- Thursday, 27th February 1997

Album 2

Mel C has said that the Spice Girls intend to start writing they're 2nd Album in June and that they are planning a massive tour for next year.

- Tuesday, February 25th 1997

Geri's Union Jack

The British newspapers have gone Spice Girls crazy, or more accurately Geri crazy. The feisty young strumpet adorned the front page of most papers wearing the tight, figure hugging, skimpy Union Jack dress she wore while performing at the BRIT's yesterday. The dress is getting very much attention and everyone seems to love it.

- Monday, February 24th 1997

Brit Awards

The Spice Girls won 2 of the 5 BRIT awards they were nominated for. They won Best Single for Wannabe and Best Video for Say You'll Be There. The Girls kicked off the awards ceremony with "Who Do You Think You Are", one of the tracks off their next single (see below). The performance was very energetic and was the highlight of the awards! When they picked up their awards the girls had changed their outfits. Geri's dress however needed more support as her breast fell out of it! Mel C when accepting an award said to Liam Gallagher - "Liam, come and have a go if you think your hard enough!" and the crowd went crazy. This was a response to anti-Spice comments Liam had made recently such as that he would like to knock them out.

- Friday, February 14th 1997

McLaren Spice Girls

The Girls performed live at the launch of the new MP4-12 Formula One Car that was officially launched at Alexandra Palace in London yesterday (13th February). Pictures of them are now available at the McLaren site.

- Friday, February 14th 1997

Next Single Confusion Over

Thanks to the Spice Shack the confusion over the next single is over. The A-side will be "Mama" and the B-side will be "Who Do You Think You Are".

- Monday, February 10th 1997

Comic Relief Single

The Girls next single is to be the new Comic Relief single in the UK, supposedly the single will be "Who do You Think You Are". OK I'm as confused as you, one moment the single is Mama now this.

- Monday, February 3rd 1997

Victoria On Men

On GMTV (28/1/96) the girls were were interviewed in New York and Victoria was quoted as saying that while American men are nice English guys are better.