- Sunday, March 23rd 1997

Prince's Trust

The Spice Girls have agreed to take part in a Prince's trust Charity concert on May 9th at the Manchester Opera House.

- Sunday, March 9th 1997

Another #1 - A Record!

The Spice Girls made the record books by becoming the first band to have their first 4 singles all go to #1 after the latest single (Mama/Who Do You Think You Are) entered the UK charts at #1.

- Sunday, March 9th 1997

Hairy Legs

The Girls appeared live on the Clive James Show, Mel B revealed to the world that Geri has hairy legs!

- Saturday, March 8th 1997

Geri Asked Out

Geri was asked out on live Kids TV this morning by Jamie Theakston of BBC1 Live & Kicking fame. Jamie was set up by the crew and after probably the most embarrassing 30 seconds of his life asked (feebly) "Geri would you like to go to to dinner with me next week?" After Geri and the rest of the Girls had stopped falling about laughing she replied "I'll think about it", then added "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends." Poor Jamie was, how shall we say, deflated.

- Monday, March 3rd 1997

U2 & Ice-T

Rapper Ice-T has said he's besotted with the Girls, after much thought he reckons Emma is his favorite. U2 were disappointed not to have met up with the Girls during a recent visit they made to Dublin, better luck next time guys!