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REFRESH EVERY 10 MINUTES FOR NEW STORIES! </b></font> </TD> </TR></TABLE> </TD></TR></TABLE> <HR width=95%> --> <!-- <font color="red"><b>-= Rumor Warning =-</b></font><p> --> <!-- <font color="orange"><b>-= Spoiler Warning =-</b></font><p> --> <!-- (<font size="2"><a href="">Story</a></font>) --> <!-- Housekeeping is: - Mel B Lawyer FLV - Mel B Laywer Pics - Mel B Inspi(RED) - Victoria +2 W pix (nf) - Victoria Today Show video (nf) - Victoria Tonight Show FLV (nf) - Geri Live Earth! video (nf) - MelC append mp3s (nf) - MelB Dancing with the Stars vids (nf) - Greatest Hits versions - link from "Greatest Hits Bonus DVD" (nf) - The Return of the Spice Girls world tour (nf) - Mel B blog --> <TABLE border=0 cellPadding=4 cellSpacing=1 width=95% bgColor=#000000> <TR><TD class="date" bgColor=#fffbf0> --Friday, February 24, 2012 at 4.56pm PST </TD></TR><TR><TD class="hline" bgColor=#fffcf0> Welcome to SpiceNews! </TD></TR><TR><TD bgColor=#ffffff> <TABLE border=0 cellPadding=8 cellSpacing=0 width=100%><TR><TD class="story"> Welcome to SpiceNews.com, the largest repository of Spice Girls news/history in the world. This site contains detailed news archives for the Spice Girls from 1998-2002, and reunion archives from 2007-2008.<p> To begin browsing the news you can hit the <a href="html/archives.html">archives</a>, or start from the <a href="html/news.html">final news update</a>.<p> For the latest developments to the site, please check the <a href="html/snews.html">site news page</a>.<p> Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!<p> <br> <center> <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">randPic();</script> </center> <p> </TD></TR></TABLE> </TD></TR></TABLE> <HR width=95%> <TABLE border=0 cellPadding=6 cellSpacing=1 bgColor=#fffff4 backGround="gfx/bg3.gif" width=310><TR> <TD width=31% align="center"><img src="gfx/gdl.gif" border=0></TD> <TD width=24% align="center"> <a href="http://y.extreme-dm.com/s/?tag=spicenws"> <img name=im src="http://y0.extreme-dm.com/i/" height=38 border=0 width=41 alt="Site Stats"></a><script language="javascript"><!-- an=navigator.appName;d=document;function pr(){d.write("<img src=\"http://y1.extreme-dm.com", "/z/?tag=spicenws&j=y&srw="+srw+"&srb="+srb+"&", "rs="+r+"&l="+escape(parent.document.referrer)+"\" height=1 ", "width=1>");}srb="na";srw="na";//--> </script><script language="javascript1.2"><!-- s=screen;srw=s.width;an!="Netscape"? srb=s.colorDepth:srb=s.pixelDepth;//--> </script><script language="javascript"><!-- r=41;d.images?r=d.im.width:z=0;pr();//--> </script><noscript><img height=1 width=1 alt="" src="http://y1.extreme-dm.com/z/?tag=spicenws&j=n"></noscript> </TD> <TD width=45% align="center"> <a href="http://www.dreamhost.com/green.cgi"> <img border="0" alt="Green Web Hosting! 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