in them for some following months. The group seemedf unafected but solo careers would come to prove the contrary. Once again i don't blame them. It's just the natural thing for an artist. You can't express yourself 100% neither show your truly "you" and your music when you're in a band. The girls were tired of all the Spice madness they created with their non stop work and became lasy in the latest years. They'd never be able to consiliate the group with solo careers with their current actitude. After so much developments and happenings since the FOREVER disapointment, we all knew that Melanie B and Emma were the most interested in the group. It seems Mel B's "later this year" plans are now really screwed. Victoria is pregnant the group cannot just find a right time to do something even if it is little and we all know they faded away naturally as they left the group on hold... They're now almost forgoten and live only as a memory (good for some, bad for others) it's not very likely they'll come together again one day and be the once unbrekable Spice Girls that conquered everything and everyone...

It's sad but it's not nothing we didn't know it'd happen. Everything comes to an end... even life (isn't that scary? i find it so when i think about it)... nothing lasts FOREVER and unfortunatly a pop band with 5 (4) girls isn't the most rock solid thing...

I just wished they hadn't killed the Spice Girls with their lasy actitude and had quited on the top... But they'll always remain as a good memory to me and i'll always follow their solo careers... maybe some with the same entusiasm as Mel C's one others with lower excitment.

Spice Girls Forever!

--Anne from Canada
Re: Victoria's Statement
About Victoria's comments...I was a HUGE spice girls fan, and I always like to keep aprised of their efforts as soloists. However, as a group, I feel that their fans really came together in a group conciousness after the "extended break" or break-up as it were. We were all thinking the same thing: after a break, after a rest, maybe someday it will happen again. At the same time however, I firmly believe that ALL of us, deep down, knew that 'Spice Girls' as they were in the beginning, were over the day Geri left the group. We didn't want to admit it even to ourselves, because we were angry with Geri, and we didn't want to admit she could have that kind of impact on the group, especially since she'd left in such a seemingly shady and underhanded manner.

Victoria is probably going to take alot of punishment for this remark, but I really think that they have ALL of them known this since after 'Forever' came out. The fact that no effort was made to tour 'Forever', even just in Britain, was the real death knell. They just don't want to do it anymore, but they just don't want to be bothered with breaking the news. I am still a huge fan of their past music, ESPECIALLY that first magical 'Spice' album which made us all fall in love. It's sad that it had to end like this, but I prefer to remember them as they were, all five of them together, than continue to be jerked along with the neverending "maybe" we've all been hearing for ages. Maybe Victoria did everyone a favor here.

i cried...
I cried for 3 hrs. non-stop and occasionally for a month when Geri left... pls don't do this to me again

I am very suprised about this.

I wonder is this out of the blue or has this been planned by all the girls. On two fronts: First of all Victoria may have siad this without any consent from the other girls. She may have simply said the wrong thing. Or maybe this is what the girls want. They may have seen that they all want different things, or that they fans want different things, and that they should leave it at what they have done.

I hate to think that this is the end. I don't think it could be. Isn't Mel C in LA? How could they have discussed it and why wouldn't they make a statement. We should try and get onto the Spice Office.

--Trey Walls
Split Decision
I am not shocked by Victoria's statements. I am shocked at the fact that she thinks she can be a successful solo artist. Don't get me wrong, I support all the solo Spice projects, but they will never see the success that they saw as a group. Once the Spice Girls individually get over their egos and realize the Gestalt Theory, then they will find happiness and harmony again. The Gestalt Theory states: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Opinion on Spice Girls Being Over
Although Victoria made a bold statement, I wouldn't write it in stone yet. The Spice Girls are the kind of band that will come back out of no a time when no one expects them. Isn't that we love about the girls? They are not at all predictable. Although the crazy Spice period has come and gone, that doesn't mean it won't come back. I wouldn't lose hope just yet

--Mark from Hawaii
no way man!!!
i dont know as of nnow the spice girls breaking up is something i diffennantly dont want. they ve been my favorite groups since goodbye and it would break my heart for them to break up lets hope that it doesnt happen cause no other group will be as good as them

--Wesley from Belgium
Opinion split problem
Spice Girls Forever, wasn't that the last Album they made till now? Well I can't see much of the Forever though it's hard to believe that one of the girls said that they aren't doing anything in the future. Like every true Spice fan, I was shocked to read this from the site. But if Victoria is so sure that they aren't doing any stuff in the future, why don't they put it on the site? Maybe this is one of the stories you don't need to believe. I don't know, all i can hope is that we will soon be hearing something from the five/four ( in case Geri is planning on a reunion single) girls, who all had the same dream in 1994, become famous and concour the world.