- Monday, March 16, 1998 at 10:35:19 (MET)

STOP at #2

Stop went straight in the UK singles chart at... number... 2...
Rund DMC with It's Like That went in at the number one spot.

- Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 20:25:32 (MET)


THE Spice Girls are set to fulfil a fantasy by playing a gig at Wembley Stadium.
Geri, Mel C, Mel B, Victoria and Emma want to hold a massive outdoor party at London's biggest venue when their American tour finishes.
They are looking at dates in early September for the mega bash.
The girls want to get a string of other big-name bands to support them at the show in front of 80,000 fans.
A source says: "They have always wanted to play Wembley Stadium.
It is the ultimate venue and best way of telling the world you have made it.
"It means a lot to them and some of them were at Wham!'s final gig there, so it will bring back memories. They never dreamed they'd be able to fill it but the reaction to the dates so far means they could easily sell it out several times over."
The girls are playing eight sell-outs at nearby Wembley Arena in April - but tickets were available only to fan club members.
The stadium date will mean anyone can apply.
The gig will be an opportunity for the girls to celebrate an amazing year which will see them travel the world.
The Spice tour kicked off last Tuesday in Dublin and visits nine European countries before moving on to the U.S. in the summer,
finishing on August 31. A spokesman for the girls said: "They are looking at a number of options after America. The tour has got off to a great start."
Geri said about the gigs: "Our show will be a show - not just a gig. We hope people enjoy it and we can't wait for our fans to see it."
SHOWBIZ TEAM: Sean Hoare and Ally Ross.

March 03 1998

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Madonna likes Posh best!

Here is some of the things Madonna said about Spice Girls in recent interviews:

Q: What do you think of the Spice Girls and do they remind you of yourself when you were younger? Does it make you laugh or cry that you are just about old enough to be their mothers?
Madonna: I like them. They do remind me of myself. However, I could only be a mother to them if I'd had them when I was ten.
Q: Who's your favourite Spice Girl?
Madonna: I love them all but Posh Spice is my favourite. She's so mysterious.

- Speaking of independance and "Girl Power", I have recently interviewed the Spice Girls who keep talking about you.
Madonna: - I'm really very happy with that. I adore the Spice Girls. Those girls simply want to have fun, wear sexy clothes, without trying to be very deep.
You've got to give them their chance and let them the time to evolve because
they show promise. You know, me too, I was a spice girl when I started singing."

Gottschalk: "About Girl Power - Have you ever heard something about the Spice Girls?"
Madonna: "If I heard about them? Am I living under a rock? Yeah, of course everybody knows them. I was the original Spice Girl!

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Geri dumps Polo guy Jamie

Consider yourself dumped Jamie. Geri dumped him before the concerts in Dublin it is known, due to her not having time for him and a lot of arguements they've been having