- Friday, January 30, 1998 at 03:46:53 (MET)

Current Chart Positions:

(as of February 7, 1998)
SpiceWorld: #3
Spice: #11
Spice Up Your Life: #25

(as of January 25, 1998)
SpiceWorld: #11
Too Much: #30

- Friday, January 30, 1998 at 03:00:21 (MET)

Victoria's new haircut

Victoria got a new haircut! Check out [this pic]!!

- Tuesday, January 27, 1998 at 05:17:00 (MET)

3 awards at American Music Awards

They Won for:
Best New Artist
Best Pop/Rock Album
Best Pop/Rock Group.
But unfortunately werent there to pick up the awards themselves.
Though they performed Too Much via satellite from a studio in Ireland.

- Monday, January 26, 1998 at 04:35:20 (MET)

Spice World Box Office Results in the US

`Titanic,' `Spice Girls' Top Movies

LOS ANGELES (AP) - ``Titanic'' hit the ranks of all-time top-grossing films
and the Spice Girls' first movie opened at No. 2 during the usually slow Super
Bowl weekend, according to industry estimates Sunday.

``Spice World,'' starring the internationally popular singing group, earned an
unexpectedly high $11 million. The movie has a built-in Spice Girls fan base
and it also appealed to a young audience that was less likely to be glued to
the tube for the Super Bowl, experts said.

``Spice World'', chronicling a week in the life of Britain's feisty pop
sensation the Spice Girls, opened in second with a decent $11 million, while
``Good Will Hunting'' slipped a notch to third with $9.1 million. ``As Good As
It Gets'' held steady in fourth with $7.6 million, and ``Fallen'' fell two
places to fifth with $4.9 million in its second weekend.

``Spice World's'' total exceeded industry expectations of a $7 million to $8
million weekend, since tracking surveys tend to underestimate the the film's
core audience of young girls.

About 80 percent of the ``Spice World'' audience consisted of girls ranging
from pre-teen to early teens, according to Jeff Blake, president of Sony
Pictures Releasing, which distributed the film.

``The movie isn't getting any people who are negative about the Spice Girls --
it's not going to win them over,'' Blake said in an interview. ``But it's very
satisfying to the fans.''

Indeed, the movie was released this weekend as a counter-programming move to
Sunday's Super Bowl, which takes a bite out of box office sales as everyone
stays at home to watch the football extravaganza.

``Spice World'' ranks as the biggest Super Bowl weekend opener ever,
surpassing the $6.1 million total of ``Bed of Roses'' in 1996. It is also the
biggest opener of 1998, beating last weekend's ``Fallen'', whose four-day
total was $10.4 million. Blake said ``Spice World'' would be profitable in
North America since break-even is under the $20 million mark.

- Monday, January 26, 1998 at 02:00:04 (MET)

Posh Spice Engaged To Soccer Star

Sunday January 25 3:00 PM EST

Posh Spice Engaged To Soccer Star

LONDON, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Spice Girl Victoria Adams and England's soccer star David Beckham
announced their engagement Sunday, and she showed off a very large diamond ring as they left a
five-star hotel.

Adams, who is Posh Spice in the British girl power pop group, and Beckham, the Manchester United
and England midfield star, emerged from the Rookery Hall Hotel in Nantwich, Cheshire and told
journalists their plans.

"It's just what I wanted and it was a big surprise," the 23-year-old Adams said, flashing her ring
against a fur-trimmed bag that matched her fur-trimmed black leather coat and black micro-miniskirt.

"I'm very happy," the 22-year-old Beckham said, before the two drove off in his silver-blue Jaguar.

Their romance is said to have begun months ago after Posh Spice watched Beckham playing for
Manchester United.

The couple is not expected to marry for at least a year. Over the coming six months the Spice Girls
will be touring and Beckham will be on a gruelling World Cup schedule.

Britain's Press Association said Posh Spice had presented her fiance with a diamond-encrusted gold


- Sunday, January 25, 1998 at 11:39:34 (MET)

Mel B's sister has an acting career

Mel B's sister has auditioned for the part of Paulette in emmerdale and is going to be seen in the soap from march onwards

- Saturday, January 24, 1998 at 16:17:24 (MET)

Hollywood Premiere

The Hollywood Premiere has been a big success, with big
names like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore arriving. It has
become apparant that Geri has a new love interest who is
Aaron Spelling's son.

Meanwhile in an LA pub not far Oasis were outshadowed by
the premiere pissed off that their shows have not yet sold

The full article will appear when I am bothered to type it.

- Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 20:07:42 (MET)

Sony Playstation Game

The Spice Girls game for Sony Play station will not be a regular adenture game with a beginning and an end.
It will be more like one of those "games" where u just walk around and do stuff.
You will be able to remix five of their songs, which five is not yet revealed, do photo sessions and dance with the girls.
The game will also include some exclusive photo material that hopefully will be new even for hardcore fans.
The girls themselves will appear in the game as kinda manga style cartoons.

- Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 21:12:10 (MET)

Spice Girls on CNN tonight

Spice Girls will be on CNN tonight. Larry King at 2am GMT, which is 3am CET and 9pm EST (I think)

- Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 01:57:18 (MET)

Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma is 22 years old today, January 21st :)

- Monday, January 19, 1998 at 19:06:08 (MET)

Spice Girls to manage themselves

The Spice Girls have announced they will manage themselves,
with the help of a team of workers, so all they need to do
is decide things :o)

- Monday, January 19, 1998 at 02:46:03 (MET)

chart info

Current Chart Positions:
(as of January 24, 1998)
SpiceWorld: #13
Spice: #23
Spice Up Your Life: #33
2 Become 1: #49
(as of January 18, 1998)
SpiceWorld: #8
Spice: #40
Too Much: #19

1997 Year End Stats
Billboard (US)
#1 Top New Pop Artists
#1 "Spice" - Top Billboard 200 Albums
#1 Top Billboard 200 Album Artists - Duo/Group
#1 Hot 100 Singles Artists - Duo/Group
#2- Top Pop Artists
#2 Top Billboard 200 Album Artists
#2 Hot 100 Singles Artists
#7 "Wannabe" - Hot 100 Singles Sales
#10 "Wannabe" - Hot 100 Singles
#28 "Say You'll Be There" - Hot 100 Singles
#31 "Say You'll Be There" - Hot 100 Singles Sales
#31 "2 Become 1" Hot 100 Airplay
#35 "2 Become 1" - Hot 100 Singles
#51 "2 Become 1" - Hot 100 Singles Sales

#3 "Spice" - Albums Sales
#5 "SpiceWorld" - Albums Sales
#10 "Spice Up Your Life" - Singles Sales
#22 "Too Much" - Singles Sales
#35 "2 Become 1" - Singles Sales

- Monday, January 19, 1998 at 02:11:04 (MET)

Another Mel C article

By JACKIE BURNS -- Toronto Sun Sporty Spice may not be in such good
shape after all.
Tomorrow's Spice Girls' trip to Toronto has been cancelled because
the fittest of the Spice Girls has fallen prey to a "serious food
And there was a girl-power surge of tears around the city after
MuchMusic announced the fabulous five-member pop sensation would not
be here for an interview or to sign autographs at HMV.
And because of the songbirds' bail-out, The Toronto Sun contest, in
which fans were asked to come to the newspaper office dressed as their
favorite Spice gal and bring the front page, has been cancelled.
In a press release issued yesterday, the Spice Girls said: "We can't
believe this is happening. We were really looking forward to meeting
our Canadian fans and the mayor of Toronto."
"I'm devastated," said Mayor Mel Lastman, who had arranged for his
granddaughters, aged eight and 11, to meet their idols.
"Both of them are crying," he said. "I feel hurt about it."
Lastman's wife, Marilyn, is upset with the Spice Girls because their
fans are mostly young girls, who are easily let down.
"I'm a little teed off with them," she said. "If she (Sporty Spice)
is sick, then what the heck can they do? But if it's just politicking
... I know where they live, they're right near the royals."
Danielle Pinnock, 10, -- winner of last Sunday's Spice Girls'
lookalike contest at the Eaton Centre -- is sad she won't be able to
tell her idol, Scary Spice, about her victory. "I wanted recognition
from them, but now that they're not going to be there, that means I
can't have it.''
Rob Sanderson, retail manager at HMV, said the store is very
disappointed for the fans.
"As far as another (Spice Girls') appearance here, we have no clue,"
he said. "I wouldn't count on that."

- Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 18:07:26 (MET)

More on Mel C and Toronto

"Spice Girls cancel Toronto visit"

TORONTO (CP) -- "Sporty Spice, also known as Melanie Chisholm, became
Sickly Spice this weekend, forcing the cancellation of an eagerly
anticipated Toronto Spice Girls appearance scheduled for Monday, Jan.

Virgin Music Canada announced Saturday that Chisholm, a member of the
enormously popular British bubble pop quintet, had come down with "a
serious food bug."

"We can't believe this is happening. We were really looking forward to
meeting our Canadian fans and the mayor of Toronto," the Spice Girls
said in a release.

The girls -- nicknamed Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Posh and Scary -- were to
appear on MuchMusic, sign autographs at HMV's flagship store on Yonge
Street and meet Mayor Mel Lastman.

The girls are looking forward to returning to Canada for their upcoming
world tour, the release said.

It was to be the second promotional trip to Canada for the Spices, who
make headlines everywhere they go for their bold statements and
outlandish antics.

Their debut disc, Spice, has sold 20 million copies worldwide, almost
900,000 of them in Canada."

- Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 18:03:55 (MET)

Too Much at No 9

Too Much is at No 9 week commencing 11/1/98 in the UK

- Sunday, January 18, 1998 at 18:00:43 (MET)

Mel C sick :(

Mel C got food poisoning in Canada :/